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What An Awful, Unreliable Company
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I ordered some ballet shoes to wear at my wedding. Not only were they really bad quality, they didn't fit. Even after all of the sizing recommendations, they were not the correct thing for me. I returned them and according to the website it would take 5 to 10 business days to receive a refund. It has now been 5-6 weeks and I have not been given a refund. I have sent many emails to this company as well as calling several times, only to be hung up on. I did get a hold of someone there who apologized and said that my refund had gotten off track and it would be taken care of that day. That was five days ago.

I would not recommend that anyone order from this company. They are not about the customer, they are about keeping people's money without rendering a service.
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Anonymous on 08/12/2008:
Sorry about your experience, however I would think that for something as important as a wedding, one would purchase their shoes from either a business they know and trust, or one that they can try on the shoes and make sure they will fit, rather than order online. But anyway, I hope your wedding was wonderful, look at the good news, at least it was just the shoes that didn't fit.
Anonymous on 08/12/2008:
I don't order shoes online unless I have tried the exact same shoe in a store and know it's the right fit. Why couldn't you have gone to a dance supply store or Wal-Mart (unless you are talking about the pointed toe shoes)? Not only can you see them face-to-face, but it makes for better business.
Cindyk91 on 05/09/2011:
This company is AWFUL!!!! They sent me a different pair of shoes than I ordered. And when I called to explain that, they said, "Well, don't they look similar?" I said, "No, except they are both nude in color." They were different brands! They said, "Well, we always send a different shoe if the other shoe is on back order." I couldn't believe it! They said that, "9 out of 10 of their customers are happy with that." I find that unbelievable. They would not send me a prepaid return label and the supervisor said to me while I was in mid conversation, "Well, have a nice evening." and hung up on me.
ccb on 06/06/2012:
I would not order from Dance4Less unless you are 100% positive on the size necessary. The shoes I ordered stated to include street size and the shoes would be adjusted to fit. The shoes that I received were incredibly large. Their customer service definitely lacks serving the customer.
Suzy on 06/06/2012:
Beware of this site..if you do not keep your shoes they will charge you a high shipping and 15% RESTOCKING FEE. Made 3 phone calls everyone was very very nice. But DAVID some kind of manager was very very rude and would not refund my restockinng fee. HE said a lot of sites charge this. I have been ordering on line for years and have only seen that once. Don't order from them unless you are willing to give up your hard earned money. David could have a least said I'm sorry but this is our policy. I wish there was something I could do. But no, he interrupted and was sarcastic. It would have been so much easier to be nice.
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