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Cruises-N-More WARNING!
Posted by on
Hi everyone.

I'm a brand new cruiser and my wife and I are taking the plunge on an Alaskan cruise with Princess to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday. Unfortuately I may have booked my cruise with the worst travel agent/agency I've ever encountered.

Let me explain. We agreed on a price last July for a cruise in June of '07 with Esther, yes the very same Esther that was complained about here before. The price was greed upon and I made a deposit. Fastfoward to March when the final payment was due. I received a receipt saying "PAID IN FULL" and "FINAL PAYMENT" for the agreed upon price. I noticed my wife's name was spelled incorrectly as was my mailing address. I emailed her to make the changes. Two days later I received a second receipt with the corrections. I didn't check the numbers as I was only concerned with getting my wife's name correct so it matches up with the manifest. A couple of days later, I noticed a separate charge on my credit card for $97.xx. I emailed her and she said "I will check on it". A week goes by and I email again. She replied "I call and they will refund the card". I email again several days later to remind her and she said "OK I will". Another week or so I emailed again, this time asking again why I was charged in the first place and that I'm getting upset. That was the last time I heard from her! I emailed several times after, and left a phone message, and she NEVER got back to me. I finally looked on the SECOND final payment receipt, and there was an extra charge listed beneath the final payment amount that said $94.xx. What??? Did the charges change in the two days between the FIRST and SECOND receipt? Isn't the first receipt final, since it said PAID IN FULL for the agreed upon price? What's going on? All I wanted was for her to change my wife's name and our address!!! She never even called attention to the extra charge and I hadn't looked at it since I had no reason to believe the price would change in 2 days???

I call Princess and they gave me the "we can't discuss it because we have a contract with the company" so they won't help me, What kind of policy is that? So now I can't get my agent to return my call or emails. I've tried calling her supervisor and no response either. I finally got ahold of someone else in the agency and all of a sudden, there was a "note" in their computer system that said the extra charge was an increase in taxes to Alaska through Princess, even though I had called 2 hours earlier and their own finance department had no idea and there was no "note" suggesting a tax. They put me on hold while they "checked with Princess" and lo and behold, Princess overcharged me the 3 dollars, and the travel agency will cut me a check for the 3 dolloars, but the $94.xx stands. Suspicious, I call Princess immediately after and the lady on the phone said didn't receive any call. She too was confused. Unfortunately, in her effort to help me, she transferred me to someone higher up who gave me a very rude and terse "We can't discuss it. All we can tell you is you made final payment. You'll have to take it up with your travel agent. Good luck to you."

C'mon. Once I got that first receipt with the PAID IN FULL on it, isn't that it? What right do they have to continue charging my card without notification and simply send me another receipt 2 days later????

Since Princess won't say anything because they're covering their butts, and my travel agent won't return my messages, what am I supposed to do??? Anything??? It has been almost 4 weeks since she promised she would refund my money and now it's become a "tax increase". Esther isn't new to the business so if it was indeed a tax, she would've known that and not promise me a refund in the first place. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT THE CHARGE WAS IN THE FIRST PLACE!! All this is so shady and deceitful. I can't believe this is how a cruise line would do business, allowing a travel agent to run rampant with your credit card and not have to explain anything from either end. I haven't set foot on a ship yet, and already I'm turned off to cruising and especially Princess.

I'm going to dispute the charge with my credit card company, but I don't know what my chances are. I may try the BBB too.

What do you all think??? Am I crazy? If this post gets someone to think twice about this company, I will gladly eat the loss. I wish I had read this complaint below before I booked with them:

You've been warned.....

