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Lack of tech support/knowledge
Posted by Bfriended on 05/25/2003
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I have had Cox Internet for almost a year now. During all but the last two weeks, I have never, EVER had more than a couple of minutes down time. I have been so happy with the service. I bet once a week, I have told someone how happy I am with the cable internet.

About 2 weeks ago, at around 11pm, my internet went out. No big deal, figured it would be up in a couple of minutes as always. Sure enough, it was. But, about 1/2 an hour later, it went out again. Hmm, that never happened before. But a few minutes later it was up again. From 11pm to 3am, it happened at least 5 times. No big deal, just a small problem compared to the amount of time it HAS NOT been down since I first signed up.

The next night, about 11:30pm, it went down again. No big deal. It will be up in a minute. Sure enough, it was. Oops. 20 minutes later, it is down again. Here is where the fun starts.

I called the tech 800#. A guy answers, I give my account info. I tell him the problem. No pause from him, he says, "I don't show an outage, we will have to send a tech guy out". OK, that is fine. He then tells me that there will be a charge for him to come out. "WHAT!" Is there nothing you can check there first before sending someone out. "I am afraid not!" I hung up on the guy, called back. The next lady tried to schedule a tech guy immediately too.

I called one of my employess that I was talking to online when the cable went out. He lives over 20 miles from me. He has Cox Cable internet. He was down too. So, I told him to call also, and I would, and we could compare notes.

The lady I talked to on the third try, ran a few tests on my modem this time, checked the Ping time, all was well. She said since she could find no problems then she would have to send out a tech guy. I politely declined, and called my employee back. He informed me that they were showing no outages, that NO ONE else had called in, and his was obviously an isolated incident and they needed to schedule a tech guy to come to his house.

Meanwhile, both of our services had already been on for 10 minutes.

This has happened every morning and night for the last 2 weeks. When you call, nothing is wrong that they can find, and no one else has reported any down time.

I own a Web Hosting and design firm. I have 123 employees between 2 companies. I had one of my designers set up a page for my employees to sign into and document the down time they are having (yes, all of the people reported close to the same outages). As well, I had them all note what happened when they called the 800#. 91.2% of the time, they have been told that they must schedule a person to come to their house. 43.7% of the time, the outages reported are at the same time. Please keep in mind that not all of my employees are on line at the same time.

This is crazy. Yet Cox refuses to even admit that there is anything wrong, and everyone that calls is being told that they are the only person experiencing the same problem.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-31:
Just to let you know some problems may not show up on the test that is ran from an office possibaly in another area or state. I have had the same problem myself and I was told the same thing. Yes, I was upset but I did allow the tech to come out and take a look and the tech found the problem. He was very nice and understanding. I guess my point is don't let the call center get you upset I was told it is easer to find the problem in the field. Also ther was no charge because it was not my personal equipment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-20:
I would like to defend the tech support at Cox. I am a tech for Cox, and when you call in we pull up your MAC ID on your modem, place this info into a tool that talks to your modem, if at the time we send the signals to your modem all is fine, then there is nothing much more that we can do but sched a tech to come to your house and check your area. The only time there is a charge for a tech to come out to your home is if it is a non Cox related issue, then for our customers in Az, you have the option of buying csap insurance that will pay for any service charge Cox may apply. I just think it is funny that when customers call in on the phone with problems and think there is some magic switch we can flip over the phone to get your system running. Think about it, if your connection is not getting a signal from our server there is nothing we can do but sched. someone to your home, if there is a signal to your modem we will help you get back online over the phone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-05:
cox is horrible, you should be ashamed. I've had the tech's come to my place twice this week, each time saying the internet should be working, it does for about a day, then just craps out, and i lose a ton of packets. why am i payin' a months subscription, when i'm not gettin' a months worth of service? BOO! btw, it took me like an hour just to get to be able to post this steam i'm venting
Posted by garold on 2004-07-19:
cox doesnt charge for a service call unless your home wiring is bad, or your modem is bad, if you rent the modem we replace it!! even if it is your home wiring that is bad, you have the option to get the cox assurance plan for like $1.95/mo. and can cancel at anytime!!!
have the tech come out and get you fixed up!!
Posted by JasonJD on 2006-06-15:
A similar thing happened to me and I discovered it was the coaxial cable that my modem was using.
Posted by Ladderman on 2008-04-06:
If you are having intermittent issues as that, another idea is you have what they call return noise coming from your house, or on the mainline from another customer's house. Return noise is unwanted over the air interference, which can get into your cable line, and play havoc, with your service. Many cheaper television sets will do this alone. You need to have a tech come out with a specturm analyzer to see if you have that in your home or not. Also your modem MUST, be plugged in to a grounded AC outlet. Modems and digital boxes will have all kinds of issues in homes which do not have electrical wiring up to code. Techs should have these polarity testers to check that. If your particular AC outlet is not grounded, that can be an issue. Also that is not Cox's fault if that is not resolved by the customer. Grounding is everything.
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Toshiba Modem PCX1100U
Posted by Hc62B24 on 03/20/2005
CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT -- I thought I was going to lose my mind! I had Internet access at the speed of light one day &
slower than dial-up the other. I could not troubleshoot the root cause? The inconsistent behavior had no pattern at all? I contacted the Cox 800# and the sent out a technician. The technician told us several things that could be the problem. All the suggestions had nothing to do with Cox, but suggested my software, Firewall, cable wire, PC location....

