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Cramped Tables
Posted by Jpstephen on 11/24/2013
When you eat at any CB restaurant you have to put up with a cramped table. TAKE THE JUNK OFF THE TABLE. Customers don't need an oil lamp at day light hours. It takes up room. Take off the triangle game piece. Offer it to kids only. This would make for more comfort at any table. ESPECIALLY THE TABLE FOR TWO!!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-25:
I've fequented many Cracker Barrels over the years, and haven't had any issue with the size of the tables.
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Terrible Place to Work
Posted by Ajohanford on 09/08/2013
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I recently became a former employee of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, & I just thought I'd share a few things for soon to be employees, current employees and even some customers if they care to read this.

I worked at Cracker Barrel for four and a half months and at first I liked it. I thought it was a friendly and simple, just a part time job while I'm in school full time becoming a teacher. When I got hired I was assured by the general manager that they are more than willing to work with school schedules because most of their employees are in college just like me etc.
Well come to find out, school is coming and I gave him my new Availability Form and the general manager pulled me aside and said unless I become more available for him mostly working later, then my hours would be extremely cut more than they already are even though I'm only part time unless I trained to do another position such as hosting.

I'm an adult and I'm willing to compromise even know he straight up lied to me and its not working with my school schedule I agree to cross train for hostess so I can get some hours. However, a lot of favoritism has and still is going on at that location that I worked at, old employees get away with everything don't follow the rules that they pressed upon new employees to follow, they constantly break the rules all the time, crappy customer service get away with everything never get reprimanded for anything or written up when they should have been fired.

There is a lot of shady business is happening in the kitchen a waiter who was [snip] off by a table of customers put Visine drops in their drinks. Some of the cooks pick their nose or cough and do not wear gloves and handle the food. The managers are some of the biggest [snip] I have ever worked for. They try to write people up for crap that other employees who been there longer do all the time and give write ups for something they didn't even do only for the simple fact that they weren't aware or didn't hear you over the Walkie Talkie.

They want us to announced over the Walkie Talkie when we need to go to the restroom like were in kindergarten even though there's no line and there's another person at the register they still want you to page them. So, I always page them every single time me and one other girl are the only ones that have done it every single time and one of the managers had the nerve to try to issue me a write up saying I never paged him even the other cashier acknowledged that I did I don't have all the time in the world to wait for him to wait for a response to my page sometimes he didn't even wear his radio or had turned all the way down which is not my responsibility. So I told them to shove that write up his [snip] and It belonged to the other cashier since she leaves the register all the time unannounced to screw around in the back.

They try to discredit honest responsible adults who were working there such as myself, but let little [snip] with no responsibilities or children or bills to pay get away with murder & give them a set schedule. And they let people who have warrants for their arrest work there just like that cashier at that store.

