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Poor Service / Management-Employees Rude Profanity
Posted by Darrenbowling on 06/16/2012
IOWA CITY, IOWA -- New Dairy Queen, opens next to a Wal-Mart on HWY 1 in Iowa City Ia.
It's Wednesday the the 13 of June. I just finished a 14 hour day at work, and my daughters called me to see if I could bring something home for dinner. I didn't see any thing wrong with that. The youngest wanted ice cream and the oldest wanted chili fries. The new Dairy Queen opened late last fall and I had been there two other times. Yes their service was slow and the (16-18yr olds)that work there are most often polite do a good job.

Well until this time. I waited several minutes for the 4 employees to help me and take my order, I waited for them to come out from back 5 to 6 minutes. I ordered 2 burgers,1 chili fry and 2 ice cream treats $21.89.The ice cream teats were done in minutes while I waited another 15 minutes for them to complete the rest.(so I thought)one handed me a bag that I thought had every thing in it. And drove 15 miles home, my oldest brought it to my attention that there was only chili fries in the bag with napkins.

I grabed the receipt to call the Dairy Queen, but they did not have their address or phone number on the receipt. At that time I called and ordered a pizza from a near by pizza shack and gathered every thing from Dairy Queen back up got in the car drove 15 miles back into town. As soon as I walked through the door three of the employees saw me and walked to the back as soon as they could. One other employee came out after waiting 15 minutes for service. Explained the problem to her, She called for her shift supervisor, one of the original four that was working (there no work involved)Magan was her name she attempeted to play it dumb as she didn't know any thing about the order that she just got to work.

I told her to stop, that I knew for a fact she was there and helped with the order and quoted some of the conversation she had with the others while I waited. Then she fed me more of a lie saying she tried to catch me when I left with the burgers but I was already in my car and leaving. So I asked for the burgers then she tells me they threw them out and it would take 14 minutes to recook them. I told her fine and they should redo the rest of the order also.

I was told I would have to reay for every thing Dairy Queens policy.
I told her to refund me my money I was told we can't do that. That I needed to talk to the manager. I asked for the manager, and was told I could stop back in the next day and talk to him. I told her to call him and get him in here. I can't and I don't like your tone you need to leave and she just left.

The next day I stopped in talked to the manager Corey about this ordeal and was told she talked to Magan last night He would stand by her decission as how she handled it.
So I'm taking even futher action in a law suit and running down the Dairy Queen name.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-16:
You're going to sue them over this? Good luck winning this one. As a side note, it's always helpful to check your order before you leave the premises.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-16:
What is the basis of the lawsuit that you have planned? I'm not seeing it.

I wasn't clear if you asked for a refund and to not take any food with you. The way I read the complaint you asked for the food and a refund. I think they should give you a refund if you demand your money back, so you can eat elsewhere. Since you ordered pizza I thought that might be what you had in mind.

With the price of gas what it is these days, and time being rarer than ever, it really pays to check your bags at take-out restaurants. It shouldn't necessarily be that way, but it is a good insurance policy. The compensation you are eligible for is usually only getting the items that were missed the first time, which makes it a losing proposition.
Posted by TLSmith on 2012-06-16:
Today is Sunday 6/16/12. I guess that you'll start calling Lawyers tomorrow (Monday) Judge Judy and The People's Court Judge never award 'gas money' R U really considering suing over $21.89? Are you aware of what Lawyers charge by the hour? Lets start at $150.00
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-06-16:
It's Saturday 6/16/12 on my planet TL Smith.

OP - You can appeal to DQ's corporate office for compensation. There is an incident form on the site for complaints such as yours.

Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-16:
*shakes head and looks at calendar*
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-16:
Depends upon which side of the dateline you are on...remember, this site is world wide
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-06-16:
What matters is what side of the world the OP is on, and they are in Iowa, where it is still Saturday 6/16/12.

