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CEO and VP's
Posted by Junklove2003 on 10/16/2013
PHOENIX AND ATLANTA, ARIZONA -- Well it began on Friday night when my mom decided to purchase internet service. We called the sales department and placed an order and paid the 30 dollar install fee. We were then told that we would have service the next day, Saturday. I call on Saturday to make sure that the service is hooked up. No you are scheduled for Sunday, I was told. No we were told it would be today, so the representative says I will send form to get it escalated. I then asked to speak to a supervisor . That's when the fun begins. Ryan a sales "supervisor" then informs me because of my previous bill, which I admit I did not pay, my mom could not get her service until I paid it or has to prove I don not live at her residence. Now when does my SSN and debt under that SSN belong to my mom. NEVER that's when.

So needless to say after finally losing it on Ryan and several other sales "supervisors". My mom was forced to pay my bill.I was then promised by another "supervisor " Benny that my moms service would not be connected as promised Saturday but Sunday and if I didn't like he would cancel my moms work order and would make sure that she would not get her refund until 6 to 8 weeks. So come Sunday and about 100 calls later the tech finally shows up at 7 pm which is messed up, but I guess since my mom wasn't paying the 60 bucks for an in home install she gets shafted. Every "manager"/ "supervisor" stated that it was very simple to hook up outside the home and that's why it was taking so long. Really? If it is that simple would that be first? Needless to say after a couple of calls to COX Headquarters, I get a very nice call from the CEO's flunkies telling me that I interfering with business and that if I keep harassing them that I will be sent to corporate security and banned for life.

Now I guess I am supposed to be scared but all this does strengthen my resolve to make life as unpleasant for this pissant and I will I promise you. I now realize why we could not get any assistant from these people because it starts at the top with the CEO and rolls down hill to the underpaid representative BAN ME FOR LIFE !!!!! I WILL NOT STOP!!!!

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-16:
File a complaint with your local public utilities commission.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-17:
"banned for life"? That's a new one, you must have really got someones attention.
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Your Lying Thief in the Digital Age
Posted by Jennifersims888 on 07/31/2013
EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA -- More like "A huge lying thief in the digital age."
Similar to a prior review, when signing on with Cox it had been recommended that I get a bundle package so that technically even though I didn't need my land line it would be the cheapest route. My bill has never been the originally agreed price!!! Since Mid January.
So for the first couple of months my bill was 20 bucks higher because I was on the installation payment plan for original hookup (5 payments). After that, in my original order I had requested an HD Cable Box with DVR, but by the time I had gotten to sit down and look at my cable setup after the clueless tech finally left I realized the box had no DVR or HD for that matter.
After 2 more weeks for waiting for someone to come out and trade it with a HD/DVR one they still had [snip] messed up on my account!
On my next bill they thought I was paying for 2 DVR boxes and I was getting charged for 2 because the technician hadn't turned in the old one correctly and removed it from my account. So by the time this was figured on my bill I was already sick of Cox.
.I actually got it credited back 2 billing periods later, better late than never, but still wondering when the dust would settle and I could get to sticking to my budget!!! What pissed me off the most is the run around, transfers and wait times to tell them they messed up again. I value my time as much as anyone else but the wait times for every phone call was at least 10 minutes no matter when I called.
So now being on a tight budget and ready to save $$ I was like OK....I know my bill will be $152, no extra on demand movies or fights, bundled "cheapest" package and my installation paid off....then BAM!
For no reason (they still have to explain to me) my cox promotional discount decreased from $35 to $20..all of this within 6 months of initial hookup...so this is another unforeseen increase and is killing my budget!! And my taxes and fees stayed the same-Yes $20 is a big difference in this house. Even if was rich it would be the principle of the situation, but since it's slim pickings I take this quite personally...this money takes away from other things that my family could enjoy hella more than cable...
As of last night I bought a Roku4, set it up all up by myself thank you very much, and have at least 3-4 media devices streaming from it and couldn't be happier. I D/C my Cox half an hour ago and proudly told them Roku...they didn't seem surprised.
Wish I would have pulled my head out of my ass earlier and saved me over $400 bucks, a lot of frustration and time wasted listening to terrible hold music. That is at least an hour of my life I will never get back....not being from this area I thought this was the company to go with, after research I know I have more independent options. Hope this review helps anyone else out there who are having similar problems with "your friend in the digital age"
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First Day Of Service
Posted by Martrisharodriguez on 07/22/2013
JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS -- I just received Cox Cable today and I am already unsatisfied with my services. My channels in my bedroom (HD and Standard) do not work. I called customer service and I was on hold for a good 20 minutes before I was connected to a representative. I'm used to customer service having such long wait times, so I didn't pay it much mind.

When I was connected to a representative he reset my cable box and told us to call back in an hour if it wasn't working. We waited an hour and our services were still out. We called again, waiting another 20 minutes, and we were connected with the same rep, who seemed like he was unsure of what he was doing. He put me on hold while he tried to "fix our problem but the call "dropped". I didn't receive a call back. So I called back a third time and was connected with the same gentlemen. He said the call was disconnected and tried to reset my box AGAIN... still nothing.

