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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Cox Communications keeps raising its prices every month. I called them & removed a service to save a couple of dollars. When I checked my bill a couple of months later they had raised the fee on phone to make up for what I had reduced. I called again & they agreed to drop the price for a few months, when the regular price was reinstated, they just upped the price by quite a bit more again to make up for what little I had saved. They are so unfair and unwilling to work with you. I have been with them for 19 years, I think my only alternative now is to switch.
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sabletaz on 03/10/2012:
I would switch, they obviously don't care that you've been with them for over 19 years.
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Basic\Expanded Service
Posted by on
Today I went down to the Cox Store to return a box and to find out how I could lower my bill from $184 to around $100. I was informed that in order to get the HD channels I must have the Expanded Service. After several times of asking the guy at Cox to help to get to around $100, he says 'oh, you don't have a discount on your bundle'. So, he immediately gives us a $14.99 discount. After all this our bill is only $40 lower not the $80 or so we needed. He finally told us that we should call the retention department and they should be able to help us. That was a bit irritating, as I'm at the store why should I have to call someone. I finally just gave up and left. Then as I'm driving home I thought about the fact that I have been paying the full price for the last 9 months. So, I'm asking them to credit my account $14.99 for the additional 8 months and I will also talk to the retention department. It seems like such a scam...the pricing is like a really big secret they can't tell anyone. I'm extremely fed up and I'm really tired of them sucking my money away! So, be careful with the HD and make sure you are getting the proper pricing.
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Anonymous on 08/14/2011:
Cox cable prices are pretty high. I have no idea why the workers in the store are no longer able to do the work the 'retention' folks can. They used to be really helpful. Now, not so much.
jonthethird on 08/14/2011:
Every time a basketball player gets a $50 million contract, cable tv rates go up .10. If the carriage contracts with ESPN, for example, did not call for mandatory carriage in the lower 36 in all expanded basic tiers, IF the cable companies could put sports in a premium tier, the price of expanded basic would drop significantly.
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100.00 Cashback Rebate Scam
Posted by on
On Jan 6, 2011 I had my cox service installed, TV internet and phone. I was told I would get the rebate form in the mail for the 100.00 rebate. after about 4 weeks I did receive the rebate form, I filled it out (made copies) and copies of my first 2 bills. Going into June now and the website to check the status of my refundstill says "processing". I call the cable company and speak to a bleep. He proceeds to tell me that I don't qualify for the rebate anymore because I stopped being a customer while they were continuously "processig" my rebate from Feb. Today is May 24th. I switched to Verizon 3 weeks ago. Why should that matter? Did it have conditions on the rebate form? NO. Was I obligated to remain a cox customer to get the rebate? NO That sure wasn't any stipulation. Well now when I check the status page on the website low and behold now I don't qualify for the rebate. You tell me, sure sounds like a scam to me. Anyway I contacted Wavy TV ten and the link on the back of their bill I let them both know that Cox isn't standing by their rebate.

Somehow decided they can change the rules and its okay. Well I'm not okay with that. If you look up complaint regarding rebates from cox (or lack of rebates) there are hundreds of them. I challenge someone at cox cable to step up and do the right thing.
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Alain on 05/25/2011:
You may find filing complaints at
useful, as well.
robme3g851 on 05/26/2011:
I wrote the complaint several days ago, got a call back from a higher up at Cox I know I'm not supposed to name names but she was able to correct the situation and is expediting my refund to me. She just called me a few minutes ago. She wants anyone that is having issues not getting prommised rebates from whatever rebate program to call her at 757-222-8436, her first name is Kathy. thanks.
kayla on 12/13/2013:
I too had the same issue, and although I got my Cox service June 6, 2013, I have yet to receive my $100 gift card/ rebate 6 months later. And after spending more than 6-8 hours on hold throughout my days off in Oct/ Nov, I was only compensated $50 off my bill which I only owed $132, yet they owed me $100!! Really?? After talking to several people in different levels of management, no one could help me!! I was told last week it will arrive in 4-6 weeks.. So 7-8 months to fulfill a rebate that is supposed to come after 30 days.. COX is a money hungry company that doesn't Value their customers.
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Out right fraud
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS -- On my first move three months ago Cox deleted all my emails on a Friday at 5pm. These were reinstated after a complaint and then deleted the next day. I then got a email from cox that all info had been deleted 2 months prior. This is a provable lie. Next, I move into a house and had the service installed and was up and running. The tech warned me that Cox would probably make me buy a new modem. My response was "this ones working fine". His reply was that it would probably get 'zapped'. Sure enough the next day my service was disconnected. The new service tech brought in a new router before he even started diagnostics. In the end he said the router had gone bad. Last but not least, my last address was a 'roommate account which Cox claimed to have no record of and would not be billed for. I checked my account today and they fraudulently billed me $170. So now cox has taken a $65 dollar account and turned it into $400. This is blasphemy. Absolute fraud. And you know what? I have it all recorded on video tape. See you in court Cox.
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yoke on 05/11/2011:
What is a roommate account? If you had an outstanding balance on your other address they will add it onto your new account.
trmn8r on 05/11/2011:
Good luck in court. I bet Cox has some good attorneys.
Whiteduck on 05/11/2011:
I bet they don't even show up in court. You'll win a judgment and then, they still won't pay. If you're extremely diligent, you can sue them again to make them pay.

