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Horrible -- Don't Fall for Cox Promotions
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I live in a county that has competitive cable companies -- that's unusual in the US and we are lucky. I switched from Verizon FIOS to Cox when they offered me promotions and what looked like lower prices for similar service. What a mistake! Their deals are just smoke. They will not send you any confirmation of the promotion package you are getting, and when you are installed you will get something else, or at a different cost. Their reliability is horrid. The promised internet speed is almost never obtained. The internet and phone go off frequently for hours at a time. I am sorry I switched...don't make my mistake.

Cox Internet CS Agents Creating Fake Accounts
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Rating: 1/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Hi there people. I'm using Cox internet since 2012. One day I went to Best Buy where there was a Cox sales agent. I asked him to increase my bandwidth. Instead he asked me to open a roommate account to get a better and cheaper rate. I told him I already have an account so he told me, "You can open the account in your wife name."

Later I started getting two bills. I called Cox and told them I opened up a new account. Customer Service told me that opening a roommate account in your wife's name is not valid but you have to pay for 2 months of service. I said I will not pay two bills. I went to the Best Buy and the Cox people told me that they will take care of it. Later I keep getting the bills. I keep going to Best Buy and finally they took care of it as per they say.

Later after 2 years I got the letter from a collection company. I called Cox and asked them what it is. I told them "Your sales agent opened this account which was illegal" so they told me to go to police station and file a report. I went to the police station but police officer told me that there is no crime so they can't open a case.

I called Cox again and Customer Service person told me that "Your account is closed." I asked them why I'm getting collection notice and she didn't have a clue. Really bad experience. Just like Wells Fargo they need to be fined to open illegal accounts and asking consumers to pay for it. I'm with Cox for 5 years now and I'm surprised how they treat their customers.

Slow Internet Speeds of Recent
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Rating: 2/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We have been with Cox Communications for many years -- 11 years at our office and 25+ years at our residence. Over the past couple of years we have had slow internet. Never in all our years of service have we had problems with SPEED when it came to Cox Communications. However, with the installation of the new lines came a tiered internet speed structure and higher price ): Very disappointed that after all these years Cox is gouging customers for that one thing that we came to know and love about its service. And here we thought, "How nice. They are upgrading our equipment." NOT!

Cox Strong-Arming People Into Buying Modems From Them?
By -

We have Cox cable internet, which we would love except that it goes out for long periods of time, and that it seems like they are scamming people into buying new modems. We got an email yesterday stating that they have found problems with the model of modem we have and people with this modem should buy a new one from them for a discounted price. Our modem has worked perfectly for over a year and a half, no problems. Until mysteriously, the day after this email is sent to me, our internet goes out completely. They claim it is because they upgraded their services and now this modem is not compatible.

I wanted to know why, if it's caused by something THEY did, that I didn't ask for, that I have to pay for this new hardware. I didn't ask for upgraded service, and am not even really getting much of an upgrade as far as speeds go, with this alleged "update." They said that if we had bought our modem from THEM in the first place, they could've upgraded it for us for free, but since we bought ours elsewhere, there's nothing they could do. That, to me, is a horrible way to treat people who have used your service for over 10 years but just didn't purchase a modem from you.

They also told us that we could keep our modem and it would work fine, so long as we downgraded our service. So, basically, my options are to pay them $40 to keep the service I have, or downgrade to slower internet even though I was having a fine time with the service I had until they decided to blacklist my modem. After getting the run around from associates at the store and on the phone, we found out that we never even should have gotten the email we did, as the "upgrades" they did shouldn't have affected our service because of the package we have.

However, when we went into the store, they were happily selling brand new $40 modems to people without even letting them know that the email was inaccurate and they didn't need it. They are causing problems ("upgrading") and blacklisting a popular modem to drive sales for their own sponsored brand of modem, more or less, it would seem. And they claim that our modem is "outdated," but it worked perfectly until the day after their email came. I don't think that's a coincidence. They do have pretty good internet, when it actually works, but I think their business ethics are horrible.

