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Cox Customer Service: How To Lose Customers
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September 24, 2010 - Service request submitted for relocation of service, sales representative was helpful and courteous. The transfer of service was set for 10/1/10, and to be a "self install." Friday October 1, 2010 - 10:00 AM Phone services were disconnected at the originating address. 2:00 PM Service was not connected at the destination address. A call was placed to Cox customer service. Cox customer service stated that "self installs" are done no later than 7:00 PM.

8:15 PM Service was still not connected. Another call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** indicated that the technician was on-site, but could not find the drop - where the connection arrives to the house - and documented that a "professional installation" would be required. The technician neglected to leave a door tag. Upon looking in the back yard, it was located within 20 seconds - literally, 20 SECONDS! Supervisor ** offered assurances that someone would call the next day (Saturday) to offer further information on the soonest that a technician would be able to come out. At the time Supervisor ** said it would be 4 days out (Tuesday).

Saturday October 2, 2010 5:00 PM By the end of the day Cox had not called. A call was placed to Cox customer service. A woman representative, utterly unmoved and unapologetic by the poor service experience, caused greater frustration which resulted in a request for the account to be cancelled. 6:45 PM A second call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** was updated on the events that preceded the call, and the status of the installation and the failure on Cox's part to follow up. ** was most apologetic and understanding (kudos) and promised that he would email the sales department and would see that someone calls the next day (Sunday).

Sunday October 3, 2010 (Still no phone service.) 3:15 PM The day almost over, a call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** clarified that the notes had been made on the account and that someone from the sales department was going to call on Monday. When asked why Supervisor ** would promise that someone would call on Sunday when the sales department is closed, Supervisor ** said that, "he must have made a mistake." Supervisor ** was unapologetic and failed to acknowledge a problem. A request was made to receive a call from the Supervisor's supervisor.

Cox has failed to deliver as promised and has mismanaged expectations to astonishing levels in relation to this installation at every point. This is the first of MANY posts/blogs on this issue. Considering it costs 4 to 7 times more to acquire new customers as it does to keep a customer, it is surprising that such poor service exists. I strongly suggest everyone seeking new service choose another provider. Cox is the worst.

Cox Has Horrible Customer Service!!
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I had basic cable through Cox and an e-mail address, not the internet, just e-mail. I had the e-mail for over three years. I was late on my payment, but made a payment at a Farm Fresh on March 24th. Two days later my cable and e-mail were cut off by a technician that came the house. I even called the technician and he told me that all had to do was make a payment of $65.00. I called back and he never called back. Then I called again and he stated it was out of his hands.

I made numerous calls to Cox and got the run around and was passed from person to person. I was supposed to be called back within 24-48 hours. No one ever called back. I sent an e-mail and was never contacted. On their web site it says you will be contacted within 24-48 hours. All I want is access to my e-mail account just long enough to get all of my information off of it. Cox will not allow that unless I pay $80.00 to reconnect.

My complaint is that I made a payment and two days later my service was shut off. Granted, I did make a payment at a Farm Fresh location, but they can certainly see that I made a payment. Then I got a bill stating my account was seriously delinquent. I owed $67.00. I went in to a Cox location and again was told that I had to pay $80.00.

I was also informed that I should never of had my e-mail account for 3 years, yet it was their mistake that I had it for so long (which I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to have it). I told them that I have important tax info as well as letters from my lawyer, but they won't budge unless I pay $80.00. I will never use Cox again and not only that I will let everyone know how their customer service is.

Waste of Time and Money
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I called Cox and the salesman talked me into signing up for a bundle. He told me that there might be a $150 deposit, depending on my credit. He called later that day and said that the deposit was taken off because my credit was checked and it was good enough. I thought all was well until I received my first bill with an extra $150 tacked on (which, according to the automated system, was overdue). I called and complained and the guy on the phone said that I was supposed to show a photo ID at a Cox store and they might be able to take it off.

He said he was seeing that I talked to two different people the day I signed up and the second person saw that I would have to pay a deposit. This was news to me considering I know nobody else from Cox ever called until installation day. I don't care what kind of hoops you have to jump through to get it taken care of, when someone says you don't have to pay a deposit, they need to take it off. I don't buy it that something miraculously popped up. They're just a greedy company looking for any way to screw people out of their hard earned cash.

The installation process was a pain too. My installation was supposed to be done one morning between 10 and 12. I get a call at my old home phone number (which I told them was only a secondary number, that they need to call my cell if they actually want to get a hold of me) at 12:05 to let me know that the guys are running an hour late. When I finally talk to someone at 12:15, the lady says that I can always reschedule the installation.

