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Data Appenders List Broker, sold us bad lists
Posted by Mike375 on 02/03/2010
802 NORTH WEST STREET, DELAWARE -- Data Appenders List Broker, sold us poor quality lists

It took some negotiating, but we finally received a refund for most of our purchases. The matter is resolved unless Data Appenders makes further contact with us.

All names of people that work at Data Appenders appear to be made up U.S. names and each person is from India with a native India name.

Data Appenders, Inc.
802 North West Street
Wilmington DE 19801
Ph: 888.321.7891
Fax: 888.501.9330
Another address they gave to me for their company is.
Data Appenders, Inc | 44 wall street | New York | NY 10005

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-03:
This one won't last long.
Posted by Jon W on 2011-02-02:
I am also experiancing very poor performance from this same company... see seperate review. could not possibly recomend at this stage.
Posted by BUSINESS OWNER on 2011-07-14:
This is a database scam from India. SAME COMPANY. CALLED FREEDOM LISTS, FREEDOMLISTS.COM, ELISTS.US, ETC. They promised 14000 database names and 1000’s of satisfied customers, but they cannot give 1 reference. They expected money to be FedEx'd or wired to a bank in Texas, they claim to be in Delaware, but we tried many times to call their HO number and it just goes to an un-named Google international mailbox and no one answers the phone. A Scott Walker called us from a blocked account, he has an Indian accent. The website doesn’t seem to be written by a native English speaker, as there are numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. The area code 646 phone number they gave us is registered to an "Andrea Knight" from Data Appenders. Google Data Appenders complaints. They are an Indian company using made-up American-sounding names, saying they are in Delaware. WOW.... Luckily we didnt send money.
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