I was disgusted as I watched the sales guy sell an elderly man a new modem that he probably didn't even need, just because the guy asked about the email he got. He didn't check his plan or anything to see if he even needed it, just sold it to him and promised him it'd make his internet go faster. He completely took advantage of this man because the man didn't know any better and took his word for it. I am assuming they are making a lot of money off of people who got the email and didn't call to find out that they didn't need a modem and just went in and bought one, just like that poor elderly man.

We Have Had Nothing but Problems With the System and the Customer Service
By -

PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- I have had to have the box replaced about 6 or 7 times already, so for what they referred to as "A most valued Cox bundle customer" they offered me 1 yr free of Cinemax On DEMAND. I called and asked what I had to do. I was told I would get channels 220 to 224 plus 780 and channel 1. I said "But if I pick a movie from channel 1 I had to pay", she said "No, it is free and included with the Cinemax on DEMAND." I hung up. I haven't used channel 1 before since I don't pay for movies through them - it is cheaper with Netflix, but what the heck. I cancelled my Netflix and started watching the shows on channel 1.

Then the bill came and I owed them $123.00 for the movies on channel 1. This was just from last month, not to include the movies I had watched this month, so it would end up about or over $200.00. I called customer service, told them that I wasn't informed properly, that I had to scroll down and find Cinemax On Demand and only those movies were free, when I was told that Channel 1 was free, and told that it was included in the Cinemax On Demand - That I could get the movies on channel one for free.

Basically I was told that I must have misunderstood what was told to me, but he, the billing supervisor, would be willing to take off $100.00 but I would be responsible to pay the rest. I have used Cox Cable for 17 years, and at no time ever purchased a single movie from them until this offer had been given to me. I have had trouble with the computer high speed freezing up, my cable going out, my boxes freezing up, not recording what I had programmed, only recording 1/2 of the show, going through 6 or 7 boxes, and they won't say "Yes there must have been a misunderstanding, we can take that off of your bill."

I asked them to listen to the taped recording of the call, and listen to the sales representative and how I could make a misunderstanding because she did not clarify that Cinemax On Demand on channel 1 is the free movies.
He offers me a take it or leave it. I agree to pay the remaining balance right then or pay the total amount. "If they listening to the tape and find me at fault", I said "I know she didn't clarify that only Cinemax On Demand, on channel 1 was free, and that I shouldn't have to pay for movies. I would have never watched if it were explained properly, that he needed to listen to the tape."

He called me back and said that the sales representative did explain to me that on channel 1, that Cinemax On Demand was free. I said "I want to listen to the tape", he told me I had to have a subpoena to get the tape recording, and since I declined on the $100 off of my bill he now will only take $20 off of my bill.

I spend $140 a month for the service and have for many years, and this manager is being obnoxiously rude and a bit snotty, he kept interrupting me, when I told him, "Why would I, all of a sudden, start buying movies after this phone conversation with this sales rep, and only after this phone call, I watched a movie a day, sometimes 2 movies a day, and some of them I didn't even watch the entire movie, I thought they were for free."

I just couldn't make this man understand that I needed more proof that I was at fault, and not that his employee didn't explain it properly, I asked specifically if it were for free because my husband kept telling me "It's not for free, you will end up having to pay for something, they always get you some way or another." Well I am, because he just kept telling me it was my fault, and since I didn't take the offer before he listened to the tape I would end up having to pay about $180. It ended with me asking to be referred to his supervisor, he said this conversation is over and he will have his supervisor call me if that is what I wanted.

After making thousands of dollars from me it is just so remarkable to me that they would be willing to lose me as a customer over a $200 bill. Can all customers who have been overbilled or mistreated get together and take legal action?

Overall Bad Service
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I have the 3-package bundle at Cox in Las Vegas. What a nightmare! I have phone, internet and HDTV cable. About 2 years ago it started. We've been with them since 1991. My husband passed away so I went down, with death certificate to put it in my name. They assured me, nothing would change. The next month, the bill did NOT autopay, as they had put a dash 1 (-1) on the end of the account and my bank didn't recognize it. Like others, I had to pay a reconnection fee.. but worse, I had to worry that my 805 credit rating might be dinged. From thereon in, the nightmare started. And I can't remember all, this is just some.