It's downright crooked, hypocritical and a little bit of racist. I had to put an old fart manager in check for always being rude and sarcastic even when you ask him for help & he never messed w me again because I was right. I didn't get paid enough for that BS. Plus, the retail manager try to pressure you into selling the retail department products so he can get his bonus. We were never told during our interview or orientation that we had to sell anything or have a quota. A lot of shady [snip] at this restaurant I will never dine there again and I will always put them on blast on Facebook.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-09-09:
Did you report the people who were picking their nose and putting Visine in people's drinks? If you seen them doing this and didn't say anything to them, or reported them...or STOPPED them from serving the Visine tainted drink to the customer...you are just as guilty as they were. So, I'm hoping you reported them or did something about it.
Posted by ajohanford on 2013-09-09:
Actually, I did report that to a " trainer" the ppl that wear maroon aporons and they said they handled it. I even asked a few days later about it and was told was my word against his! Un-believable!
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-09:
Sounds like you're better off being away from there.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-09-09:
From your long list of complaints it is rather obvious that you are under the mistaken impression that just because you are going to school Cracker Barrel should work around YOUR schedule and when they find it difficult or impossible to do so, you unload with a whole series of petty complaints. You have a serious attitude problem and a juvenile sense of entitlement. Your success in life is problematical unless you change your ways.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-10:
For complaints of that nature like food tampering and poisoning you should go to the police department.
Posted by ajohanford on 2013-09-13:
I mentioned to corporate about the visine and un-hygienic behavior from some of the staff there and they said they'll "look" into it. So if a customer gets the runs I hope they sue.
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A Very Long Wait to Be Served
Posted by Rfbj on 07/02/2013
ABILENE, TEXAS -- My wife and I ate today. We waited almost an hour on our meal which was the special of the day, thinking it was already prepared. The waiter was real nice and people who came in after us got waited on. I asked the waiter several times what the problem was and I never have waited so long on a meal. She said it was still in the computer, anyway almost walked out. Won't come there again if I want my food in a decent time
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Posted by azRider on 2013-07-03:
if its very crowded it can take a bit, but an hour is very long. Food in most restaurants is not ready made, its made to order. This is case each time I've eaten at cracker barrel. Cracker barrel is very popular and if its very busy it can take some time. I would have complained to the manager, perhaps they could have moved it along faster.
Posted by BudLove on 2013-08-16:
The popular the restaurant is and the food the longer one sometimes have to wait. I am sure if a person has eaten out on a regular basis or not so regular basis, he/she have experienced wait times. Cracker Barrel is no different. Sometimes you have to wait. And since the food is prepared hourly some items may be out. It takes home prepared food time to cook. Cracker Barrel does not just get prepared food and throw it in the microwave like some restaurants. They actually cook their dishes and the cooks are humping from the time they get to work until the time they leave. Let's quit trying to be so negative. Where else can you get a prepared meal with entree and vegetables for the price that is prepared hourly. If one wants quick service all the time, i recommend you try McDonald's and even the golden arches back up sometime. The food at Cracker Barrel is decent and at a fair price. Now run and tell that.
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No Service
Posted by Sandynjoe4ever on 05/08/2013
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- We were seated first, all the other tables but 3 were empty, then a woman with 2 kids came, the waitress went to her first. Excuse me, so we got up I asked to see the manager. I told her what happened, she said "Could I invite you back in", I said no you can not. I said You go back and tell your waitress you lost 2 customers. She said she would, but I doubt that very much. The manager was young girl. Didn't seem to care. Very disgusted with Cracker Barrel!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second time we stopped at this one Cracker Barrel, and they were rude to us...
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-05-08:
It's possible that you were seated in a different waitress's area. There's usually more than one on duty, and the waitress that waited on the other customers wasn't the one assigned to your table.
Posted by Suzy on 2013-05-08:
If that were true the manager should have known this, made sure of where the customer was sitting and explained that a different waitress was assigned to that table. Also if the customer had a different waitress where was the waitress? If she were helping another table in her area it would have been readily apparent. The OP only mentioned seeing the one waitress. I think the manager at Cracker Barrel dropped the ball on this one.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-05-08:
I'm not saying there wasn't a mistake made, it's likely that someone dropped the ball, It could've easily been the waitress. Or if there was another waitress, she may have been in the kitchen or take a smoke break or whatever. In which case the manager should've taken the OP's order.

However the OP didn't seem to want to listen to what the manager had to say, and we don't know how much time, if any, elapsed between the other table being served first and the OP getting up and leaving. The details of encounter weren't shared.

I've been to many Cracker Barrels in the south and mid-Atlantic as well as the one in my town, and only once have I had a bad experience and that was the fault of another patron, not anything the restaurant had control over. Usually the customer service is really good for this tier of restaurant, the food isn't spectacular but, the service and price are areas where Cracker Barrel usually excels. I don't work for them or anything and never have, but as far as my experiences go with the chain, you really can't do much better for the price.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-08:
Cracker Barrel's seating/service model was horrible when I stopped patronizing the chain 4 years ago. I had several experiences like yours at multiple locations. Complaining did no good. It is one of the main reasons I stopped going there.

If servers are going to walk by my table for 15 minutes, look my party in the eyes, and not tell the responsible person that they have customers waiting to be served with menus on the table, the model is broken. Just my opinion.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2013-05-09:
Neither me or my family will ever go to a Cracker Barrel. The last and only time we went my kids and I felt really uncomfortable in there. My kids are mixed (black and white) and when we were in there we were stared at by staff and customers like we were half naked and dirty. It wasn't just me that felt that way but my kids also told me. It was kinda obvious that the people in there were staring at us, and it's not like it unusual to see mixed kids, we live by Ft Campbell where it is normal to see mixed couples and kids. I tried not to notice and act like everything was alright and my kids were all acting good, but when my little one asks me why is everyone staring at us is my cue to leave. We had been there about 10 to 15 minutes and didn't even order yet, needless to say, we got up and left.
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Posted by Ginny922 on 09/29/2012
MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Dear whom this may concern;

I love Cracker Barrel,,love the food and store. Also most of the servers are real good,,and most helpful. But last nite was disappointed,,strings had bad taste,,fries and string beans very cold. Had the haddock which is always good, and I never had complained. But this has happened in the past,,potatoes and veggies cold. Just thought I would bring your attention to it. Because its a special place,,and I do like it.