Also - if the Op does take them to court, it would most likely be small claims court without an attorney.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-16:
If it was Sunday in his part of the world, it would be 6/17
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-16:
Stand corrected, but it don't make a difference:)
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-06-16:
Hey! Enough already, you know I confuse easy.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-16:
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No Spoons
Posted by Dmamorgan on 03/17/2012
MT. DORA, FLORIDA -- In March we went to Dairy Queen ordered a large blizzard got a small spoon and asked for a long spoon and were told they did not have any long spoons. Then we went on March 17 went again to dairy queen ordered a large blizzard and they did not have any spoons at all so ate blizzard with a fork. It is fun eating a blizzard with a fork. You would think they could have gone to a store and bought some spoons or do they care.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-03-18:
No spoons at a place that was built on serving ice cream?! Drop a line to http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/talk-to-dq/ The franchise owner would probably like to know about this.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-03-18:
make sure to contact their coproprate office.

very helpful review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-18:
I have a friend who always eats ice cream with a fork
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-03-18:
I only eat ice cream with a fork at birthday parties, LOL.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-18:
Some places just don't give a fork anymore.
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-03-18:

Dairy Queen blizzards were made for spoon eating. They are thick, but not THAT thick.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2012-03-18:
I can see giving you a smaller spoon, but no spoon at all?! That's just silly.
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Posted by Jrwasham on 02/13/2012
The commercial with the 2 cave men is disturbing to me and I see it as a bad commercial for children to see. More violence...
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-02-13:
I recommend that you simply change the channel if you don't want your kids to see it.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-02-13:
You could turn the commercial in to a teaching moment and discuss why it is disturbing, or for young children modify the message. You can control what you let in to your home, and you can control how to accept the message.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-02-14:
You don't say where you are, but we haven't seen that ad in over a year now, in washington.
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Racism in Dairy queen, I guess I shouldn't have been suprised from a small texas town
Posted by Elainepaik on 01/13/2012
NOCONA, TEXAS -- I (asian American)was waiting in line with my wallet in my hand for 3-5 minutes and no one would come to the cash register. Yet when a white woman (my mother-in-law) walked up, she was served immediately and paid from a worker that came out of NO WHERE. As she was getting served, a black couple walked in and was also waiting in line with me. Then the person that served the white lady WALKED AWAY when all three of us was standing there! I saw 6 other people behind the counter and they also did not come to help. I have written to the branch and to corporate, and still have not heard hide nor hair from them for a week now.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-13:
Did your mother-in-law walk right up to the counter? Were you standing further back? If she walked right up to the counter, that alerts the employees that she's ready to order. If you are standing away from the counter, the employees may assume you are still deciding what to order. Next time, speak up and yell out that you are ready to order
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-01-13:
WOW, what an ordeal. this sounds like it was very improper of the employee.

thank you for posting your experience. very helpful review.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-01-13:
That was very rude of them, but the next time something like that happens, speak up! Get mean if you have to.
Posted by Lindy on 2012-07-14:
Dairy queen in huntingdon valley pa has a sign displayed on their cash register that said "we do not accept coupons from north Philadelphia, we only accept coupons from Bethayres dairy queen." sends the wrong message to people for people who don't know North Philly is predominantly African American and Latinos how ever there are Caucasians but a very small percentage compared to the minority population.
Posted by Lindy on 2012-07-14:
The huntingdon valley dairy queen visit was July 11, 2012 , wrote a letter to DQ ,NO REPLY YET, even if the rule Does appply the used a poor choice of words and it's offensive to read.
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Kittens in a bubble.
Posted by Sandrajolicoeur32 on 12/29/2011
This is the worst commercial I have ever seen. To me this is animal abuse and the commercial should be taken off the air. Who ever gave the go ahead for this commercial needs a lot of help. All babies are helpless and this commercial is sending a BAD message.
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-29:
What commercial? I don't have a TV. Could you describe it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-29:
I think the OP is referring to this commercial

Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-29:
LS, I can't watch those at work, perhaps I'll try when I get home tonight.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-12-29:
I'm going to just throw this out there, but perhaps those kittens aren't really in the bubbles and it's just trick photography.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-29:
Obviously, it's impossible to blow a bubble with a kitten inside of it. The commercial is for entertainment only. It's not animal abuse because it could NEVER happen
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-29:
I think the people who complain about DQ commercials are missing the point. Their slogan is "So good, it's ridiculous". And that's exactly what the commercials are.. Ridiculous!

