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Cox Communications Inc
1400 Lake Hearn Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
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EasyPay Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

EAST WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT -- Never ever Use EasyPay!!! In mid March I noticed that my cable bill was more than a car payment so I called customer service to get rid of a bunch of my services and cancel my EasyPay. My paycheck wasn't getting deposited for 2 days after the bill would have been withdrawn so I just wanted them to send me a bill for balance after the service cancellations. Well they didn't cancel my services and they took the money out anyway so my account ended up getting overdrawn. I called and complained. They assured me that it was a mistake - they would credit my account and they cancelled my service.

Well 1 week later they took the money out again and the whole thing started all over again. Except my account was not credited and my bank account was over drawn again. I called again only to find out that it takes 30 days to cancel EasyPay with this company and they had no intentions of ever crediting me anything. No one told me it would take 30 days to cancel EasyPay when I signed up. Now I am forced to cancel my bank account and create a new one so this company no longer has access to my account. This whole thing has cost me over $200 in overdraft charges.

Oh and by the way I cancelled high speed Internet and reduced it to regular speed Internet... there is absolutely no difference in download speed. Save your money and go to another company. This is not a reputable company.

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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Cox Communications keeps raising its prices every month. I called them & removed a service to save a couple of dollars. When I checked my bill a couple of months later they had raised the fee on phone to make up for what I had reduced. I called again & they agreed to drop the price for a few months, when the regular price was reinstated, they just upped the price by quite a bit more again to make up for what little I had saved. They are so unfair and unwilling to work with you. I have been with them for 19 years, I think my only alternative now is to switch.

Tired of COX Ripping Me Off
By -

I am in the military and live in base housing. I have had internet service with Cox for a while now and have been happy with their service until recently. In November 2010 my bill was $19.99 per month. By June 2011 they raised my rate to $21.99 per month. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that the $19.99 service was not available and the new rate was $21.99. The next month my rate was raised again to $24.99. No explanation or anything.

I looked on their web site and the $24.99 in the 3 month introductory fee and it will go to $34.99. This is outrageous. I am sick and tired of COX getting rich off of their monopoly and charging more money for the same crappy service. The internet service was 3 mbps when I paid $19.99 and it is still 3 mbps at $34.99. What gives? I hope COX goes out of business and all of the owners go bankrupt and lose everything they have. Maybe then they will remember the little man trying to make an HONEST living!!! CROOKS!!!

Cox Customer Service: How To Lose Customers
By -

September 24, 2010 - Service request submitted for relocation of service, sales representative was helpful and courteous. The transfer of service was set for 10/1/10, and to be a "self install." Friday October 1, 2010 - 10:00 AM Phone services were disconnected at the originating address. 2:00 PM Service was not connected at the destination address. A call was placed to Cox customer service. Cox customer service stated that "self installs" are done no later than 7:00 PM.

8:15 PM Service was still not connected. Another call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** indicated that the technician was on-site, but could not find the drop - where the connection arrives to the house - and documented that a "professional installation" would be required. The technician neglected to leave a door tag. Upon looking in the back yard, it was located within 20 seconds - literally, 20 SECONDS! Supervisor ** offered assurances that someone would call the next day (Saturday) to offer further information on the soonest that a technician would be able to come out. At the time Supervisor ** said it would be 4 days out (Tuesday).

Saturday October 2, 2010 5:00 PM By the end of the day Cox had not called. A call was placed to Cox customer service. A woman representative, utterly unmoved and unapologetic by the poor service experience, caused greater frustration which resulted in a request for the account to be cancelled. 6:45 PM A second call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** was updated on the events that preceded the call, and the status of the installation and the failure on Cox's part to follow up. ** was most apologetic and understanding (kudos) and promised that he would email the sales department and would see that someone calls the next day (Sunday).

Sunday October 3, 2010 (Still no phone service.) 3:15 PM The day almost over, a call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** clarified that the notes had been made on the account and that someone from the sales department was going to call on Monday. When asked why Supervisor ** would promise that someone would call on Sunday when the sales department is closed, Supervisor ** said that, "he must have made a mistake." Supervisor ** was unapologetic and failed to acknowledge a problem. A request was made to receive a call from the Supervisor's supervisor.

