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Stay Away from CAG
By -

Don't believe the hype. After enrolling in their program the volume of calls I receive from debt collectors INCREASED exponentially. My guess is creditors are beginning to become aware that these guys are full of BS. CAG will tell you to forward these calls to them, or send them the information to file a complaint with the FTC. Once you do, they send you links to the FTC and/or prompts on what to tell your creditors when they call. Essentially, you end up doing their job for them.

Their customer service is absolutely horrendous. E-mails to them frequently bounce back or go unanswered. In the rare chance that you do hear back from them, it is not for at least a week. This may be acceptable from a creditor, but not from someone who is supposed to be working for YOU. Talking to them on the phone is even worse; they treat you just like those awful credit collectors. Their disdain for your situation and concerns is clearly apparent.

Once they have a few payments, they quickly change. If you try and cancel and get your money back, they inform you of "service fees" that just happen to total the sum of your payments to them. I've worked with the following reps at CAG and all have been awful: **.

In the time since I've signed up for debt settlement with CAG I've received several debt settlement offers from my creditors. They mostly range from 40-60% off of my total debt. I personally negotiated one down to just under 40% and am working on the others. Debt settlement is a hot topic at the moment. Do your research online and buy a book or two at Borders. Don't pay CAG for something you can do yourself. Save yourself the headaches!

Debt Help. Very Impressed.
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I went online and put my information in to be contacted about these debt help options. I was contacted by several different companies including this company. The rest of the companies were very pushy and tried to make me enroll immediately. Credit Alliance Group however left a view voicemail that showed me different sites to go to that way I could compare my debt help options. I'm glad to know that there are companies out there like this who are truly there to help and point you in the right direction whether it benefits them or not.

I went with this company solely on their honesty alone and I have been with them ever since, for about a year now, and I have no complaints. They are always there to answer my phone calls and are very helpful. Thanks again guys.

Terrible Results and Customer Service

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Due to financial burdens, I contacted Credit Alliance Group in April of 2006. After several conversations and a positive contract presentation I began working with CAG in July. Before contacting them, my credit was immaculate, but pending troubles were surfacing. CAG instructed me to stop making payments and after three months, companies would charge off the accounts and CAG would send a letter of engagement stating they were representing me for account settlement.

Due to a lack of contact, two companies initiated lawsuits starting in March. But I continued paying my fees for service, hoping my contract would be honored. Since March I have experienced wage garnishments, bank levies and court appearances. None of my accounts were settled for the proposed 40-50% of original amount owed. When actually, this entire process cost me money and resulted in severely tarnished credit, in addition to unbearable stress and embarrassment. To make matters worse, I spent countless hours fielding correspondence with my creditors since CAG did not represent me as contracted.

I have been in contact with Credit Alliance Group multiple times to reach a mutual contract agreement, but managers are unwillingly to work with me and will not return correspondence. I would love to share with you a warm, fuzzy testimonial of satisfaction CAG has plastered on their website. But this has been a nightmare and should be heeded as a warning. I have never experienced such poor product/service quality and customer service in my life. Please do not make the same mistake as me.

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Credit Alliance Group
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214-329-9182 (ph)
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