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Have Rodents? Avoid Critter Control
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- We hired Critter Control to rid our house of rats, which we discovered shortly after we moved in. To make a long story short, we had a horrendous time with this company. Not only did they fail to solve our rat problem, it actually became much worse after we hired them. They did very shoddy, poor work.

But that wasn't the biggest problem. After hiring them, we soon realized that they were running a real scam operation.

Critter Control charged us large "monthly maintenance fees" PLUS extra fees every time that they caught a rat in one of their traps. After a while, we realized that they didn't have any incentive to prevent the rats from getting into our house. Why? Because they wanted to catch more rats and thus get extra fees from us.

If the rats disappeared from our property, they would have seen reduced revenue. Therefore, they let the problem go on as long as possible, until they had gained as much as they could from us, then they moved on to the next poor sucker.

Avoid Critter Control at all costs. They're a scam outfit. Please don't be taken in by them.

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madconsumer on 12/10/2008:
for a few dollars, Home Depot can sell you rat poison. only bad part of poisons is, pets and children are at risk. of course the poison can be hiden in place kids nor pets could get to.
old fart on 12/10/2008:
I've been in the pest control business 30 years until I retired... rodent control is one of the easiest do-it-yourself project that a home owner can do... good old fashioned spring traps baited with peanut butter is a deadly combination along with eliminating entry point gaps in construction... Opening should be sealed with metal...
use plenty of spring traps spaced 20 to 30 feet apart along walls an runways... rats like to have contact with surfaces for security and if the run has been used for a long time, you will see greasy streaks alone walls and baseboards where they have run... that's a great place for traps..Any opening bigger than a HALF INCH is big enough to let a rat in...

If you need professional help, look for a company that is advertised as a COPESAN company...they will be part of a network of good, medium size companies that are known for good legitimate practices..

Do yourself a favor... avoid baits if you have children or pets and even if you don't, baits will kill varmints but there's no guarantee that they won't crawl into some wall void or inaccessible space and die, leaving you a horrendous smell to deal with....

BTW, don't worry about handling the traps, rats are totally used to the human smell, as a matter of fact, the more you handle them, the better... when you place the traps, place them PERPENDICULAR to the wall with the baited end closest to the wall..

Hope this helps and if you need more help contact me by e-mail through my blog...
old fart on 12/10/2008:
Jsoy.. I looked up the "Copesan" company in your area and it is..... Sprague Pest Solutions,2725 PACIFIC AVE TACOMA WASHINGTON
800-272-4988....They will be able to give you more advice from one of their local branches...
Anonymous on 12/10/2008:
I wish I could vote you 'helpful' OF!
You've done everything but drive out there and kill those rats yourself!
old fart on 12/10/2008:
LOL C2O.. thank you...

Jsoy... the address for Sprague Pest solutions is
2005 E. Madison ave.
Seattle WA
ph- 425-454-2623
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