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Rating: 1/51

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Dairy Queen on Overton Road - I placed an order for two combos, flame thrower crispy chicken and mushroom Swiss sandwich combos and paid extra for onion rings on each combo in the place of fries. The chicken combo was terrible. The lettuce was wilted and the tomato was just a sliver, the smallest slice of tomato we've ever seen, not much more than a tomato peel. The chicken fingers on the sandwich were not edible. The mushroom Swiss sandwich was edible but not great and we were shorted one order of onion rings which we had paid extra for.

I believe the person at the window knew I was being shorted from the sheepish look I was given at the window but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went on home with my order. I knew to look in the bag but gave them the benefit of the doubt. My mistake... again. Half the time I am shorted at the window.

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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- 30 June 2015, I had the worse experience, around 1:30 p.m. I purchased a brownie batter blizzard and the spoon the employee gave me had visible dust on it. I asked if I could have a spoon that was in plastic. He looked at me and reached into the cup holder and handed me another dirty spoon. (I didn't used that spoon), but against my better judgment I ate the blizzard and fifteen, twenty minutes later I became very nauseated and sick. After that wave of sickness passed I called to Mobile Hwy Dairy Queen requesting complaint information to the District Manager.

The female employee told me to hold on, gave the phone to a male employee and when he came to the phone he pretended he didn't understand or know the answer to my question. The only reason I visited this place of business, because I was on that side of town running late for work. I tried to overlook their low health score and the location of the business that's not favorable. My co-workers BEGGED me not to go there, but I wanted to prove to them and myself that quality of service is always a must no matter the location of business. Unfortunately, I was proven wrong. For future dining, I will NEVER patronize another Dairy Queen.

Poor Service / Management-Employees Rude Profanity
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Rating: 1/51

IOWA CITY, IOWA -- New Dairy Queen, opens next to a Wal-Mart on HWY 1 in Iowa City Ia. It's Wednesday the 13th of June. I just finished a 14 hour day at work, and my daughters called me to see if I could bring something home for dinner. I didn't see anything wrong with that. The youngest wanted ice cream and the oldest wanted chili fries. The new Dairy Queen opened late last fall and I had been there two other times. Yes their service was slow and the (16-18yr olds) that work there are most often polite do a good job.

Well until this time. I waited several minutes for the 4 employees to help me and take my order, I waited for them to come out from back 5 to 6 minutes. I ordered 2 burgers,1 chili fry and 2 ice cream treats $21.89.The ice cream treats were done in minutes while I waited another 15 minutes for them to complete the rest (so I thought). One handed me a bag that I thought had everything in it. And drove 15 miles home, my oldest brought it to my attention that there was only chili fries in the bag with napkins.

I grabbed the receipt to call the Dairy Queen, but they did not have their address or phone number on the receipt. At that time I called and ordered a pizza from a nearby pizza shack and gathered everything from Dairy Queen back up got in the car drove 15 miles back into town.

As soon as I walked through the door three of the employees saw me and walked to the back as soon as they could. One other employee came out after waiting 15 minutes for service. Explained the problem to her, she called for her shift supervisor, one of the original four that was working (there no work involved), ** was her name. She attempted to play it dumb as she didn't know anything about the order that she just got to work.

I told her to stop, that I knew for a fact she was there and helped with the order and quoted some of the conversation she had with the others while I waited. Then she fed me more of a lie saying she tried to catch me when I left with the burgers but I was already in my car and leaving. So I asked for the burgers then she tells me they threw them out and it would take 14 minutes to recook them. I told her fine and they should redo the rest of the order also.

I was told I would have to repay for everything, Dairy Queen's policy. I told her to refund me my money, I was told "we can't do that." That I needed to talk to the manager. I asked for the manager, and was told I could stop back in the next day and talk to him. I told her to call him and get him in here. "I can't and I don't like your tone, you need to leave," and she just left. The next day I stopped in, talked to the manager ** about this ordeal and was told she talked to ** last night. He would stand by her decision as how she handled it. So I'm taking even further action in a lawsuit and running down the Dairy Queen name.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

I love the blizzards from Dairy Queen, especially the strawberry cheesecake. My nephews and nieces love all of them as well. The problem is that the small size is still too large for them to finish in one sitting... and expensive. Those small sizes certainly aren't cheap by no stretch of the imagination. Now they came out with the mini blizzard, and the size is absolutely perfect for the youngsters. I loaded 'em all up in the back seat of the truck, and hit the local Dairy Queen. And for only $1.99 each! I'm not sure how long this promotion will last, but I'm glad they have it. Thanks Dairy Queen!

