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Cannot be Trusted
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MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I placed an order with this company on 5/19 and they sent an email confirming immediately (and billed my credit card very quickly as well). I went on vacation expecting it to arrive at work during my trip. It did not. When I returned home, I called and was told it had shipped 'later than planned' and to call on 6/7 if it had not arrived yet and they would overnight me a new order.

I called 6/7 but got voicemail and no return phone call. I called again 6/8 and was told it would arrive 6/10. I demanded a tracking number because it was obvious that it doesn't take that long from CT to CA. I check with Fed Ex and learn that the company printed the forms from Fed Ex on 5/28 but didn't get it to Fed Ex until 6/4.

In the meantime they did offer to replace the order after I was very clear that 6/10 was not acceptable... But then suddenly informed me that they could not provide the SAME product as the original shipment had the 'last boxes' of those flavors - could they substitute different flavors... (This is period correct candy for a civil war reenactment/charity fundraiser) But the flavors they offered are NOT period, so I was not happy and declined. I was angry but NOT nasty or inappropriate.

Well the package arrived banged up AND there was NO sassafras OR huckleberry IN the box. I called immediately - and was told Alana (who I've been working with) was gone for the day and the woman only identified herself as Alana's daughter - and said she has no idea what to tell me other than "sorry."

She DID tell me that 'you weren't charged for the sassafras because we were out anyhow'. I asked why I was never contacted and she said she simply wouldn't know anything about this order. So I told her that I expect a phone call at 8am CA time the following morning, or my next call would be to a lawyer to learn my rights. I said I've left messages in the past and they do not get returned, I've had to call and catch Alana when it's convenient for her and I'm not going to do this again. She needed to call me back.

Instead of a phone call I got the email below. To be clear, I'm happy for the refund since I didn't receive all the merchandise I had been charged for (or ordered) and what I did receive was crushed because it was not properly packaged I warn any potential buyers to beware. They lack business acumen, they are unprofessional, they bill long before shipping, they lie about what shipped and when it shipped and do not return phone calls. Interesting Note to share - I researched the company through the BBB and learned that Alana IS listed as the principle/owner" of this business. So the 'OWNER' asking her not to call me back is, apparently, herself.

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