I asked him if he could please call me back if the call was disconnected again and he assured me he would. The call was DISCONNECTED AGAIN... AND THERE WAS NO CALL BACK. This all happened the day on my first day of service with COX. This was very discouraging. I now have no service and will have to wait until tomorrow to speak with someone. The 24/7 tech support seems to be closed. GO FIGURE.

Thank you Cox.
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False Advertising and BAIT and SWITCH
Posted by Brittany30281 on 07/19/2013
PARMA, OHIO -- I have had Cox cable over a year now. I started out with only cable with one box. I thought I could get a better deal so I contacted other providers for quotes. Not long after I got off the phone with Direct TV did COX contact me and tell me " as a preferred customer we have a special deal for you" they quoted me at $89.99 price lock guarantee for 24 months if I bundled internet, cable and phone.

Well I received my first bill since the change and come to find out I did not get the deal I was promised.. Instead they are charging me $142.47 before taxes!! I think this is wrong and I am Very Upset.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-19:
Did you get anything in writing that says $89.99? If not, its your word against theirs.
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Very Poor Service Along With False Advertisement
Posted by DanielleGar on 07/09/2013
WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- I have been a cox customer since 2009. I have never been late on a payment and I always pay the full amount.I noticed the past year of 2013 they been adding on things that they should not have, such as 411 calls that I never made, mind you I am alone.They also say they will credit your account and never do! When you call them to ask questions they are extremely rude and do not correct the problem.The beginning of this year I was told that I was locked in at 120.00 monthly! NOT! They started charging me more and more!

So one day before my bill was even due I was shut off (their fault) The woman from tech support appologized and then turned my service back on saying"I would not be charged for the shut off" Well I was...I want everyone to know how much they have scammed me and warn others not to go with them!
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Posted by Chris on 2013-07-09:
I think I'd be upset too if all that was going on with my bill. I want to take a look and see what I can do to help. If you still need assistance I can be reached at coxhelp@cox.com.

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I Learned Not to Trust Anything They Told Me!
Posted by Waltbochenek on 07/02/2013
SAN DIEGO -- Two or three times in past years, we received ads from Cox Communications about changing our phone service. Each time, I wrote down all their information their phone reps gave, and each time I called back, their answers changed, so I just wasted my time.

Well this time, they had some package deal with phone service, updated cable TV, and internet service, and this time, the stories did not change, so we agreed to switch. No one showed up for our appointment! No one called to explain! When we left a message for the person who took our order, she didn’t call back. A couple of days later, we called for a manager and were told that they had canceled our order! No explanation but to say that they had called us a few days earlier and left a message on our machine saying that we were required to also have our long distance service with them. First, this was a lie - they left no such message! Second, the phone reps had never told us that we were required to have our long distance service with Cox in order to get the package. Third, there was no justification for standing us up and not calling us back.

You cannot trust what Cox tells you. In fact, when we placed the order, because of past bad experiences, I asked the representative to email to me the details we had discussed. She promised to do so but never did! I imagine that’s because with Cox changing their story constantly, she didn’t want our understanding to be on record!
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Posted by Becky on 2013-07-02:
Hi Walt,

Yikes! One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone (or, as in your case, a company) fails to keep their word. I wholeheartedly apologize! I haven't heard that long distance is a requirement in our bundled offers, but we should definitely have provided that info in the beginning. I would like the opportunity to investigate this issue for you! Please email me at coxhelp@cox.com so I can make this right!

Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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Cox thieves and scammers
Posted by 12345bang on 06/30/2013
MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- These cox thieves and scammers came to my home to fix a cable did not wear the appropriate shoe covers, spread dog poop all over my carpet because they did not wear covers, then not only did not want to pay for it but first harassed me and then they terminated my service when I complained. I called the corporate offices in San Diego and Atlanta and this is a private company owned by filthy rich scammers who made their money stealing from the American people and probably bribing local, state and federal politicians through lobbying. In fact American small businesses and consumers are hurt by cable companies daily as they have a monopoly on high speed internet and entertainment and work in collusion with phone companies and satellite companies. I have seen Direct TV market their services in the same place with cable companies and Verizon that is supposed to be a phone company offers Cox communications to its customers in south orange county. By the way their billing practices are scammers' practices too; they bill and charge in advance and they always try and put fake charges on the bill and then you have to spend hours to fix it. I have been paying regularly my cable service for years, recently I had downgraded my service to internet only with a promotional rate and since I was no longer a profitable customer for them these scammers terminated my service. I even wrote the CEO of the company in Atlanta and he appears to be a scammer too like the local general manager who heads their Southern California operations in San Diego. They are a private company and not accountable to the public. Cox employees should be ashamed to work for such a scamming organization. Also, beware of fake reviews that say that cox is great; companies pay other companies to write them great reviews on the web.