They can do this forever. Lawyers on retainer! Great concept.
zonie on 06/11/2011:
I hope you win. I admire support your perseverance.
I have never dealt with a worse company
than Cox Cable.
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Raising prices
Posted by on
NEVADA -- Prices going up. Why? I just got my bill and found my internet service went up $3.00. Three dollars is three dollars. If Cox would quit sending junk mail every other day, they wouldn't need to raise prices. In fact, they may even SAVE A FEW TREES!!!
About 6 months ago I cancelled my cable service. Reason? I got tired of watching commercials. If you don't want commercials, then you pay more for channels that have none. But you still have to pay for the channels that you don't want.
HERES MY 2 CENTS FOR YOU YOUNG ONES. When cable was first introduced, it was based on paying for commercial free channels. Everyone said "YES!". What happened??? Companies PAY (big bucks)to have their commercials aired and we PAY to watch it. And heres another fact to boot yourself. Can you guess who put the satellites up there and whose doing maintenance? Give yourself a pat on the back if your answer is TAX DOLLARS. Again, YOU PAY.
The time to shop around is here.
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Anonymous on 03/30/2011:
I agree Cable is pricey and raising rates is a pain in the ass to the Customer. But cable is a luxury and the alternatives are more costly.

You should also take note a lot of networks raise programming rates just about every year and to offset those costs the cable companies pass some of it along to us.

wish they had a al carte option so you could pick the channels you want.
azRider on 03/30/2011:
tax payers did not pay to put the TV satellites up owned by Directv or dishnet. they were paid for by private money, at very large expense, for a at-profit company's. they were launched with Lockheed-martin boosters (private company) from leased sites from NASA (paid by Lockheed). in the early days cable TV and its pre-cursor( select tv), advertised that they were commercial free. it was clear by late 70's this model was not going to work and they were going to go out of business. opening the cable to advertising provided income streams that allowed the industry to grow. today, because of advertising we now have syfy (hate that name), AMC, TCM, and a host of others that have brought us shows like walking dead, deadwood, boardwalk, monk and pyhsc. all shows that would never exist on free network channel. The cost rises because of inflation, operating cost, union cost or licensing fees. its real simple to solve this issue if you don't like what you pay for. don't buy it, if you do enjoy it, then buy it. the choice of what you spend your money on is always yours.
DebtorBasher on 03/30/2011:
I was just on their website looking to see if I can find a way to cut down on my Cox Cable...mine was increased $ way is the programing we get worth the money they charge! Then, they divide up the channel paks so each pack has channels you want. Like the GSN channel that used to be included in one pak is now in a pack you have to pay extra for....yet, they give us all the crappy channels we (or at least most people) never watch. I know they don't have control over the actual programing...but come on...we are paying for channels that run ONE program for an entire day....and they call it marathons. If we can't have a choice of the channels, we should at least have a variety of programs ON those channels. I went through my bill and the offers with a fine tooth comb and can't find any way to cut down on it without losing a good channel here or there. They have us cornered.