First, I've had techs out to my house 7 times, due to my HD picture FREEZING on certain channels (conveniently, always during an NFL game). Prior to the tech though, I spend 45 minutes each time, having them tell me to unhook all cables (My Sony weighs 378 pounds and is NOT fun to pull out of the cove it's in).. They then reboot, which takes 12 minutes to fully load. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, in which case a tech is sent to the house. They first said it was a splitter for the wires that split to my computer... Bing, my internet went down.

Luckily, I was smart enough to check the net before the guy left but he ARGUED with me that he hadn't done anything to cause it.. but I stood my ground and he finally radioed in for help and got it fixed. A few other times, they said it was the metal connector.. They change it, leave, and within weeks it's doing it again. So they bring another tech and replay the scene. One time, they said it was the junction box in the neighborhood, but isn't it suspicious that when I asked 3 neighbors, I was the only one with a problem.

Another time, he said my cable box was so hot that he was amazed I could even get the time to display (it sits on a shelf, by itself so nothing I did caused it to get hot) - Another insane issue. I use their Webmail. I'm a developer.. I wrote a suggestion that they move their Entertainment Link a little further away, or lessen the size of the 'radio button' so that when we attempt to hit 'SEND MAIL' that it doesn't accidentally click the Entertainment button. Can you believe, I received an email back saying, "We are sorry you are having problems logging in."

So I wrote a step-by-step procedure on how to duplicate the problem and sent it straight back to the person who wrote his response. This time, a second tech answers, "We are sorry you are having connection problems." I then hit 'reply' and ask him "Where in my email does it mention any such connection problems? I'M NOT HAVING CONNECTION PROBLEMS".. I then asked for this to be forwarded to a supervisor.. The supervisor answers, "We are sorry you are having problems logging in." GRRRR.

Another problem, I decided to take the 'bundle' package (net, phone, cable) for $99. Well, first off, if you want call waiting, it's an extra $15. I had been paying $30 for my old phone service. With the bundle she quoted, it would have saved me $10 per month.. OK, I CLEARLY asked if any phone worked with their digital service. They said "yes". Nope! After the first day, my phone wouldn't dial out. They sent a tech (who always shows up on a different day or time than scheduled) so my teen didn't have a clue what to tell the guy. The tech picks up the phone, says, "She has a dialtone" and writes the ticket as fixed. So, I call them back out.

Second guy can't fix it and doesn't know why.. leaves with the ticket 'unresolved'. Now we are in to 12 days without a phone. I finally get a tech on the phone who informs me, those $19.99 phones that I had, do not work. They have to be X megabyte digitals (I think 56mb). I call back to the sales lady and demanded to speak to the VERY person who sold me the package and said all phones worked. She gave me a $50 credit towards a new phone. Then, after 3 months, my bill jumped up $10.

When I called they said, "Oh, that was a 3-month special." I answered, "Why would I have bothered with all these changes and phone outages for a $10 savings only for 3 months?" Her reply, "I'm sorry. She should have told you that." Another issue... when I signed up with them, I had a published number with the old company. Using my first initial of my first name so that nobody knew I was a single woman. When the book comes out, they have my full name. So in October, I call and decide to just list it as unpublished. From having worked for a phone company for 4 years, I KNOW there is a deadline to get the info to the phone book company.

So I verify that I'm not paying $2.75 per month for unpublished, if I have just missed the deadline. He promises I'm within the time frame. The phone book comes to my house on January 9, STILL WITH MY FULL NAME. This time, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Her and I walk through the whole 2 years of issues.. one by one. She was very kind.. and asked if I would allow her to use my account for training purposes. Absolutely. And my whole phone call, prior to speaking to her, was to just stop the unpublished and quit charging me the $2.75.. Why pay for something each month once the damage is done?

Well, lo and behold, I receive a letter in the mail yesterday that says, "Thank you. This is a confirmation that you want your number UNPUBLISHED." First off, didn't any nitwit that looked at this, question why an unpublished number was being requested to be unpublished? HELLO? ANYONE OUT THERE? But more so, don't you think that supervisor would have said, "Hey, let's make sure we do it right this time, being this account is going to Executive Escalations for training?" I then go sit on my couch to watch the evening news.