Cox and the cable companies are masters are bribing politicians both locally, statewide and nationally that is why there is no competition and cable companies are working together with satellite companies and phone companies to keep prices artificially high. For example in Mission Viejo California, FiOS is not available and Verizon sells cox!! AT&T has limits on bandwidth and horrible customer service
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Posted by CU on 2013-07-01:
How did they scam you?
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Run Around and High Prices
Posted by Beltjc on 05/30/2013
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- We have Cox for cable and internet. It started with high prices, but after a short time the 'special' offer disappears and the price goes up even more. I tried calling to see if there was something they can do to bring down prices. First I'm put on hold for a long time and then I speak to someone who tells me I could get lower prices if I bundled and added a phone. Well, I don't own a landline phone. She told me there was nothing she could do unless I bought a phone and then suddenly I'm talking to someone new who is asking me the same questions again. No warning or reason for the transfer. This lady has no idea why I was transferred.

Next I get someone coming to my door saying he is a Cox Representative and can lower my price. Again it's by bundling but now I don't need to have a phone, just pretend I have one. I set up an appointment with him so my husband and I can discuss this. He shows up 45 minutes late without a phone call saying he'd be late. By that time my husband had to leave.

Luckily we'll be moving in a year and can get away from Cox. What a pain trying to work with these people. Extremely high prices for limited service. No professionalism at all.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/11/2013:
Hi There,

I think I'd be just as upset if in your shoes, and I apologize that your experience with us has not met the high standards I wish for all of our customers. Being "cold" transferred is especially frustrating!

If you'd like, I can take a look at what campaigns you may be able to take advantage of and reach out to you to discuss your options. Feel free to email me at coxhelp@cox.com! I'll do everything I can to help.

Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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Easy Pay Nightmare
Posted by Darya.ryan on 04/12/2013
EAST WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT -- Never ever Use Easy-Pay!!!!
In mid March I noticed that my cable bill was more than a car payment so I called customer service to get rid of a bunch of my services and cancel my easy pay. My paycheck wasn't getting deposited for 2 days after the bill would have been withdrawn so I just wanted them to send me a bill for balance after the service cancellations. Well they didn't cancel my services and they took the money out anyway so my account ended up getting overdrawn. I called and complained. They assured me that it was a mistake they would credit my account and they cancelled my service.

Well 1 week later they took the money out again and the whole thing started all over again. Except my account was not credited and my bank account was over drawn again. I called again only to find out that it takes 30 days to cancel easy pay with this company and they had no intentions of ever crediting me anything. No one told me it would take 30 days to cancel easy pay when I signed up. Now I am forced to cancel my bank account and create an new one so this company no longer has access to my account. This whole thing has cost me over $200 in overdraft charges.

Oh and by the way I cancelled high speed Internet and reduced it to regular speed Internet...there is absolutely no difference in download speed. Save your money and go to another company. This is not a reputable company.
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Posted by yoke on 2013-04-12:
The billing department in CT is awful with Cox. Had an issue a few months ago where they said I was a month behind. I knew I was not since I looked at my banking statement and saw that the amount was taken out a week before the due date. I was told that it can take up to 3 weeks of batches for it to show up on my account. Cox is the one that is a month behind in crediting some accounts, not the customer.
Posted by Mathew on 2013-11-13:
I don't recall signing up for easypay, but I'm on it. I've searched their site and there's no option to cancel it. Now I know that I'll have to call to cancel and hope this nightmare doesn't happen to me.

I'm paying for my mother's cable via Cox. The one thing I notice is that their so-called "Premium" channels are all commercial channels. I live in New Jersey where Premium means commercial free. I'm appalled that they're charging so much for channels choked full of commercials. It's a ripp-off.
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Rebate SCAM
Posted by Deborah.genato on 03/31/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We contacted Cox Communications to sign up as new customers in the hope of saving money on our internet, TV and phone services. Not only were the bills overcharging us every month, but the rebate promised to us never arrived. We called to correct the billing, and would request information on our rebate. Each time, we were told it was being processed, until we received a postcard saying we did not qualify.

We again called Cox and were told that an error had been made, and that they would "send an email" to correct the situation. SIX months later, we were told that we did qualify, and that they would again send an email. I suggested, that they keep the rebate, and just credit our account the $200 that they owed us. I was informed by the Manager, that they couldn't do that. I asked what they would be willing to do to satisfy a very upset customer. The Manager stated, that they had no customer promotions to offer us. I then told them that they would lose a good customer, his reply was that we had that option.

I signed up for service with another company (the one I had been with for eight years prior) and had all services switched over the next week. We are saving about $50.00 each month, but the best part is that we now do not have to worry about the continued billing errors, rude customer service, and to be honest....the lies. It has now been seven months, still no rebate, but no headaches as well. I would not, nor will I ever recommend this company to anyone. If you want a good company, switch to Direct TV... email me and I will give you my account number, and we both could save $10.00 per month on our bill, and they really will honor that promotion. Good luck.
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