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Construction Noise That I Was Unaware Of
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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I had planned this trip to attend my friends Birthday Party for months. I'm a Police Dispatcher with the VA medical center in Little Rock, Ar. I work 12 hour shifts and had just gotten off shift the morning of January 14. After arriving in New Orleans that evening, with very little rest, I attended the party with the intention of leaving early so as get ample rest for the return trip. To my dismay, I was awaken at 0830 by pounding noise and things being dropped on the floor directly above me. I got up and went down stairs to the Reception Desk. I asked them "Who in the Hell is in the room above me?!" I explained the noise and it was at that time that I was told about the construction. Since I am a night shift worker, my early morning rest is very important to me..and if I had been warned of the construction, I could have opted to stay at another hotel. I've stayed at a lot of your hotels and this is by far the worst experience of them all. The hotel in question is the Residence Marriott on St Joseph st. in New Orleans, La. I'm seeking restitution.

Kindest professional regards,

Fred Martin Jr.
Sherwood, Ar. 72120
I got charged a pet fee even though I had no pet with me
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On October 23, 2010 I traveled to Atlanta to take my daughter's cocker spaniel. When I arrived Atlanta I decided that I would need a hotel for a night. So before going to my daugter's place, I checked in at Courtyard by Marriott, Pitchtree Dunwoody. When the manager saw that I had a dog, he immediately reminded me that the facility was a dog-free hotel. I assured him that the dog was on its way to my daughter and would not be staying with me. I proceeded to check in and left the hotel with my puppy to deliver it to my daughter. I came back to my hotel room in the early morning hours of the next day. When I woke up I looked at my bill that had been slipped under the door only to see that I was billed $100.00 pet fee. I immediately went to front desk to make them aware that this was a mistake. The staff were beligerent and made and made comments about someone hearing dog noise over night. I invited them to inspect my car and my room for a dog and they refused. I finally drove my car to the front desk loading area and checked out so they could see that I had no dog. The attendant agrees that it was a mistake and that she could not correct the charge and only the manager could. But the manager was not on dutym that day. I was asked to leave my phone so the manager would contact me to correct the bill but did not receive any calls. When I called back the next day, they told me the manager was not available that day. I am still waiting to hear from the manager. The staff including the manager do not seem to be customer-oriented.
Marriott stole 1000.00 from my bankcard!
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- 2 days after our stay at the courtyard Marriott in Tucson, my husband and I saw on our online banking, that Marriott had charged us 1000.00 for our overnite stay! When I called to ask the manager Sandra what was the mix up, she said "oh that is for the TV that is missing out of your room"..I said ..ARE YOU F_ING INSANE ? she said that if we had a problem.."call the police " then said that she was not going to talk to me anymore about it !.ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? She also said ..after I called from another phone, because she was ignoring my calls after the initial call"you were the last one to go in that room" I said "oh really is there any survalance cameras there?" she said "no..we do not have any survalance cameras here" I said what ???are you f-ing kidding me ? how is it that you say I was the last one in the room? she said "the keycard" I said "OK what time was that ? " and she said "that is none of your business, that is company info "..are you f-ing kidding me ? Long nightmare short...we have a copy of our checkout time of 11:16 am..and the police eventually checked the "keycard log' and found that the last entery into that room was 11:22...we did not steal a TV from these money hugary, rude, insane people at the hotel!!!!! we had to cancel our bankcard, because 3 days after our stay we had an additional charge of 2.50 on top of the 1000.00 that the manager stole from our account !

I am still try'n to nail this machine known as the MARRIOTT, and I will have my day in court !!!!

