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Don't believe ANYTHING they say!
Posted by on
DALLAS AND GARLAND, TEXAS -- We did not realize we were dealing with a bunch of unethical liars when we hired them to bail out our daughter on a dwi charge last summer. Then when her marine husband was restationed in California, they acted like she was not allowed to go with him. She had an attorney by that time but then he didn't show up in court and next thing you know she had a bond forfeiture. They called my wife and acted like they were going to put her in jail since she signed the papers. A few days ago our Marine son-in-law was given a couple weeks leave before being deployed in Afganistan so they were going to come home for a few days. They wanted to get this court issue straightened out while they were here but were concerned since our daughter was pregnant and was considered high-risk due to 3 previous miscarraiges. Within hours after Justin arrived here in the car a bounty hunter was here throwing his weight around threatening to take Jodie to jail. (she wasn't here yet, since she was flying home because they thought the drive might be too much for her). I gave him my cell number and he assured me that we could bring her in and they wouldn't put her in jail or cause any undue stress to her or the unborn child. He told me he would call me after he got it all set up and we could bring her in. At 530am the next morning I am awakened by banging on the door and by a call from the bounty hunter who is in front of our house with 3 deputy sheriffs he has either lied to or buddied up to to help him do his dirty work. He called my cell phone when we didn't answer the door and lied about the sheriffs dept contacting him with a warrant, acting like he wasn't involved or even there.
We didn't realize the connection between Cowboys and the bounty hunter since he just wore a generic private investigator badge.. so when our daughter got home, my wife contacted Cowboys Bail Bonds and after getting several different stories on what would happen and how much it would cost..(should have been a clue)..she took her down for the meeting. After being reminded of her condition, they assured us that she wouldn't have to go to jail. Just fill out the papers and a new court date would be set..for another $750.00 or $800.00.. which is it.?? who knows, its whatever they feel like at the time and then deny they told you different.. When they get there, while her mom is filling out more papers the same bounty hunter fellow took our daughter into another room and arrested her and carted her off to Lew Sterrett with a grin. When I expressed my concern about my disappointment with their lies and the well being of my unborn grandchild.. his smug reply was "That's what I have attorneys and insurance for".
Disgusted over the unethical way they were doing business, my wife leaves, swearing to never do business with them again. Then just as we feared, after my wife arrives back at home, we get a call from our daughter crying who says she is having abdominal cramps and is being refused medical attention until after she sees a judge which could be two hours or more. I've seen wanted serial killers not get this much law enforcement attention but I guess they might be a little harder to find and more dangerous than the pregnant wife of an active duty marine.
Just because someone makes a mistake and gets arrested does not make them unhuman or unworthy of respect or consideration and certainly should not diminish their right to expect a bit of honesty with the companies they are forced to deal within the process. And to knowingly endanger the totally innocent unborn child, THAT should be criminal!
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Anonymous on 02/06/2010:
I am going to be pleasant. Your daughter broke the law, putting not only herself but anyone on the road with her at risk. The bonding company put up THEIR money for your daughter to get out of jail. Of course they said couldn't leave. She was a risk of not showing up in court. I worked for a bondsman and they tell you up front if you can not leave BEFORE you sign the papers for the bond.

Second, there sounds to be a lot missing from this. If your daughter did not show up for the court date, that is why they came looking for her and why she has a bond forfeiture. If the attorney did not show, they would have rescheduled the appearance. Either way, your daughter should have been in court. As for the $700-800 more dollars, they don't know how much til the judge sets a new bond and/or court costs for the new court date.

Third, you want to blame everyone for the mess your daughter is in, including the risk to her unborn child except the one actually in the wrong here: your daughter. Our choices lead us where we go in life. Hers led her to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. I hope this was NOT while she was expecting this high risk baby.

You say that you have seen hard criminals get better treatment. Your daughter is a criminal and does not deserve special treatment. Yes, she deserves medical attention if she needs it. But she does deserve to sit in jail for putting the lives of strangers at the same risk she put that unborn baby with her intoxicated driving. You seem to completely ignore that she could have killed someone else's child had she had an accident.
jktshff1 on 02/06/2010:
To add to LS, your son in law being a Marine and being deployed has absolutely no bearing on this case and even mentioning it is a disgraceful plea for sympathy on your part. Your daughter CHOSE to be stupid as well as jeopardizing your future grand kids life.
SHE is the one you should be complaining to.
PepperElf on 02/07/2010:
DUI is no joke.

