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Horrible Experience Building a Coventry Home and Warranty Services
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- I own a Coventry home in Riverstone. My experience with this builder has been horrible. We wanted to back out several times but did not because of the promises made, which were never kept. Eventually, the construction finished and during our walk through, we noticed several items and listed on 3 long pages. We were asked to close the house that day, again with another promise that everything would be fixed before we moved in a month later and also our warranty would be extended by a month. I asked for a copy of the issues noted and was told I would be given a copy when I go to pick up my keys and was rushed to closing at 9pm on 12/30. I was also asked not to put on the closing document that there were open items and also was softly threatened that the PM would not like it if we did it, he may screw up our warranty. And if we didn’t close that day, the house would go on the market for sale and we would have to buy it at the listed price (higher than what we would pay if we closed that day).
Finally closed the house on 12/30. We still hate ourselves for doing that. Not a lot got fixed before we moved in. I asked several times for a copy of the noted items (as promised) and never got one. The sales person and the construction manager kept telling me that the other person had it to eventually find out they lost it (or trashed it after we left for closing).
So after we moved in, we created the list and sent to the CM and sales several times. People would come, fix things here and there and leave. I have to keep the checklist and send a revised list again to the CM and the process repeats. Of course, since the sale was over, the sales counselor did not have the same or any interest and neither did the other folks. Major items I reported before closing that were told would be fixed were not even touched and was told they never would be when I escalated to the regional head. They wouldn’t show me the blue print if I said something my house is not what we planned for. And it went on and on and on.
Finally, we are at the end of the promised extended warranty period with several things still open. We are tired and decided to live with certain things as they will never get fixed but get some major things taken care of before the warranty expires. The new CM (been working with him on open items for 2 months now) tells me that the warranty expired last month (2 yrs from closing date and not as promised to be extended by a month) and can’t believe things are still open since closing, for 2 years now. I told him that he probably does not know what happened as he was not involved at the time of closing and he tells me that his folks told him that everything has been fixed and gets into an argument.
Guys, I must be dumb to spend $450k on my house and be a liar about these freaking things. If there are no issues, why would I say there are. And I regret buying a Coventry home. My experience was horrible or we would even call it a nightmare. The plan is great, the quality is horrible. You should see it to believe it. This company sucks. They neither know how to do business nor handle customers professionally. I would never recommend building a Coventry home. NEVER!
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Cut Wires Because of Short
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOERNE, TEXAS -- Our home was built by Coventry in 2007 and just recently we discovered that a wire had been cut in our electric circuit box. We had an electrician look at it who told us that builders will often do that when a breaker keeps tripping. Sure enough he touched both ends of the wire together and the breaker tripped. Apparently the builder's electrician couldn't figure out why so he just cut the white wire. Didn't even bother to put wire nuts on it - just left it in the box that way.

I contacted Coventry/Plantation and they just said "Too bad, so sad, you are out of warranty." They are correct, I am out of warranty but any reputable company would certainly take care of something like that immediately. DON'T BUY A COVENTRY/PLANTATION Home. Go for some other choice.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/13/2013:
This is a relatively mimor matter, and not something alone that would cause someone not to buy a home from this company. Finding it years later, it isn't surprising that they won't do anything about it.
Obsfucation on 03/13/2013:
It would be enough to make me not buy a home from them. First of all, it's a safety issue, but more than that, what other shortcuts did they take?
At the very least, I would file a complaint with thebuilding inspector, who at least in theiry, should have spotted it.
Nohandle on 03/13/2013:
Excellent response Obsfucation and my thoughts as well. What other shortcuts were made on that particular home? As long as the OP was the original purchaser and not from a prior owner (who might have cut the wires) then the blame is on the builder. If someone wants to take shortcuts then them in your own home, not in mine.
Obsfucation on 03/13/2013:
wow... just for the record: I really can spell THEORY, I just can't type it.
BigAl on 03/14/2013:
Since it was a white wire this means that it is a neutral (sometimes referred to as ground) wire. It also means that this particular neutral wire has picked up current from a live wire which is associated within the current system allocated to the breaker that is tripping. It should be relatively easy for an electrician even of minimal skill to fix. It is unacceptable that the builder would pass something like this along to the consumer. It would not be unheard of if you called the building inspector and they had your electricity shut off until the problem was resolved and the electrcal system was reinspected. I would get it repaired and then show the bill to the inspecting agency in the form of a complaint.
Allendl on 03/14/2013:
UPDATE: After I let Coventry know that their life would be miserable unless they took corrective action they contacted me and now are sending their electrician out tomorrow to fix the problem. As an aside, in our county there is no requirement for an inspection of the electric system when a house is built. The Fire Marshall informed me that if I wanted them to come out and look at it I would most likely be issued a citation to have it fixed. So.... good thing Coventry has decided to do the right thing and take care of it.
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Buyers Beware
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- I recently purchased a Coventry home in West Ranch. We lived in a custom home prior to this move and chose Coventry because they boast that they do custom changes to any plan. Well, don't expect those changes to look professional. They do not.