I had checked all of these so I was quite upset. A few days later I requested another technician to come out. This gentlemen was a bit more informative. He said that he has seen the problem I was having with several customers that owned the Toshiba PCX1100U Modem. He indicated that the Cable Modem I purchased through Cox "Toshiba PCX1100U" is no longer receiving updates from Toshiba. He said that Cox continually sends out network updates and since Toshiba is no longer upgrading it will not synchronize properly.

He said that until Cox determines this Modem to no longer be compatible I would have to keep it or buy a new one. If they stated it to no longer be compatable, they (Cox)would be responsible to give me a new one. After a bit of talking he managed to get his boss to agree to replace mine for free.

What concerns me is that others may be going through this as well. Additionally, the modem is
still listed as compatible on their web site!( http://support.cox.com/sdccommon/asp/contentredirect.asp )

I have not had any issues with Cox outside of this, but I would hate to think that someone else
may also be suffering with this mess.
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Posted by Techman on 2007-08-04:
Very common. Modems will go out of date eventually. They call those retired modems. You will get knocked offline intermittently off and on. That is why you should rent one from them. Why buy a new one from time to time.
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Cox Monopoly
Posted by Consumers Rule! on 01/11/2006
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- We would give anything not to have to be at the mercy of Cox Cable monopoly. Their customer service, if you can call it that, is horrible. The internet techs had everything so messed up. Seems like with every call we made, the problems got worse. We are flooded with spam and pop ups and virus.

We were told that the Cox security service (Authentium?) got a virus and it impacted our computer. We never got any help at all. We had to spend a lot of money to fix the problem caused by their internet security program they tell us we should use.

They reel you in to sign up for services and then just kind of leave you hanging. For senior citizens who are just trying to get to know how this all works, it has been a virtual nightmare to try and figure things out. In the end we spent a lot of money to get things right.

They say that they are our "friend in the digital age". Well no friend we have would EVER treat us this way.

