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Dishonest, Disloyal
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Customer loyalty is not too high on their list of strengths. We were told by Gordon that he would hold an F-150 for my husband, who had designed the truck and had it delivered to Crown Ford. We were waiting on orders to find out if wen were staying in the United States or moving overseas. We were assured over and over again by Gordon that we would be able to buy the truck as soon as we got word on our orders. The day we found out we were staying in the states we contacted Gordon but he was off of work that day due to it being his birthday. Because we had worked with him so long we wanted to stay loyal and purchase it from him instead of another salesman. We decided to call him the next day and let him know that we were going out of town on post-deployment block leave to visit family and would be purchasing the vehicle on December 30. Gordon told us that wasn't a problem and he'd be ready for us when we returned.

We called him on December 30 as we were heading back in to town and let him know we would be in the following day at 3PM to purchase the truck. Again, he said that it would be no problem and that he would see us the following day. The following day we receive a phone call at 10AM from Gordon letting us know that "for some reason" the truck had been sold. This was the vehicle that my husband had designed overseas while he was in Afghanistan, waited for, test drove and then TOLD the dealership we were going to purchase on December 30th.

I spoke to a sales manager and there was not a bit of remorse or even an attempt to help remedy the situation. I was told that I should have put a deposit down on the vehicle- I was not actually told that I needed to put down a deposit on the truck by Gordon, our salesman. If I had known that was necessary I would have done that! We were repeatedly told that the truck was ours, the keys were in Gordon's control and that he would make sure no one touched the truck.

We were beyond upset at the terrible loyalty and customer service. We instead called over to Lafayette Ford, in Fayetteville, and we were assisted by a salesman who looked in the Ford inventory in the state of North Carolina and surrounding areas. He found my husband's exact truck (different color) and is having it sent here to Fayetteville for him. We also got a better deal. I do not recommend Crown Ford.
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FoDaddy19 on 01/02/2014:
Some clarification is needed here. When you say your husband "designed" the truck, do you mean he went down to the dealership and did a factory order for the specific options and colors on the truck, or did he just go on Ford's website and do the "build your own" thing and then search dealer inventories for close matches? Because if he had done a factory order for that truck (which would take several months) then I think your complaint if valid and they should've held the truck. But if they already had the truck on the lot, then the truck is "dealer stock" and it isn't reserved for anyone unless you put down a d deposit. If you didn't put down a deposit then anyone can walk in and buy it. Car dealerships aren't in the business of holding a vehicle for free when there's a paying customer in the showroom.

It may not have been your salesman's fault though. When I sold cars for a living, I had two instances where I was holding a car for customer and another salesman sold the cars without telling me. Naturally this made me look bad, and lost me two sales. Salesman are out for themselves only, and they will screw over other salesman makes sales, most General Managers don't care because the dealership is make sales either way no matter who actually does the selling. With that said, your salesman should've protected himself and you by having you put down a deposit. Had that happened, they truck would've likely not been sold from under you.

