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I think this is a very good product but obviously the company fails to educate the Orthodontics/Orthodontology colleges, and some orthodontists listed on Damon web site as the Damon brace provider are not really practice the technology, if patients didn't do some study & research before they visit the orthodontist, they'll believe what those fake Damon Brace provider tell them, and that ruin the reputation of Damon system, and the worst, the patients' teeth got ruined in the long term. So I think Damon company need to be careful on how they certify the Damon doctors.

My son got some crowed & pop-up teeth, I've searched Damon system web sites w/ zip code 20841, & I visited all the orthodontists listed, Dr. Dillon is the only one truly practice Damon technology, not like those old school or fake Damon orthodontists asking me to choose between elastic ligature (rubber bands) and self-legating brackets, telling me the self-legating brackets cost $500 more and it's just for easy cleaning, but Dr. Dillon only uses self-legating brackets. We visited 11 orthodontists before we decide to go w/ Dr. Dillon, all other orthodontists told me my son's case can't be fixed using Damon system, and they want to extract 2 or 4 teeth w/ slenderizing/inter proximal reduction (ipr) some teeth go figure

I think Damon Brace Company really need to emphasize a simple but very important thing, yet it still takes me some thinking to realize, old school traditional brace can only fix one kind of condition, which is a lot space between teeth, probably most orthodontists can fix this kind problem by pulling the teeth together, but w/ crowed teeth, old school orthodontists just extract some teeth to make the case like lots space between teeth. But Damon can fix the problem by using self-legating brackets w/ titanium memory-wire & some tiny coil springs to create space needed.

If any orthodontist tells you your case can't be fixed by Damon, then they're not really using Damon technology, because the whole purpose of Damon system is to avoiding extracting or slenderizing teeth; and what's bad about extracting or slenderizing healthy teeth, if you go check the statistic data of 10 years long term effect, you'll realize why its bad to mess w/ the genuine and nature design.

This is what Damon can achieve http://www.barronbraces.com/technology.html, but I never visit this orthodontist, kind too far for me.

This is what Damon can do http://www.kstreetdental.com/damon-system.php, however when I visited this orthodontist, I found he's a big liar, he's nowhere near a Damon technology provider at all.

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