They are not to be taken seriously.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-29:
I think at DQ they would be proud if it were considered "ridillyous".

It isn't possible to create a bubble with a live kitten in it, so this isn't animal abuse.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2011-12-29:
So are you saying I've been trying to make a bubble with a kitten inside it forever because of this commercial and it CAN'T be done?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2011-12-29:
As others have pointed out, it's pretty much impossible to do what is being shown in that commercial, the OP can rest easy knowing that any attempt to replicate putting a cat in a bubble will not be successful.
Posted by JayByJay on 2011-12-29:
It's worth noting that the OP is also saying it wouldn't be animal abuse if those were full grown cats.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-12-29:
Its not abuse, its just photography, theres a lot of things people can do digitally now. Heck these days, actresses dont have to do nude because they can digitally put something else in thats not theirs!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-29:
In the movie "Breaking Dawn" they digitally made it look like Kristen Stewart lost a lot of weight. She didnt have time to lose weight for certain scenes. It's amazing what technology can do nowadays
Posted by Starlord on 2011-12-29:
Shorty is right. William Shatner wanted to re-shoot some scenes in Star Trek VI - the Undiscovered Country because his behind was huge. They reduced his weight via computer a whole lot cheaper than re-shooting the scenes. I am sorry if the commercial offends you, but the idea of a commercial is to implant the product in your mind, and here you are discussing it here. There are other matters much more important in the world than a computer generated impossibility.
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Obvious Lie
Posted by TychoAstronaut83 on 11/07/2011
ASHLAND, OHIO -- I recently visited the ashland oh dq branch. I usually customize my blizzards w/ others stuff, making it really my own form of art. needless to say, I walked through the poor, immediately smelling the previously familiar cotton candy flavor, & I wanted it in my planned customized banana split, or blizzard. one lady worker in blue confirmed having me cotton candy blizzards. I was trying to plan a usual customization when another lady worker in black came out, lied about the cotton candy. when I actually caught her in that lie, she was trying to cover up after I told her that I know for a fact that yes they DO have the cotton candy; I smelled it real strong as I came through the door. I was ready to pay well for something customize, even had a $10 will ready to pay. I was about to redeem a coupon, but after a brief argument, about her our, I ended up leaving. I simply refuse to settle for less than I bargained for, especially when someone flatly denies that I obviously smelled the cotton candy as I entered. I had the same things before, even had it by itself once when it was new. the smell of the cotton candy flavor was an obviously fresh one, & the lady in black said they didn't have it anymore. I hate lying tongues, & I'm not likely to ever shop there again, & I live right near it on the next street over. when I visited another ice cream shop, I got what I wanted, in the exact flavor I wanted. I told that shop why I visited them & what just happened to bring me there, & they were disgusted that such a reputable place would deny a customer something available, especially when it can be smelled in the air by all who enter their shop. the new shop I visited across town was happy to help me in any way they could. I'm now warning others about what dq did. I plan on contributing to the complaint boards as much as I possibly can regarding this issue.
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-11-07:
Is it possible that you could smell it because it was really popular that day and they had run out? Did you speak with a manager or contact corporate? What did they say?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-07:
Just because you smell it, doesn't mean any was available. Smells can linger, even after the food is gone.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-07:
Both good and bad smells definitely can linger. If you need proof check out the my3c bashing thread on crybabies. A stench befitting of a treatment plant has been brewing there for over a year.

When it comes to sweet smells, perhaps this one was of something they no longer had. I can't imagine the benefit for them to deny you something that you craved.

Posted by eflkin on 2011-11-07:
Very well put trmn8r!!
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-11-08:
Why would she lie?
Posted by Skye on 2011-11-13:
I don't understand how them lying to you, as you say, would benefit them?

They are a business and in business to make money.