When I win the multi million dollar lottery, I'mma going to buy out Cox Cable and offer everyone package deals...a certain price for a certain number of channels and I will let THEM choose what channels they want! YEAH you just wait until the Basher hits that lottery, Man-O-Man!!! Just Wait!!!
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Cox Customer Service: How To Lose Customers
Posted by on
September 24, 2010 -
Service request submitted for relocation of service, sales representative was helpful and courteous. The transfer of service was set for 10/1/10, and to be a "self install."

Friday October 1, 2010 -
10:00 AM
Phone services were disconnected at the originating address.
2:00 PM
Service was not connected at the destination address. A call was placed to Cox customer service. Cox customer service stated that "self installs" are done no later than 7:00 PM.
8:15 PM
Service was still not connected. Another call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor James indicated that the technician was on-site, but could not find the drop - where the connection arrives to the house - and documented that a "professional installation" would be required. The technician neglected to leave a door tag.

Upon looking in the back yard, it was located within 20 seconds - literally, 20 SECONDS!

Supervisor James offered assurances that someone would call the next day (Saturday) to offer further information on the soonest that a technician would be able to come out. At the time Supervisor James said it would be 4 days out (Tuesday).

Saturday October 2, 2010
5:00 PM
By the end of the day Cox had not called. A call was placed to Cox customer service.
A woman representative, utterly unmoved and unapologetic by the poor service experience, caused greater frustration which resulted in a request for the account to be cancelled.

6:45 PM
A second call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor Corey was updated on the events that preceded the call, and the status of the installation and the failure on Cox's part to follow up. Corey was most apologetic and understanding (kudos) and promised that he would email the sales department and would see that someone calls the next day (Sunday).

Sunday October 3, 2010
(Still no phone service)
3:15 PM
The day almost over, a call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor Dave clarified that the notes had been made on the account and that someone from the sales department was going to call on Monday. When asked why Supervisor Corey would promise that someone would call on Sunday when the sales department is closed, Supervisor Dave said that, "he must have made a mistake."

Supervisor Dave was unapologetic and failed to acknowledge a problem.
A request was made to receive a call from the Supervisor's-supervisor.

Cox has failed to deliver as promised and has mismanaged expectations to astonishing levels in relation to this installation at every point. This is the first of MANY posts/blogs on this issue. Considering it costs 4 to 7 times more to acquire new customers as it does to keep a customer, it is surprising that such poor service exists.

I strongly suggest everyone seeking new service choose another provider.
Cox is the worst.

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User Replies:
CoxTech1 on 10/04/2010:
I apologize for any difficulties in getting your services installed. If you would like assistance getting the matter resolved please feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to do what I can to help.

yardlads on 10/04/2010:
Thanks, CoxTech1.
I'm emailing you now.

yardlads on 10/05/2010:
It's encouraging to know that people listen; specifically people at Cox Communications.

I am pleased to announce that services were installed on Monday. Furthermore, thanks to the efforts of CoxTech1, I received a call from a manager at Cox who assured me that this case would be evaluated and, where necessary, appropriate action would be taken.

The manager listened, acknowledged and validated - like a good manager should in such circumstances.

Beyond that, the manager offered unsolicited concessions in an effort to reconcile.
This was very much appreciated.

Overall, this is a positive ending to a difficult transition.

Thank you, CoxTech1!
And thank you to the managers that assisted: Corey, Andrew and Yousef.

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Fraudulent Advertising
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Having had the Cox Bundle for almost a year I can honestly say it's the biggest load of bollocks ever. When I originally signed up for the service they represented a price of $67.00 for their "Bundle" (Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Phone) as being a non-promotional offer. However, after six months I was suddenly being billed over $150 per month for their lame services. Their internet is adequate but their cable is awful. As a customer of Satellite TV for over 20 years before trying cable I can tell you that Cox Hi-Def is tantamount to Standard Satellite TV. In fact, most of Cox's Hi-Def programming is horrible. In my view, switching to Cox Cable after years as a satellite TV viewer is like trading in your Mercedes s500 for a Skoda.

When I contacted Cox to question the more than doubling of my bill, they tried to tell me that the orignal $67 was a promotional price good for only six months. When I told them that their service had been mis-represented to me they were unapologetic. I tried to cancel the service with them but they did everything possible to try to talk me out of it.

