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Crossroads Music Has a New Name.
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LEBANON, INDIANA -- I too had a problem with It wasn't for much money but they still owe me a shipping refund that they agreed to pay after they wanted proof that I had paid them for a metronome that I bought on eBay. Of course they were disorganized and I had to send a copy of my canceled check which cost me money to do. I did finally receive the item but never my shipping reimbursement. I have found them. They are still in Lebanon Indiana. Tell the IN attorney General's office and nail them. It is hardly worth the trouble for me but I would be very satisfied seeing them be in trouble for the other problems that they have caused.

At least call them at all hours of the night and harass them on their toll-free number. Here is the information that I found. I called the number and someone answered and told me that they are indeed in Lebanon IN. Here is everything that I found on them so far: Phone 317-493-8036, Toll Free 888-883-1412, OPEN 24/7,,,

Buyer Beware... Crossroads Music Is a Rip-Off Artist
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LEBANON, INDIANA -- On 12/10/06 I purchased a Harmonica on-line from Crossroads Music as a Christmas present for my husband. When it arrived via USPS it had been crushed, due to the harmonica not being packaged correctly by Crossroads Music. The harmonica came in a small Manila envelope with no protection whatsoever (i.e. no bubble wrap, no packing peanuts).

On 12/26/06, my husband called Crossroads Music and spoke to David Robbins (the owner) and explained to him that the harmonica was damaged. At that time, my husband asked that a replacement be sent to him. My husband was told that there were 100+ orders in front of ours and it could be weeks before he could send us one. We did not want to wait for weeks for the replacement; therefore, David instructed my husband to ship it back to Crossroads Music, and when Mr. Robbins received the damaged harmonica he would issue a credit to our credit card.

We shipped the harmonica back to Crossroads Music via UPS on 12/26/06 and we have a UPS receipt showing it was delivered and signed by Robbins on 1/3/07 at 11:44 am. When we didn'€™t see a credit applied to our credit card as of 1/9/07, we tried to call Crossroads Music and ask when we could expect a refund. However, I would only get a voicemail instructing me to leave a message. When the chime would ring to leave a message, we were told that the voice mailbox was full and could not accept any new messages. I tried leaving a message for weeks and continued to get the same message, because that the voice mail box was full.

I also attempted to reach the company by email on 1/9/07 and 1/22/07 and several times since as well. I have never received a reply message to my refund request from Crossroads Music. On 1/25/07, I was able to leave a voicemail asking for my refund, but as of today, I still have not received any type of reply or refund.

I finally conducted a search of Crossroads Music on the Better Business Bureau website and found that Crossroads Music has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau. For the exact reasons I am writing about in this online complaint. The report states €œspecifically complaints allege the following: customers do not receive the items ordered or only receive a partial order, and the company does not answer the phone or return phone calls and/or e-mails. The Bureau had 87 complaints against this company over the past 36 months. My only regret is that I didn't look them up on the BBB website before I purchased my item.

I even went as far as sending a complaint to the State of Indiana Attorney General's office. A representative from the Attorney General's office told me that they have sued Crossroads Music for a different reason than mine. When I inquired about the reason, I was told it was because they have not sent products to customers in the past. These guys (Crossroads Music) are bad news. Don't order from them... you will be sorry.

No Product, No Communication, Beware
By -

LEBANON, INDIANA -- Recently, I ordered an autoharp from Crossroads Music. I soon received confirmation that payment was received and my order was shipped priority... After one week, I called to place a trace on it. I was told they would find out what happened and I would receive a callback, but that never happened. I made a total of four daily calls, each time I was told someone would call me back with some kind of answer. Last call I spoke with Steve, a manager who assured me I'd get a callback. But nothing. I then emailed and begged someone to please provide me some kind of answer as to what happened, can I get an autoharp or a refund, have I been scammed, what happened? No reply.

They had all of my contact information but chose to ignore me. I had to hand this over to my credit card company. Hopefully they will resolve this matter and I'll get my money back soon. I understand that shipping mishaps occur, but at the very, very least, the *simple respect* of a REPLY is something every good paying customer deserves. This was a very unnecessary negative experience for me, and I regret ever giving my business to this company. Anyone reading this, please be careful and don't make the same mistake I made.

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