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Worst Company I Have Dealt With!!!
By -

I wish I would have found these reviews before I made my purchase with them. My unit is only a month old and I have had them over there at least 5 times, so with that being said the problem is still there. Now they won't even come out to address the issue unless I pay although I'm still under warranty through them and have a 10 year parts and labor warranty as well. JD comes across as a nice guy when you 1st buy from them but after the sale you're just a number like everyone else.

Every time they come out they will tell you that there's no problem or if there is a problem that they PERSONALLY caused, they want to charge you to fix it. It's people like them that ruins it for good ethical companies that are doing things right. PLEASE be very careful if you do call on this company for service or installation. I had to hire another company to come out and inspect the issue and told me the way my drain lines were re-routed was wrong. When I emailed JD about it he said they were really busy, so I offered to have someone else come fix the issue and I would send them the bill.

That must have ticked him off that he said he would not discuss or address the issue again if I do not pay them to fix it when they installed it wrong. I guess you can fix Stupidity so be very careful because you will be like me if you do not do your research.

Poor Craftsmanship and Not Taking Responsibility for Mistake
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I just wanted to let everyone in Dallas know not to call Dalco Air Conditioning for service. They replaced my furnace, and they said they needed to replace my air conditioning coil as well. The furnace worked great, but come summer the house wouldn't get any cooler than 84 degrees, no matter what I set the thermostat to.

I called them in May, June and August, each time they charged me for service that wasn't needed. Plus my electric bills were twice as much as they'd been the previous 20 years. I complained and they sent someone out at no charge and said there was nothing wrong and "it's the hottest summer on record" which it was not. I finally climbed up into the attic to see what was going on (which was very difficult for me to do with my bad knees). It turned out that they left a gaping hole in the fabricated box connected to the furnace and I was literally air conditioning the attic. When I closed the hole with duct take, the house became several degrees cooler within about 20 minutes.

I wrote them asking for them to reimburse me for the additional electric charge because of their poor workmanship and they said there was nothing wrong and that my boys were turning the thermostat down and that's what caused the high electric bills. If the temperature wouldn't go below 84, then it didn't matter what the thermostat was set at. They also claimed that a dirty filter (two weeks old) was causing the problem and that the fins on my outdoor unit were dirty (which I keep clean). They said nothing more than it wasn't their fault.

I filed a BBB complaint and they claimed I hadn't complained to them previously, but I had documentation that they had charged me for calls four times during the summer (but those weren't complaints according to them). I answered the BBB resolution that I wasn't satisfied and explained why. I just wanted to let people know not to do business with Dalco so they won't be cheated like I was.

Company Response 4/10/2008:

Over the last several weeks, we've had a customer mention the complaint this former customer posted. First let me say, we did not charge her each time our Service Technician went to her home. In fact, I went out to her home and did not charge her for my time. We only charged her for A/C maintenance one time, and the installation for the furnace and coil. There is no possible way there could be a gaping hole between the furnace and so-called manufactured box. The manufactured box is the Evaporator Coil that fits tightly to the furnace as produced by the equipment manufacturer. A duct tape repair would never correct a problem of such magnitude. With the house in the condition this one is, very dirty, an air filter would be plugged in two weeks. Finally, the BBB found Dalco at no fault in regards to her complaint. J.D. Points, V.P. Dalco Air Conditioning "The Craftman of Comfort Since 1963" 214-381-1445

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