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Cricket Sucks And They Steal You Blind
By -

MONTANTA -- I bought a cell phone and an unlimited plan from Cricket Wireless. The phone came on a Thursday night the 24th of June. The phone was refurbished phone. It did not work and so on Friday when I called in and talked to someone they said I had to take it to any Cricket store and they would program it for me. I looked up one on the internet. I went there after work and waited for 45 minutes only to have them tell me that I would have to go to the main office which was about 20 minutes away. So on Saturday I went there and just to talk to someone the wait was 2-3 hours.

I had another appt and so did not get back to the main store until the 10th of July all this time not being able to use my phone. When I went in the lady at the counter programmed my phone and said she would put a note on my account because on the 22 they were going to want payment for the next month. So on the 22nd they send me a text to pay my bill. I registered on their website and tried to pay the bill with my ATM card. I was kicked off several times. So I tried calling them several times and got only a recording. Finally I went back online and gave them my account info so they could do a direct payment, as I hit submit it knocked me off again. So I said oh well.

I did try to call periodically the rest of the month and on to the next month. So all of a sudden the 20th of July they decided to take the money out of my checking account for the full 2 months. When I called them they just said "well there is no notes at all and I am sorry you had so much trouble but basically there is nothing we can do." So then I said "fine I want to turn my phone off but I want to wait until the end of the month." They turned it off that same exact day. I tried to dispute it with my bank but they won out. I will never use this company again and will tell all my friends and family and have all my friends and family tell their friends and family never never to use this company.

Cricket Wireless: For Those with the Patience of a Saint
By -

It's too bad you can't rate lower than a 1. I activated my Boost phone yesterday, did it all online, and was done in 5 minutes. I got my daughter a cheap Cricket phone to use with their $25 a month service advertised on their website. When I tried to activate online it said I needed to call them. So I called the number it said to. After being on hold for over ten minutes the person I spoke with told me I needed to talk to customer service and to call a different number. I did that. Sat on hold. Talked to a service representative who said I was at the wrong department and transferred me to the wireless department.

That person said they didn't offer the $25 a month plan anymore, but offered a $30 a month one. However, the $25 one included unlimited long-distance/voice, text, and caller-ID. The $30 plan was just unlimited voice/ID. I asked why the $25 service was still advertised on their website and literally pulled up the site and read it off to her.

She checked my zip code and said it was suddenly available, but she'd have to transfer me to another department to have the phone cleared and then they would transfer me back to her and she would finish it up. So I'm transferred again and this person says they no longer offer the $25 a month plan and the other representative didn't know what she was talking about.

She transferred me (YET AGAIN!!!) to someone else who told me the $25 plan was no longer available. After going through yet the same explanation as before he checked my zip and said whoops, it is available, but I'd need to be transferred to the department I was transferred to two transfers ago. I think the actual job of the Cricket reps isn't to help people, but to put them into an infinite loop of transfers so that they get frustrated and just give up. That's what I did. I returned the phone and will just set my daughter up on Boost as well. Reminds me of two things I've always been told: 1. You get what you pay for. 2. Indians are incredibly difficult to understand.

Would Not Recommend Cricket to Anyone
By -

I signed up for Cricket less than a month ago and deeply regret it. The refurbished cell phone that they said should work just fine, and I could return for a 100% refund within 30 days if I didn't like it, did not work (people could not hear me well when I spoke into the cell phone). After countless phone calls to customer support (which is not located in the U. S., as admitted by one of the reps) with different recommendations from each representative (including driving 30 minutes to a corporate office in Reno, that, by the way, does not answer its phone or return calls) here is where I am.

I have spent an additional $125 purchasing a phone that works (full price) from a local Cricket franchise store, including a $15 ESN fee to activate the new phone, that replaces the original phone that does not work. Cricket will not credit me the $15. $3 is all that one representative offered!

I cannot access my online bill. No one can tell me why. The phone system does not recognize my date of birth when I call in for customer support. No one can tell me why. One representative even asked me to call them back because their system was down for maintenance.

I had to spend at least an hour on the phone having Cricket remove a different $15 ESN charge that I did not authorize and that did not resolve my issue during one of my many previous service calls to them. Cricket will charge me any used minutes on my defective phone if I return it, which was not disclosed when I purchased it. So, I am stuck with a defective Samsung phone -- DO NOT purchase their refurbished phones!

At this point, I don't trust Cricket and don't even like the fact that they have access to my credit card and birthdate info for my account. Bottom line -- I have used both T-Mobile (personal use) and Verizon (business use) with no issues. I switched to Cricket because their pricing seemed great. Now I wish I would have stuck with my past service providers, and I do plan on switching back to them within the next year after I've recouped some of my losses with Cricket.