Message to other cable and internet companies across America - PLEASE move to TULSA, OKLAHOMA!!! We need good competition here!!
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Posted by Consumers Rule! on 2006-01-11:
Actually, Cox offers an anti-virus Security Suite that is handled by a company out of Florida. Apparently On 10/10/05, that company itself got attacked by some virus that subsequently impacted some Cox customers. When the consumer got no help from the company in Florida, they turned to Cox because after all, it was Cox's suggestion to use this security suite. (They still offer it today) The problem seemed to get worse before it got better with each call to tech support and in the end, never was fully resolved. Cox should not be offering a security suite unless they are going to stand behind it 100%.
Posted by bill on 2006-01-11:
Switch to DirecTv for your internet and tv service. You might also check with your phone company and see if they offer DSL for your internet.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-12:
On the Internet "Trust no one!" and "You are never safe" There are so many exploits, virus, spyware, trojans, hackers, ect, ect.... on and on out there today, tommorrow and it's only going to get worse. I do computer work and I know enough to know that even with 2 anti-virus programs and 3 spyware blockers some people are still going to get bit. It's dangerous out there don't let anyone kid you. The Internet is like Tombstone on Friday night without Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.
I'm not defending Cox with this I think they should have help the affected customers.
I just want to point out that it's dangerous out there. It's to the point where I use two computers one for work and secure net stuff and one for the net suck as this and general surfing. It's only a matter of time till a big player such as Norton, McCafee or Microsoft gets a vunerability in there software that affects the auto updates and really friggs things up for millions on one day. If you've made it to the end of this I'm sorry for going on and on.
Posted by Techman on 2007-08-04:
Don't blame Cox. You think they were praying for a virus to hit the system? Don't think so. They are no happier than you are. Be happy Cox offered a service like that, because they do not have to.
Posted by Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
Why are you blaming Cox for. For goodness sake you want them to wash your car for you too? They are not responsible for what you just stated. No communications company is. You as others out there that like to blame cable companies for everything that goes wrong in your life, need to focus on someone else. Sick of bullies these days. I can think of bigger life issues than that to get worked up about.
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Overall bad service
Posted by Dmoore111 on 01/20/2008
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I have the 3 package bundle at Cox in Las Vegas. What a nightmare! I have phone, internet and HDTV cable. About 2 years ago it started. We've been with them since 1991. My husband passed away so I went down, with death certificate to put it in my name. They assured me, nothing would change. The next month, the bill did NOT autopay, as they had put a dash 1 (-1) on the end of the account and my bank didn't recognize it. Like others, I had to pay a reconnection fee.. but worse, I had to worry that my 805 credit rating might be dinged. From there on in, the nightmare started. And I can't remember all, this is just some. First, I've had techs out to my house 7 times, due to my HD picture FREEZING on certain channels (conveniently, always during an NFL game). Prior to the tech though, I spend 45 minutes each time, having them tell me to unhook all cables (My Sony weighs 378 pounds and is NOT fun to pull out of the cove it's in)..

They then reboot, which takes 12 minutes to fully load. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, in which case a tech is sent to the house. They first said it was a splitter for the wires that split to my computer... bing, my internet went down. Luckily, I was smart enough to check the net before the guy left... but he ARGUED with me that he hadn't done anything to cause it.. but I stood my ground and he finally radioed in for help and got it fixed. A few other times, they said it was the metal connector.. They change it, leave, and within weeks it's doing it again. so they bring another tech and replay the scene. One time, they said it was the junction box in the neighborhood, but isn't it suspicious that when I asked 3 neighbors, I was the only one with a problem. Another time, he said my cable box was so hot that he was amazed I could even get the time to display (it sits on a shelf, by itself.. so nothing I did caused it to get hot) Another insane issue. I use their Webmail.

I'm a developer.. I wrote a suggestion that they move their Entertainment Link a little further away, or lesson the size of the 'radio button' so that when we attempt to hit 'SEND MAIL' that it doesn't accidentally click the Entertainment button. Can you believe, I received an email back saying, "We are sorry you are having problems logging in." So I wrote a step-by-step procedure on how to duplicate the problem and sent it straight back to the person who wrote his response. This time, a second tech answers, "We are sorry you are having connection problems." I then hit 'reply' and ask him where in my email does it mention any such connection problems. I'M NOT HAVING CONNECTION PROBLEMS".. I then asked for this to be forwarded to a supervisor.. The supervisor answers, "We are sorry you are having problems logging in." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Another problem, I decided to take the 'bundle' package (net, phone, cable) for $99. Well, first off, if you want call waiting, it's an extra $15. I had been paying $30 for my old phone service. With the bundle she quoted, it would have saved me $10 per month.. Ok, I CLEARLY asked if any phone worked with their digital service. They said yes. Nope! After the first day, my phone wouldn't dial out. They sent a tech (who always shows up on a different day or time than scheduled) so my teen didn't have a clue what to tell the guy. The tech picks up the phone, says, "She has a dialtone" and writes the ticket as fixed. so, I call them back out. Second guy can't fix it and doesn't know why.. leaves with the ticket 'unresolved'. Now we are in to 12 days without a phone. I finally get a tech on the phone who informs me, those $19.99 phones that I had, do not work.. They have to be X megabite digitals (I think 56mb). I call back to the sales lady and demanded to speak to the VERY person who sold me the package and said all phones worked.

