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Complaint About Telephone Calls
Posted by on
Last night I called every minute from 8:29 until at 9:31, I got a message saying that calls were ended in my time zone. I think the judging is fixed against Helio.
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User Replies:
bargod on 11/27/2007:
It's a conspiracy. Lets get Mulder and Scully on the case.
GothicSmurf on 11/27/2007:
Put down the TV Remote and telephone, the judges will see and hear you!
chris513 on 11/27/2007:
no comment...
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
Must agree with Chris.
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
I will have to go with bargod and Gothic on this mystery..........
Sparticus on 11/27/2007:
My mom has the same problem. She can never get through.
apond on 11/27/2007:
What is Dancing with the Stars?
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
I cannot believe people actually watch this show,along with American Loser,I mean Idol.
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
apond, it's what they do on the space shuttle.
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
Sax, were you able to do your daily tasks after such a traumatic experience? I'd rather watch paint dry than that nonsense. Thanks for venting on here, though.
GothicSmurf on 11/27/2007:
Shhhhh quit typing so loud, they'll hear you.
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
I cast my vote with Zzrokk. What a load of kee-rap!
Ryan84 on 11/27/2007:
theres........someone in the grassy knoll.......
DebtorBasher on 11/27/2007:
Shouldn't THIS be on the community board?????
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
this shouldn't be here at all!
Anonymous on 11/27/2007:
Just like yours yesterday DB???
DebtorBasher on 11/27/2007:
YEAH! Liddy got my point! Woo Hoo...It only took a year and 8 months!
Skye on 11/27/2007:
Is this the show that put Marie Osmond back in the spotlight??

Slimjim on 11/27/2007:
I don't know DB. I'm still trying to figure out how a review about consumer purchasing from certain retailers got bumped from the site main threads to the forums to languish with a bunch of You Tube topics and whatever nonsense Dr. Jee was working the crowd with.
Kim on 05/21/2014:
I agree. It's staged. This season is a joke.
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