Cricket Wireless False Advertisement Is Criminal
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Cricket Wireless advertises one month free cellphone service to get you to buy a Cricket phone and cellphone plan, but that is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. They bill in 21 day cycles and by the time you get your phone through the mail (if you buy it from their websites) and get the phone activated, your free month is gone. And, you have to fight for those few days that you do get any credit to your bill. Out of a thirty five dollar cellphone bill, I got six dollars credit for one month free service. That's pitiful, and all the service for that month was horrible.

Every month, my service is deactivated and I get a recording on my phone to call customer service at 611 and wait thirty minutes to talk to some guy in India who can't speak English and try to explain why my phone don't work, which I have no idea, since Cricket is the one who turned it off for no reason. After several phone calls and two days later, I had to re-activate my phone.

Sometimes when I call other people, they tell me my caller ID says I am someone else. What is really happening is that they are double selling phone service, like AT&T and SW Bell used to do with party lines (remember them?). Now, it's happening with cellphones. More than one person has your cellphone number and that's why the phone service is so lousy and tied up all the time. You get this recording that the circuits are all busy, well they are, because more than one person is on your cellphone line with your cellphone number.

Cricket is paying off somebody to get away with all this because it's illegal. AT&T just got caught selling high speed internet and routing all the customers to slow internet instead. I got three dollars xx credit to my internet bill for it from the class action suit. Whoopee... That's a drop in the bucket and not worth the hassle of what I went through with their lousy internet service... Cricket should be prosecuted for their Deceptive Trade Practices and False Advertisements. But, you know what Barnum and Bailey Circus said about their out and out lies (Come see the half wolf-half human boy) sort of stuff... A SUCKER IS BORN EVERYDAY. It made them RICH.

Cricket Wireless Worst Service Available, No Customer Service
By -

We purchased a Cricket phone and service in November 2009. The payment was due on the 25th of each month. We paid by the 25th of each month and each and every month I had to call to reinstate the service because of non-payment. I had to send them the cancelled check as proof every month. So, in March 2010 I decided to use my credit card to pay, so it would be an instant payment. Didn't work, they still kept sending reminders that the payment had not been received.

They took the money out of my credit card account on April 22nd, 2010 and disconnected service on Monday, April 26, 2010. When I called to just cancel the ** service, they asked if they could please go over my account and see where the problem was. I was on the internet with my account up on the screen at the same time. The idiot told me that I had been late since January and that I was paying the month before with each payment I made. This is ridiculous because if you are 1 day late, actually change that, if you don't make the payment on the due date, they suspend your service.

So, the idiot either didn't know what she was looking at or bald faced lied to me. I told her that she was making me more and more mad trying feed me this line of BS and to cancel the account. I was not nice about it. Use Boost Mobile, it's more reliable, more phones to choose from and no BS from their Customer Service. They are actually helpful. Cricket is the worst service and even worse customer service. I hope they rot in hell. Anyone want to start a class action against them. I still have to get a refund of the money they took from my credit card and then cancelled the service. Complete idiots, that is all I can say about them.

By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Last year I purchased a phone over the internet through Cricket. I was told I would get a rebate. I ask what do I need to do to get it, was told nothing, that the paperwork would be with my phone when I received it. Of course when I got my phone the paperwork was not with it. So I waited three or four week and when I still did not receive anything I called. I was then told that it was too late to get the rebate because I was supposed to fill out something over the internet when I purchase the phone.

Of course I was not told this when I purchase the phone so I did not get my rebate. Then a couple of months ago I started receiving text messages saying I needed to pay 1.25$. I thought it must be a mistake. About three weeks ago I received another text stating if I didn't pay it my phone would get turned off. So I paid it. That was on a Monday. By Friday I am driving home and decide to make a call and my phone is off. So I try to call customer service and of course cannot reach anyone. But the automated system tells me I owe 11.00 now and once I pay it my phone will be turned back on.

So after 3 hours of trying to reach them, I paid it. They still did not turn my phone on so I called again and the automated system told me I had to pay for two months of service in advance before they would turn my phone back on. I was so mad that I went and got service through another carrier. But I was curious so I went to their office to find out what was going on. I was told that when I called to pay my bill their computer system did not deduct the full amount out of my account. "Whose fault is that. Not mine" I told her.

I then said that is not true because they would have turned my phone off a long time ago. Then I was told I still had to pay for the two months. "Ha, Ha" I told her. I have service with a company where if there is a problem I can at least reach someone. That is my story. Cricket Yes is cheap but you also get cheap service.