She gave me a $50 credit towards a new phone. Then, after 3 months, my bill jumped up $10. When I called they said, "Oh, that was a 3 month special. I answered, "Why would I have bothered with all these changes and phone outages for a $10 savings only for 3 months." Her reply, "I'm sorry. She should have told you that." Another issue... when I signed up with them, I had a published number with the old company. Using my first initial of my first name so that nobody knew I was a single woman. When the book comes out, they have my full name. So in October, I call and decide to just list it as unpublished. From having worked for a phone company for 4 years, I KNOW there is a deadline to get the info to the phone book company. So I verify that I'm not paying $2.75 per month for unpublished, if I have just missed the deadline. He promises I'm within the time frame. The phone book comes to my house on January 9, STILL WITH MY FULL NAME. This time, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Her and I walk through the whole 2 years of issues.. one by one. She was very kind.. and asked if I would allow her to use my account for training purposes.

Absolutely.. And my whole phone call, prior to speaking to her, was to just stop the unpublished and quit charging me the $2.75.. why pay for something each month once the damage is done? Well, low and behold, I receive a letter in the mail yesterday that says, "Thank you. This is a confirmation that you want your number UNPUBLISHED." First off, didn't any nitwit that looked at this, question why an unpublished number was being requested to be unpublished? HELLO? ANYONE OUT THERE? But more so, don't you think that supervisor would have said, "Hey, let's make sure we do it right this time, being this account is going to Executive Escalations for training?" I then go sit on my couch to watch the evening news...

Low and behold, my picture starts freezing again.. It is so bad that when I called, the automated voice says, "We see you just called today. Is this regarding the same issue you had earlier?" (do they really have a voice recording for people who call multiple times a day?) so after waiting 24 minutes (my new, digital phone has a display of how long you've been on the phone)... a guy reboots me.. and when that doesn't work, he says, "well, until the tech gets there next Wednesday (it's Saturday), there is a trick. Just plug your cable wire straight from the wall, into the TV. You won't have HD anymore, but that will get you through tomorrow's playoff games." So, another tech is scheduled for Wednesday.. that's 8 times in 20 months... equaling, once every two months I have Cox in my house.. maybe I can write them off as dependents... but I'm obviously not 'head of household' as I have no control over nothing.

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Posted by Ladderman on 2008-03-13:
Sounds like your digital box tiling issue could be do to your internal wiring, or how your lines are being split. Depending how many cable outlets you have, you may or may not have signal issues. Your digital box should not be off the same splitter as your modem, unless you just have the one tv, and modem only. You could have a bad outlet,or a bad line from your pole for example. Those technicians should have a meter to test your signal in the first place. What you need to ask for, and should have a long time ago is a supervisor to look at it themself. That is after you go to the local office to ask for one.
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DMCA Violation - Service Shutoff For Downloading A Copyrighted File
Posted by Churro on 02/15/2012
Yesterday my wife says the Internet is down. I unplug the cable modem and the router and then plug them back in. After the light show dies down I give it a test on the iPad. Interestingly enough the web browser got redirected to a message from Cox stating my Internet service has been temporarily disabled due to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint they received. The message went on to explain the DMCA that was signed by Bill Clinton and cited the particular file down load that violated the DMCA. Cox stated that said file must be deleted before the Internet suspension could be lifted and that if said file is not deleted and/or future violations occur my Internet service with Cox will be terminated permanently. Then there was a [Click Here] link to restore service.

Okay, so I knew it wasn't me or my wife who violated the DMCA so I asked the fifteen year old about the particular file. He fessed up then I took his wireless dongle. He said that's not fair I need a computer for my homework. My retort was simply his library card and Nikes. Kid, it's a mile and half I'm sure at your age it'll take you all of 25 minutes to walk there. He started to say something else and I asked do you really want me to hold your HDMI cables hostage? He got the point. I figure with good behavior he'll be back online with cox in a week.

I clicked the restore service link which did immediately restore service kind of like clicking the I agree button for free hotel wireless Internet.

The file in question was a torrent downloaded from some torrent web site. He wasn't quite sure which site and since I did a factory restore on his computer before checking his history we'll never know. Let this serve as a warning to those with Cox Internet that they are very receptive to DMCA complaints and take action upon them.
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Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
Wow! This is why if Im going to download illegal stuff, I park by a hotel to do my illegal activites and their internet speed (1.2 Mbps) is faster than my DSL!
Posted by Churro on 2012-02-15:
MRM, Whose internet would you download it on?
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
Churro, I edited my comment above.
Posted by Churro on 2012-02-15:
Ah, you're a clever one you are MRM.
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
I have Verizon DSL and so far I havent received any notice. But after this post, it is a real eye opener.
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
Just to satisfy one's curiosity heres what I downloaded while I was parked by the hotel:

