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Mom Needs Some Cooking Lessons!

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- After getting off of work early Saturday morning, I figured I'd take my family out to eat for breakfast. We decided to try a small Mom & Pop place called Dad's Diner, where "It's Dad's Diner, but Mom does the cooking". Well, I think Mom needs some cooking lessons. This was undoubtedly one of the worst breakfast's I have ever eaten. I ordered Dad's special, which constituted 2-pancakes, scrambled eggs (plural, foreshadowing), hashbrowns, and ham. I ordered a side of biscuits & gravy since that was what I was craving in the first place.

The waitress brought out ice-cold biscuits and a single scrambled egg. I asked the waitress on her way by if there was some mistake on the eggs. She said that it only comes with "one" egg. I said the menu stated eggs, plural. I didn't want to argue, so I said I wanted another egg, and charge me if you like.

We also didn't receive any straws with our drinks, yet all the surrounding tables were enjoying straws with their beverages. But just when I thought it might just be our table with the unsatisfactory service, I heard another table in the corner express their dismay with the cold biscuits. To the waitress's credit, she did bring us back hot biscuits, and an additional egg. The hashbrowns were borderline raw potatoes that tasted like mush. Usually, I can tolerate mediocre service if the server is taking good care of us, but she never even refilled the drinks, or even asked.

All in all, very poor service and quality of food. From a mom & pop restaurant, I was expecting higher quality and good ol' fashioned hometown hospitality, in order to compete with the larger chains. Back to Denny's for us :) Overall grade: D+

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