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Poor Installation of Granite Counters, Guaranteed Cracks and Poor Customer Service
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MONTREAL, QC -- I have a granite counter that was installed by this company. There was a crack that was visible a few years later. The company was unwilling to come and see why it was cracked. I consider this very unprofessional. They accused me of stepping on the counter without even coming to check it out. Furthermore, they made me take pictures and also send it to them by email. I live about 15 minutes by car from this company and they didn't have the decency to come. I got an email from the owner, that he is proud of his work, he has happy customers and if I am not happy, well then that is too bad, I shouldn't be stepping on counters! Well, well, I had an expert come over, make a report.

The expert said that the granite was good quality, it wasn't a Chinese fabricated lacquered counter, of course, they bought it from Ciot. However, the installation, which they did, was poor. There was no support! No plywood under, no metal rods! There is supposed to be this type of support in the case of a movement of a new house, the nails in the plywood would move and the plywood would support the normal house movements and the counter won't crack!

Hello, what kind of clowns work at that company? Is it cheap labor? Don't you inspect your workers? Or maybe the owner installs it himself and he doesn't know how. This is also possible, keep in mind, the province of Quebec has a lot of loose laws for these types of screwups and the APCHQ is a company who defends only the construction companies, not the consumer.

I will take this to court, but if anyone should ever look for a granite counter in Montreal, DO NOT EVER get it installed by this company. I'd go with Royal Ceramics and make sure you tell them you don't want a Chinese made counter nor a lacquered one. For the Italians out there, NON COMPRATE DI QUESTO NEGOZIO, SOPRATUTTO PROBLEMI CON INSTALLAZIONE.

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