The Big Bang Theory Season 5


Whitney Houston songs
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-02-15:
I have Cox internet. Good information to know. Thank you, Churro!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-02-15:
McDonald's WiFi??
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
Posted by Mean Mommy! on 2012-02-15:
He hehe! I thought I was the only one who took off wires to discipline. Works doesn't it? All I have to do it reach behind the computer and I've got the sweetest angles around!
Posted by yoke on 2012-02-15:
hehehe another way to discipline is to take away batteries. You are not taking away the phone, tv, internet, games, etc...just the batteries needed to work them!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-02-15:
I just reach out my hand and tell my niece, 'You know Aunt Basher's rules.' and she hands over her phone...when her work is done, she gets it back. She's a fast little worker when she knows she can't text or check any of her messages until her work is done.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-02-15:
Who complained and how did they know? *Note to self - From now on download the dirty on the neighbor's pc while they're at work*
Posted by Mario The Great on 2012-02-15:
Anytime that someone downloads a torrent from somewhere, it registers a flag with Comcast, Cox, whomever. When I downloaded new releases 2 years ago, Comcast disconnected my internet and then I had to call them as they let me know quite clearly that future violations would result in permanent suspension of my internet service and possible referral to the authorities. Sooooo...I paid 20 bucks a month for city wide wireless and downloaded roughly 100 new movies over a period of 5 months. Never had another interruption from Comcast. :)
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:

The Diary of the intelectual property kleptomaniac:

I just park by the hotel and download movies, tv shows, and softwares. Depending on the number of seeds on torrent and the size of the files you'll be waiting for awhile for the download to finish.

Make sure to bring a cup with you so that you can pee. I try not to step outside of the vehicle while Im downloading stuff.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-02-15:
this is a most very helpful review!!
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-15:
Wow. Whoda thunk? And all those torrent sites are up in arms about SOPA and whatever the other now-dead bill was. Shoot, Big Brother has been watching us for over 15 flippin' years!
Posted by Mario The Great on 2012-02-15:
I just downloaded Puss in Boots. Pretty funny movie.
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-15:
I'll download that movie, Mario based on your recommendation! I could have rented the movie for $2.99 at my local video store but I'll use that to buy lotto.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2012-02-15:
LOL - it's a funny movie. Tell me what you think the funny parts are. Have you seen DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS? It's also a funny movie. I keep inviting Huck, Churro, and little to Dinner, but I think they know. The gig is up.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-02-15:
The one time I tried to download music MP3's from a P2P torrent site, it ended up putting a nasty virus on my computer...a friend of mine who works in IT was able to remove it. (I had Time Warner Road Runner at the time). Only downloading I do now is from iTunes and Amazon.
Posted by MRM on 2012-02-16:
Genuine, how can a MP3 file have virus in it, not unless you downloaded a .exe file and extracted the MP3 file. I have downloaded tons of MP3 files from torrent without being infected by viruses.
Posted by Alain on 2012-02-16:
Thank goodness I'm an untalented technogrouch and don't know how to do these things! Good warning, though, Churro to keep me from getting curious!
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-02-18:
In my case, it was the program I used to download the MP3 files that put the virus and malware on my PC. Not necessarily the MP3's themselves. The tracks I did download came out OK, but I had to uninstall the program I used (I think it was Azureus) because I was getting constant popups, as well as my machine running as slow as molasses after downloading the program. I'd rather pay 99¢ to iTunes or Amazon, or use my turntable or casssette deck to download music, than take my chances with P2P sites.
Posted by MrTwobit on 2012-02-26:
So Cox gives away private info on n unproven charge, and then by-passes the court system. Cox should tell DMCA to get a warrant!
Posted by Rob on 2012-03-06:
My question is, has no one wondered how they are legally seeing that you have illegal files on your PC? DMCA only allows them to monitor files or email on their servers. So are they holding these illegal files before they send them to you?
Posted by fred039 on 2012-05-14:
Cox probably flagged the traffic and send a notice on its own. That fits with them having a person click an "Ok, I promise I deleted it" button to restore service. More than likely, they are taking a proactive approach rather than get issued warrants. Afterall, fighting, or complying with those is on their dime. At least until they raise rates to cover it.
Posted by Pip on 2013-06-08:
Use a "hide my ip address" software
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Failure and refusal to honor verbal agreements or give written confirmation
Posted by Legalredhead42 on 03/11/2014
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- 9/27/11 - Got deal from Cox from contract solicitor cold call - one month free premier internet, then $59.60 per month for digital cable plus premier internet - for as long as I have both services. Called Cox again because bill was more than quoted 9/27. Was told the permanent package I was quoted was never available. Was given package with lowest web speed and digital cable for $59.85 including taxes, but it expires in May – see below on 3/29/12. Cox called and offered 24 month price lock on this deal. Took it, expires 3/29/14. $59.85

6/4/12 – Bill not as promised. Rene at Cox gave me cable + net for $49.80 for six months - expires 12/3/12 – tape recorded on phone.