I shouldn't have to work around their schedule, they should work around mine! I told her to just call me when they're on their way. They finally give me a call later in the afternoon, and it was 3:00 by the time they came out! If you tell someone you will be there between 10-12, show up at that time, not 3 hours late!

The people at Cox can't even make an effort to spell names correctly. My parents had service with them 5 years ago (only for a month because they didn't like Cox either) and the bill had their last name spelled wrong. When I got my first (and probably last) bill in the mail, they spelled my first name wrong. I know I spelled it out for the guy on the phone. I've only had service for 5 days and I have not had one good experience yet. This company is so worthless that I think it is time to move on. I would not recommend Cox to anyone. It is not worth the hassle at all.

Bill Payment Runaround
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I am getting the runaround, like you would not believe. A month ago I made an online bill payment using Bank of America Bill pay to Cox Communications Inc. During the payment, the website decided to go down and my payment went through but not before added an additional digit to my payment. The payment now is a 1000+ dollars more than what I wanted to pay. Now the game begins trying to get your money back. Called Cox and they said the bank has to sent a Letter of indemnification. Go to the bank, explain what happen and they send the letter to the Online Sales and Services Support.

Now at Cox Communications Inc. a little about their service support, when talking to a representative they do not give their full name. You do not get the same person you talk to before. They do not want to give you to their supervisors. When calling twice on the matter, you have to explain yourself all over again because the new person you are dealing with does not know anything of what was promise before. One department does not know what another department is doing.

I was told from one CSR that they did not have the means to transfer a call to another CSR. They give you all source of apologies but nothing is getting done. I was told that the payment will be sent to me in 10 business days and why it takes that long is beyond me, yet those days go by, no check is received, a new bill is sent and it is paid with the overpayment balance on my account after being told that the check will be in the mail. The level of runaround by the Cox Communications Inc is unbelievable. I mean, I am simply amazed by all the structure of their accounting service.

The letter was faxed to Buffalo (Three times now) and I get a call from the Phoenix office and they do not know anything about the situation. To this day I have still have not received a check for the overpayment. I am getting to the point of just dumping the service and maybe then they will send me a check for my overpayment. So anybody out there who has gone through the same thing and has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.

Beware of Install Fees
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GILBERT, ARIZONA -- Instead of rewarding long term customers who has changed to another location, they stuck me with a 50 dollar extra bill. When the automatic install didn't work, they said "we'll send a person to install. You'll be charged but I don't know how much. " Exactly what the customer rep said. Then when the tech contractor (yes, contractor not with cox communication) told me that they'll charge only $1.50 each cable line in the box. I was like OK, it's 15 x $1.5. Then my bill came to me. 50 bucks on top of my monthly. How did 22.5 become 50 bucks? Easy 50 bucks for a 15 minute install of 5 splitters. Can anyone say I've been ripped off in the exchange? I called cox rep back and asked them how come? They said, didn't we say you'll be charged? Yes you did but you never mentioned it would be 50 bucks. Then the rep said oh we had a special to reduce the price, let me check back to you. But he never responded to me about it. So I called back, and another customer rep said oh that special is actually the 50 bucks since a new install is 99 bucks. On top of that, there is no special deal last month. She said, "I've been working here a long time, we never had such a sale on install". OK, the key word is "never". OK Where is the miscommunication?

Here's the whole picture again; They said the cost depends on the installer, then I asked the installer and he said "1.5 per line in the cable box", then I get stuck with 50 bucks, then the lie about 99 discount to 50.

Treating long term customer in this disrespect and lies will be cox's building of bad reputation. Because one customer will always pass the expereince to family and friends. I think in the future, the company will ask where are my loyal customers?

From what I see, cox outsourced their install to other company. They put the bill through to cox. Cox cover their butt by billing the customers. In all, cox doesn't know exactly how much for the install. They only charge default 99 bucks when it actually cost 50 from the installers. 50 bucks just for 5-3way splitters? You can get that 2 dollars each elsewhere. Still 50 bucks still is a sort of rip off. Worst of all is that this house is cox communication ready. (built with it). For new installs without the cox communication box outside; OK, it's about 99 for the install.

