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Danby Warranty Availability
Posted by 1sato on 11/14/2006
About 17 months ago we purchased a Danby wine cooler from samclub.com. Danby's warranty is 2 years parts and labor, five years on the sealed system (compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc.). Yesterday the unit stopped working. I called Danby to find local repair service and they said that they had no service providers anywhere near our location in Baltimore, MD. When I asked what their customers in the Baltimore area should do if they have a warranty claim, their response was to take it back to the dealer. I said that shouldn't be a problem because I purchased the cooler at Sam's Club and they have a 100% merchandise satisfaction guarantee (or so I thought).

Packed up the unit (weight about 100 pounds) and brought it to Sam's. I asked for an exchange for an identical unit they had in stock. (Good thing I didn't ask for a refund!) The clerk working the desk said that because the unit is over one year old a manager had to approve the exchange. A manager was summoned and first thing he said was "We can't accept a return for a product that old." When I brought up the "100% satisfaction guarantee" he said that it did not include products returned after six months. "Plus, if we accepted products after that period why would anyone purchase an extended warranty."

Seeing that I was getting nowhere, I said that I had tried to have the unit serviced but that Danby didn't have any service repair facilities in the area. Luckily, Danby sent me an email stating this, which I gave to the manager. Upon seeing this he threw up his hands and said, "OK, in this instance, because of this unusual situation, I'll accept the return."

Lesson: Danby buyers should be sure that local Danby repair service is available, otherwise their warranty is meaningless.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-11-14:
Hard lesson learned and good tip to pass on for anyone looking at buying Danby products. They are a little known specialty refrigerator brand. This is definitely a brand you want to buy from a dealer that does their own service or can guarantee they can get it worked on for you locally.
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Service A Problem For Danby
Posted by Famus on 05/22/2009
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- My wife bought me a Danby Wine Cooler for Christmas, I think it was 4 years ago. Stopped working about 18 months ago and tried to find service for it in Kansas City area. Called the local service provider and was told that minimum cost to check out the unit would be $150, even if I took the unit to them. (I believe the unit has a Freon leak.) The unit originally was purchased for under $400. During this period of ownership it has stored no more than 30 bottles of wine, total, this of course is not their fault. I feel lucky I haven't purchased any really high dollar wines or I would really be upset.

My opinion is that it is a lousy appliance and very unlikely I will ever purchase anything associated with Danby again. Expensive lesson.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-22:
Well, that's a nice little racket Danby has, isn't it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-22:
I had a customer recently replace his Danby with a Uline.If looking for a replacement,check em out
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-22:
More accurate, just an inferior product. Danby is a better buy for disposable dorm friges at the $100-$150 price point. The wine cooler sold under major American Brands is what you want if you are keeping serious wine. I have the GE Monogram. No problems in 7 years so far. Of course these go for about $800.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-22:
Yes Uline is good too. I also have a 7 year old ice maker model of theirs with no issues.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-22:
wine sucks get a kegerator!
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-22:
LMAO. I remember when those came out. Unless you throw some serious blue collar parties, nobody has any business buying their beer by the keg.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-22:
My hubby brews his own and keeps two kegs in this freakish freezer looking thing with taps on top. His buddies think he is A GOD. lol
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-22:
An endless supply of beer in a kegerator dualy. I can see why he's the popular one.
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