Especially for a military spouse.

You might not realize this but her drinking habits CAN affect his career.

In fact, I'll be honest - if she's pregnant and drunk driving then she really needs to get her priorities straight.

She needs to be be responsible to her husband and her unborn child. She needs to let her husband know he'll have a LIVING wife and child to come home to.
spiderman2 on 02/07/2010:
I have a news flash for you, your daughter is a criminal. I'm not a fan of people that drink and drive, but she hadn't been convicted of that yet, her crime is failing to show up in court. Then she didn't follow the instructions of the bondsman by staying in town. Bondsmen and law enforcement do not take people that do not show up for court lightly. They are going to say whatever they need to say to get her back into custody. Your daughter made mistake after mistake here and you are making excuse after excuse for her. She potentially committed 2 crimes and cannot follow directions. Just because she is pregnant and her husband is a marine does not mean she is above the law. This is going to sound harsh, but why should everyone else be more concerned about your daughter's unborn child than she is. Your daughter is the person that caused all of these issues by DUI and not accepting responsibility for her actions. I don't get it, if I got a DUI, my parents would have let me sit in jail until it was resolved.......and I would have learned a lesson from it.
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
I am going to post again, as for my last comment was removed for a reason I do not understand. Maybe I was a little too harsh. [snip]

#1. Your daughter broke the law by driving while intoxicated. You need to stop blaming other people for your daughter's own negligence.

#2. If she was drinking while pregnant, can cause birth deffects.

#3. Your daughter's husband/boyfriend being in the military has no bearing on this complaint, nor make it right for her to break the law and not receive the consequences for her actions

#4. You need to stop protecting your daughter when she does illegal things, and maybe she needs to sit in jail and think about what she did.

#5. She didn't show up for her court hearing. That means she broke the bond, and the bondsman has every right to do what they need to due to bring your daughter to justice.

#6. You should be counting your blessings that she did not kill herself, or someone else by driving while intoxicated.

#7. Your daughter is no different than anyone else arrested for DUI. She needs to be punished.

There, is that better???? :)
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
Looks clear and to the point to me, Tennboy. No room for misinterpretation. LOL
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
We told our kids if they were ever arrested don't call home unless they are not guilty of the charges. If they got themselves in a jam they could get themselves out of it.
Skye on 02/07/2010:
Your daughter created this entire mess, she should be the one to fix it. Why are you getting so involved with it?
Starlord on 02/07/2010:
It used to amuse me when people would complain that I was 'treating them like a criminal. when I cuffed them to so,etimetransport them for a DUI arrest. I sometimes told them that DUI was a criminal offense, and people who drive while blitzed were, therefore, criminals. A bail bondsman guarantees that the person will appear in court. If they just let people they have posted bond for take of and go wherever, they lose the money they put up as a guarantee. The bounty hunter, or bail recovery agent, is working for the bondsman to track down the skip and bring them to justice. Unpleasant as it sounds, when the bondsman puts up your bail, he owns you. He is not in business to give up his money so you can get out of jail. He is not a philanthropist. He puts up your bond for a fee. If you skip, then he may have to give the court the entire amount of the bond.
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
Course there's even MORE trouble a drunk driving spouse can land a family into.

1) She can get banned from driving on base. So hubby is deployed - the base won't give a crap. She'll still have to walk or take a cab. Might be allowed to use a bike on base though.

2) Medical bills. The military WILL NOT pay them if you're drunk driving, or if you're the passenger. Ain't like the military doesn't tell you "no drunk driving".... and since they DO tell you that's against the rules, they won't give you free treatment if you hurt yourself breaking those rules.