We still get no response from Marriott. they are keeping our 1000.00!

ing kidding me ?
Worst Hotel Stay Ever! And I Travel/Stay In Hotels Quite Often!!
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MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA -- I am still in the midst of the worst hotel stay of my life. I have left msgs. for both the front desk mgr. and the general manager about my complaints/concerns, and NO ONE has contacted me back. My room is ice cold even with the heat cranked up high-I had asked for a king and got a double so I'm lucky to have extra blankets! The tub doesn't drain, the faucet leaks, and worst of all, the showerhead isn't tightened and got the entire bathroom and towels wet. I've spent as little time here as possible, but due to the issues, have slept very poorly. My room wasn't cleaned-I guess because I had to sleep in the other morning as I was freezing! The front desk has not been either friendly or accommodating in the least. I just stayed at a Marriott Courtyard in Seattle in Oct/Nov, and it was nowhere near as bad as this place. I'm writing several bad reviews on multiple travel and review websites, and I will also be pursuing a full refund for this stay. I guess since I booked it through Priceline it will be more of a challenge, but this place has made my trip horrible!!! I am so upset and unhappy! No one, even if they book with a discount, as I'm sure most of the guests have given the state and disrepair of this property, should be treated so poorly. I will be writing letters to the corporate office, Priceline, my bank, and the BBB, as well as potentially taking further action if warranted I'm sure this email will also be ignored, but I will be taking all of the actions as described above. I have one more night in this hellhole and then I promise you I will make sure every possible consumer watch site, hotel review, travel site, yelp, citysearch, etc... hears about my stay.

It would be nice if someone here gave a crap about their job and one of the managers or front desk people actually responded to my complaints and offered solutions. I am so angry and disgusted, as well as exhausted, sick of freezing in this horrible room and the lovely insomnia from it all!
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CNCUN, MEXICO -- Long story short...I needed an overnight hotel in Cancun. After researching the Internet, I chose the Marriott Courtyard because I trust Marriott and the Cancun Hotel offered a free airport shuttle. Upon arrival in Cancun I realized I had lost the phone number for the Marriott. I wasn't worried because I expected info would be available in the airport as to how to contact the Marriott. Upon exiting Baggage Claim I was unable to find out how to contact the Marriott even after searching for over an hour, even talking with the representative from the other Marriott in Cancun. Finally a representative from the Mexico Tourist Industry offered to help. He (Miguel Manecero) called the Marriott and spoke to a Jose Ernesto Perez who informed him the shuttle was busy and we should take a taxi and the Marriott would reimburse us upon arrival. When we got to the Marriott the front desk staff (Jesus Marin and Israel) informed us that there was no on at the hotel by the name of Perez and that we would not be reimbursed. We asked to speak to the manager and were informed that Mr. Marin was the Supervisor on duty. He did nothing to help us even tho we had the names of the folks at the airport and the receipt from the taxi service. He wouldn't even help us call and check on our lost luggage. Finally after I was nearing a total breakdown, Mr. Marin suddenly remembered that there was an manager on duty, Mr. Cristales. After another 0 minutes or so Mr. Cristales met with us and offer to buy us dinner. I didn't want dinner I wanted help in dealing with my scam. None was available leading me to believe that the Marriott Courtyard was in "Cahoots" with the scam. Bottom line, the folks at the Cancun Marriott Courtyard are not your friends!!!!!!
Horrible Service At Atlantic City Marriott
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ATLANTIC CITU, NEW JERSEY -- We booked a room at the Atlantic City Marriott on the above mentioned date and had the worst experience ever.

We checked in late around 7:30 and when we walked into the room the Air Conditioning was not working. On our way out to visiting the casinos, we brought the issue of AC not working to the front desk. The lady took down the room number (#1108) and even a guy called Ryan, who helped us check in was also there. We came back around 2:15 am in the room and to our surprise, the AC was never fixed. I called back again at the front desk and Ryan picked up the phone. When I asked about why the AC has not been fixed, he asks me ...oh..your AC is not working, what room number are you in...etc etc.. He asked me who did you tell at the front desk regarding the AC prior to this call and I said some lady... He answers back saying.. she is a trainee and she might have forgotten....

Is that my problem if the people at the front desk are trainees and they forget stuff?

Then again Ryan said that he is sending someone to the room to fix the AC, else if not fixed he would give us a different room to sleep.We waited and a guy named Andre turned up... The temperature inside the room was 76 and he upped it to 85 and when I asked ahy he's doing that, he said that by doing this the AC should start. We waited for the room temperature to go from 76 to 78 and the AC did not work at all, when we tried lowering the temperature.

