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Cricket Rebate Scam
Posted by Jburnie on 11/10/2013
NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- Cricket promises a $200 Visa card rebate on a $299 phone. Great deal, right? Only problem is they tell you close to the end of the program that you didn't send all the correct info, rebate denied and it's too late to resend the info. We sent all the correct info, witch they admitted, but it's too late to get the rebate now. The phone's OK but I damn sure wouldn't buy a phone for that much. All I need it for is a phone, and the camera is nice but that is stupid expensive for a phone if you don't use it for internet, etc. I'm not the only scam victim I know of, no one I no has gotten a rebate form Cricket. "Sorry we can't help you" Translation tough shit, you lose.

Next stop BBB and Attorney General's office.
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Suck Suck Suck
Posted by Jancallicutt on 08/07/2013
I didn't use my phone for the month of July. Paid for August on the first. You took my money and then cut my phone back off. I was robbed!!! You guys are thieves! What a horrible way to treat your customers!
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Posted by EnoughDisaster on 2013-09-16:
Guess I am not the only one. Paid from January to June, the time I didn't pay July I didn't think was a big deal for a "pre-pay" carrier so I went in to pay my August bill and everything was fine, I then began to think why my job wasn't calling me.. Turns out the thieves of Cricket had shut my service off.. Horrible experience with these hoodlums.
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Bad Customer Service, Order Off Internet
Posted by 05a63884 on 08/03/2013
LEES SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- When I ordered my phone from the call representative near by, they told me that once I get my phone it'll be ready to use. Once I got my phone, I read the introductions and it told me I need to keep it charged over night. We'll I did so, and I continued the activation instructions. Activation unsuccessful.

I called the customer service (located in India!!!) And they kept on saying um okay yes yes okay [snip] stupid [snip]. They told me that they cannot activate it and told me to go to the nearby store. I did that and the store even told me they cannot even activate it and I need to go to a corporate store located 45 minutes. I told them[snip] that, that is stupid and I want to return my phone.

I've asked these people to go get their supervisor and they kept on saying "I am looking for one" but keeps on picking up the phone every minute to see if I'm still here.

Do not use cricket wireless, worthless [snip] company which their customer service is in India. All store reps are foreigners!
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I'm an Employee of Cricket. I'm Warning You.
Posted by Foreverrrxxoo on 07/24/2013
I am a salesperson for Cricket Wireless and I warn you to never buy a phone from them. I'm quitting my job because I can't lie to people anymore. I have no faith in these products and all they want us to tell you are lies. Do not waste your money. It's cheap but thats because you'll never get what you pay for. Take my advice and stay far far away from this company. They will scam you.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-07-25:
You sound very disgruntled and now you're posting a negative review about your employer. I am a satisfied Cricket customer using the HTC 0ne phone. Unlimited voice, text and internet for $45 bucks a month with no contract. Yes they throttle you back (like most carriers) when using the internet. This is not important to me. Call clarity is good with very few dropped calls. Compared to T-Mobile, who I was stuck with for 2 years, this is an improvement. If you're not happy working there move on. It's never a good idea to trash your current employer.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-25:
Its never a good idea to trash your current employer IF THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
Posted by disappointed on 2013-08-06:
If you happy with cricket try going to one of many states where u will be roaming. No phone service unless you pay roaming charges by the minute.
Posted by disappointed on 2013-08-06:
Telling the truth is not trashing your employer.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Karlepperson on 05/06/2013
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Being a Cricket customer since its inception in Chattanooga TN approx. 20 yrs. I have decided to switch to AT&T wireless service. Cricket does offer good phone service overall but if you have to deal with service dept. forget it.

