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Craftsman Does Not Back Up Warranty on Lawn Tractors
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WARREN, OHIO -- I bought a Craftsman Lawn Tractor for $1600 from Sears in October 2012. In September 2013, less than a year later (and the tractor sat in a garage for the winter) it quit shifting. The repairman from Sear's came out because I had a 2 year warranty. He said there is a hole in the transaxle and Sears does not cover that under the warranty. He wants $717 to fix it.

Thanks Sears and Craftsman for not honoring your warranty which is the reason I decided to purchase from you.

Never again, BUYER BEWARE! The warranty from Craftsman is not what they promise and they plain and simple do not care about the customer after the purchase is made!

YTS 3000 Major Malfunction
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BETHPAGE, TENNESSEE -- Just purchased a Craftsman YTS 3000 this spring to replace my 11 year old Murray lawn tractor. It performed well during the first mowing. While mowing the yard a second time I noted a vibration. On the third mowing it threw the belt off twice. On the forth attempt to mow my lawn I parked the mower because I noted that the right hand side blade bearing housing was cracked and causing the vibrations. What a disappointment! The Murray had mowed this yard over 300 times with minor problems. The Craftsman didn't survive three.

That's right... three mowings and it is in worse shape than the Murray. Will repair the Craftsman and put it on Craigslist for half what I paid and will take a lot less. Really... this is the best Craftsman can do? Contacted customer support and had a really interesting conversation with a robot named Robert who really wanted to help me find my order. Gads.

Why Craftsman Has gone To The bottom
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I have a Craftsman 16.8 volt Craftsman drill that is about two years old, and the charger simply stopped working. Sears which is now K-Mart told me that they did not repair chargers. They would sell me another for $60 plus shipping.

I paid $99 for the drill, including two batteries and the charger, brand new yet they refused to repair the charger. Without the charger the drill won't work.

Upon opening the charger case I discovered that there is a 4A fuse that was
open (no continuity). That means there is no power to the charger.

It took me about 10 minutes and a $2.00 fuse to fix the item that Sears/K-Mart refuse to consider repairing and only wanted to sell me a replacement after two years of use.

Sears at one time had a good reputation but now that K-Mart is in charge they have the same reputation as K-Mart, which is at about the bottom of the scale of reputable companies.

In my opinion as a person who knows about electronics and hand tools I would never ever buy a product with Craftsman or any other Sears related
name. The quality of their products have deteriorated to a point of being
marginal and the service from the people at Sears has sunk even further.

Buy a better product and stay away from Sears/K-Mart products or services.

Bad lawn mowers
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I am here to tell you how terrible Craftsman products are in my opinion. It never fails that they do not work properly or do what they claim to do. I have owned a lawn mower,snow blower and a weed wacker and all were garbadge. Today I have spent hours trying to cut my grass only to be so furious with all the trouble shooting I had to do that I gave up in despair. The worse part is my lawn mower isn't even three years old. I also had these problems last year as well. The funny thing is my lawn mower is supposed to be a quick start engine and is anything but that. So if you are thinking of buying a new mower,weed wacker,or asnow blower read this first!!!!!

16.8 volt Battery Charger
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GEORGIA -- I have been looking for a 16.8 Battery charger for a cordless drill made by Craftsman. Mine just stopped for no apparent reasons. I replaced 2 of the four components and cannot seem to find the diode or capacitor in my area. The reason for this post is that it is next to impossible to find a replacement charger from Sears. They do not carry in the stores or at least any I have been to (10) If there is any one who has been through this and knows where to get one please reply to this post. Oh by the way it is not the three prong typeit is the post type one on the left and one on the right.

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