UPDATE: The supervisor has at least agreed to refund my money, although with no explanation as to what happened in the first place. We'll see if he actually makes good.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 04/30/2007:
I took the Princess cruise to Alaska and loved it. So calm down and enjoy your cruise. You'd be a fool to let the extra charge ruin your cruise. And take the excursion into the Yukon. The one you ride a train back. It is so great! If you can afford the cruise your can afford to learn to never book with these bums again. And again, calm down and enjoy the cruise!
ejack053824 on 04/30/2007:
Join the Navy and see the world for free. LOL!
reefdude on 04/30/2007:
Pomona Guy: In the end I'm sure you're right. It's just at this moment that's hard to do. This is a complaint forum afterall. In the long run they will lose more than the $97 in future business just from me alone! I do hate such disregard for common decency. I hope we'll have as much fun as you did in Alaska. It sounds great!
Ponie on 05/01/2007:
I know this doesn't resolve your problem, but shouldn't your complaint be with your travel agency not Princess? Although I did see your comment that you may have booked with the worst travel agent/agency. Hope you still have a good time on the cruise. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to your wife.
rhondam718732 on 05/01/2007:
Reefdude, have you gone in person to talk to Esther?
reefdude on 05/01/2007:
Hi Ponie: Yes, my beef is with the travel agent. BUT Princess is the one that gave them a contract to act on their behalf , with a clause to NOT discuss anything financial with the customer, me, even though it's my money. That's what I'd call covering their own behind. The amount I was overcharged ended up in the pocket of Princess, with I'm sure a percentage going to the travel agency. I'm not arguing they don't have the legal right. It's simply unethical, a "dirty little secret". If you are the beneficiary in the end, how can you wash your hands of the situation? Well, easy, by saying we have a contract with the travel agent and that we are "not allowed" to discuss it because we are bound by the contract (which they gave them in the first place). How convenient for them. Thank you ponie for you well wishes. Either way, we WILL enjoy her birthday/our anniversary. I know what's important in the end. Just alittle hard to see the forest through the trees right now...
reefdude on 05/01/2007:
rhondam: Unfortuately I live half way across the country. Believe me, I would've already if I could. The supervisor finally called back and listened to my complaint. So far he has agreed with me, but you never know. He admitted as much that the notation on their computer for the extra charge was added TWO weeks after I started enquiring, and two days AFTER I last heard from Esther. Hmmm..... If it walks like a duck.....
tinamarie2130 on 06/26/2008:
I, too, had to file a grievance with Cruises-N-More for what appear to be fraudulent fees charged to my credit card after canceling a cruise. We were assured that if we canceled within a certain period of time, which we did, that we would receive a full refund. No mention of the separate fee imposed by Cruises-N-More until AFTER payment was made. It appears to be a fraudulent charge and we have reported it to the appropriate agencies. if you have not yet received satisfaction as they promised, contact the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the state Consumer Affairs Division of Florida (where they are based) and your home state. Good luck!
markz on 07/19/2009:
I booked Cruises-N-More and later on they raised te price, never again would I book with them.
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Special Cruises Bonuses
Posted by on
Just completed a cruise I booked through #(8860047). I booked with them before with no problems. This time it was a special sale with a number of bonuses including Prepaid Gratuities, Double Onboard Credits, plus other extras. I never received any information on the cruise other than receipt for payment in full. Before leaving on cruise I called and was told to do all registration online and credits would be received onboard.

I had nothing credited to my account once I got onboard and was told to contact my agent by the cruise line. I sent an email and called before leaving the cruise ship. The man I talked too didn't know why I wasn't credited but said it was probably too late and they would most likely issue a refund check. But he had to transfer me to another dept that handled this. Never heard from anyone else since then. A number of calls and emails with no response, phone always busy and voice mail full. It was between $200-300 in credits and payments which is why I booked with them. Terrible customer service and no more booking with them. I do 3-4 cruises a year and will continue, but be a little more careful with online travel companies. Stay away !
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Bait & Switch
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LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- I booked a cruise with agent Marcus for Carnival Pride Category 8H. Their website clearly indicates "Free Gratuities". They have the same pricing as Carnival. I verified the pricing from Carnival's website 1517.76 with taxes plus $140 in gratuities for Balcony Category 8H. When I check the confirmation which I received via e-mail the price is $1506.00 (a $10 difference)and no mention of free gratuities. I e-mailed Marcus back and he says I am trying to put words in his mouth. I never promised free gratuities. The discount for the free gratuities is included in the pricing. If that's the case then pricing should be 1517.76 less $140.00 for gratuities. I don't what they're trying to pull!What about the free gratuities advertised on their web page. His supervisor called me. They think we are retarded. Do not do Business with this company under any circumstances.

I subsequently booked with another agency the same cabin same category at a better price.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
If you book directly with Carnival you'll avoid a lot of hassle. Do you think a travel agent is booking you on Carnival for free? No they want to make money off of the deal.
azspots on 08/12/2009:
Looks as though all you really care about are "free gratuities".
Sukhwani on 08/12/2009:
I don't care about anything! Its what you advertised, there shouldn't be any bait and switch. I didn't ask them to advertise free gratuities. In fact I paid for gratuities at who I had used last year for another cruise.On checking Cruises-N-More I found out that they price match Carnival's website pricing.

So basically it should be Carnival's web site pricing plus free gratuities which they refused to honor. matched Carnival's pricing plus gave me a cabin credit advertised on their webpage which amounts to the same.

