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Cruise booking
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E BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- On August 2007 I booked a cruise with this company, I went through cruise compete and they were the one I chose. After I paid my deposit they never wanted to take any calls from me after that. Now my payment is due and it has not shown up on my credit card yet. I have called them twice only to be told "Do not call us unless you want to make a change." Now I do not know if my cruise will take place or not.

This place is horrible, do not use them even if the price is good.
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Anonymous on 02/10/2008:
We really need more info, here. Even if you used a third party site (which I don't recommend) to book your cruise, the cruise line, itself, should have some record.

So, some questions..which cruise line? When is your cruise supposed to take place?
Mrs. V on 02/11/2008:
What Cruise line are you with (I can get you the phone number to call)?

What is the date of your sailing and when is final payment due?

Call them directly and explain the situation. Ask for them to send/email/fax you a letter to sign to turn the reservation to the main company.

You may also wish to check out Cruise Critic ( for other very good advice.
baseball16 on 02/11/2008:
Thanks for the response. My trip is with Carnival and it if May 10, 2008. I received an invoice from Cruise Value center that the final payment was due 2-5-2008. I called 2 different people to get this paid and was told it would automatically pay 5 days before or after the due date. Today is the 11 and it has not been paid yet. I called Carnival 3 times and they keep telling me they can help unless it was booked with them. I was actually told they had no info on the trip, which is not true because I can pull up the booking on their site. Also Since I booked this cruise I am now an agent myself with a host and I book trips and can call and get it pulled up and they will e mail a confirmation for me and my client. I don't know who changed Carnivals policies but they will get notified how aggravating it is to clients to be told we can't help if you booked with an agent when all I want to do is pay my cruise off. Carnivals response was you have to deal with the agency and if they don't get the payment in they will contact them and give them 5 more days to pay and if they don't my cruise will be cancelled. That is pretty poor service on Carnivals part also.

thanks guys
Mrs. V on 02/11/2008:
baseball, Did Cruise Value accept payment for the final payment (was your CC charged, check cashed) but have not forwarded it onto Carnival?
baseball16 on 02/12/2008:
Nothing was paid to Carnival, I was told by Cruise Value Center it would automatically pay to carnival on the due date.The 2 due dates they gave me were not even the correct dates. Carnival said if Cruise Value Center did not make my payment on time it would cancel. I have paid the deposit OK and booked and paid shore excursions.

There is finally a resolution to this. The CEO of Cruise Compete sent my e mail to him to the SR VP of Cruise Value Center and he left me his name and he personally made my payment yesterday and it has shown up on the credit card and he asked what people of his told me not to call there anymore unless I had a change, I gave the names and dates and he said it would be taken care of..However the CEO at Cruise Compete came back and said via e mail, your yahoo account must be blocking things to them from you and I let him know all of this was done over the phone not by e mail and that no cust should be treated this way. He hasn't e mailed anymore. I also told him they sit behind those desk sometimes and forget the cust is sitting here worried their trip is going to get canceled because somebody is not doing their job and it is very frustrating when nobody will help you not even the cruise line.

thanks for listening guys.. Just beware of these 3rd party deals you get.
GothicSmurf on 02/12/2008:
Why not book direct with Carnival then?
Mrs. V on 02/15/2008:
I'm glad that you had someone at that company that helped (even if only a little bit).

You may also wish to go on It is a very good site if you are going on a cruise ^_^

Good luck!
baseball16 on 02/16/2008:
Hey everyone. GothicSmurf, I did not book with Carnival directly because when you use cruise compete companies bid for your business, so I got 5 offers and this one was like $600.00 cheaper than with Carnival. What's the old saying you get what you pay for. Also there are agents getting commissions at Carnival so they are not cheaper. A lot of people think they get a better deal that way but you don't.
cocomojo on 06/07/2008:
I certainly agree with PO, this company has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. Avoid at all cost.
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Cruise Value Center - Poor Service/Holds Refunds
Posted by on
EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- To say the least my first experience taking a cruise will probably be my last. From the start there were problems with this travel agent starting with the price quoted was not the price that was invoiced. Although that was resolved, the problems continues including checks that were held for two weeks plus, cashed and not applied to the accounts. Although the price was fantastic, the service is less than acceptable.

Due to an unexpected medical situation I had to cancel the entire booking. It took multiple calls to this company including a conference call that the cruise company Carnival had to initiate to even submit the cancellation. The cancellation was placed with a manager on Nov. 4th, and follow-up assured me that it was in process.

December 12th, Monday more calls were made to this agency, with the following excuses. Placed on hold, told their computers were down (however they were not down to take orders), told to call back. Called back now the person who does the refunds was not in, left a message. No return call. Called Carnival to find out that they had already been refunded by Carnival (quite some time ago), and that the refund agent will call right away. 30min later still no call, called the Refund person, and they had the wrong address, tried to give the story of it takes 6-8 weeks, and they would process the check by Wednesday. Found out that others who had to cancel had already received a check. Supervisor advised the trip organizer "your friend needs to chill out". Also despite a fax with my address, they had to wrong address.

Called Dec. 14th, Refund agent was out of the office and no check had been cut. Talked with a manager who advised she was sorry, check would be cut tomorrow, and fedXed to arrive by Monday. At this point in time I don't believe a word of what they say.

Bottom line, I have filed with the BBB, and Attorney General, and my recommendation is look this company up in the BBB before you book.

Maybe this is a one off situation, however, their attitude on refunding my $700+ dollars has been one of total disconcern. Mistakes happen however I expect a company to at least care enough to fix them.

It is a shame as they have good prices but they are not worth the hassle. If I ever take a cruise it will be with someone else.

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User Replies:
bill on 12/15/2005:
Sounds like your problems are with the travel agnecy. I wouldn't let that stop you from ever taking a cruise again. Next time use a differnet agency or book directly with the cruise line.
tander on 12/15/2005:
At least you are due a refund, if I were to cancel our tour of Europe we wouldn't get our deposit it back, its nonrefundable.
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