Lo and behold, my picture starts freezing again. It is so bad that when I called, the automated voice says, "We see you just called today. Is this regarding the same issue you had earlier?" (Do they really have a voice recording for people who call multiple times a day?) So after waiting 24 minutes (my new, digital phone has a display of how long you've been on the phone)... a guy reboots me.. and when that doesn't work, he says, "well, until the tech gets there next Wednesday (it's Saturday), there is a trick. Just plug your cable wire straight from the wall, into the TV. You won't have HD anymore, but that will get you through tomorrow's playoff games."

So, another tech is scheduled for Wednesday. That's 8 times in 20 months... equaling, once every two months I have Cox in my house.. maybe I can write them off as dependents. But I'm obviously not 'head of household' as I have no control over nothing.

Customer Service, Billing and Tech Support/Internet/Services
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I have refused to use Cox Communications service for over 12 yrs due to charging too much for horrible service. Customer service will not talk to you about any problems of service you have and always transfer you to someone in Tech Support who doesn't listen to what the problem is. The Tech Support Rep(s) continues to make you do their service Tech's job to find out the problem, to end call by telling you that there's nothing wrong, nothing they can do other than charge you to send out a service tech to fix what's wrong.

I have recently had to obtain their worthless services again because of the place I have moved into only uses Cox Communications services for internet, cable & phone. Since I moved in on 11/13/09, the internet did not work for first 3 days other than about 5 minutes from the time they installed, the phone didn't work at all, the installation was horrible with wires tactfully hanging out of my wall. They proceeded to send out another service Tech to fix the internet and phone. He was surprised at how they left the installation with wires hanging out, he seemed disgusted by the sight of it but then he turned around and left it the same way.

Ever since the 2nd service Tech came out, the internet still only works half the time (if I'm lucky) with errors such as "cannot load page", "not responding", "limited connection" (which basically means NO connection) and now "unidentified Network Connection". I have called the Tech support repeatedly over the last month to 1.5 months, they tell me that my internet is working on their end, they make me do their Tech's job by unplugging things, making changes to settings, etc. Then say they can only send out a Tech to fix it a 3rd time and will charge me something like $30 for them to fix something that never worked properly in the first place.

I have complained requesting a credit for these services not working and they refuse. The most annoying part of this whole service issue is that my first bill came in showing they bill now for services ahead of time, services NOT even rendered yet and find it absolutely appalling when the services rendered haven't been working from the start! Why should I pay for the inconsistent service in advance?! Are they serious with this?!

I should only be required to pay for half service since that is all I have gotten from my experience with them & they should pay me what they pay their Tech's since I've been taking time out of my life to fix their service myself repeatedly over and over again for the last 1.5 months almost! Cox Communications should be paying all their customers to use their service at this rate. I will never, ever move into a place that only uses their services ever again and certainly do not recommend them for anyone else either. I am completely disgusted by my experience with this company and think something should be done!

Worst Service Ever...
By -

ARIZONA -- To register a Modem with Cox Communications, you should provide the model of your modem and the S/N of it. Now if this modem is not new, this means it was previously registered to someone. In my case this someone was my roommate. We were using the internet using this particular modem for more than a year and a half. So the roommate found himself a lover and moved in with her, leaving behind this modem. So the call was made to shift the modem from his account to my account. It seems for some reason this modem transition was a mission impossible for Cox.

First you have to go through the automation system which takes about 30 mins, then wait for someone to help you out, and that wait is not less than 50 mins. So calling the first time, I didn't know my roommate had to release it, so after they providing me with the information, I call my roommate and he calls in and again waiting for 50 mins to get someone and the lady tells him the modem is now released. So I call in again to register it under my name, not forgetting the wait of 50 mins at least, I get the information that the owner of the modem didn't release it and that it is associated to an account that is active.

So I tried to call my ex-roommate and put him on speaker phone to talk with the person helping me, but he was in a basket ball game. To make it short, I thanked the gentleman and said "I will call later when my ex-roommate is available". So when my ex-roommate was available, we called in again, and the wait again is at least 50 mins.

He talks with them and for some reason, it is registered to one of his addresses that GOD knows where that address is, but we offered to provide birthday information, social security information, or even them trying to see the history of the connection of this modem and seeing it has been in the same location for more than a year, but the result was still the same, “Sorry sir we can't continue with our transaction unless you provide us with the correct address” even after talking with the manager on a higher level, he didn't even offer an alternative solution.