I still haven't cancelled their service. There is no place to do it on their website - surprise, surprise. I know that I'll have to call them to complete the cancellation but I really have no desire to talk with these worthless dunderheads. Please learn from my mistake. Don't deal with Cox lest you become a Cox Sucker!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
I bet the promotional offer and the new price after 6 months was on the contract that you signed. That is all that counts for them.
Ponie on 12/19/2009:
There are two offensive expressions in this post and I don't doubt if they were used in a response, Admin would delete them.

justthefax, he didn't sign a contract as Cox does not require it for residential--only for business. That price was for a six-month promotion.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
WHY complain if you are not going to cancel? I bet you were told that you got a promo and either didn't listen or forgot. I bet if you call to cancel they will offer you another promo.
Ytropious on 12/19/2009:
I have cox and the HD looks fine to me, I think you're just being silly. There's NO picture quality difference unless the TV you have today is terrible.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
I have Cox and I agree the HD looks like crap. When I had DirecTV, it was crystal clear and awesome looking. It was a HUGE difference when my dtv 2 year contract was up and I switched to Cox. I'm still waiting for FiOS to come to my area so I can check it out.

Ladderman on 03/06/2010:
Bigseamus, I am a proud Cox sucker.I will keep sucking for many years to come. If your HD looks like crap, then get a tech out there to look at it,instead of whining on here. They can't fix an issue if you don't report it, and don't go calling customer service. You all want an issue taken care of properly, then go to your local office in person. You would probably be more happy with the outcome.
ripped off by cox on 03/31/2014:
cox sells your info to overseas telescams and also uses a ploy of we,ve been hacked your info is lost when they just sold your info
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Cox Has Horrible Customer Service!!
Posted by on
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I had basic cable through Cox and an e-mail address, not the internet, just e-mail. I had the e-mail for over three years. I was late on my payment, but made a payment at a Farm Fresh on March 24th. Two days later my cable and e-mail were cut off by a technician that came the house. I even called the technician and he told me that all had to do was make a payment of $65.00. I called back and he never called back. Then I called again and he stated it was out of his hands. I made numerous calls to Cox and got the run around and was passed from person to person. I was supposed to be called back within 24-48 hours. No one ever called back. I sent an e-mail and was never contacted. On their web site it says you will be contacted within 24-48 hours. All I want is access to my e-mail account just long enough to get all of my information off of it. Cox will not allow that unless I pay $80.00 to reconnect.

My complaint is that I made a payment and two days later my service was shut off. Granted, I did make a payment at a Farm Fresh location, but they can certainly see that I made a payment. Then I got a bill stating my account was seriously delinquent. I owed $67.00. I went in to a Cox location and again was told that I had to pay $80.00. I was also informed that I should never of had my e-mail account for 3 years, yet it was there mistake that I had it for so long (which I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to have it).

I told them that I have important tax info as well as letters from my lawyer, but they won't budge unless I pay $80.00. I will never use Cox again and not only that I will let everyone know how their customer service is.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/10/2009:
Did your late payment make your account current with Cox?
TDB on 04/16/2009:
COX has some serious problems, but I do have to say, I don't think this is their problem, but likely yours. If you weren't paying for e-mail, and you had it for three years, you had to have known there was an error on their end and that you were getting a sneaky freebee. You did use the e-mail, hence, the reason you know you have e-mail that you need now. If the e-mail is that important, pay for the services you had over the last 3 years. Sorry to be so harsh, but what you wrote sounds to me like you owe this one. Take if from the gut and own it.
TDB on 04/16/2009:
COX has some serious problems, but I do have to say, I don't think this is their problem, but likely yours. If you weren't paying for e-mail, and you had it for three years, you had to have known there was an error on their end and that you were getting a sneaky freebee. You did use the e-mail, hence, the reason you know you have e-mail that you need now. If the e-mail is that important, pay for the services you had over the last 3 years. Sorry to be so harsh, but what you wrote sounds to me like you owe this one. Take if from the gut and own it.
mustlovebaseball on 04/17/2009:
I thought the e-mail was just a service they offered. I paid the whole three years I used their e-mail...every month. It wasn't a sneaky feebie. They told my finally after I quit using their service that it was an error on their part that I had the e-mail for three years. They had put my street address instead of the super savor plan. So I don't take your e-mail as harsh, I just take it that you don't know all the facts.
GodEmperorJ on 06/23/2009:
I only thought they offered e-mail to their internet customers, not their cable-only customers.
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Waste Of Time And Money
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I called Cox and the salesman talked me into signing up for a bundle. He told me that there might be a $150 deposit, depending on my credit. He called later that day and said that the deposit was taken off because my credit was checked and it was good enough. I thought all was well until I received my first bill with an extra $150 tacked on (which, according to the automated system, was overdue). I called and complained and the guy on the phone said that I was supposed to show a photo ID at a Cox store and they might be able to take it off. He said he was seeing that I talked to two different people the day I signed up and the second person saw that I would have to pay a deposit. This was news to me considering I know nobody else from Cox ever called until installation day. I don't care what kind of hoops you have to jump through to get it taken care of, when someone says you don't have to pay a deposit, they need to take it off. I don't buy it that something miraculously popped up. They're just a greedy company looking for any way to screw people out of their hard earned cash.