Thank you so much. In future if send me any coupons,,or anything printable,,I don't have printer on my computor. shouldn't be a problem,,cause you don't send things to print. Get so mad cause so many do,,and no printer. Sincerely yours,,Virginia my address is West Haven, CT 06516
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-29:
Did you happen to bring the cold food to the attention of the server/staff to have it corrected?

Also you can get a cheap printer for around $30 these days. I'm not sure why you would feel that Cracker Barrel is obligated to send you coupons or anything in the first place though.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-30:
I don't believe CB sends out coupons. If you have a bad experience, you should bring it to the attention of a manager. They can adjust the bill on the spot if something was substandard.

Personally, I gave up on CB after many bad experiences with both the food and service. It became so bad that it wasn't worth it. This happened too often at chain restaurants.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-09-30:
I can tell you 100% for sure that Cracker Barrel takes complaints very seriously. You should call the store in the morning and ask to speak to the General Manager. If you get nowhere with them then call their main office. Here is their info.

Mailing Address & Phone
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
P.O. Box 787
Lebanon, Tennessee 37088-0787
(800) 333-9566
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Posted by Mnms4u on 09/15/2012
SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Less than a month ago on a Friday night I tried their Fried Fish special. It didn't taste fresh fried or feel it either. It was dry and warm like it was cooked that morning and kept in a warming oven all day to simply be plucked out and served. Vegetables like mashed potatoes and Mac & Cheese appear the same way. Only the green beans simmered in water appeared hot. Sent food back and my same plate was returned only to have been Microwaved.

Last night I ordered grilled chicken breast smothered with pepperjack cheese and peppers. Sent it back twice to be reheated, same plate I had because I dipped from everything to see what else was "warm" after the first time I sent it back only to have it slightly warmer. I refuse to pay for food to be microwaved and be called dinner out. Even fast food places in Sherman serve hotter food than this.

Maybe a call to the health department to check their food temps will fix it or get them shut down once and for all. Oh and our server said she would tell the manager. He never came to our table or any others to see how the food or service was. He stood outside of the kitchen, looking at what must have been daily talley sheets.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-15:
A Cracker Barrel manager is always available if you request to speak with him/her. I can't remember one ever coming to the table voluntarily, but in several different restaurants when I asked for one the wish was granted.

That said, I ultimately concluded that the food preparation at Cracker Barrel and service (anyone care to sit for 15 minutes waiting to be served?) was far too uneven, and I threw those sad sacks over the side. I don't miss that chain at all.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-09-15:
I know people that work at CB (not this one). They take complaints seriously . You need to contact their main office with your complaint.
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Now Serving Uncooked Chicken...
Posted by Llv6801 on 09/08/2012
I was served barely cooked chicken livers and the manager at this store couldn't have cared any less. I was so disgusted that I lost my appetite, but I still had to pay for the livers. I used to love Cracker Barrel, but not anymore. I won't be back to this one for sure.

Cracker Barrel
Louisville, Ky 40272
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-08:
I ate at Cracker Barrel fairly regularly - several different locations between TN and NY. I had a few food poisoning incidents, as well as several examples of poor customer service.

I don't darken their door anymore, regardless of location.
Posted by Sad daughter on 2013-02-03:
My elderly but healthy father and an elderly friend ate at a Cracker Barrel and shared a meal. They both got sick with food poisoning. Unfortunately, my dad died from complications due to the poisoning. His friend was sick for a week.
Posted by sickofit on 2013-09-03:
I had chicken product at a Texas Cracker Barrel and got so sick with 104 degree fever. My hospital bill was 18,000.00 and insurance made me pay about 4400.00. Cracker Barrel said it took 48 hrs to get sick when mine was less than 24 hours.
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Customer Service
Posted by Usnfsu1212 on 08/12/2012
The service was excellent and the food just great. The staff was on the ball the whole time. They have come a long way from the way it use to be. I give them four stars.
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Posted by ticia232 on 2012-08-12:
I do not work for Cracker Barrel, but I just wanted to tell you that it is always good for a company to get positive feedback. So many of us forget to do that.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-14:
I go to Cracker Barrel about once or twice a month. I've always had good service and their prices are quite reasonable IMHO.
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Very rude managers
Posted by Gwinkle79 on 06/04/2012
FOREST PARK, OHIO -- I only worked at Cracker Barrel about a month before leaving this abusive relationship. I was not properly trained with the side work and made to stay at least an hour and a half after every shift. If I made an error then I would get "corrected" in front of guests. I was constantly scrutinized for my uniforms and mistakes, while my team work and praise from the customers for my service would go unmentioned (aside from Jeff).

