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Bad Customer Service/ Business Ethics
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BASTROP, TEXAS -- My husband and I just purchased a brand new 2004 Chevrolet Impala on June 7, 2004. We came in pre-approved from our Credit Union and are part of the GM Supplier Discount. We could have gone to any Chevy Dealer in TX and walked out with the same deal, however we chose to purchase our vehicle from Covert Chevrolet in Bastrop TX. You would think that a company that has been family owned and operating since 1909 would put a lot of value in their customers and the people that they hire to work with THEIR customers. However that is not our experience with Covert.

With being a GM supplier customer you get one set price and are eligible for any discounts that are available at the time you purchase your vehicle. Bottom line is that we saved about $7000 off of MSRP after our discount and rebates. We canít complain about this, but low and behold six weeks after our purchase we get a call from the Finance Manager who worked up our paperwork asking for an additional $1000 payment. Turns out that we were supposedly not eligible for one of the rebates that they originally gave us on June 7th. Now keep in mind, this is 6 weeks after we completed our sale and have the bill of sale stating that not only did we agree to the price of the vehicle, but so did Mr. J. A. @ Covert. My husband proceeds to laugh and says sounds like you have a problem and then he says well no you need to come in and pay an extra $1000.00. Now I donít know what planet this guy lives on, but we live on Earth and a completed bill of sale is a completed bill of sale. Basically what Mr. J. A. did not want to say is that he messed up on the paperwork and instead of trying to fix it on his end, he is trying to call and harass the customer for the money. The phone conversation with my husband ends with a threat that his General Manager will be contacting us. To date we have not heard from J. A.ís General Manager and seriously doubt that we ever will. However, in the meantime we did call Chevrolet to voice our complaint and disappointment with Mr. J. A. and Covert Chevrolet. This is supposed to be a 5 star dealership and they are calling and harassing their customerís for extra money six weeks after a sale is complete? What kind of business practice is this??? Have you been doing this since 1909??? Makes me wonder why they are so successful. This type of business practice does not make me want to refer anybody to them for business, much less go to their dealership for any service issues. Furthermore, at the time of purchase we were promised $500.00 worth of free gas cards to be used at any Shell station. These cards were supposed to arrive within two weeks of purchase. Needless to say they have not arrived. So after several phone calls to the company and finally another phone call to GM today, we were informed that MR. J. A. never turned in the paperwork that was required to process these gas cards. Go figure, what else should we expect from this guy?? He has called to harass us for an extra $1000 dollars and then turns out that he is the reason why I still do not have my gas cards that were promised at the time of purchase. I donít know how seriously you take purchases that you make from a company, but I take mine very seriously. I will never do business with Covert Chevrolet, or any other Covert dealership ever again. You may think that my one little complaint will not affect you but I can guarantee you it already has. My husband would have bought his new $40,000 dollar truck from your dealership, but not after dealing with Mr. J.A. Unfortunately for you, we both work for companies with over 10,000 employees that take word of mouth very seriously. I can guarantee you that you have already lost another 10 sales due to this one unfortunate experience. Maybe you need to spend more time training your Finance Managerís on the repercussions of BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE & UNETHICAL business practices.
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 07/27/2004:
Wow...I can't believe they thought a phone call asking you to write them a check for $1000 would fly. How ridiculous. You're right, you have the completed bill of sale and that's that. Sounds like the dealership &/or manager is out that $1000. If you have any paperwork showing you were supposed to get $500 in free gas cards, I wouldn't let up on that. Go to GM directly and fax them that paperwork and see what they can do. The finance manager probably figures he'll save $500 by not completing the paperwork. Good luck!
Anonymous on 07/27/2004:
Unethical, Bad customer service??? OK the dealer made a mistake, they have the right to correct the mistake. You are under NO legal responsibility to pay the $1,000.00 to the dealer but I have to ask if the roles were reversed and you overpaid $1000.00 would you have called the dealer and expected the money returned???? Again, only you can make that decision you are under no legal obligation that I can think of. Good Luck
PeskyKittyButt on 07/27/2004:
I'm with Melissa. Obviously, you finalized the agreement with a bill of sale & that's that. You really aren't under obligation to send them more $$ because of something they didn't do.
Terri on 06/18/2013:
First let me say that our whole family has been customers of Covert Bastrop for about 12 years. We have bought new and pre-owned vehicles from Covert. We have even had engines installed and all of our service work, warranted or not, done with them. Until recently we were always happy with the work we had done. My daughter who bought her first car and those there after from Covert has followed the family to Covert with her service needs also. Two days ago she brought her car in for what we now know was a bad battery. Upon arrival she waited with 3 others to be waited on. After standing there for 45 minutes, with no one even acknowledging her, or the other 3 people, she left and went to Firestone where she found 2 of the 3 people that were with her at Covert. They were all waited on and acknowledged in a timely manner. My Daughter was in and out in 45 minuets.
I really hope that this isn't a sign of things to come.
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