Sounds like your daughter needs to start being responsible.
And believe me drunk driving while pregnant, and then ignoring the court date is NOT the action of a mature adult.
RedDazes on 02/08/2010:
Sounds like the bonds company and the bail enforcer were 100% within their rights. I'd be willing to bet that the "Several Different stories + Costs" were just a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. If your daughter didn't show up for her court date, that is her problem and she should have to deal with it. Yes it sucks that she was having issues with her pregnancy, but do you know how many people use that as an excuse to try to get released then skip town?
Also (as many others have said) your Son-in-law's profession has absolutely NOTHING to do with this issue. This is about your daughter being, well a dolt, for lack of a better word.... drunk driving, and missing a court date. Nothing more.
j on 10/03/2013:
Who ever thinks that it's OK to lie, miss lead people, and put an un born child at risk over a misdemeanor for a couple hundred dollars need to put in an application at cowboys. No morals at all.
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Do Not Use Cowboy Bail Bonds!
Posted by on
GARLAND, TEXAS -- I recently went to Cowboy Bail Bonds in Garland Texas to acquire a bond for someone to get out of jail.

I sat down at the desk and began filling out information they needed. During the time I sat there the person I was dealing with was talking on the phone the whole time. He actually had a phone on each ear, was on the computer for someone else and was shouting to his employee at the next desk. This should have been my first clue I was not going to get good service.

They told me over the phone before I arrived that the fee would bee $225.00 on a $1500.00 misdemeanor bond. When I got there the price went up $100.00 without any explanation.

I paid them what they asked for as I just wanted to get this done. They told me they would have him out within about 2-3 hours.

I called after 3 hours and was told "we are working on it". In the meantime the person in jail called me to inform me that Cowboy Bail Bonds was not licensed to do a bail in Collin County. I called Cowboys and they assured me that they are able to do bonds in Collin County. After 11 hours of calling them and hearing "we are working on it" I get a call back from them telling me that their insurance company said it would be a loss if they did the bond unless I brought them $1100.00 more dollars. I was beside myself. They repeatedly lied to me all day. They never informed me that THEY ARE NOT LICENSED TO MAKE BONDS FOR COLLIN COUNTY.

They actually have to send the bond to someone in Collin county to re-do it. If they had been up front with me I could have easily did that myself and bypassed them all together. I told them I was coming in to get my money back and they said I could not get it back until the next day. RIDICULOUS considering I had given them cash.

These people are dishonest, uncaring, deceitful people. DO NOT USE COWBOY BAIL BONDS unless you don't mind bad service. Google them. They have a horrible reputation.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/19/2008:
funday, sounds like these guys were some real bottom feeders just out to take your money. The more informed members around here are able to read and no place did you say anything about drunk driving.

Only a dullard would make the comments above as we know bail could have been for an overlooked auto warrant or anything else.

Good review and helpful info, thanks.
old fart on 04/19/2008:
PMS... where does the poster say anything about drunk driving?
Is this something you've been bailed out for?....
funday 1 on 04/19/2008:
It had nothing to do with drunk driving or drugs. If it had I would have let the person sit in jail. My sister was killed by a drunk.
Anonymous on 04/19/2008:
I don't know the rules regarding bail, but why did you use a Garland bail bond for Collin County?
Does Cowboy have offices outside of Garland?
old fart on 04/19/2008:
PMS strikes again... at least admin caught it...
thank you admin...
Anonymous on 04/19/2008:
Sounds like a terrible experience. So sorry about your sister too.
Anonymous on 04/21/2008:
Unfortunately, many people are unable to keep 'bail money' in reserve in case they are arrested. They are forced into dealing with bondsmen (many are honest). But, like this poster, some people run into some very shady outfits. Not to give a smart-alek response, sometimes it is wise to check with someone you know who has been arrested...for a recommendation. Best of luck! Thanks for the post.
Emory on 05/01/2008:
My family has used Cowboy Bail Bonds on several occasions and have found them reliable, helpful, and very nice to deal with.
Emory on 05/08/2008:
There is always two sides to every story, stated below are just the facts...

Cowboy Bail Bonds has been in the customer service business of helping people since 1997. In fact, the Company is built on customer service. Every person who calls or walks through the door is treated with kindness and respect.

An application for bond is treated like a loan application. If the bond is set for $1,500, then the Company is actually loaning that amount.

