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Stay Far Away from Cowboy Fence and Deck!!
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LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- We contracted with them in early August 2008 to put up a fence on approx 1 acre. They required 1/2 the cost for a deposit. We paid them over $5400 for the deposit. No one would show up to do the work. We kept getting stories, and promises from the owner, but no one would ever show up. His favorite excuse was rain. It might had been raining where he is, but we are in a town more than 60 miles south of him, and we weren't getting rain! For the first 2 weeks he told us they couldn't find enough material. Finally he says they have the material, but then he would use the rain excuse. This entire mess took place over a period of 6 weeks. He avoids phone calls making you leave voicemails he will never return. He will not return emails either.

Finally after almost a month of this BS, he sub-contracted the job out a Mexican man that showed up one Saturday, with a few other guys, to dig the holes. This man told me he had done some jobs for the owner before, but was worried about getting paid by him. Seems like the owner rips off everyone.

They did not have the proper equipment to dig in the soil out here. They dug 44 holes, while we had to pay a neighbor to dig the rest with an auger he had. They were here for a total of 4 hours, saying they would be back Tuesday. We have never seen them again. On top of that, the auger they were using was a 6 inch auger, and the holes are too small to put the posts and cement in. The holes they dug are all going to have to be re-dug and made larger.

After a month of this BS, we told the owner we were going out of town for 10 days. If the job wasn't finished when we got back, that was their last chance. We got back, and no one had been to our house. Again, he used the rain excuse. We checked with our neighbors, and they said we had a total of maybe 2 days of rain out of the 10 days we were gone. Having enough of being lied to and strung along, we filed a dispute with PayPal to get our deposit back. Paypal decided in our favor. After a week Paypal has sent us an email saying the owner won't make the funds available so they can refund us. I have sent emails and left voicemails to no avail. The best one was tonight. I called their phone number, and he must had accidentally answered the phone without checking the Caller ID. When he heard my voice he acted like he couldn't hear and hung the phone up. Of course when I call back, no one will answer and it just goes to voicemail.

We have filed this case with American Express who will be getting the money back for us from PayPal. I hope PayPal then goes after the owner with everything they have!

Do not use this company! They take your money, won't do the work, and won't give your money back. I wish I had googled them before I used them and saw all the complaints out there about them! This is the worst company I have ever seen. They have a BBB emblem on their paperwork, but if you go to the BBB website, you see they are not a member, have an "Unsatisfactory" rating, and numerous complaints filed against them! Stay far away from this company unless you like giving money away for nothing in return!!
Company Response 04/29/2010:
This person got her money back in full.I never even charged her for the 100 holes we dug in rock.That i could have charged over $2,000 dollers for.So why is bad review still up ? I cant believe that even after she got work done at no charge she is still complaining !!
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Anonymous on 09/28/2008:
For a small regional company we sure see a lot of complaint's about Cowboy Fence Company. As Steve likes to say, how do they stay in business?
Karshrimp1 on 09/28/2008:
I can't believe a company takes your money, doesn't do the work, and then makes you fight them to get your money back! That is just plain theft in any language!!
Roland74 on 07/01/2010:
They go under Dallas Fence and Decks now. They're ripping people off just the same. They took my money and didn't do the work. Scam.
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Another Cowboy Fence Nightmare Story
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DENTON, TEXAS -- A friend's neighbor recommended Cowboy Fence & Deck of Lewisville. How I wish I had researched them online before hiring them to replace my fence! They were atrocious to deal with and did a poor job.

They showed up late in the day one day later than the promised start date. They couldn't finish that day and had to come back the next day (late again) to finish. They said they would come back on Friday to finish but didn't show up.

I called on Saturday and they promised they would come on Monday to finish. On Tuesday they left me a message (at 10:00 AM) saying the fence guy had an "abscessed tooth" but, after several difficult calls with the owner, said they would finish on Friday.

When they hadn't arrived by 10:00 AM on Friday I called and was told they had left at 8:00 AM and were on the way. When they still hadn't arrived by noon I called again and were told they would be thereby 1:30. They finally showed up at 2:40 in the afternoon and told me they couldn't finish - the guy that set the posts put them in the wrong place. He swore that they would reset the posts on Saturday and finish on Sunday.

Naturally, they didn't show up on Saturday. When I called the owner he told me there was nothing he could do (?!?!?), gave me one absurd excuse after another, and swore they would finish the fence the following week. (Beginning to see a pattern here?)

Cowboy Fence and Deck - Nightmare Story Cowboy Fence and Deck - Spruce Fence

No one showed up on Monday or Tuesday. On Thursday (the day the owner promised me the work would be complete) the guy that took out the old fence showed up and started installing the slats. He came back and finished on Friday but didn't rehang the gate on the driveway and came back a week later to hang the gate and complete a section he forgot.

The next day I noticed that in some places the bottom of the fence is 5" or more above the ground! My dogs had no trouble slipping under into the neighbor's yard. I had to block the space under the fence with landscape timbers but, in some areas, the bottom of the fence is higher than the timber is thick. I've left several messages but Cowboy Fence simply doesn't answer the phone or return calls. I will probably have to stop payment on the check to get their attention.

