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Getting the Runaround
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- During one of my weekly errands a couple of months ago I visited my local supermarket and was stopped at the by representatives of The Dallas Morning News offering incentives to get you to sign up for a "30 day free trial" of the Dallas Morning News. If you signed up for this you received a 30.00 gift card for the supermarket, on the spot! Sounds like a great deal right? As it turns out, it has been more of a hassle to deal with and the customer service reps I have had the pleasure of speaking with are more frustrating to deal with that my 6 year old! Two weeks after falling for the ploy I received a bill in the mail for the full subscription price and it stated that my "14 day free trial" was up and I need to send payment for this amount. What? I was completely confused so I placed a call to the customer service center. I told then exactly what I was told by the representative that I signed up with. They told me that that was not the offer and that I had to pay for the paper and if I canceled I had to pay them back the amount of the gift card I received.

This is not what I was told when he convinced me to sign up. After 30 minutes of back and forth words I was still told that I had to pay even though they agreed that I had been lied to by the initial representative and that they had no control over that and had no idea who it was that I spoke to. I ended up not having to pay back the gift card but I had to pay for the papers I had already received. I asked if the representative received some kind of commission for each subscription he got filled out because why else would he completely lie to me? I was denied that info.

They were supposedly going to charge the representative that amount even though I was just told that they had no way of knowing who the representative was. It ended up with me yelling at them and hanging up. The papers stopped showing up on the porch and I was happy, for the moment. A few or so days ago the papers started showing up again so again I placed a call to let them know that I was receiving their paper and had not subscribed so it had to be a mistake in the address. The customer service representative told me that she would be happy to cancel my subscription but that my card would be charged for the $100 gift card I received at sign up. What? Ma'am I never received a $100 gift card because I never signed up! I was told that she was just following the rules.

I told her that I'm following my rules and I am not going to pay for something I never received nor signed up for! Did she even listen to a word I said? For some reason the subscription supposedly has my name and address on it but I nor my fiance signed up for this! All I got this time was "I will make a note of that but there's nothing I can do" Oh Really???? I do believe that this is not the end! Very Very unhappy!!!!!
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Insane Increase
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PLANO, TEXAS -- I've just received the subscription (renewal) for the Dallas Morning News with 30% price increase comparing to the previous bill of only 6 months ago. What a shame.......!!!!!

I can not be "RIP OFF" like that....!!!! I cancelled the subscription right away....

It's absolutely insane and ridiculous. Proud that they're not going to have my money anymore!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
Hello Dallas TEXAS!
Ben There on 07/31/2009:
With a lot less people buying newspapers combined with a huge drop in advertisers, the people left wanting papers are going to pay more to cover the costs of reporters and printing. I never particularly liked the DMN, but it is always a little sad to see another industry fade away.
BokiBean on 07/31/2009:
We're losing newspapers right and left. They'll be mourned, but only AFTER they're gone..its very sad.
Ben There on 07/31/2009:
Reporting and producing cost a lot of money, and the majority of cash is provided by advertisers. When there was just network news and newspapers, the ads associated with that media covered the costs of production plus a lot more. Now that the internet and cable television have split audiences many different ways, it is difficult to generate the same amount of cash as when there were three TV channels and one or two newspapers in any given city. Some think this has decreased the quality of reporting, and allowed people to follow "news" that caters to personal feelings and beliefs instead of media that is reporting actual facts. In addition to this split in demographics that spreads the ad dollars very thin, free internet news sites have a hard time justifying the same ad rates because banner ads just don't get noticed nearly as much as those on TV. Less ad money means really good reporters are flocking to other jobs.
ejack053824 on 08/01/2009:
Newspapers make good fire logs.
Suds on 06/13/2013:
Another Rip Off! DMN, unlike other newspapers, will no longer let you stop delivery for vacation and add on time you did not receive paper to the subscription term . THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU FOR PAPERS YOU DO NOT RECEIVE! Oh, forgot, they will deliver 6 weeks of old papers when you resume so you can fill your recycle bin. No thanks
Ex Subscriber
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