Just like a bank, that does not loan money to every loan applicant for obvious reasons, the bonding company does not post bonds for all applicants.
funday 1 on 06/04/2008:
Emory, No actually that is untrue. Cowboy Bail did not treat me with any respect at all. The person I dealt with was on the phone the whole time I was sitting in front of him and yelling to the agent next to him. He actually had a phone to both ears. He did not in any stretch of the imigination offer me anything close to customer service.
They did not tell me they were unlicenced in Collin County. They were only interested in my money. Period. withtholding that information from me was unethical.
They flat oout deceived me. Doc's Bail Bond in Mckinney blows them away in every respect. They were great. They also indicated that Cowboy Bonds has an unsavory reputation. Cowboys was a sham.
stgp75052 on 11/29/2008:
I would not recommend Cowboy Bail Bond in Dallas off Industrial either. I have had a horrible experience with them just today. I had 2 relatives arrested and requested a bond through them - my husband sat filled out all paperwork, including information on our trucks???bogus???My information work, blah...blah...blah...heck almost ask if they needed to know my blood type? After all this paperwork (standard per them) was done 1 hour had passed, so we finally thought we were done, paid - amount was changed after arriving OF COURSE just an additional $130 dollars per person...not big deal TO THEM OF COURSE because you already spend 1 hour dealing with them you really don't want to start all over you just want your relatives released as quickly as possible!!!WE finally leave after paying...they say call us in about 30-45 minutes and we'll let you know...we arrive home, call after 40 minutes...and the a#$%^& are asking for another signature??? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? No one mentioned another signature while we were I am calling them again saying what the heck is going on - people there give me different stories - nobody knows - what the other is saying...I am angry at this point....3 hours back & forth and they finally decide that someone can come & sign the next day....This was all done at is now 7pm and they JUST NOW FAXED THE BOND...I feel that they are not professionals, they are not very organized, they are definitely NOT INTO THEIR "#1 customer service" as they claim...I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THEM or IF GOD FORBID, I EVER NEED A BOND...I would not use COWBOY BAIL BOND. I hope that someone looking for a bond place reads this and can take my advice move to another bond you don't go through the very frustrating crap that my family has had to go through today.
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One Word: Incompetent, every step of the way.
Posted by on
My experience with Cowboy Bail Bondsman was about as bad as it gets. From the convoluted sign-up, to the uninformed employees, to the apathetic management.

There is no service with Cowboy.

They took my money for two bonds, then proceeded to drop them without notice and then continued to call me for my court dates, even though I hadn’t been bonded there for two months. Stay away from Cowboy Bail Bondsman, unless you like having to buy bonds elsewhere after you find out that they have dropped your bond. The only way to know if Cowboy has dropped your bond is by asking your lawyer or when you find out you have a warrant. They can’t even tell by looking at their own system.

Do yourself a big favor and keep looking for a real bondsman that can actually help you.
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Alain on 10/08/2010:
I'll have to guess that you mean Cowboy Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX. Maybe try Bail Texas, Immediate Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds Unlimited, American BB, Delta BB, or Ace BB (just to name a few). Better yet (I think you'll agree) just avoid having to get a bail bond at all. Thanks for the review!
Anonymous on 10/08/2010:
Yeeee Hawww~!
Weedwhacked on 10/08/2010:
I'll just make sure that I never need a bail bond whatsoever.
werelucky on 10/08/2010:
"Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time." I think this includes dealing with incompetent bail bondsmen.
Anonymous on 10/08/2010:
Werelucky> I couldn't disagree more. No where in the OP's post do they incriminate themselves by indicating what type of crime was committed, which type of plea was entered, etc...Perhaps they are one of the few that are actually innocent (until proven guilty). This post is merely discussing a business that practices in bonds and release, and according to their post, it has failed miserably. A very valid complaint. The OP's guilt has nothing to do with the bail/bondsmen and their unethical practice. You were too busy judging to actually listen to what was being said.
momsey on 10/08/2010:
werelucky, since a bail bondsman is supposed to be a legitimate business, he or she is supposed to do what they're paid to do. You have no idea whether the OP "did the crime" at all, because you must realize that innocent people sometimes get arrested. Not a helpful response.
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