Contact corporate and tell them about your experience. You can actually file an incident report on line at:

Posted by Venice09 on 2011-11-13:
I agree, Skye!
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Posted by Wildwomen0200392 on 10/13/2011
DECATUR, ILLINOIS -- 10/12 Went to the Dairy Queen on Martin Luther King Dr Decatur IL took the coupon we had cut out of paper for buy one get one free. we were informed the item was on sale so they would not honor the coupon. I think this is a way for the manager of this store not to have to give this item free. if these coupons are from headquarters I think they should be honored we were not very happy will not probably be back!!!!
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-10-13:
Unfortunately, i'm sure there's a clause on the cupon that says something to the effect of only valid at participating locations. I'd venture a guess to say that this place isn't. The next time you have a cupon like this? Maybe call ahead to see if they'll honor it.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-13:
Yes, this sounds like a "paticipating locations" type deal. If the item was truly on sale, I can see the place refusing the coupons. Not because I agree with it, but because this is my experience in my life.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-10-13:
This sounds more to me like you can't combine discounts. If the reason that they gave you was because it was on sale then you would be getting 2 discounts.
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Not honoring promotions
Posted by Opene11 on 09/11/2011
They advertise the burger combo with mini blizzard for 5 bucks. Okmulgee ok. store says they don't have to honor the price for whatever reason. Dont put a commercial on t. v. if your stores won't be following the advertisment.
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Posted by ticia232 on 2011-09-11:
All commercials for any chain say at participating places. It sounds like this place was not participating. Yes, it is annoying when you find out that they are not, but I have found that most places will point you to a place that is participating.

Case in point, I was working for Wawa when there was a penny shortage in the '90s. We got so much response before the shortage was said on a commercial that Wawa was giving a free coffee (for a certain amount of pennies being given in) that my store was deemed NOT A PARTICIPATING STORE.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-11:
This is very common with franchises - the fine print in the ads says "at participating locations." I think this has been going on for decades.

I agree that it is frustrating.

Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-12:
A dead giveaway is the words 'participation and pricing may vary.'
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Foreign matter in milk shake
Posted by Jdt428 on 09/08/2011
Bought a strawberry shake off interstate exit close to Charles City Virginia. There were foreign brown objects in it. My stomach is permanently turned against Dairy Queen.
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Posted by olie on 2011-09-08:
Might those have been strawberries?

Sometimes, a few berries among my home-frozen ones end up looking brown. I know they weren't that way when I froze them.
Posted by Skye on 2011-09-09:
What did this foreign matter look like?
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Is it tainted?
Posted by Rtalden1 on 09/03/2011
Normally, the ice cream at D. Q. is very good but today 9-3-2011) I got a chocolate waffle cone with chocolate ice cream and it had a very bad taste. I tried to eat it but it left a stinging feeling on my tongue and sour taste which I could not tolerate. I went back to DQ and told them about it. My daughter had a vanilla cone and it was fine so they gave me a new cone with vanilla which definitely was much better. I have made a complaint to the DQ office and am waiting to see if I should seek medical attention. It WAS that BAD!!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-09-03:
Maybe it was freezer burned? Did they tell you if anyone else had come back complaining their chocolate icecream was burnng their throats?

Maybe you should have kept a sample, and had an independent lab test it, to find out what the heck is going on with it. Better safe then sorry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-04:
I've gotten a bad taste... kinda sour from the local DQ ice cream once and I threw it out. It was just gross. I didn't tell them about it and I probably should have but I haven't had a problem since.

If you feel you need medical attention you should get it right away. There is no point in waiting for it to get worse.
Posted by DQ Customer on 2012-07-12:
I have had the same problem as various DQ's here in Colorado - the chocolate cone I got last night was so BAD tasting, like tangy and sharp that I did not eat it - what a waste. I have had this happen at two different DQ's in different cities - sometimes it is ok, other times it is terrible - I think it went bad and they are still serving it!!!! Was afraid I was going to suffer for eating the couple of bites I took, and I did about an hour later...I am done - no more DQ for me!
Posted by june on 2014-03-22:
This is real and no ad intended. Im an avid of DQ too, I always go there when Im sad/lonely etc, Everyttime i go there i've always ordered a large Oreo moolatte (so basically Im already fond of its taste). Just bought one now and it tasted quite SOUR, the whipped cream was fine, its just something's wrong with the solution below.

Is there ice cream machine burnt or are there products expired?! Idk. I hope nothing ill will happen to me
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