I don't know what their margins are and I don't expect them to work for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i_am_canadian on 08/12/2009:
This is not bait and switch.
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
A travel agency will hide all kinds of fees while calling it part of the cruise fare. Book with the cruise company!
Sukhwani on 08/12/2009:
You can call it whatever you want! Telling me that the free gratuities are included as a discount in the pricing and not including them is one and the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
*rumages through her old comments to find the definition of bait and switch*
Definition of bait and switch:
A deceptive method of selling, by which customers, attracted to a store by sale items, are told either that the advertised bargain item is out of stock or is inferior to a higher-priced item that is available.
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
Is there any "fine print" anywhere where they advertise this on their site? There's always fine print.
Sukhwani on 08/12/2009:
Fine print from Cruises-N-More website:
Cruises-N-More Promotions X
# Book any 2009/2010 Carnival Cruise and you may qualify for these bonus perks: Pre-Paid Gratuities or Onboard Credits -all bookings.
# 15% Off Shore Excursions -booked on our site.
# LOWER PRICES: Residents, Seniors, Military and Past Passengers -select sailings-CALL FOR DETAILS!
# IMPORTANT: Select prices listed on our website are under a non-refundable deposit promotion, however provides rate protection –so if the rate goes down Carnival will allow us to lower your price –even after final payment.
# Restrictions: Minimum purchase is required to receive gratuities. Onboard Credits are based on your cruise fare amount and varies. Lower prices are valid on select sailings and you must book over the phone to receive these rates (if applicable). Select sailings offer a low price, however requires a non-refundable deposit (even prior to final payment). Additional restrictions apply with the non-refundable deposit promotion and Cruises-N-More is no responsible to changes to this offer. Restrictions apply.

Step 2 - Cruise Rates and Availability

Carnival Pride
Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Pride Visual Tour
7 Night Port Canaveral (Orlando) & Bahamas Cruise
Departing on November 15, 2009

Departure Port: Baltimore, Maryland
Passengers: 2 adults

Pre-Paid Gratuities or Onboard Credits + 15% Off Shore Excursions + Lower Rates!
Cruises-N-More Promotions X
# Book any 2009/2010 Carnival Cruise and you may qualify for these bonus perks: Pre-Paid Gratuities or Onboard Credits -all bookings.
# 15% Off Shore Excursions -booked on our site.
# LOWER PRICES: Residents, Seniors, Military and Past Passengers -select sailings-CALL FOR DETAILS!
# IMPORTANT: Select prices listed on our website are under a non-refundable deposit promotion, however provides rate protection –so if the rate goes down Carnival will allow us to lower your price –even after final payment.
# Restrictions: Minimum purchase is required to receive gratuities. Onboard Credits are based on your cruise fare amount and varies. Lower prices are valid on select sailings and you must book over the phone to receive these rates (if applicable). Select sailings offer a low price, however requires a non-refundable deposit (even prior to final payment). Additional restrictions apply with the non-refundable deposit promotion and Cruises-N-More is no responsible to changes to this offer. Restrictions apply.

Cabin Photo Category Location Price/Rate**
Inside Guarantee (IS) Inside $529.00 Select
Inside Stateroom (4C) Inside $599.00 Select
Inside Stateroom (4D) Inside $629.00 Select
Inside Stateroom (4E) Inside $639.00 Select
Ocean View Guarantee (OV) Oceanview $649.00 Select
Balcony Guarantee (BL) Balcony $649.00 Select
Inside Stateroom (4F) Inside $659.00 Select
Ocean View Stateroom (6A) Oceanview $699.00 Select
Balcony with French Doors (Obstructed View) (7A) Balcony $799.00 Select
Ocean View with Extended Balcony (8H) Balcony $799.00 Select
Ocean View with Extended Balcony (8I) Balcony $949.00 Select
Deluxe w/Large Premium Balcony (Obstructed View) (9A) Balcony $999.00 Select
Suite Guarantee (ST) Suite $1,149.00 Select
Suite with Large Private Balcony (11) Suite $1,249.00 Select
Penthouse Suite with Large Private Balcony (12) Suite $1,849.00 Select

** (port charges inclusive)

* *Cruise Pricing Terms and Conditions: From prices are per person (cruise only) based on double occupancy and do not include airfare, taxes, or government charges unless otherwise noted. From prices are based upon the lowest fare and are subject to availability. Your exact price depends upon selected day of departure, departure city, ship, cabin level and class of airfare available. Rates for third and fourth passengers are not shown. All prices and dates are subject to availability. All offers and upgrades are for selected dates, sailings, and cabin categories only, are subject to availability, and are capacity controlled. All prices and dates may not be available at time of booking. All information is subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct errors.