Upon my hire I made it clear I needed such a date off for my long term boyfriends boot camp graduation. A week before I was due to leave I put in for a couple extra days since his orders to be shipped out had been delayed another day. I ended up having to call off when I found out we were going to be leaving sooner than expected. As a result the female manager called me and gave me a healthy dose of her wrath. Which included, but not limited to, personal insults, raised voice, and intrusive demand to know my plans/ personal schedule, then I was informed "that wasn't a good enough reason to miss work."

The following day when the schedule was posted they didn't even grant me the time off to see my Sailor's graduation into the military that protects this great Country. (So much for a patriotic restaurant.) I received another phone call from another manager when I was on leave asking why I wasn't there. Apparently they don't check the request time off books.

In a nutshell I refused to be treated in such a lowly manner and will proceed to cut my losses and leave with my self respect intact. Please note, this is not my only complaints with my experience, but the call from the female manager made it clear just how bad that work environment is. I hope this helps.
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Worst Customer Reception - Ever
Posted by Hartyuma on 05/13/2012
YUMA, ARIZONA -- It was Mother' Day, Sunday, so we (5 adults & 3 small children) arrived early, 8:00 AM, to avoid the rush from the after Church crowds and because it was Mother's Day.

The place was 1/4 full at best. They told us it would be about 10 minutes, while they put together two tables. After 15 minutes and watching parties of 2 to 4 being seated ahead, I complained as to what was going on when it was also apparent that there was no attempt to put together any additional tables. Three hostesses "seat greeters" two women and one male Hispanics, looking dumbfounded, explained that the two tables were still not available. After another 5 min. and a party of 5 adults and two more parties of 4 adults were seated, I complained more.

The receptionists, all still looking disinterestedly stupid, one then suggested that they could split us up, but the tables would be across the room from one another. I said, "what is wrong with you people, we came together and there are only five adults!" The manager came over, and after I explained how many people went ahead of us (at least 30), he said there was no room and the tables to accommodate us were still full of people. I further explained that there was plenty of room before 30 people went ahead of us to fill up the place, but his answer was we were trying to put you next to the window, then he suddenly left.

None of what we were being told made any sense. My parents (86 years old) were so mad at the situation that they were ready to have stokes. It became apparent we were now being given the business, and after another two more parties of 4 and 5 were seated, we left. On the way out, we heard them announce a party for six. I believe we were the victims of racial stupidity and dis-function of a managed establishment. I will never patronize another Cracker Barrel as long as I live!
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Posted by Amy on 2012-05-13:
Were all the people being seated ahead of you a different race than you? I agree that the behavior of the employees made no sense and I most likely would have left long before you did, but unless the parties of 4 or 5 being seated ahead of you were all a particular race I'm not sure it was a race thing. Stupidity and poor customer service yes.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-13:
Also, the other's may have made reservations ahead of time, being that it is Mother's Day...but even if that was the case, they should have explained that to you.
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-13:
A party of 4 or 5 is easier to seat than a party of 8, whether children or not. You still need room for them to eat. They offered to split you up and you refused. What else did you want?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-13:
It makes sense to me - they only had certain sections open, and there were not adjoining tables available in them. There were able to seat 2's and 4's because they didn't have to move a table to do it.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-05-14:
As others said, seating two parties of 4 is easier than seating a party of 8 because the two parties of 4 can be split up. They did suggest that they could do this for you, but you didn't want that to happen (understandably too).

I believe you were the victims of not having a table of 8 available at the time. It can be difficult to estimate the wait time, as larger parties generally stay longer than shorter parties. If their meal is done, they may sit around the table and converse for a while.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-05-14:
Also, based on the lay-out of the restaurant, there may be only certain tables in that section that can be put together, so as to allow the servers and others to easily move about.
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