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Clueless and Rude!
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BURLINGTON, IOWA -- I believe in supporting the Mom and Pop shops. Which is why I went to this store to purchase items which are not competitive in their prices compared to large department stores. Also, I know to whom and where my money goes, and I feel I am doing good for people with good values and work ethics.

Or so I thought.....

I went to purchase a Christmas gift card and was greeted by a pushy, younger sales girl that followed me around the small store. This is pretty common now-a-days, but the manner of the old, heavier woman, (who I now know is an owner!) was unforgettable!!

After she logged the certificate inventory number, she wanted to complete the "to" and "from" portion on the gift card itself. I expained to her that it wasn't necessary to do so, as she has the number of the gift card already that corresponds to her recorded inventory list. (See, I wanted to fill that portion out...gift cards are so impersonnal...and if I could have filled it out in my own handwriting..well, common sense...)

Well, she huffed and puffed and said...well..."As long as your check clears!" I was sickened and appauledl. It took all my strength to not tell her why I was really there. Which is that I felt sorry for them. There customer lot is always empty. I just wanted to help. Well folks, this explains it. She's an ungrateful, old, haggared women. I can't help her with that.

Thank you anyway, Dande Workwear. I will go to Carhart online!
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Shakra on 03/23/2007:
I didn't even know that they would accept a check for a gift card.
rhondam718732 on 03/27/2007:
Why wouldn't a store accept a check for a gift card as long as they accept checks in general??
velvatnrbt on 05/30/2007:
cool replies....yeah...I know, why would they accept checks. Moving here from the Chicago suburbs 2 years ago...I found this to be shocking as well. I am telling you, Burlington, Iowa is a town that still leads a simple life. They still accept checks at gas stations and restauraunts as well! I use a credit card whenever possible, but some of the Ma an Pa shops here still do not have those machines, like Dandee wear or whatever it is, I have forgotten the name now.
And guess what! Their parking lot is still always empty! I didn't feel bad at first, but I kind of do now. I hate to see hardship on anyone, but maybe from this they will learn to treat others w/ respect.
By the way, I printed off my review and mailed it to them. Minus the website address and etcetera.
So thanks for the cool replies! Great questions!
cow on 11/07/2007:
cow on 11/07/2007:
maybe they just wanted to add them to a mailing list. They took all my checks fine and I had no problems whatsoever the 4-5 times I have been in there. I like the small town service and prefer not to use credit cards or debit cards. I prefer to have someone available incase I have a question. I hate having to look for someone.
cow on 11/07/2007:
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