Cox has failed to deliver as promised and has mismanaged expectations to astonishing levels in relation to this installation at every point. This is the first of MANY posts/blogs on this issue. Considering it costs 4 to 7 times more to acquire new customers as it does to keep a customer, it is surprising that such poor service exists. I strongly suggest everyone seeking new service choose another provider. Cox is the worst.

Fraudulent Advertising
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Having had the Cox Bundle for almost a year I can honestly say it's the biggest load of bollocks ever. When I originally signed up for the service they represented a price of $67.00 for their "Bundle" (Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Phone) as being a non-promotional offer. However, after six months I was suddenly being billed over $150 per month for their lame services. Their internet is adequate but their cable is awful.

As a customer of Satellite TV for over 20 years before trying cable I can tell you that Cox Hi-Def is tantamount to Standard Satellite TV. In fact, most of Cox's Hi-Def programming is horrible. In my view, switching to Cox Cable after years as a satellite TV viewer is like trading in your Mercedes s500 for a Skoda. When I contacted Cox to question the more than doubling of my bill, they tried to tell me that the original $67 was a promotional price good for only six months. When I told them that their service had been mis-represented to me they were unapologetic. I tried to cancel the service with them but they did everything possible to try to talk me out of it.

I still haven't cancelled their service. There is no place to do it on their website - surprise, surprise. I know that I'll have to call them to complete the cancellation but I really have no desire to talk with these worthless dunderheads. Please learn from my mistake. Don't deal with Cox lest you become a Cox Sucker!

Cox Has Horrible Customer Service!!
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I had basic cable through Cox and an e-mail address, not the internet, just e-mail. I had the e-mail for over three years. I was late on my payment, but made a payment at a Farm Fresh on March 24th. Two days later my cable and e-mail were cut off by a technician that came the house. I even called the technician and he told me that all had to do was make a payment of $65.00. I called back and he never called back. Then I called again and he stated it was out of his hands.

I made numerous calls to Cox and got the run around and was passed from person to person. I was supposed to be called back within 24-48 hours. No one ever called back. I sent an e-mail and was never contacted. On their web site it says you will be contacted within 24-48 hours. All I want is access to my e-mail account just long enough to get all of my information off of it. Cox will not allow that unless I pay $80.00 to reconnect.

My complaint is that I made a payment and two days later my service was shut off. Granted, I did make a payment at a Farm Fresh location, but they can certainly see that I made a payment. Then I got a bill stating my account was seriously delinquent. I owed $67.00. I went in to a Cox location and again was told that I had to pay $80.00.

I was also informed that I should never of had my e-mail account for 3 years, yet it was their mistake that I had it for so long (which I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to have it). I told them that I have important tax info as well as letters from my lawyer, but they won't budge unless I pay $80.00. I will never use Cox again and not only that I will let everyone know how their customer service is.

Poor Customer Service
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, March 14, 2008 at approximately 6 pm I called your tech support department in an attempt to resolve an internet issue. I explained to your rep that because of ongoing construction issue that I had physically moved my internet cable from one location to another. The gentleman tried to convince me that I did not have a problem and that everything was OK. That was a little annoying in that I have 20 years electronic experience but I was calm and told him I had a splitter issue and that it had a 7 db loss and that I needed an amplifier to push the signal past the splitter.

He told me that everything was fine. So I told him thank you and that I would call back when the problem re-occurred. I waited 15 minutes and called another tech. This time after explaining the gentleman told me "You only get one internet connection," and that I needed to put the modem back where it originally was. Again, calmly, I explained that I have a 3500 square foot home and running a cable down a hallway did not make sense to me. I suggested that an amplifier would resolve this issue and to my surprise he said, "Sir I understand now what you're saying and I agree with you. The amplifier will resolve this issue."

At that time he made an appointment and explained to me that there will be a charge and that the technician will not collect any money on-site, that the amount due would show up on my next billing and that he would call 15 minutes prior to arriving. That he would be there between 10:00 am and 11:00 am this Saturday, March 15th, 2008. Now that was service!

