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Cross Country Bank credit card change its name to Applied Card Bank
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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I've read the complaints and reviews about Cross Country Bank credit card and I thought I had stirred far from obtaining one. Unfortunately, I made a mistake of applying for a credit card from a company named Applied Card Bank which I had learned from a friend that Cross Country Bank changed its name to Applied Card Bank, soon enough all the added fees started filing up and as a result I called this company and closed the account. The rep I spoke with wouldn't take no for an answer and was threathening me that if in the near future I decide to re-open the account that I would get an exta $50.00 charge to my account just for doing so. I assured the rep that I would not make another mistake of re-opening such credit card from an awful crooked credit card company like Cross Country Bank also known as Applied Card bank and fyi this credit card company charges an extra 29.99% on cash advances even though no cash advances were ever made. It's another way of adding extra fees to your account.
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Save your money, do not get this card!
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I made the mistake of getting this secured credit card about 6 months ago. I have lost A LOT of money due to fees and services. Get ready to pay:
$30 lost card fee
$16 online payment fee
$12 phone payment fee
$10 monthly service fee
There are more fees as well, I cannot remember them all!
Add the application fee and acceptance fees!
If you mail them a check for over $100.00, it WILL NOT be credited to your account until 2-3 weeks have past. This was the most unbelievable, deceitful, and costly bank experience I have ever had.
On top of these aspects, the customer service is not concerned, nor shows any value toward your account(s).
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Slimjim on 01/30/2005:
Cross Country is a sub prime lender, offering a card when most won't. Their fees are some of the worst. Partly because they need to hedge against their high risk portfolio. Partly due to its either them or no one for some people. If you can get another lender to offer you a line, transfer the balance and be done with them. If you can't, wou'll have to stay with them till your credit is improved enough to work with a fairer institution. You have a secured line, which is a credit builder, Use it lightly, pay on time, and not all at once. Monthly payments help establish credit better than paying in full on any balance.
tander on 01/30/2005:
Capital One also lets you build up your credit
CAMedWmn on 04/12/2005:
Unfortunately, there are plenty like them willing to issue "credit" cards to those who cannot otherwise get them for whatever reason. This is one case where "buyer beware" is very important.

I almost signed up for the card, but I had the good sense to read the entire contract, pulling out a magnifying glass to review the fine print. Once I read the contract in its entirety, I said "thanks but no thanks" and tossed it in the trash. One can get a debit card from their bank that is just as valid as any other VISA or MasterCard when it comes to purchases, saving hundreds in fees annually over Cross COuntry and others like them.

Cross Country's fees are steep, but with good reason I suppose. After all, they target only those with serious credit issues who cannot obtain a needed credit card by any other means. Credit limits are usually low to begin with, until you get established with them. All those fees and charges are used to offset bad debt incurred by those with no intention of paying off their debts.
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Credit Reporting
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I had a Cross Country account which had gone into default. I finally had the funds to pay off and close the account. I sent Cross Country a check and I thought they would report to the credit agencies that the account was resolved and closed. They did not. Six months later I am still trying to get them to report to the credit bureaus. Cross Country says they sold the account and I have to contact a collection agency for resolution. I think they are pussy footing. Their name is on my credit report, NOT the agency. If this is not resolved in 30 days I will pursue legal action.
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 05/19/2004:
You can contact your local credit bureau, show them the receipt/check and they can do an investigation on your behalf. Once it's proved you're right, the credit bureau will remove the negative report.
bill on 05/19/2004:
Good advice Melissa except you should not say "the credit bureau will remove the negative report". The credit bureau will show that the account is now paid in full, but it will also show that at one time the account was in default(R9).
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