I called back at 3:00 am again and Ryan said that he can shift us to a different room on the same floor to sleep, so I asked him that we are already so exhausted, if it'll be fine to leave the luggage and just move and sleep for the night. He wasn't sure so he said that you can talk to my Manager, a lady named Christie, who I feel is the rudest person I have ever talked to. When I explained her the whole story...she said that they don't have maintenance after 7:00 pm and I told her that Ryan send the guy name Andre to check the AC. She said that Andre is the security guy and not maintenance....I asked her that how am I supposed to what kind of a guy "Andre" is??? Do I own the Marriott??? She said the only thing she can do is that at 3:00 am in the morning, I will have to move all my stuff to a different room and sleep. and then she hung up on me.

How do you expect a person to move their stuff at 3:00 am in the morning? Is this the kind of service Marriott offers?

Till now, I only had the Marriott rewards card as we always believed in keeping one hotel for all our traveling needs...but seems like I will have to change it to a different one...

I am so disgusted and annoyed by the amount of service provided at the Courtyard Marriott in Atlantic City. We paid a total if $125 for the night and what do we comfort and exhaustion.

Disgusting is the word.... Majorly for the people at the Front Desk.

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Check in Was the Best
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Rating: 1/51
NORTH CHALESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I had made reservations on line. I had asked for 2 things be added to our room. Well at check in guess what? We didn't have anything I ask for. When we called front desk the manager on duty was really rude that whole night. If we could have got a refund we would have left that night. We will never stay there again.
Theft from a child
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- The Marriott East in Indianapolis Indiana has thieves in their employment. My daughter stayed there from July 12th to July 14th of 2010. She forgot some of her things in the room she stayed in. She called me on her cell as soon as she got on the bus heading home. I got the hotel phone number from the schedule of her trip. They told me on the 14th they had her things and needed a credit card number to send it to me. So I gave them my credit card number. When I received the package I got a used pillow and pillow case. When I called them back they kept telling me that they mailed her things and now they won't even return my calls.

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We stayed in Dan Diego at the Courtyard Marriott at the airport the weekend of 4-27-2010. Upon arriving I noticed some pictures sitting on a mantel and I wanted to see how they were attached so I stuck my hand behind the pictures and to my surprised I found 2 needles, YIKES !!!
I took a couple pictures and then called the manager, he stated he would be right up but not to worry because they were probably insulin needles.... My reply was are you kidding, what do junkies use?? Joe made it up to our room finally and picked up the needles, he then stated that the GM would contact us on Sunday to discuss... still waiting, I had to ask for him upon checking out. I did finally speak with Rick Brown the GM and that conversation was as though I wasn't even there. Needless(no pun intended)to say, we were given a free breakfast and basically was told it is not a big deal and the free breakfast was enough compensation. I expalined to the lovely GM that compensation does not need to come in monetary form but in attitude as well..... handled very poor and the room was disgusting, would advise not to stay at this hotel, not because of the needles necessarily but the attitude was below standard and that is one thing when staying away from home that will not be excepted....

Tired Of Courtyards
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MIDDLETOWN, RHODE ISLAND -- You know I just don't understand this by now you would think they could get it right. I stay at courtyards all around the states and every last one I've had a numerous problems. the straw that broke the camels back was st patricks day, I stayed at the courtyard in Middletown Rhode island, horrible, horrible, horrible. It started with a bunch of people tearing the place up couldn't get any rest, there were kids staying there drinking that appeared not to be over 21 that the staff was well aware of, now on to the room, I walk into my room it smells like cigars, at first I blew it off but then I walked into the bathroom, there was hair everywhere, now I don't know if these rooms are checked before being sold but if they are the person who checks these rooms needs to be fired asap.

So I went to the front desk and asked to switch rooms which they had no problem with but the next room was no better but instead of cigar smoke it was body odor, it was so bad I couldn't stay in this room either.

At this point I couldn't take anymore it was 9 o'clock at night I packed my stuff up and went to the front desk to check out and to add insult to injury they wouldn't give me a refund, I will never stay at another Marriott again and that's a promise.....
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