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Cowboys Western World Ripped Off My Child!
By -

PLANT CITY, FLORIDA -- "Cowboys Western World" Plant City Florida ripped off my child. The MANAGER of "Cowboys Western World" sold her a damaged Breyer horse. THE MANAGER of "Cowboys Western World" refused to exchange the defective Breyer horse for a identical item because my daughter opened the box. We could not tell the ear was chipped until my daughter opened the box. My daughter paid for it, there was not any sign posted that read "merchandise not to be exchanged or returned for any reason including defective merchandise if package has been opened".

"COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" has my daughter's $50.00 gift certificate + $3.50 for tax. My daughter has a worthless collectible horse. My daughter had been saving her birthday gift certificate to get a special Bryer Limited Edition Collectors Choice #1321 Cheveyo horse. She bought the horse from "Cowboys Western World" Mon., Dec. 29th at approx. 1:30 pm, the store manager rang it up.

We were on our way home when my daughter opened the box and discovered the chipped ear and a large scratch on the front leg of the $50 horse. I turned around and drove back to "Cowboys Western World" to exchange it for another one identical to the damaged one.

I was totally shocked when the manager of "Cowboys Western World" refused to exchange the horse, stating that "Cowboys Western World" does not exchange opened Breyer horses. I showed her the chipped ear and scratched hoof were not visible through the package. The manager of "Cowboys Western World" informed us one does not open Breyer horse packages as it ruins their value. The manager of "Cowboys Western World" went on to say she would not take it back as it was worthless due to being opened.

The package had a rip in the end where it was opened. I offered her the new pkg. from the one we wished to exchange for. The manager of "Cowboys Western World" checked the box and noticed a clear tape-like seal that would be hard to remove and re-apply and again stated she would not exchange the horse my child had bought from "Cowboys Western World" less than a hour ago. "Opening a box ruins the value of a broken horse?" I asked. The manager of "Cowboys Western World" ignored my question. She refused to exchange the horse, all this rip off manager of "Cowboys Western World" needed to do was return the horse to Breyer's for credit.

The store manager of "Cowboys Western World" chose instead to steal $53.50 from a innocent child. I can't help wondering if the manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" knew the horse was a previous return or damaged merchandise? This would be a store credit or exchange from Breyer, not personally out of the store, manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD'S" pocket.

What did "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" have to lose by preforming a simple exchange of defective merchandise? I am sure reputable companies such as Breyer warranty their merchandise against defects. I do not believe for 1 second Breyer would not issue a store credit for such a problem.

We were still in Plant City, just a mile or so down the street when my daughter opened the Breyer horse. Upon discovering the damage to the 50.00 horse, I immediately returned to the store, expecting a polite apology and common exchange without any problem. I was shocked, to say the least, when the store manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" HAD THE NERVE TO SAY..."she probably dropped it and broke it."

I told the store manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" my daughter was sitting next to me and she did not drop it or break it. The store manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" said "I think she did." CALLING ME A LIAR! It took all the self-control I could find and some (VERY HARD) not snatch her up.

"COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" sold us BROKEN MERCHANDISE that cost a 14-yr old 53.50. 50.00 IS A LOT OF MONEY TO A POOR WORKING CLASS FAMILY. "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" preferred to steal from a kid than make a simple return to the manufacturer with the defective merchandise.

I still find this hard to believe, "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD'S" policy. Refusal to exchange defective product due to packaging being opened by purchaser - that's like buying a gallon of milk that looks fine, then upon opening it, pouring a glass, finding it spoiled, rotten, and worthless; returning it to the store, having the store determine it cannot be returned because it was opened. WOULD THAT MAKE YOU ANGRY? A gallon of milk cost 4.00, this is 53.50.

I have contacted the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce, among others. I AM REQUESTING THE PROCEDURE TO RETURN THE DEFECTIVE HORSE FOR REPLACEMENT. I appreciate all assitance and information received by Breyer or anyone. I would also like to warn the public of the store policy as quoted by the manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD" Plant City Florida.

"We do not accept returns of opened Breyers merchandise including defective products. One does not open collectibles, once opened they are worthless." These were the exact words out of the mouth of the manager of "COWBOYS WESTERN WORLD".

I am thankful a stranger approached me at my car, said she thought the refusal to exchange the horse was outrageous and gave me her contact information if I needed a witness to the rudeness and disrespectful way we were treated by "that woman" at "Cowboys Western World". THANK YOU - ENRAGED MOTHER. I wish to file a formal complaint against Cowboys Western World: 120 State Road 60 E, Plant City, FL 33567. (813) 737-3259.

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