Tired of COX Ripping Me Off
By -

I am in the military and live in base housing. I have had internet service with Cox for a while now and have been happy with their service until recently. In November 2010 my bill was $19.99 per month. By June 2011 they raised my rate to $21.99 per month. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that the $19.99 service was not available and the new rate was $21.99. The next month my rate was raised again to $24.99. No explanation or anything.

I looked on their web site and the $24.99 in the 3 month introductory fee and it will go to $34.99. This is outrageous. I am sick and tired of COX getting rich off of their monopoly and charging more money for the same crappy service. The internet service was 3 mbps when I paid $19.99 and it is still 3 mbps at $34.99. What gives? I hope COX goes out of business and all of the owners go bankrupt and lose everything they have. Maybe then they will remember the little man trying to make an HONEST living!!! CROOKS!!!

Fraudulent Advertising
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Having had the Cox Bundle for almost a year I can honestly say it's the biggest load of bollocks ever. When I originally signed up for the service they represented a price of $67.00 for their "Bundle" (Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Phone) as being a non-promotional offer. However, after six months I was suddenly being billed over $150 per month for their lame services. Their internet is adequate but their cable is awful.

As a customer of Satellite TV for over 20 years before trying cable I can tell you that Cox Hi-Def is tantamount to Standard Satellite TV. In fact, most of Cox's Hi-Def programming is horrible. In my view, switching to Cox Cable after years as a satellite TV viewer is like trading in your Mercedes s500 for a Skoda. When I contacted Cox to question the more than doubling of my bill, they tried to tell me that the original $67 was a promotional price good for only six months. When I told them that their service had been mis-represented to me they were unapologetic. I tried to cancel the service with them but they did everything possible to try to talk me out of it.

I still haven't cancelled their service. There is no place to do it on their website - surprise, surprise. I know that I'll have to call them to complete the cancellation but I really have no desire to talk with these worthless dunderheads. Please learn from my mistake. Don't deal with Cox lest you become a Cox Sucker!

Worst Company!
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Cox Communications is the worst company to work with. We have had nothing but problems and our bills keep getting higher and higher. We have ended our internet, and are down to basic cable and our bill is still around $100... Really?? When we call for customer service everyone is so rude and they act like they don't know anything about the company. Completely unhelpful.

I cannot believe a company like Cox is even still around with all the complaints and how messed up it is. The charges are completely ridiculous, our bills keep having extra "taxes". What taxes could you possibly be adding??? We need a new internet/TV provider in Omaha that can provide to apartments!!

Basic\Expanded Service
By -

Today I went down to the Cox Store to return a box and to find out how I could lower my bill from $184 to around $100. I was informed that in order to get the HD channels I must have the Expanded Service. After several times of asking the guy at Cox to help to get to around $100, he says 'Oh, you don't have a discount on your bundle'. So, he immediately gives us a $14.99 discount.

After all this our bill is only $40 lower not the $80 or so we needed. He finally told us that we should call the Retention Department and they should be able to help us. That was a bit irritating, as I'm at the store, why should I have to call someone? I finally just gave up and left. Then as I'm driving home I thought about the fact that I have been paying the full price for the last 9 months.

So, I'm asking them to credit my account $14.99 for the additional 8 months and I will also talk to the Retention Department. It seems like such a scam... The pricing is like a really big secret they can't tell anyone. I'm extremely fed up and I'm really tired of them sucking my money away! So, be careful with the HD and make sure you are getting the proper pricing.

100.00 Cashback Rebate Scam
By -

On Jan 6, 2011 I had my cox service installed, TV internet and phone. I was told I would get the rebate form in the mail for the 100.00 rebate. After about 4 weeks I did receive the rebate form, I filled it out (made copies) and copies of my first 2 bills. Going into June now and the website to check the status of my refund still says "processing". I call the cable company and speak to a bleep. He proceeds to tell me that I don't qualify for the rebate anymore because I stopped being a customer while they were continuously "processing" my rebate from Feb.

Today is May 24th. I switched to Verizon 3 weeks ago. Why should that matter? Did it have conditions on the rebate form? NO. Was I obligated to remain a Cox customer to get the rebate? NO. That sure wasn't any stipulation. Well now when I check the status page on the website low and behold now I don't qualify for the rebate. You tell me, sure sounds like a scam to me. Anyway I contacted Wavy TV ten and the link on the back of their bill. I let them both know that Cox isn't standing by their rebate.

Somehow decided they can change the rules and it's okay. Well I'm not okay with that. If you look up complaint regarding rebates from Cox (or lack of rebates) there are hundreds of them. I challenge someone at Cox cable to step up and do the right thing.

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