Obvious Lie
By -

ASHLAND, OHIO -- I recently visited the Ashland OH DQ branch. I usually customize my blizzards w/ others stuff, making it really my own form of art. Needless to say, I walked through the poor, immediately smelling the previously familiar cotton candy flavor, & I wanted it in my planned customized banana split, or blizzard. One lady worker in blue confirmed having me cotton candy blizzards. I was trying to plan a usual customization when another lady worker in black came out, lied about the cotton candy. When I actually caught her in that lie, she was trying to cover up after I told her that I know for a fact that yes they do have the cotton candy; I smelled it real strong as I came through the door.

I was ready to pay well for something customize, even had a $10 will ready to pay. I was about to redeem a coupon, but after a brief argument, about her out, I ended up leaving. I simply refuse to settle for less than I bargained for, especially when someone flatly denies that I obviously smelled the cotton candy as i entered. I had the same things before, even had it by itself once when it was new. The smell of the cotton candy flavor was an obviously fresh one, & the lady in black said they didn't have it anymore. I hate lying tongues, & I'm not likely to ever shop there again, & I live right near it on the next street over.

When I visited another ice cream shop, I got what I wanted, in the exact flavor I wanted. I told that shop why I visited them & what just happened to bring me there, & they were disgusted that such a reputable place would deny a customer something available, especially when it can be smelled in the air by all who enter their shop. The new shop I visited across town was happy to help me in any way they could. I'm now warning others about what DQ did. I plan on contributing to the complaint boards as much as I possibly can regarding this issue.

Where's the mint?
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WEST ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I love mint m&m blizzards, and decided to grab a cheeseburger, french fries and blizzard on my way home tonight. So, I pulled into the West Asheville, NC Dairy Queen drive through & placed my order. Up to this point, there was no problem. When I got my mint m&m blizzard, I immediately noticed that it was not green, it was bright white! I politely requested more mint to the young girl at the window. I had had to ask for more mint before in other DQs, and never had a problem.

So, I was shocked when she told me she put the "required designated amount" in, and that she could make another one, but would have to charge me for that new one PLUS an additional charge for the extra mint! I told her 3 times the blizzard was white as snow, and mint is green. When I asked to speak to the manager, this young girl told me she was the manager on call (HUH? She was 19 to 22 years old). I put us both out of our misery by telling her to give me my money back & to cancel the entire order.

She wasn't rude, but she had no customer service, much less manager skills. There was no "I'm sorry", no smile, nothing. Just a young kid testing her authority in the wrong way. DQ lost a sale, plus had to throw the food away, in favor of retaining one extra mint flavored squirt! I don't blame DQ as per se as I have had other locations add additional flavoring when requested with no problem. I do, however, have a problem with any company that thinks a child is worthy of management position. It takes experience and age to understand bottom line profits and common sense.

Terrible Treatment at Madison, AL DQ
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MADISON, ALABAMA -- Yesterday afternoon my family and I headed to DQ for some ice cream. We arrived and placed our order with an unfriendly employee who didn't even respond when I said "thank you" as she handed me my receipt. We received our order that consisted of two blizzards, two chocolate dipped cones, and a milkshake. We chose a table in the dining area, then sat down to begin eating. My daughter who is 8 years old started eating her chocolate dipped cone and it broke in half. At this time we discovered the cone hadn't been filled properly and all the ice cream had just been piled on top and hadn't gone down into the cone which was no big deal.

In attempt to salvage her ice cream I approached the counter and took a very small cup from a stack and returned to the table and put my daughter's ice cream into it. The ice cream was salvaged and we continued eating our desserts. About ten minutes later when we were almost finished a female employee approached our table and stood about five feet away. She said "excuse me ma'am but for future reference you cannot just take a cup because we charge .25 for them."

I showed her my daughter's broken cone and tried to explain what happened and said that of course I would pay for the cup, but that the cone was defective. She replies "well you should have stood in line and waited and I would have told you that the cup costs .25." She then accuses me of giving the cashier an "evil" look when I approached the counter. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about, but she kept insisting I gave someone a bad look. At this point I just said I will pay for the cone, I didn't give any look, and I want to speak with a manager.

She informs me that the manager is the owner of the franchise and will be there shortly. I said okay I will wait. So she leaves and comes back with a number on a paper and says the manager won't be in until after 5 (three hours away) and that I should call at that time. I called twice after 5 P.M. and there was never a manager/supervisor on duty. I left a message to be called back and haven't heard from anyone.

This afternoon I called yet again and still no manager. I contacted corporate headquarters and was told the franchise owner/operator who is also the absentee manager can basically do as he pleases. That it is "basically a mom and pop operation". I won't be giving any DQ my business in the near future.

