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We love Skipper!
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Rating: 5/51
COCOA, FLORIDA -- We just wanted to write about our recent experience of purchasing our Shar Pei puppy from Liz with Curio Kennel. Our puppy is absolutely wonderful. Her first vet check up went perfectly and our sweet little Skipper has brought so much happiness to our lives! We would definitely recommend this breeder to anyone.
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trmn8r on 08/14/2012:
If you research buying a purebred dog, which I have quite a bit, you will find that reputable breeders breed one or two breeds maximum.

Just one example of many is at

"Warning Signs to Look Out For: Many Breeds Under One Roof – Breeding dogs properly takes a huge amount of time, energy and money. It is a red flag when a breeder is working with multiple breeds. It usually means they are in the business for the money and not for bettering the breeds they are working with. One or two different kinds of dogs are OK, but more than that is a sign to watch out for."

Considering this breeder's website, I would be careful choosing them as a breeder, just as with any. Research, research, research is the name of the game when it comes to buying a dog.
Robert5688 on 08/15/2012:
We did a lot of research which is how we decided on this breeder. She was very knowledgeable about the breed and was able to answer all the questions that I had for her. All of the dogs at her facility seemed well cared for and friendly. We carefully looked over all of the puppy's paperwork, including his shot records, her health guarantee and all AKC paperwork before agreeing to adopt our little guy. We couldn't be happier with our choice!
trmn8r on 08/15/2012:
This breeder has numerous puppies (27!!!) currently listed for sale on multiple websites. Just one example is, which is run by PuppyFind. Researching the practice of buying a dog using an internet advertisement is a topic for another time.

The puppies are listed under the company name "Lis", but when you click on Lis, each puppy states that is is being sold by Curio Kennel in Cocoa, Fl. Check for yourself - listed today 8/15/12:
18 Dalmations
3 Miniature Shar Pei
2 Chinese Shar Pei
2 Shiba Inu
1 Akita

They are even selling UNBORN puppies! How do you sell an unborn animal?
Let's see now, this is in addition to the breeds of bull mastiff and bull terrier that they say they are breeding on their website, for a total thus far of SEVEN breeds.

Once again, a reputable breeder breeds one or two breeds. on 07/23/2013:
All people deserve good lifetime and loan or bank loan will make it much better. Just because freedom relies on money state.
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