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CraigsList "Lies and Deceptions"
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Whistle Blower News: As recently as last Friday, a computer Tech working for CL (remain nameless) had discovered that CL is aware of several severe security leaks and severe flaws in Craigslist Main frame computer and hubs allowing all Hackers and scammers access to customer accounts including all passwords and personal banking information, however, (this is the scary part) allowing scammers total and free access to those customers posting to "personals" ads, mainly in the casual encounters section. What does this mean? Well, about 8-9 months ago Cl was notified by their IT techs and security staff that a severe security breach had been discovered and that hackers and scammers had access to those individuals posting photo's and offering web cam personal erotic encounters "full access" to the customers computer to watch and record the activity taking place on any one individuals personal computer they chose to watch, But from the Craigslist hub! This means that hackers now have full control over the Public computers Through the main frame of Cl using ghost surfing software even though CL executives are aware this is happening.

When asked if the problem should be fixed, executives at CL have put the matter on the "LOW" and excused this breech as a "Fix it later thing"! This Computer tech decided to "MONITOR" the activity themself and low and behold one of the network computers in the building leads to a private office securely locked and is rumored to be the new hangout for top company executives to stream LIVE sex on any one or multiple computers from any customer at any time and what's funny is the hacker is controlling it all without knowing he is also being watched...!

This Computer tech also stated that CL sells it's (what it calls "GARBAGE") to anyone with the right amount of CASH...(that would be all Personal information that is given to CL. This could only mean everything is being done under the eye of Government Internet Regulators without their Knowledge or are they in on it too.

Be careful with Cams and who you share your sexual fantasies with because it's also being watched by CL perverts sitting in an office allegedly protecting your personal information. I would say I expect to see a very large Lawsuit in the near future against Cl for this blatant disregard of a breech and Internet Laws.

Annoying Robocalls
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Rating: 1/51

We have been receiving spoofing phone 07-06-2012 calls 415 366-0200 which we were informed it was Craigslist. The calls starts in the middle of the night and the phone rings every 10 to 15 minutes. We were unable to get any sleep at night that we had to take the phone off the hook. We contacted Comcast, our carrier and they sent 2 emails twice to Craigslist to file a complaint and never heard from them. We even spoke to Comcast Legal Demand Center 866-947-8572 but they recommended for me to block the phone numbers (we are allowed 13) that are giving us a problem because we also are getting other calls but Craigslist is the worst.

We blocked the numbers which was fine for a couple months but ** has started again at 5:45 am and every 20 minutes. Comcast, today, suggested to delete the block number and try to add it again. I did delete and it is added again. Comcast suggested for me to contact the Federal Trade Commission and they will take care of the problem. The other problem numbers are 509 499-4689. 610 495-7754, 610 495-7754, 732 567-7216.

Keyword Spammers on Craigs, ruining search!
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First of all, I love Cragslist. I have bought and sold many items in the true spirit of Craigslist. I have found some very good deals on things I need, and I have provided some very good deals on items that were just taking up my space.

My problem is that keyword spammers are really making it tough to use. I started to notice this in the automotive. I enter a search for a specific model. Let's say for example "Mustang". When I hit search, I found the results would have as many other models as actual Mustangs! In some cases, the invalid results outnumber the real results by a very large margin. This is because too many people bury a list of "key words" or "similar to" in the text of their ad to fool the search function!

Recently, I was shopping for a motorcycle for my wife. We bought one 2 weeks ago. But again, the same problem. Enter KTM and you get a list of Kawasakis, Hondas, etc... Same for a Ducati! Tried finding a cellphone to use to finish out my contract. This is where it is really bad. Enter "Samsung" or "Nokia" and there is no end to the variances you retrieve from the keyword spammers!

The problem is 2 sided. 1. Craigslist doesn't do enough to let people know that this offense should be flagged. 2. The posters need to realize that an effective ad does not need a list of keywords and including a description that isn't what you are selling (someone looking for a Challenger does not want to see a Honda Civic!) It's annoying!

Craiglist now ripping off people
By -

I have dealt with Craigslist for some time now and now they are asking for a phone # every time you place an AD. I only have 1 phone number, so every time I place an Ad where do I get these other numbers from. I am not rich. I have paid for an Ad Posting and in 3 hrs., anyone can get online, go to Craigslist and Flag the Ad. Why? They have no right to do this. Then am told I would get my $25.00 back and don't this is a scam. And they are so concerned about Scammers. PLEASE advise me. someone.

Beware Of Professional Scammers That Use This Web Site
By -

I advertised a car for sale and I got several responses, one was a professional scammer. This my story. I answered all the emails with the details on the car with the information where to contact us and mail payment and phone number plus address. The one I got that had a phone number for me was the scammer. I opened my email today and got a death treat against me and my family, they demanded 3 grand then 5 grand after they gave us the tapes of who wanted us dead. The title of the email was Someone who you think is your friend wants you dead. It had a link you were supposed to lock on and send money which I did not, I sent it to my local authorities.

When I googled the phone number the guy had given me I found it to be a professional scammer according to Google and I am not the first one this person has threatened. The area code is 609-543-2286. This individual goes under many names and addresses, he claimed he was from Vancouver Washington but the phone number is from Burlington New Jersey. Be careful when you are on the Craigslist.

Craig's List Negative Review
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I put an ad on Craigslist to sell my home. I have received 42 requests for investing my money, to buy for less than 1/10 of the value by wholesale companies, job "opportunities", etc... Not ONE serious inquiry! I have asked repeatedly to be taken OFF Craigslist and keep getting emails from them wanting more personal information (which I do NOT give out). How do I get away from all these spammers and OFF Craigslist.

Watch out for SCAMS on CL

Recently, we decided to upgrade from our 10 year old Ethan Allen couch to a nice leather sectional. The Ethan Allen is certainly nice, far too nice to toss or even to donate IMO. Deciding to sell the piece, I took out a free ad on CRAIGSLIST.COM. It's a free website for a variety postings - sell things, buy things, services and even personals all from ordinary folks in towns all across the country.

So I posted my ad, asking 450 and waited for the offers to trickle in. I had a few legitimate queries, and a number of SCAM offers - here's how they work. I get an offer from a person in a distant state telling me they "love" the piece, and have to have it, my asking price is fine. They tell me to pull down my "advert" then they want my home address, phone numbers etc., and they are off to send me a "certified check" of some kind. This price will include my asking price, as well as several hundred dollars "extra" for ME to PAY THE MOVERS when they arrive to take my couch.

As most of you have guessed by now, the hitch is that the check is FAKE, takes a couple of days to NOT clear - they take my couch, and the several hundred dollars I pay them (movers really only take cash) to "move" my couch to the far away state. So then, the check bounces, I'm out not only my Ethan Allen - but also the fee I've paid the "movers" to take my money and couch!

Needless to say, I didn't fall for this obvious sham, but evidently a number of people have been bitten by this and similar ones. I guess the point is take CASH only on any kind of deal and just because a check claims to be certified, you'd better be darn sure it clears your bank before you agree to any shady dealings. PS - the couch sold for a little under 200 - I guess nobody appreciates an "experienced" piece of furniture!

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