Something Needs to Be Done!
By -

12510 VALLEY VIEW ST GARDEN GROVE, CA 92845-2006, CALIFORNIA -- We are loyal customers of Dairy Queen. We LOVE your ice cream; we are the biggest Dairy Queen fans in the world and never trade you for anyone else. Although, there has always been a bad experience when we go to this particular DQ location in Valley View, Garden Grove. We have given them so many chances to change but they are all the same. This time, today, I have to find some way to be heard by you, and I'm not going to stop until I'm heard. Today we had the most miserable experience and we are not coming back there even if it's the last DQ in the world.

First, when we came there the place was a mess. Something smelled there badly. It was unsanitary. But it was not the worst part. They could not give us the receipt because something was wrong with their machine. Then, the ice cream we got - it was banana cream pie and midnight truffle blizzards - our super favorites! Banana cream pie was pathetic; it was not a normal ice cream like in other DQ at all! But midnight truffle was even worse: it was actually a "midday" truffle - it was white! And there was hardly any chocolate in it! We could not believe it! The only thing we said to each other was "we are not coming back!" And believe it or not (and you better do!) IT RUINED our day!

But even this is not the worst part. We were driving home and my husband found a tiny broken pieces of red plastic when he was finishing his blizzard! I was very glad the he did not choke! We were too far to come back there, and this complaint is the first thing I'm doing when we got home. Something needs to be done. Please, Dairy Queen, protect your customers!

In this crazy fast life we all need to look forward to something - DQ ice cream is something we look forward to every day. Dairy Queen has always been a high standard for ice cream, and good service for their customers. What is happening in Valley view location destroys the reputation of DQ corporation. Dairy Queen, keep the standards in all locations, protect your customers!

By -

What the HELL are you people thinking? Isn't commercials about selling your product about just that - selling your product? And not about some cheap shots, degradation, etc.? You guys have really went to hell with these commercials with the waffle bowl. I think you owe the public in general an apology! Do you at Dairy Queen NOT get the messages that these commercials are conveying?

The one that frosts my ** the most is the most recent one. The one with "Ice Cream" and the "Waffle Cone" at the doctor's office. To find out if he is "lactose" intolerant, and they are told he is not and they should be able to "reproduce" just fine.

DO you know what infertility means? Do you know how it feels? You made infertility a joke. You mocked it. You used what is so damn painful to so many persons, out to be a gimmick to sell some ice cream. As for someone that has battled infertility for nearly 18 years. I find it very distasteful, a low blow, insensitive, cruel and so much more. To sit and "mock" a very painful and private thing such as infertility. And only a moron would create a commercial such as this one to generate a little revenue.

Do you know why you need to create such pathetic commercials to create revenue? Because Dairy Queen's food leaves a lot to be desired as does the prices! The food is overpriced and DQ is overrated. If you want to promote high cost food and ice cream. I would suggest sticking to the actual food items themselves and NOT on painful diseases such as infertility, and or promoting sexual innuendos.

Leave the smut to the soaps and late night television. And leave those who suffer from diseases such as infertility alone. The last several commercials have left a lot to be desired about Dairy Queen anyhow. And it definitely has caused myself and many others to consider other alternatives for "ice cream" needs. Dairy Queen is not the only one whom serves soft serve and or ice cream cakes. McDonalds ice cream tastes excellent and is a better bargain. Not to mention Kroger's has excellent ice cream cakes and at much better costs.

Try lowering prices, cleaning up the stores and the staff. Maybe, just maybe, sales will pick up. But by making customers infuriated at the poor choice of PR moves you stand to lose more than ever could be gained. Before I end this, I would suggest that you insist on giving the person (and I use that word lightly) some materials on infertility. Possibly talk to couples that have struggled for years, mounting financial costs, failure after failure etc. As it seems this person needs a dose of "lactose intolerant" reality...

Service People Are So Rude
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Rating: 1/51

GREELEY, COLORADO -- I don't know if anyone else has to deal with being heavy and wanting an ice cream cone, but I walked into DQ and ordered a small cone. I overheard a group of silly girls in the corner laughing and looking at me. Then I overheard one say, "she's so fat, she shouldn't have anything to eat!" Well, admittedly I am on the heavy side but I shouldn't have to have it pointed out by a bunch of smart ass little girls. Really disappointed in the service, I would have complained to the manager but she was laughing with them.

I know I am opening up to all sorts of ridicule by writing this because there is always someone who feels it's necessary to belittle those of us who are not born perfect, but I have had enough rudeness. I am in the health care field and have never tried to make anyone feel bad about who they are.

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