Now this process has wasted more than 4 hrs of my time and another 2 hrs of my ex-roommate's time, and in the end we had no internet service. And now if I want to continue with COX which I am double thinking about it, I have to buy a new modem that cost 60$ and throw away this used modem which is in excellent shape (yes everyone is used of throwing away stuff that still work). So if I put how much I get paid an hr and how much I lost money wise trying to connect my internet with COX, I lost over $300. Totally unsatisfying process and service.

Bad Service/Deceptive Practices
By -

WICHITA, KANSAS -- We had Cox Communications install phone, cable, and internet on December 1st, 2008. Since that time we had continuous problems with our internet service being disrupted and we even lost our phone service for 2 days as well. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Cox Communications trying to troubleshoot the problems we kept having with the internet. In mid-December, after spending several hours on the phone with Cox Communications and LinkSys trying to fix the problem with our router I was finally told by a Cox Communications customer service representative that they would send out a technician to fix our internet service.

When we received our bill there was a 100.00 charge for the technician coming out in mid-December. I was not told there would be a charge to repair our internet service/router problem when I spoke to the customer service representative who scheduled the technician to come out nor at any point when the technician was here. (We continued to have disruptions in internet service after the technician "fixed" the issue with the router.) I called Cox Communications and finally spoke with a supervisor who finally removed the 100.00 charge.

We were so fed up with the problems we were having that we contacted other internet services to have our service switched over but unfortunately the earliest we could have it switched was the second week in January (I work from home and rely on the internet for my job and, unfortunately, couldn't cancel service with Cox Communications until another internet service had been installed). When we received our bill for services for December 1 through December 31 we paid the bill in full.

In January I cancelled all of our services with Cox Communications effective January 9th, 2009, on which date we were switching to another internet/phone/cable service. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The response from Cox Communications stated that we were charged the 100.00 for a technician to come out in mid-December to install internet on a new laptop (which was untrue - the technician came out because we had been having continuous problems with our internet service and router) and the letter made it sound like they had done us a huge favor by removing the charge.

Their letter went on to state that our services had been disconnected effective January 9th but that our phone service was disconnected on January 23rd (we had a NEW phone service installed effective January 9th along with new internet and cable service with another provider and when I called Cox Communications to cancel our services with them I cancelled ALL of our services – internet, cable, AND phone – effective January 9th and was not told when I cancelled our services that our phone service would be disconnected on a different date). Yesterday we received our final bill from Cox Communications. The bill states that we owe 124.00.

I called to find out exactly what we owed 124.00 for since we only had service from January 1st through January 9th and the itemized charges on the bill don't match up to the amount they state we owe. I was told there was a previous balance. A previous balance? We paid our December bill. I was told there was a charge for this, another charge was deducted, there was a charge for something else, something else was deducted, blah blah blah. None of it made any sense.

Then I was told we were being charged for the remaining amount owed on the router and adapter. I asked why. I was told that we owed because we hadn't cancelled service within 30 days of activating our service, that we wouldn't have owed anything more on the router and adapter and could have returned them if we had cancelled within 30 days. I was never told – not when we called to schedule to have phone/internet/cable service connected or when I called to cancel our services with Cox - that we would have to pay for the router and adapter if we cancelled our services after 30 days.

So now we owe for a router and adapter that we aren't using and they won't let us return them. And, in addition, we owe approximately $70.00 for 9 days of service?!?!?! (Our monthly bill was only supposed to be 116.00 for basic phone/internet/basic cable and they're charging us 70.00 for 9 days of service.) I filed a new complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding this final bill we just received and am waiting for a response to that.

Resolution Update 02/19/2009:

I spoke to a Cox Customer Advocate yesterday and again today. She was more than fair and the issues I had regarding my bill have been resolved in a very satisfactory manner.

Incompetent Cable
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Rating: 1/51

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- The Internet was a joke. The TV connection buffered and the Cable box we were provided clunked out on the HD Protocol. Cox booted me from the Internet. I don't recommend this incompetent company. If you can, just stay the Van Heusen away from Cox.

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