Anyway the dealerships around Bragg are well known for screwing over serviceman, they know that the servicemen have a steady income and good job security so they tend to have higher prices than say a dealership in Charlotte.
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Backing out of their word
Posted by on
FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife and I went to purchase a 2010 Ford 150 the weekend of JUL 4th. I wanted to have one since the experience I had with the F150 during my last deployment - very impressive. I went to the #1 Ford Dealership in the community with the belief that they would respect the military patrons. I was treated with a great sense of honor until I sat down in the Finance office. I was given a different price than what was discussed and the extras they promised at no cost were not actually free - total cost of the extra options were added. When we confronted up to three managers about this misunderstanding, they all informed me and my wife that we were the ones who misunderstood. They initially told us that $8,000 would be knocked off the window price - we weren't willing to go with that price and told them that we would think about it - it was late in the day and they wanted to make a sale by the end of the day - the sales manager recommended that we make an offer for $10,000 off the price and we said the same thing "we would like to think about it". He then asked if we would feel comfortable purchasing it that night if $12,000 was taken off the price - we said yes, we would purchase it if they took $12,000 off - he went to the head of sales while we sat at his desk - he came back and said that the head of sales would take $10,000 off but not $12,000 off - we left telling him that we would think about it. It was a weekend and therefore had all day Sunday to think about it. On Monday, I called the sales manager we were talking with - I asked if they would throw in a truck bed cover and navigation system with the $10,000 off the price - he said he would have to talk with the head of sales and get back to me. I waited for 15 minutes until the Head of Sales called me back personally who told me they would give us these extra items. My wife and I with our four children went to Crown Ford thinking that we were getting a vehicle that was promised to us at a certain price with extra items at no cost. Things changed as soon as we sat in the finance office. The actual price difference from the cost of the truck (without adding the cost of the extra items)actually was only $7,500 off instead of the initial promise of $8,000 off and the last promise we had of $10,000 off. It has been 3 months now and we haven't received any letters of apology from Crown Ford - we have been in contact with Ford Motor company multiple times - Ford Motor is always responsive to complaints and apologetic with our experience - they inform me that they have been in Contact with Crown Ford about the issue - we have yet to hear from Crown Ford about our complaint. If anyone wants a Ford, I recommend that you do your homework and don't settle for a large dealership unless you know for certain they can keep their word. As far as I'm concerned, Crown Ford doesn't care about the truthfulness of their word - all the way to the top decision makers. They obviously don't care about customer service - would you like to wait indefinitely to have your complaint addressed by a company that has taken your hard earned $? If anyone else has similar experiences, voice your complaints - Soldiers should not be taken advantaged of - Fayetteville population shouldn't be taken advantage of - NC population shouldn't be taken advantage of. Crown Ford should be ashamed for these actions - greed shouldn't drive the train - offering the community with a service/product humbly and honorably should be their motto - until that changes, I will not return. I will also spread this message as far as I can - more specifically to ensure other Soldiers aren't taken advantage of. If you look at other complaint sources on line, you will see others who have been treated in such a manner by Crown Ford - How long can this last. Please get the word out. Thank you.
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User Replies:
steve101 on 10/11/2010:
Thank you for your service to our great country. Kudos to you for being alert and walking out of that dealership with your family. Your family must be very proud of you. There will be better deals coming your way.
Joe on 08/18/2013:
I wish I had seen your posting prior to experiencing an dishonest episode too. Crown Ford should be ashamed of themselves. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone... They talk from both sides of their mouth and dishonest is one side.
Krista on 08/30/2013:
I was approved with them, drove off the lot that night, traded my Jeep, gave them $5000 cash down. Three weeks went by, they never called me, but I got a call from my previous car loan company saying that crown ford was backing out the deal because there was lien I didn't tell them about. Ummm YES I DID they even had the sheet showing them of my lien. They then wanted $2500 MORE down. I refused, it wasn't my fault. Now need I say, I have this car, transferred tags, got full coverage insurance...On the 27th I went in the office talked to finance manager he said he was resubmitting my loan, NOW understand the loan was sent back to crown ford, on the 21st, NO ONE CALLED ME. Then he continued to say, one we get you approved, APPROVED?? then we will discuss the lien...went home, repo men towed my car that night. Went to dealer next morning, they said the same place that approved me, disapproved me. and they had exhausted all other sources, but, nope he told me he hadn't tried with any other loan companies. Gave me my trade in back, it was paid off now. BUT, I didn't give them 5000 to pay my Jeep off, I gave it down for the new car. They lie to your face, the whole team acts like they know nothing of what is going on. What's crazy is, the finance manager said TO MY FACE, "no we are not coming to get your car, we want to sell it to you" they knew the answer from loan place that night and didn't even TRY to call me to say, hey look, we cannot do anything, just sent repo men to get it from my yard, left me no transportation to get to work, NOTHING Its ALL the finance team.I will NEVER recommend them! They have RUINED my car buying experience. They play DIRTY and are NOT HONEST. DON'T BUY FROM THERE!!
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