9/15/13 Modem ceased working. Called Cox. Was told I had to buy a new box. Found one on Amazon and ordered it. Installed it and still had problems, so called Cox. 9/20/13 got two year price lock at $71 from Cox with 4 Starz channels free and 5X faster internet speed. This was because I had to buy new modem/router for $150 from Amazon when I should have gotten one for free!!! Lady I talked to had been with Cox for 25 years – Joanna. Requested written confirmation – was told it wasn’t possible. Professional troubleshoot and install set up for 9/27/13.

10/21/13 - Bill came – not as promised. Talked to Amy in Customer Retention. Got HD box plus 1-70 plus Stars plus BTN plus other assorted channels with insurance and Essential Internet with price lock guarantee (no price hikes for two years, other than those listed below) for two years: First six months $99.63 including tax (through 4/21/14) Then $109.63 for the next six months (4/22/14 through 10/20/14) Then $124.10 for the next year (10/21/14 through 10/20/15) (this is the regular price, so going forward after two years, it should only go up a little, if at all, EXCEPT have to cancel Starz or will be billed for movie channel at regular rate!!! Requested written confirmation – was told it wasn’t possible. Recorded conversation.

3/10/14, got a bill for $105.80. Called and talked to David in Customer Retention. Said I wasn't price locked on internet and price expires 3/21/14. He said it was impossible to give me the deal I was promised. Gave me a credit of $6 for current bill to bring it down to $99.80. Gave me yet another new deal for internet and cable with supposedly same exact terms, except bill will be $107.40 starting with April 2014 bill through October 31, 2014. Then bill will go up to $122 through October 26, 2015. He said he would make detailed notations in case something happened again, but could not give me anything in writing, as usual. Recorded conversation.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2014-03-12:
A verbal agreement is as good as the paper it's on.
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Scour Your Bills for Re-Occurring Charges for Cable and Internet
Posted by Csaint22 on 10/22/2013
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Trusting that Cox Communications was like a utility and would not charge me for services not requested, I did not review my bills carefully. Re:TV, I found they made recurring charges for movie packages I did not request and monthly charges for "a signal" going into a box they were already renting to me for $9.00 a month (I thought the cable WAS a signal).
But the biggest problem was that, since they do not charge for tech problems with the TV, I thought I would not charge me for calling for help with the Internet. Looking at my bill mounting every month, I found that I was paying for THREE on-going tech services I never requested and for over a period of months! This became especially disturbing because I called in for one technical problem once, I was transferred three times because two departments could not help me and I was charged for all three contacts. Most of the techies never let me know about or clearly describe charges at all when I called for help. Add insult to injury, later, when calling in about these recurring charges, I was transferred around five times to several departments and was continually told each tech assistance charge (of three) had to be handled by a different department.

I finally was able to find a solution with a supervisor in the billing department for past 60 days after threatening to terminate with them. I am now going to shop around and also explore FIOS/Verizon.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 10/27/2013:
Hi Csaint,

I agree—being transferred multiple times when calling a company for help makes the experience miserable, and I sincerely apologize that we caused this aggravation. It sounds like we definitely dropped the ball in communicating prices and fees, also. I’m glad that it we were ultimately able to find a solution for you. If you have further questions or any issues in the future, feel free to reach out to us at CoxHelp@cox.com.


Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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Posted by CoxTech1 on 2013-10-27:
Hi Csaint,

I agree—being transferred multiple times when calling a company for help makes the experience miserable, and I sincerely apologize that we caused this aggravation. It sounds like we definitely dropped the ball in communicating prices and fees, also. I’m glad that it we were ultimately able to find a solution for you. If you have further questions or any issues in the future, feel free to reach out to us at CoxHelp@cox.com.

Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
Posted by CoxTech1 on 2013-10-27:
Hi Csaint,

I agree—being transferred multiple times when calling a company for help makes the experience miserable, and I sincerely apologize that we caused this aggravation. It sounds like we definitely dropped the ball in communicating prices and fees, also. I’m glad that it we were ultimately able to find a solution for you. If you have further questions or any issues in the future, feel free to reach out to us at CoxHelp@cox.com.


Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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After Canceling All Three Cox Services, Poor Service Didn't End!
Posted by Healthedman on 09/13/2013
KENNER, LOUISIANA -- Today I canceled all three COX services (telephone, cable TV and Internet) after TWENTY FIVE (25!) of tolerating poor, arrogant, Cox Cable service - customer service and TV/Internet service.

You would think that as a loyal 25-year old customer, the speed of my internet connection would at least be in the mid-range. No, not possible. Cox connected me, without my knowledge, after 24 years of uninterrupted internet connection, paying for internet connectivity for those 24 years, to their SLOWEST internet speed. It's significantly slower than it was about three years ago. It has been slowed down to the slowest speed!

I called and asked and they offered 6-months of a free upgrade, even after I told them that I wouldn't stay connected with them unless it was permanent, or as the service speed was before- double what it is now. In addition they throttled me down when we used "too much" data.

TODAY I canceled and they attempted, albeit way too late, to convince me to stay with them . I told them it was too late.

HERE'S THE ICING on the cake by a really bad and vindictive company: They sent me to 501 Williams Blvd., in Kenner, LA instead of the correct address, 10 miles away to return their malfunctioning recorder and modem. The 501 Williams Avenue address was a local theater.

Will I ever go back or refer any other human being to Cox for anything related to cable or internet? Never, NEVER, again.

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Tired of Poor Customer Service From the Folks at Cox Communications
Posted by Ctabor816 on 08/22/2012
Chris Tabor
Chris Tabor
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- At least 4 years ago my billing address changed due to our home being annexed into the city limits of Breaux Bridge. Every other company I do business with, and there are several, had no trouble correcting this in their system. My wife and I have spoken to at least 9 employees of Cox in an attempt to update address to no avail.

Approximately 3 weeks ago my wife called in to report that we had no cable service. The person she spoke to said others in our area were experiencing similar problems and when others were put back on line we probably would be too. So we stayed an additional 2 days without service. When my wife called back to set up service she was told that no one else in our area had experienced any problems and that the first person she spoke to was just mistaken.

While on the line with service a sales representative, I think his name was Carlton, got on the line and spent about 30 minutes giving my wife a pitch on bundling our service. This is not unusual, we've been pitched a bundle plan just about every time we speak to anyone at Cox. Only later to discover our time had been wasted because the representative pitching hadn't taken the time to know we were in an area that Cox couldn't provide phone service.

My wife brought this to Carlton's attention and he informed her that now we could get the phone service with Cox. To keep what we had and add phone she was told, due to a special promotion would make our bill $137.98 per month for the next 12 months, then it would go up to $162. It was late in the evening and my wife said she would think about it.

I spent a couple of hours during the next couple of days trying to activate the bundle package, as describe by the sales representative and was informed that the offer given was not correct. Later I was able to speak to Mr. Carlton and he informed me that he did indeed make a mistake in his figuring. Upset over the fact that Cox had again wasted our time I asked to speak to his supervisor. After a long wait Amy picked up the phone said she was a "Team Leader" and she would do what she could to make sure I was taken care of, but that it might be best, since I had been on the phone so long already that she call me back the following day (8/15). Well she never bothered to call. Angered, I called myself and left a message on the 17th for her to call me. Today is the 22nd and I still have not received a call from the "Team Leader."

Check my file and you will discover that I have been a long time customer, with a perfect payment history and this is the thanks I get.

Chris Tabor, Breaux Bridge, LA
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Worst Company!
Posted by Rippedoffbycox on 06/08/2012
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Cox Communications is the worst company to work with. We have had nothing but problems and our bills keep getting higher and higher, we have ended our internet, and are down to basic cable and our bill is still around $100... really??

When we call for customer service everyone is so rude and they act like they don't know anything about the company. Completely unhelpful... I cannot believe a company like Cox is even still around with all the complaints and how messed up it is. The charges are completely ridiculous, our bills keep having extra "taxes"..??? What taxes could you possibly be adding???

We need a new internet/TV provider in Omaha that can provide to apartments!!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-10:
You may find these web sites helpful: http://www.ago.ne.gov/consumer http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
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