The garage floods during rains. It drains toward the back of garage. I have 2" of water last week after it rained for 1 hour. The floor is still wet in areas. The builder says "oh well it is supposed to do that".
Also, the stone fireplace looks terrible. The lentle around the fireplace is unlevel, the entire project looks like a child put it together. We have repeatedly asked the builder to fix the problems. Now, the same plan is built down the road and the fireplace looks perfect. Wow. It feels like they used us to teach the masonry workers HOW to build a fireplace. We paid $2000 for this upgrade and it looks crazy. They re-built my neighors fireplace 3 times because it was uneven, but will not do anything about mine now because we have closed.
In my opinion, Coventry uses builders who are not trained in custom work, and they do not correct problems or stand behind their work. Should have gone with another builder!
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User Replies:
bob932304 on 09/18/2012:
Document all the problems (pictures, videos, witnesses) and take them to small claims court for the amount to fix the problems. If the amount is much more than small claims court consider a regular, lawyer lead lawsuit.
john huynh on 10/15/2013:
Do not buy Coventry Homes. They are really bad with their warranty services. Period!!! I am also a victim
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Coventry Homes Lies
Posted by on
LEAGUE CITY,, TEXAS -- Complaint ID#: 91135220
Business Name: Coventry Homes

The Better Business Bureau has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that the company has not responded within the normal 22 day timeframe and accordingly we are closing the complaint as Unanswered.

The Better Business Bureau develops and maintains Reliability Report ratings on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify the BBB immediately.


Lee Stallings
Director of Complaint Resolution Department

This is a copy of my BBB complaint against Coventry Homes in Magnolia Creek, Galveston County. I put earnest money down on a kot contingent on me being hired by a nearby city. I did not get the job and Coventry Homes kept the money. My complaint to the Better Business Bureau apparently meant nothing to them. The building manager for the subdivision was arrogant and basically told me that I had cost them money. I guess he doen't see the news and forgets that he is just in real estate and not an educated professional. I did buy a home from another builder and they told me that it was just bad business to not return earnest money.

So, beware of doing business with Coventry Homes, especially in Texas.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
I wasn't aware that earnest money was refundable, is it?
clutzycook on 02/25/2010:
I think it depends on the contract and who breaks it. We put earnest money down on our house when we bought it and the contract stipulated that if the people selling the house break the contract, we get the money back, but if we do it, we don't. I don't know how it works when the builders are the sellers, but I would imagine it's the same thing.
Brian on 12/10/2011:
you do know that the BBB is not a government organization and therefore no one is subject to answering to it, right???
ST on 04/20/2013:
Before you buy a Coventry Home, buyer beware!

Two issues (that I'm aware of) in Sedona Lakes that have not been resolved by Coventry:

1) Electrical Shortcut
Coventry is building high-end $400K custom homes in Sedona Lakes (just south of Pearland). One of the shortcuts we've discovered by the builder was to install the refrigerator outlet on a small appliance circuit (vs. wiring the refrigerator on a separate dedicated circuit like most professional electricians do).

The refrigerator circuit has tripped several times now due to too many appliances being on one circuit - Coventry's answer was that we should plug our other tabletop appliances into an outlet on another circuit, and they have skillfully avoided the problem by blatantly ignoring it. In addition to this leading to a potential loss of all our groceries, it is also a potential FIRE hazard (circuits are not meant to be tripped continuously). Issue still not resolved with builder.

2) Nails in Subdivision:
After I had 3 tires punctured by Coventry construction crews (and had to replace them) and picking up >30 nails/screws form the roaod on two occasions, I approached Coventry to request reimbursement for 2 (of my 3 tires). Coventry claimed that they had no control over their construction crews, and they would not reimburse me for the tires.

Kind of makes you wonder - if they can't control their construction crews from taking silly electrical shortcuts or dropping nails in the road, how are they controlling the quality of your luxury $400-$600K home being built by their uncontrolled construction crews/ And what other problems are lurking for their homeowners?

As I said before, buyer beware before considering a Coventry Home.
john on 10/15/2013:
Do not buy Coventry homes. They are BAD in warranty services. Peroid!! I am the victim.
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