The installation process was a pain too. My installation was supposed to be done one morning between 10 and 12. I get a call at my old home phone number (which I told them was only a secondary number, that they need to call my cell if they actually want to get a hold of me) at 12:05 to let me know that the guys are running an hour late. When I finally talk to someone at 12:15, the lady says that I can always reschedule the installation. I shouldn't have to work around their schedule, they should work around mine! I told her to just call me when they're on their way. They finally give me a call later in the afternoon, and it was 3:00 by the time they came out! If you tell someone you will be there between 10-12, show up at that time, not 3 hours late!

The people at Cox can't even make an effort to spell names correctly. My parents had service with them 5 years ago (only for a month because they didn't like Cox either) and the bill had their last name spelled wrong. When I got my first (and probably last) bill in the mail, they spelled my first name wrong. I know I spelled it out for the guy on the phone.

I've only had service for 5 days and I have not had one good experience yet. This company is so worthless that I think it is time to move on. I would not recommend Cox to anyone. It is not worth the hassle at all.
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User Replies:
Ladderman on 12/11/2008:
I hate to say it, but time frames are the biggest joke. It's time you go out with a tech, and see the real world. You don't know the beginning of what these brave men go through. You want to talk about an experience, well there you go.
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Rude and Dishonest
Posted by on

I have been through a three month customer service nightmare !