Early saver fares - Deposit must be submitted at time of booking. Any changes to the ship or sailing date prior to final payment are subject to $50 per/person service charge. This fare offers a price protection which covers a lower rate found at a later time as long as it was encountered on or was a carnival advertised rate available to the general public, excluding group, membership programs, charter or other travel agent promotions not offered by Carnival to the general public. The lower rate must be for the same ship, sail date, category and number of guests; be a Carnival advertised rate and be available for booking at the time the request is submitted as determined by Carnival's reservation agents.

** Price breakdown appears after cabin selection.

Cruise Itinerary Notice: Cruise itineraries are subject to change without notice. Please verify Ports, Dates, and Times with the Cruiseline directly on ALL bookings before the sailing.

Cruise specials do not include port charges unless otherwise stated.

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Rip Off and Poor Service
Posted by on
I'm experiencing something similar with them now. I booked a cruise a few days ago. They said you had to buy insurance and then if you decided to cancel it, you would have to write cancel on the invoice and they would re-bill you with a corrected amount. Well ... sounds really fishy ... I told them that and heard a line of crap. OK .. its now a few days later .. I get all the travel documents, but no invoice. So .. I don't know the amount they are charging for, not only the cruise, but the insurance. You know .. there is something really wrong with this company. Things like this just don't happen with a legitimate company. I will see what happens on Monday, Tuesday, etc. .. but I suspect I will have lots of problems. I have had no problem with Vacations to go in the past. Cruises and More simply had a better rate ... verbally ... we will see how the invoice comes out. I hope I can always cancel, dispute, etc. through American Express. What a lot of worry for nothing. By the way ... good luck on calling these guys ... when I finally got through today, a person who worked there told me that they only had 3 people in the office. Wow .. I really feel more confident now. I really don't think they will be in business much longer.
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Never Had A Problem In 10 Bookings With Cruises-N-More
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- Hi everyone,

I just had to write since I read the review about Cruises-N-More. I have used this company for the last 10 cruise bookings and I have worked with the same agent for all of them. His name Jim Miller and he is the greatest! He has always been prompt in returning my calls, finds me the greatest deals, calls me if a better deal becomes available, has helped several of my friends get great deals and even worked with the cruise companies in getting any problems straightened out for me. I am going on my 5th cruise to Alaska in May and it is on Princess. I have used Princess, Norwegian and Celebrity and while each of them are in their own class I have always found that even when I have called these companies for info that they are very professional and helpful.

I am sorry that this awful situation happened to this gentleman and I can certainly understand his frustration but that doesn't mean that all of the agents at Cruises-N-More aren't top notch. Everyone has had a bad experience with something, travel is the worst because you are setting high expectations for your well deserved time off.

For the person that endured this bad experience I say the next time you want to book a cruise try Cruises-N-More again and ask for Jim Miller and he'll make sure to get things done right for you! I haven't got one thing bad to say about them because I have been well taken care of!
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 04/16/2009:
Good info, thanks!
jcl on 07/16/2013:
We have used them 2 times and had a great experience. Different agent each time but alway courteous, friendly and proffessional. Plan on using them again in the near future.
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Quote Promise Broken
Posted by on
LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- I went through to get quotes on a cruise in May on the Star Princess for 5 cabins (11 family members). I received 8 quotes, the lowest being from Cruises-n-More. This quote was based on "BB" category cabins. (I have this in writing). However, We have been put in BC and BD cat. cabins. We booked this cruise the lst of Oct. just a few days after receiving the quote. I have left emails and phone messages for the agent to please change the BD cabins (at least those 3) to BD cabins. She won't even do that.

Now, months later, the cabins are all booked. Esther, our agent, does not return phone calls or emails. Even her boss, Todd, the VP, emailed me that the BB cabins were not available when I booked and that I am stuck with what I have. I think this is wrong. It's like ordering a Cadillac, but getting a Chevrolet instead. Consumers need to be aware of this sort of practice.

P.S. This agency touts itself as the #1 agency for cruises of 2006.
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User Replies:
bho55 on 01/16/2007:
I would call your Credit Card company and cancel the order and left them know about the fraud. They should work with you.
Noneill on 01/17/2007:
Yeah that's not right. But don't cancel. Go ahead and go and try to have fun. The type of cabin is important to some people, but really it is only for sleeping. You will spend 80% of your time having fun, so try not to let this ruin the vacation. Next time book directly with the cruise line. Have fun.
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