Nothing but scammers.
By -

I re-activated my Cricket account a few days ago hoping to port my cell phone number to Cricket. Well, because I was a returning customer I had to pay my first months service up front. I then get home from the Cricket store and call customer service to have my number ported only to wait on hold for 20 minutes and be told that my number can't be ported due to it not being from a Cricket coverage area.

When you go to Cricket's website there is no way of checking to see if a number is portable or not prior to signing up. So I was very frustrated at the fact that I lost $75 dollars with the services plus tax and fees plus a re-activation fee. So I go back to the Cricket store and brought my receipt from 3 days ago only to be told I would have to call customer service to get a refund and cancel service ‘cause that's not a corporate store. So after hearing that I wasted yet another trip to the mall I was just about to punch the guy who was working there.

So I head back home angry and call customer service to ask for a refund only to be told I had to go back to the cricket store and the sad thing is the lady kept insisting I go to the store when there is no corporate store in the town that I live in. She also kept telling me the only thing she could do is process my request for cancellation. Then she pretended to go get her boss and hung up on me.

So now I'm to the point of pulling a Mona Shaw and going back to the store and start breaking their stuff. So then I called the corporate office and got denied my refund there as well. The guy told me that because I had already paid for the service that there would be no way for me to get a refund. So I finally had it and cussed him out and called the executive guy a worthless piece of **.

In closing I would never recommend this company to anyone. If you are planning on returning to cricket stay far away. Cheaper is not always better. If you want high quality cheaper phone service it's non-existent in cell phone companies. That's all I have.

Cricket Wireless Slamming And Less Service For More Money! Can't Get Thru To Their Tech Support In Philippines
By -

HOUSTON/HUMBLE, TEXAS -- I had Cricket in 2007 at $25 a month and continued with it till yesterday when they changed the plan! I did not change it. In 2007 I had voice mail, call forwarding, 3 way, unlimited 411, unlimited long distance and unlimited calls and paid $43 and change per month, now in Feb 2009 I got another better phone (by the way the one the store sold me as new was refurbished and never held a charge more than a few hours). That store is no longer open.

In February 2009, I purchased a Samsung phone and it came with a camera and web and email as added to it and that is when I paid a little more for the bill which was lower than $43 a month and now became $43 a month. I also had insurance on the phone.

Yesterday May 6, 2009, I lost my email, they do not have unlimited 411 and I cannot make unlimited long distance and they are charging me $73 plus change! I have filed a complaint with the FCC and hope they straighten this mess out. Fraudulent practices are an issue along with the fact the manager on the net was supposed to escalate this and so was the manager in the store in Houston and it is service now that is less than what I had for more money!

I understand Leap is the parent company of Cricket and fax to leap is ** or ** (sorry can't read my writing but their phone is **. I could not finish the call as the message on my cricket phone said I did not have enough money in my account to make the call! So FCC get busy and get these!!! Thank you.

Plus you cannot get to tech support on my phone as it is a loop that says they are busy and keeps going around in circles and when they send you an email that says your plan is changed if you did not make the change call or email and you can't get them as you call and you get the same recorded message with no live person so I pictured a text message and it went through saying, no I did not agree to a $73 a month charge and any rate plan changes!!!

Cricket ZTE Chorus phone is a Lemon!
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Rating: 2/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased a ZTE Chorus phone less than a month ago. Got the phone on Christmas eve. I have had nothing but trouble with the phone. For starters, the phone will not hold a charge for more than seven hours. The ad at "mycricket.Com" for the phone lists in its features, "voice activated dialing". However, after speaking to tech. Support, I was told that I would have to take the phone to a "corporate store" to have this feature programmed into the phone.

When I got to the corporate store, they told me there was no way they could program the phone to make that feature work. Also the phone does not have a way to turn the GPS tracking on for "911" only, so the phone is constantly using up battery power broadcasting my location, even when not dialing "911". The battery charger access door is a pain to get open. Would not be a problem, if it did not need to be charged three times a day. This phone is a real lemon. Avoid it like the plague.

Be Careful of How Much Money is in Your Account
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Rating: 2/51

I was on a $55 per month paygo plan, and on the 1st of each month Cricket would take $55 out of my account to pay for another month of service. At the end of August I put $110 in my account to pay for September and October - just because I always feel better when I have extra money in an account; however, on 9/27 I called to cancel my service and receive the $55 remaining in my account. No dice. Once you put money in your account, it is theirs. They do not give refunds, even for service you never receive, and this information is nowhere to be found in the literature I received when I signed up with them.

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