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Automobile Damage
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I shipped my auto from Florida to California on June 29th. It was to arrive on July 14th., it arrived on July 21st, damaged. It was obvious that they dropped the rails on the roof of my car, damaging the roof and the sun roof. I finally retired on July 8th and was to start a three month, once in a lifetime, vacation to see family and friends on July 18th....I am still at the first stop of my itinerary on August 8th because I had to prove the damage, even though they had pictures and a complaint from the tow company that delivered my auto, I have to pay $250 deductible even though they were 100% at fault, and they have decided some of the damage is only wear and tear and they will not pay for it to be repaired. Don't misunderstand, I am not angry that there was an accident, those things do happen, I am angry because they did not own up to it, they tried to deliver a damaged car as if nothing had happened.....and then they made it my responsibility to detail every issue. I asked if they were going to refund some of my cost, over $1100, so that would have helped with the deductible, but "they don't do that"....don't use them!!
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Alain on 08/10/2011:
You can file a complaint at http://ftccomplaintassistant.gov
but you've all ready done about the best thing you can by warning other consumers of this companies behaviour. They fulfilled just enough of their legal obligations to satisfy the law, but made sure that they caused you maximum inconvenience so that they could avoid taking responsibility for their mistake. Very poor customer service and lousy integrity.
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