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Be aware of this builder - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM
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Stay away from Craftstar Homes, Kenneth Mergner, supposedly their Vice President (of what I have no idea), Lou Karla (sales man), they are all nice and dandy and cooperative, once they sell you the home you become no body. They do not even know who you are !!?? They have this gangster group setup like this. They will give you $8000 if you use their Lender, do not fall for that, they do this so they can control your loan and terms. Then they insist in using their Closing company, Do not use them either, they charge you but they protect the builder, Crooks !! We live in their Rockville (Rock Creek Overlook). The only person that is absolutely an angel in this group is Chris their project manager, he is polite, responsive and responsible. the rest of the gang are scams, rude and unprofessional. stay away, if you have to buy, make sure to have a solid contract, have your own lender and use your own closing company, DO NOT fall for the credits if you use their tools.
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Alain on 10/04/2011:
What is the specific complaint? It's unclear in your review. Can you provide a bit more information, please?
a former employee on 04/27/2012:
If you live in Maryland and your contract was signed after January 1, 2009, you basically have two years from settlement or 4 months after exhausting the home warranty process (so watch your dates!) to file complaints with the Attorney General Builders Guaranty Fund. Do not be bullied by Craftstar.
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Craftstar Homes - BEWARE
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MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- I have just experienced a very frustrating situation with the staff of Craftstar Homes. The sales person was fine and dandy with us till we signed the contract. After that, she never had any time for our questions and numerous times was very rude with is. We have now moved in and the theird day into the house our basement started leaking. We contacted customer service and they sent in the project manager who proceeded to cut our dry wall out, remove all the padding, rip our carpet saying that they would need to dry the area up first. They left their equipment saying they would be back the next day to complete the job. It has been over 2 weeks since this incident and we are still sitting with a hole in the wall! The customer service lady is really good for nothing because all she does is forward messages. If this is a legitimate legal issue then I will most definitely pursue it. All in all, do not fall into their trap. They keep reminding you that they are selling a very good product to you and charge you extra for all sorts of stuff. Once they trap you, there is no end to the way they squeeze you. Buy with any other builder but never with Craftstar.
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Cir777 on 09/15/2010:
I Echo tallguy87's comments. Based on my experience, I wouldn't suggest buying with this company. I'm not a novice to new home construction but my experience with this builder has been the WORST!!!!!!!
NEVER BUY CRAFTSTAR on 05/20/2011:
These guys are right. Nothing but problems since I moved in. Service call after service call. Band aid fix after band aide fix. And then their arrogant snot nose production manager who probably hasn't built so much as a backyard fort much less a TH or SFH, calls and says they're not doing anymore. Thinking about suing them or maybe I can join forces with the folks on the Easter Shore who are suing Craft Mark. Sounds like Craftstar screwed up bigtime over there! Never buy!
diva20 on 09/13/2012:
The worst buyers I have ever come across. The convince you not to use an agent then they shove a contract to you to read and sign. Their catch was, if you don't use an agent we will take some money off, Well that was a lie after I took a first time home buyers class. Its all a way to lock you in. They have been rude, mistreated me and I have invested a lot of money into this property. I cannot stomach to even see their faces. They have conversations with you on the phone and are very rude then they turn around and lie about it. I would NEVER BUY with Craftstar or encourage ANYBODY including my worst enemy to do so. They are CROOKS!!!!!!!
Montgomery County, MD on 09/29/2012:
Prior having my townhouse built, I signed the ratified sales contract with the negotiated price with the Sales Manager. Unfortunately she quit shortly afterwards, and I had to deal with her replacement. What a nightmare!!! First, I was told I had to pay $2,500 extra for upgrades to the tiles in bathrooms, or downgrade the carpeting and carpet padding. Today I received a call from the sales office stating that my upgraded granite counters entered and on the papers are not the ones that I wanted. I had stated to the sales manager 2 months ago that I wanted everything exact like the model home. Before you buy a home that is being built from ground up, I strongly suggest you hire an attorney to go over the paperwork. StarCraft Homes is a total nightmare.
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