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Why haven't we been compensated after purchasing infected fish?
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WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA -- I ordered three fish in early December. When calling to confirm the order mid December, I was informed that they had lost my order. I reordered them and asked for a verbal guarantee that it would be safe to take them home before Christmas. They said if they ordered immediately, there would be enough time to have them quarantined before picking them up. I picked them up on December 23rd. There was a fatality of a fish we had purchased months before on January 3rd, but we didn’t place blame. Later that night, my husband noticed that the new fish were covered with white spots. After some research, he discovered that this was a sign of ich. He immediately picked up some medicine for them. Sadly, two of the three new ones passed away that night. The next morning, we found the third one was deceased, along with three of our other fish. Please note that the new three fish came to us with Ich, and this was acknowledged by the pet store. They later made the excuse that they aren't responsible for whatever the fish "brings in from the wild". We were now at a loss of seven fish, totally over $200.

I immediately typed the letter and sent to Creation Reef. I have documentation of all electronic interactions. They originally offered to sell us the three fish that were infected with ich at store cost, but no other compensation. When questioning if we could purchase all the fish at cost, they added an additional condition that we must purchase unnecessary equipment for our tank at $100, before they would sell us ANY fish. We’ve researched the equipment and been informed that it is not necessary to purchase this equipment to maintain a healthy tank. Similar to what the manager had suggested in one of the early emails, my husband used copper to improve the quality of the tank. However, they insisted that this would not be sufficient for the deal. Over three months later, they continue to refuse service because we haven’t purchased the UV sterilizer, even though we have purchased fish from another store and proven that our tank is safe for new fish.

We were originally willing to accept their offer of purchasing the fish at cost. When attempting to purchase all seven fish that had died as a result of the infection, they added the condition that we must purchase a $100 UV Sterilizer before they would sell us any fish. After months of disagreement, we offered to follow-through with the original offer of purchasing the three Heniochus that were purchased at Christmas, but denied. Now, I'd rather get a refund and take our business elsewhere.
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Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Instead of offering to sell you more fish at cost, with the condition of you purchasing their equipment, I think they should be giving you a full refund and compensating you for the other fish that died as a result of the infected fish.
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Consider buying locally in the future, and verify return/refund policies before committing to purchase.
Mrs.Cole on 04/11/2011:
This is a salt water tank isn't it? Saltwater fish are very very tricky... I'd definitely get that UV sterilizer. You can buy them just about any large aquarium store.

Ich could have been in your tank all along. It's like our bodies we carry all kinds of bacteria and viruses. And when we get stressed the immune system is compromised.
macdave on 04/11/2011:
What sort of guarantee does this store offer? Most places offer no guarantee on saltwater fish. I can see them making the uv sterilizer a condition to helping you replace the fish seeing as ich can live in a tank without any visible indications for a long time and only breaking out when a new or stressed fish is introduced to the tank. If it is still in the tank, then selling you more fish may just be condemning the new fish to an outbreak of ich.
Starlord on 04/11/2011:
I can understand your pain. My mom had a beautiful tank of tropical fish (fresh water), and bought a couple of fish from the Silver Poodle Pet Shop in the Eagledale shopping center, in Indianapolis, IN. Over the next two weeks, she saw over $400 worth of fish go belly up. I don't buy that 'ich could have been there all along,' as mom was a fanatic over the health of her tank.
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I bought most of my fish (saltwater) from Drs Foster and Smith. They provide a guarantee.
Mrs.Cole on 04/12/2011:
Ich is dormant on the fishes body. As soon as fish are stressed the Ich will take hold. It is a parasite that is encapsulated on the fish

Think of it as shingles on humans... the virus is always there. But isn't until the body is compromised that the shingles take hold.

Saltwater tanks are extremely difficult to maintain... they require water tests daily... special food and light requirements. And constant water treatments.
Mrs.Cole on 04/12/2011:
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