Right up to the point he was stopped by his supervisor that told him that this was a video issue and that I would have to call sales on Monday from 8 am to 5 pm. I admit I was frustrated and asked to speak to his supervisor. After 10 minutes ** came on the line. Now to be clear, ** was at all times professional, but he would not be moved. I attempted to explain to him that a few years ago this issue came up, the tech came to my home, installed the amplifier and cable and all this was accomplished on a Saturday. I told ** I strongly disagreed with his position and was there anything he could do to help and again he would not be moved.

I have been a Cox customer for many many years and every time I called your company they did everything possible to resolve my issues until I spoke with **. I so do not understand why a technician could not have come to my home as scheduled this Saturday, do you? I hope I have not been disrespectful toward anyone in your firm as that is not my intention. I use ALL the Cox services, from your phone to the internet and up to now have been very satisfied. Thank you for your patience and time.

Rude and Dishonest
By -


I have been through a three month customer service nightmare !

August 2006, added high speed internet to my existing service of phone and digital cable. Purchased modem from Cox. Went home and tried to install the product only to find that the original install done by COX three years ago was done incorrectly. Instead of putting an outlet in each room as requested, they put a splitter with co-Axe and pulled it into two rooms. When I tried to connect the high speed internet, there was not enough signal to run both the TV and Internet. I called to set up a service call for an single outlet in each room. Two week later a "genius" technician showed up and said " It's a splitter problem, I can't fix this" and left ! I called back and rescheduled another appointment with COX for a outlet installation. The earliest appointment was three week later. In the mean time, I got my monthly bill which included a charge for a service call for $45.00 ! I called back....I was told "We can't take the charge off until the work is rescheduled and completed". I waited for the next technician to show up....(more time off work). This time the technician started running co-Axe all over the outside of my house, only to get half way around and state "This bush is too big, and it has thorns. You must remove it before I can complete the work". Fine, I called back and said "I have no internet service, I should not be charged AND as soon as I can get someone to trim the hedge I will call to reschedule for the third time a service appointment". Two weeks later a technician was rescheduled for Sunday "between 1:00 and 3:00". Additionally I was now having issues with my digital TV service, so I called again and asked if they could send someone at the same time as the outlet installer already planned. The answer was "No, it has to be someone else". So that Sunday, I waited for the outlet installer to show up "between 1:00 and 3:00" and the TV person to show up "between 3:00 and 6:00". At 3:00 pm no one had shown up, so I called AGAIN. I was told "He was there and no one was home, he tagged the door and called to leave a message" I WAS HOME AND THE PHONE ON THE ENTIRE DAY. I told them to check the phone one called. I was also informed that because this guy didn't show up...they cancelled the TV call ! THIS MAKES DAY THREE WASTED WITH NO SERVICE. After I calmed down I called back to speak to a manager and was told someone would call me one did. Then I come home from work a couple of days service had been turned off !!!!!! I called again, I was told I was $152.00 past due and service would remain off until I paid (for service I was NOT getting). I called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager....I was connected to the incredibly RUDE Marisa. I was told there never was a service call set up for the prior Sunday "We never set up calls for Sunday", and because I "took so long to reschedule the service call after the "bush to big" guy, they were not going to discount my bill ! So now I'm being told I am a liar and need to pay for service not received !!!!!


No Internet Signal
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Cox internet connection sucks. Though I always pay my bills on time I still have poor internet signal or no signal at all. Called customer service hoping they can help me, but instead he told me "I can see here you don't have internet signal. All I can do is to send a tech to check the problem of your internet." I am so mad because I called Wednesday and I need to wait until Sunday for them to check my internet problem.

Pay for Self Install
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Rating: 3/51

SUN CITY, MINNESOTA -- Went to Cox store and picked up equipment for TV cable and internet for self-install. Just to hook up again to last years connections as we left AZ for the summer months. Why do I get charged $60.00 to hook up myself? I was never informed at the store for this and if I was I would have never installed myself. They should not charge me when I do the work.

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