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An Unfortunate Situation Handled Poorly
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MILLBROOK, NEW YORK -- When I chose to take a vacation, after years of putting it off, I researched my options and chose what I believed to be a reliable equestrian touring company. I booked and paid for the vacation I desired, the only one of the many they offered that I had an interest in. I, and a friend I was traveling with, purchased airline tickets for our much-anticipated adventure. We went on a fairly expensive shopping trip to fulfill the requirements of their packing list. I paid a babysitter 3 days a week for a month and a half so that I could ride out in the tack that would be used on the trip.

Two weeks before the trip I was contacted by a perky representative who informed me that my vacation had been cancelled due to a falling-out between CCI and the resort. I was offered another trip in CA with a wildly inferior itinerary which would not be offered on the same date, necessitating airline change fees, which also required a week long car rental and the purchasing of dinner every night, compared with the all-inclusive I had booked. A more expensive, less enjoyable vacation which didn't fit my schedule, or a refund.

A subsequent email from CCI regretted if this had "caused me any inconvenience". A headache is an inconvenience, having to lose plane fare, purchases, and misc expenses is being screwed. No offer was ever made to try to compensate me, my friend, or the many others who were dumped by CCI. On the contrary, we were threatened that if we tried to book independently with the resort, CCI would not give us a refund, a completely illegal tactic.

CCI's job is to guarantee their vendors and make sure their customers have the trip of a lifetime. Not only did they fail to make that happen, they made no attempt. After some badgering, I received a refund to my credit card. I never received a formal apology from them or even the hard copy of the refund that they swore was "in the mail". Steer clear of this very poorly run company.

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