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Inferior Materials
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Rating: 2/51
BOWIE, MARYLAND -- I have lived in my Craftmark Home for 2 years in Bowie, MD and for the most part I have been happy with the purchase but a recent issue has made me question that decision.

My air-condition compressor stopped working 2 years to the day I moved into my home (my home was completed July 2012). I thought I had a five-year warranty but realized it is just on equipment and not on labor costs. What their vendor did, Southern Maryland Heating and Air, was raise the cost of the labor cost to $1,300 to fix a compressor that is only 2 years old. You can’t get another vendor who will be cheaper because then you void the warranty on your equipment.

I am left to question what type of materials do Craftmark use in their homes. Like many of you, I choose Craftmark because of the quality of their materials but I am disappointed. When my husband tried to contact them, specifically Anne via email, we were ignored.

I am very frustrated and hot because our compressor went out during the hottest time of the year.

My recommendation is to be aware of buying a Craftmark Home because their products are not what they promise and promote.
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Customer Service is terrible
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MCLEAN, VA6820 ELM STREET -- Craftmark service has gone downhill dramatically since the economic downturn. Buyer BEWARE!!

- To start, they are no longer accredited by the Better Business Bureau (C rating)

- After I repeatedly contacted them about addressing a huge sunken area of our driveway to our new home, which they had to re-do the previous summer because of improper installation, Craftmark assured me they would make it right. Three months later, they still had done nothing to fix the problem.

- I also asked for a written explanation of the work they performed on the driveway the previous summer and why it needed to be done. Craftmark has refused to comply with that simple request, presumably because it does not want to admit fault for its shoddy work.

- After filing a complaint with the Fairfax County Department of Consumer Affairs, Craftmark retaliated by refusing to communicate with me any longer. They will not return my phone calls; they hang upon on me; and they've blocked my emails.

Do not be surprised if you receive the same treatment!!
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 06/09/2010:
Seems like an attorney might be necessary to get their attention?
tallguy87 on 06/22/2010:
I have just experienced a very similar situation with the staff of Craftstar Homes. The sales person was fine and dandy with us till we signed the contract. After that, she never had any time for our questions and numerous times was very rude with is. We have now moved in and the theird day into the house our basement started leaking. We contacted customer service and they sent in the project manager who proceeded to cut our dry wall out, remove all the padding, rip our carpet saying that they would need to dry the area up first. They left their equipment saying they would be back the next day to complete the job. It has been over 2 weeks since this incident and we are still sitting with a hole in the wall! The customer service lady is really good for nothing because all she does is forward messages. If this is a legitimate legal issue then I will most definitely pursue it.
ddcsmm on 05/15/2011:
The complaint asserted by the complainant against Craftmark is hereby withdrawn, and the matter with Craftmark [and/or any other entity, including Seller, as applicable] is being resolved privately.
trmn8r on 05/15/2011:
Sounds like an attorney, or more accurately two, did get involved.
SS on 03/03/2013:
This builder cuts corners and uses cheap materials and labor - we are the original owners of a Craftmark home that was built 9.5 yrs ago. We are already in need of a new roof as our roof is failing. We have roof leaks in every one of our upstairs rooms. There have been issues with the roof since day one and Craftmark hocked it off as an issue that should be handled as regular homeowner maintenance. Five of my neighbors (Also Craftmark homes)have had to replace their roofs within the last 3 yrs. In essence they installed a roof that is not rated for the high winds we receive in our area. In addition, we were told by several contractor that have repaired our roof over the years that the builder used to much pressure on their air guns when nailing down the shingles so the shingles are not properly being held down when the wind blows - these shingles simply tear off whenever we have any type of wind (we even had the shingles tested by CertainTeed who said it could be related to an installation issue). Craftmark of course washed their hands and said we were out of warranty.
This year will also need to replace the portico in front of our house because it is rotting. The
Craftmark used regular untreated lumber and plywood to build this outdoor structure. Over the years we have sanded, painted and sealed it several times, but the elements have done a number on the wood. The wood has become soft and swollen.
Our windows are also a problem - they are made out of all wood and are very drafty. The builder never properly sealed them and did a terrible job painting them. Every few years we have to remove the rot by sanding them, seal them and paint them.
A royal pain and unnecessary cost. The builder could have used stainless steel windows instead which is an industry standard. They chose to cut corners and install cheap, inefficient windows to save a couple of bucks. This is not a luxury builder as they advertise themselves as. The Craftmark brand name no longer holds the reputation it used to. The value of my home has probably also been affected by this.
JMV on 06/29/2013:
Craftmark put Barber and Ross windows in my home and the seals are failing. One room alone is gong to cost me $1200 to repair. Barber and Ross went bankrupt, but I didn't buy from them...I purchased my home from Craftmark, and the first seal failure I noticed was at year six. I am at year eight window seal failure sure...but 50 window seal failures over a few years! A reputable glass repair company is calling it a manufacturer's defect.
Has anyone had any luck with Craftmark honoring repairs of this obvious defect...or is a legal action our only recourse.
I live in Northern VA, Ashburn area.
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