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Time Sold Me on the Flavor Spray!!!
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I am a sucker for food items in their many shapes and forms. Big Mama is a famous and renown sucker too! Sometimes I be watching something being offered on one TV and Big Mama be watching on the other TV as well. Over time we have been "burned" repeatedly so we are trying, really trying to be more cautious and less impulsive. Now we look for signs that before we rarely noticed, certain key phrases that announce a "scam" may be at hand. From words used, to the faces of the crowds that participate, we are trying to "read between the lines" sort of speak.

But one thing that I was not ready for was the endorsement of a product by a national publication such as the able Time Magazine. In their best creations of 2005 or something to that effect there was this product called the "Flavor Spray" by Chef David Burke. Zero this, Zero that, Zero everything and bursting with flavor! I of course went into overdrive! What is this my eyes are seeing! What a wonderful thing is available for us the Carb Conscious! You can add it to vegetables, rices, stews, ice creams, anything your compulsive and creative appetite desires! Flavor Spray, just add a few sprays to your favorite dishes and Voila, you have upgraded the taste.

Each container 2.0 fl oz. allowing for whom knows how many sprays from each little bottle. The flavors offered were about 10 at the time I made my purchase (of course I did, what else was I supposed to do with such praises!?) and the ones I chose were 3 for about $20.00 and consisted of Tomato Basil (perfect to use on steam vegetables, brown or white rice, pasta, etc) Pesto, and Mango (for an added punch in low calorie desserts, ice cream, etc.) and when they arrived they did look cute in their presentation. Time to try them!

I always like to find ways to improve the appeal of steamed vegetables without having to use any heavy cream, loaded with calories so the Tomato Basil was a viable alternative for my culinary world. So I sprayed and sprayed some more and took a bite. What is this?! It had a vague resemblance to what tomato basil taste like but not enough, it also had a certain alien ingredient to it that I never did get used to it or wanted to get used to it. Tried the Pesto and it was a joke that didn't bring a smile to my face.

Big Mama sometimes waits for me to order something so she can be critical when it arrives. She can be sarcastic, ironic and downright condescending when she is not pleased! I was already trying to minimize the whole thing by thinking "hey, it is only $20, it could have been much worse..." but somehow that line of reasoning does not help very much. That's when I chose to hold Time's piece on the best inventions of 2005 responsible for my purchase, and I did but it did not help in the end. Why? Because I am the fool who bought it and therefore have no one to blame but myself.

I did write an angry email to the Flavor Spray website saying that I had wasted money and boo whoo whoo, just to vent and was very surprised when the very next day I got a response from the company in which they apologized for me not liking their product and offering me 3 new flavors absolutely free! By God, if there is one thing that I am is Emotional when properly treated and that email did it for me. I accepted immediately and commended them immediately on their unselfish approach to Customer Service, all antagonism drained from my avid consuming self and replaced by a newfound gratitude to this company.

Almost like magic and in record time I received as promised 3 new flavors on my mailbox. One was cheesecake, which I tried and was not impressed but nevertheless I appreciated the fact I had received for free. The other was apple pie and well, I still have them (will not dispose of them for some primal reason!) and not a day goes by that I do not see them. They have become permanent companions. The product? Mediocre at best but probably everyone is a millionaire today because of them and Customer Service? Above average, that rare approach that humanizes the whole deal and makes you want to forgive anything and everything.

And now that I am so philosophical about it I recognize that Time Magazine was just one more messenger, how can I be blaming them for this purchase anymore that I can blame my "avid and always want to buy nature". A lovely register woman said once to me when I complained at the checkstand of the excesive purchases I had made, "hey at least you are able to buy them. Me, when I load the cart with too many items I always end up returning half!" How is that for a lesson in something other than me me me! Thank you for reading and Wish You All The Very Best!

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