August 2006, added high speed internet to my existing service of phone and digital cable. Purchased modem from Cox. Went home and tried to install the product only to find that the original install done by COX three years ago was done incorrectly. Instead of putting an outlet in each room as requested, they put a splitter with co-Axe and pulled it into two rooms. When I tried to connect the high speed internet, there was not enough signal to run both the TV and Internet. I called to set up a service call for an single outlet in each room. Two week later a "genius" technician showed up and said " It's a splitter problem, I can't fix this" and left ! I called back and rescheduled another appointment with COX for a outlet installation. The earliest appointment was three week later. In the mean time, I got my monthly bill which included a charge for a service call for $45.00 ! I called back....I was told "We can't take the charge off until the work is rescheduled and completed". I waited for the next technician to show up....(more time off work). This time the technician started running co-Axe all over the outside of my house, only to get half way around and state "This bush is too big, and it has thorns. You must remove it before I can complete the work". Fine, I called back and said "I have no internet service, I should not be charged AND as soon as I can get someone to trim the hedge I will call to reschedule for the third time a service appointment". Two weeks later a technician was rescheduled for Sunday "between 1:00 and 3:00". Additionally I was now having issues with my digital TV service, so I called again and asked if they could send someone at the same time as the outlet installer already planned. The answer was "No, it has to be someone else". So that Sunday, I waited for the outlet installer to show up "between 1:00 and 3:00" and the TV person to show up "between 3:00 and 6:00". At 3:00 pm no one had shown up, so I called AGAIN. I was told "He was there and no one was home, he tagged the door and called to leave a message" I WAS HOME AND THE PHONE ON THE ENTIRE DAY. I told them to check the phone one called. I was also informed that because this guy didn't show up...they cancelled the TV call ! THIS MAKES DAY THREE WASTED WITH NO SERVICE. After I calmed down I called back to speak to a manager and was told someone would call me one did. Then I come home from work a couple of days service had been turned off !!!!!! I called again, I was told I was $152.00 past due and service would remain off until I paid (for service I was NOT getting). I called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager....I was connected to the incredibly RUDE Marisa. I was told there never was a service call set up for the prior Sunday "We never set up calls for Sunday", and because I "took so long to reschedule the service call after the "bush to big" guy, they were not going to discount my bill ! So now I'm being told I am a liar and need to pay for service not received !!!!!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/26/2006:
Cox used to be okay but anymore they are going down hill. In my area the contract out the first level guys and they tend to less than average. The last problem I had taken three levels of support guys before the problem was resolved. I feel for ya..
GWbiker on 10/26/2006:
I've had both Cox and Comcast and when it comes to customer service, they both suck.
Techman on 08/01/2007:
Well I am a technician for the company. I will only go off your comments that you have stated, even though I may not know the entire story. First of all if you see this I personally apologize for your experience even though you do not have service with us anymore. I am not sure how exactly they did the initial install, but my guess is their thinking was if you got internet someday, someone would come out to install your modem for you and make sure the install was done correctly, fixing any errors which would be there. I personally do not agree with picking up modems and having customers do their own installations just because of the unknowns. You are not expected to know what we know, so that is something I hope changes down the road, but some do work doing them themselves. Now second on the outlets, the tech should have seen before he started what he was going to run into, but my experience with bushes have not been fun either, but I did what it took to get it done, but this may have been a worse case not seeing this sticker bush, but we do need sufficient access to exteriors of homes for safety reasons. As far as outlets outside all over the house, that is standard practice to run wiring outside, unless a safe route through a crawl space or basement, with easy access is feasible. Maybe down there basements are not abundant due to rocks etc. Only other option you would have had is to hire a GOOD electrician, which is very expensive, and my experience is we would need to be there before they started to make sure things were done to code. Then the part with the tech showing up there and saying nobody home, all I can say is if it was me, dispatch would be the one leaving a message on the phone or something. Personally I believe is not good practice for a tech leaving a message, because it could turn into a he said she said ordeal like this is. That should be left to dispatchers. Not sure if he actually left a door tag or not. Could it have been a contractor also who worked under them, that is also a thing to consider, maybe not. I am outraged myself about the splitter problem thing. Sounds like maybe you needed your house rewired, unless it was newly wired. For the manager call, I am not a manager, I guess I should be, because my belief is a good manager will follow up on issues like yours to make sure a compaint has been resolved. If it was me, I would have asked for the next higher up, then things really would have got flowing. Not sure what loophole happened. A supervisor should have come out personally to your house to look at things, and get a grip on the situation at hand. Now your bill, the customer service rep should have had and idea of all the history of trips we had out there, and seen nothing had been done, and credited you accordingly, if not more than that. That's my experience. Lastly I want to say this is not a Cox Communications problem, this is a nationwide problem with all power/cable/telephone/satellite companies. I could be wrong, but I think Southwestern Bell started this call center business, and I would like to find the nut out there who brought up the stupid idea of call centers in the first place, because my belief is their idea of better service is maybe not really better from what people tell me in person. They all have their flaws period. Just like Southwestern bell refused to replace my underground line, because they did not ever find a problem the three times they came out after the ground dried, but when it rained I lost service all the time. Guess what I dropped them! All they had to do was lay a new line on the ground, and that would have fixed it, but they refused to do that. Each time I had to wait a week to get a service call ran. I believe it is all about the tech. If I had a SBC tech that cared, I would have had my problem resolved. Thank God I have Digital Phone now. Now I say this because I love my job, my company, and believe in my company, and wish I had been that last person who dealt with you face to face, because I would have shown you what customer service is all about. Why, because I do not want to be looking for another job someday. If I do not take care of my customers, someone else will, and that is not a good thing. Wish evey technician felt that way, but you have that in EVERY SINGLE job profession out there no matter where you live. We are not all crooks and thieves out here. Not saying they did not care, but we do care, and I hope someday you might come back again. Heck in the last three weeks I have gone to Wendy's five times, and every time they either can't give me a straw, or get my order correct in some way, but that does not mean I am going to protest and not go their anymore. We all should expect more out of all service. I hope you have better luck. Again I am sorry for what you went through.
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