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Cross Country Home Protection...Beware!!
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WHITEHOUSE, TEXAS -- After a year with another home protection plan (without complaint) I made the foolish decision to switch to Cross Country. My ac went out in Oct. of 2008 and I called to get it repaired. After a week-long wait the tech came but my directions were either not given to him or were ignored. I am a school teacher and could not get home until 3:30. The tech arrived at 2:30 and he left a note taped to my front door saying "I was here at 2:30 but no one was home." I was still teaching 30 students at 2:30. He never called back and the ac unit was not repaired. The weather cooled down and being extremely busy I let it go until spring when it started getting warm. I called back and again, it was over a week before someone showed up. The tech came from almost 2 hours away (no local company would take the job and come to find out it is because of Cross Country's lack of timely payment or lack of payment period.) The man promptly fell through the ceiling of my garage. He said I needed a new coil and it would take 5 days to get it. He also said I could pay $130 for a temporary fix. I called Cross Country to explain the situation and given the headache this has been and to see if they would take care of it. Not only would they not take care of it, they decided that this job would not be covered at all because of some corrosion on a connecter part. The coil was clean and the ac man specifically said that it was not a maintenance issue. The CC supervisor informed that things should have been cared for last fall but the contract says corrosion is not covered. So, I still have a hot house and a huge hole in my garage and to add injury to insult, I still had to pay the tech $60 service fee. What "service" did I get? The reps and supervisors are all good at apologizing for the inconvenience but totally lack the ability to take any responsibility for their company's lame practice of doing business. I cancelled my policy and will look for a more reputable home warranty company.
I feel like I should have a refund of every penny I paid these people. Do not be fooled into believing their slick promotional material!

Still hot in Texas
Cross Country Home Warranty/Total Protect
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FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Our mortgage company Wachovia/Wells Fargo recommended this company after our 1 year home builders warranty ran out. We have been paying our premium to them for 1 year now wit no problems or any claims until May 2010. I am deployed in Iraq at the time and returned home for a 2 week R&R on 03 Jun 2010. On 07 Jun 2010 we began havin A/C issues with no previous claim filed for A/C issues. It was 86 degrees in my home at wake up 0600 and 90 degrees at nightfall until 3am in the morning. This is with the thermostat being set at 70 degrees. That's how things were when I was home for 2 week R&R and still now. The warranty company has dropped us as of 25 Jun 2010 for further & future A/C repairs and refusing to do any further repairs on our system since the A/C repair man/contractor of Artic Air that has been sent is stating that the problem is due to faulty installation on the builders behalf. I do not know the name of the builders as of yet, but we are residents of Villages of Westgate located in Fort Mitchell, Alabama. We have contacted an attorney and they have instructed us to find out if others are having problems with their system. Also, while the A/C tech was at our home, there were 2 residents that stopped at our home and requested that he go check their system because they are having similar problems. We are researching it further to see how many residents are having the same problem. We have only been in a brand new home for 1.5 years. This should not be happening. In the meantime, we have had to take my mother-in law to the emergency room 2 times since this started with pressure attacks due to the extreme heat. She is 73 years old and not in perfect health. We are her care takers as she is our dependent. We are going to start with our attorney. But I plan to get media attention drawn to this situation if necessary. In the meantime stay away from Cross Country Home Warranty/Total Protect services as a home warranty company. You should also research buying a home in Villages at Westgate sales office before buying a home there. Speak to other residents in the sub-division before doing the closing. If you want an honest Real Estate Agent, please contact me through this post so I can recommend her. Our agent is working with us trying to resolve the issues. It isn't an absolute that she assist us 1.5 years after the closing of the home. But she is diligently working with us to try to guide us in the right direction to resolve the issue.
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