I have paid bill many times on time only to have service cut off. Today was the last straw 5/6/13. Waiting for Cricket to turn phone back on after bill was paid on time yet again. When they do will call AT&T and get good customer service like I get with my internet service through them!!!
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Posted by delorescolr on 2013-09-23:
Very bad nothing but trouble only had phone 2 months people cant here me charger not working i habe 2 year waranty i feel u should replace it very unhappy 317 717 6686
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I Love Cricket Wireless
Posted by Mirandaroach10 on 09/12/2012
I wouldn't ever recommend any other cell phone service other than Cricket wireless! Its NO contracts, and the lowest service out there besides Wal-mart brand phones. There are actual stores to go into Nation wide. Cricket is wonderful and if your shopping for cell phone service, they should be the first to check out!!
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-09-13:
Excellent timing on your post. Three weeks ago I went to Cricket and purchased their top of the line phone, the Huawei Mercury. Yeah I never heard of it either but it got excellent reviews, especially from CNet. Fast processor, 8 MP camera with full video, strong battery, large screen with good resolution and all the bells & whistles Honestly it's a great phone but the Cricket Network sucks.

The very first day the problems started. Dropped calls, low volume on the high setting, screeching sounds, voice echo and mumbled voice clarity. It's horrible. They advertise $55.00 a month with unlimited voice, text and data. What they don't tell you is the data is throttled back to a crawl after the first few 100 MB's of usage. Okay I can live with that, I don't use much data. What I do care about is reliability, no drop calls, good voice quality and no echos & screeching in the background.

Conclusion: I was excited to try this carrier but they failed. They sell quality products but their network is horrible. I will be returning the phone for a full refund.
Posted by disappointed on 2013-08-06:
Don't try to use out of state unless you r ready to pay extra money for roaming
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Posted by Larry noble on 08/25/2012
If anyone has a Cricket phone and you are just 15 miles south or south/east of Cincinnati, you better not have an emergency! You will not have any service what so ever. And Cricket does not seem to care! I hope this helps someone make a good decision on their future phone service.
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Horrible Cell Phone Service Would Like to Get a Refund
Posted by Cletuspippin6 on 04/05/2012
Simple and sweet. DON'T GET SERVICE ANYWHERE other than that just the same as the rest of the cell phone company's thieves!!!!!!!
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Misinformation and No Refund
Posted by Bri.mastrilli on 02/11/2012
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I got the ZTE Chorus Muve music phone online from myCricket.com, I called and got the phone activated and was told the only plan available was the $45 plan even though the website states the $55 muve music plan only works for this phone. I believed him and went with the $45 plan and not only did I not have access to my music feature I ran out of minutes in 2 weeks. I called and was told that the $55 plan works for that phone so I put $55 on the phone, still no music feature and I called the automated system to check on when I had to put more money on and was told I was on the $45 plan and had $9.45 extra on my acct. I called and was told that the $55 plan isn't available in my area even though you have to put your zip code in to see available phones and plans in my area. I was told they don't offer refunds, I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold for 35 min, I hung up, called back, was placed on hold for another 10 min, hung up and called back and finally got transferred to a supervisor and was told per terms and conditions they don't offer refunds. Ridiculous!!
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The Best Cell Phone/Service I ever had
Posted by Thoughtsnviews on 07/12/2011
I have been with Cricket Wireless cell phone service since the beginning of 2007 and would NEVER use or recommend any other wireless phone service.

Prior to Cricket I had used Virgin Mobile, Cingular, and other services. For one thing I could never hear or be heard while on calls, I never had service or bars on my phone, I always had to buy more minutes or talk at certain times like nights or weekends, and was locked in to a contract! Once I switched to Cricket I cannot for the life of me see why I still hear my friends complaining about how they get no service in this or that place, or they are running out of minutes, or only get a certain amount of texts, or how the bill is so high, or how they can't switch phones because they are locked in for two more years! Seriously?? I tell everyone I know, just go with Cricket and you will always have service, bars, and be able to hear the other person crystal clear 99% of the time. You will make and receive unlimited U.S. calls and texts, local or long distance anytime time of the day or day of the week! You will also get unlimited internet access, and never be locked in to a contract. I pay just $60 a month (includes insurance on the phone) for all this. It baffles me why anyone would deal with any other cell wireless company with their contracts, no service or bars anywhere, limited minutes/texts/internet, and poor call quality.

I suggest everyone uses Cricket, I honestly don't know how the other wireless companies even stay in business when Cricket is so readily available and so clearly superior.
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