It is my opinion that you should avoid Cowboy Fence & Deck of Lewisville at all costs! Find a fence contractor that is AFA or TFA certified. My experience with Cowboy Fence & Deck was (and is still) a nightmare and, if you spend a few minutes searching the Internet, you'll find I'm not the only one. Others have posted photos of the work they do and that should convince you to steer clear of these people.
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Anonymous on 04/26/2008:
Let me guess: You paid them a bunch of money up front!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/26/2008:
Most reputable fence companies don't charge you until the job is least the ones I've dealt with. I would stop payment on the check immediately. I bet they'll call you back promptly. Good Luck!
Nohandle on 04/26/2008:
I know nothing about Cowboy Fence and Deck Company but do know in this area the fence companies many times contract their work out. More often than not each crew has several projects at the same time. They tend to hammer at one person's home for a while, leave and go to another. A few day's job ends up being several weeks. I don't blame you for being disgusted. If one wants to deal directly with one of the independents, he is taking his chances. If he deals with a company the company should be responsible for a timely installation. If not, why contract with them to begin with?
Roland74 on 07/01/2010:
They go under the name Dallas Fence and Decks, now. They're still scamming people, including me. I paid upfront and got scammed. BBB rates them an F. They're straight up crooks.
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Beware of Cowboy Fence and Deck in Lewisville, TX
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LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- On March 2, 2006 we signed a contract and paid in full to have Cowboy Fence & Deck replace a section of fence. According to the contract, the job was to have been completed on 3/6/06. That date came and went and no work had been done on our fence.

We called **name removed** multiple times and when he finally bothered to return our calls he was full of excuses as to why it hadn't been done. He kept promising to get someone out, but did not get a crew to our house until 3/14/06. The crew tore down the old section of fence and piled the debris in our front yard. They never came back to put up the new fence.

We placed multiple calls to Mr. Carter to find out when our new fence would be put up, but he never bothered to return any of those calls. Finally, after three days of no fence and a yard full of debris, we had to assume that he had no intention of ever completing the job, so we fired him and requested a refund (minus his expenses for the tear down of the old fence).

We submitted a complaint to the BBB. **name removed** responded to the complaint by saying that he would give us a refund of $850. We agreed to that resolution on 3/28/06. **name removed** never sent us the refund, nor did he return any phone calls until April 14, 2006. On that date he promised to have the refund check to us the next day. As usual, he failed to deliver on that promise. We still don't have our refund from him and he hasn't returned any phone calls since then.

Unless you enjoy just throwing your money away, stay far, far away from **name removed** and Cowboy Fence and Deck.
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User Replies:
glc on 07/27/2006:
Sounds like a bad experience, Curly Girl...Were you required to pay for the work in full? Usually, reputable companies accept a deposit.
spiderman2 on 07/28/2006:
Sounds like it is time for you to go to small claims court againt this guy. Good luck.
Jop on 07/28/2006:
I don't know why we do it, I've done it several times---never pay up-front! If they need money for materials, it means they have no credit. If that have no credit, it's not a good company to do business with. Even if you get your money back, the hassel takes its toll! Good Luck.
edge on 08/17/2006:
I used Cowboy fence and deck and they were great. Please read my review for further info.
tellthetruth on 12/14/2006:
This is the same experience I had. The owner is a liar at heart. Since he screwed me over and owes me money on a work/fence/for trade project, (he refused to pay after I did all the work.) and since his shoddy fence work is warping and gaping and the stain job is incomplete, (got more on my vehicles than the fence it seems) I'm going to make sure my page about this story comes up next to his on the internet. check it out. full story to come later -
jrh on 11/08/2007:
June 2007: The Cowboy Fence and Deck scam is still in business and ripping people off.
They stole $800.00 from me here recently.

The business is run by a pathological Liar.
Jamey Carter is the guy I'm talking about.

Karshrimp1 on 09/27/2008:
As of 2008 they are still doing business. How I don't know! They ripped us off for $5481.66 for a deposit on fencework they never would come do! Having to get American Express involved to get our money back. Stay away from Cowboy Fence and Jamey Carter. Extremely bad business!!
Roland74 on 06/15/2010:
They're now ripping people off, like me, under the name Dallas Fence and Decks. They took my deposit after a month all I had to show for my money was some posts and shoddy work. Now they've begun threatening me and I've had to go to the police for help. Avoid Dallas Fence and Decks and Jamey Carter.
Roland74 on 06/27/2010:
Jamey Carter and his whole family are con artists. If you give Dallas Fence and Decks money, kiss it goodbye.
Noresponse on 05/17/2011:
Not sure why anyone would pay for anything upfront!
Noresponse on 05/17/2011:
His company is still blowing and going though! not sure why or how
Roger on 09/06/2012:
I got ripped off by Jamey, his father TC and their stain man. I have had to get a different company redo the fence poles 3 times because it was dug 18 inches for an 8 foot fence! I stupidly paid up front by check to not get charged 3% for using a credit card. They had a manager call me (Mike?) to assure me everything would be fine and he would talk to Jamey, turns out it was just one of their tricks to stall me. Worst experience ever, BBB of no help. Out $4600.
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