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Vendor's Beware
Posted by Poor vendor on 05/22/2009
NILES, OHIO -- When approached to contract with them for their vendor program...beware. I received a phone call saying that I had been "recommended" to Meryl Haberman by a previous bride or one of their employees. When I questioned this at the store they had no idea. I contracted with them for a one year contract (opt out after 6 months) and thank goodness for the opt out. My biggest gripe was "Black Friday" weekend. I had asked if some sort of "trial period" or some really short term (1-3 month) contract was possible before agreeing to 1 year and was told no. I get there that weekend and learn of some other vendors there displaying and showcasing free of charge! What really upset me was the fact that I was set-up off in a corner and these vendors, once again there free of charge, were invited to showcase right in the middle of the store and can easily be seen upon entering and exiting the store.

Don't expect much out of store traffic as they come there with 1 of 3 intentions: 1) Picking out a dress 2) Trying on a dress 3) Picking up their dress. All this is usually within 8 weeks of the reception and they already have all vendors they need booked for their reception. Oh and probably 50% of the store traffic are actually brides, others are bridesmaids and little girls trying on dresses for school dances! When approaching the customers and advertising yourself, you feel like one of those people in the mall trying to sell lotion. The clients just form a big circle around your table, almost as if you have some sort of odor. Very seldom does an employee send one of their clients over to check you out. Most of the store traffic already had a vendor for the service I provide. When you're there set-up at the store, the employees and management act like they paid you to be there instead of you paying to be there. You almost feel like an employee. I was commanded to do certain things that a client of mine would ask me to do instead of being able to work my own magic in terms of promotion.

For the money paid, you would think they would make their employees promote your service, but instead displaying brochures and business cards is good enough for them and they think they did their job. They do send you a copy of the registry once every 2 weeks and I did get some inquiries from that, but if I didn't quote them the Lowest price they’ve ever heard...forget it! When you contact Meryl regarding your concerns you just get "I'll have to check with the management at the store on that". I never did get an explanation about Black Friday weekend! What a waste of hard earned money this truly was! They are willing to take your money with little or no return! Take my advise wedding vendors, the best and most cost effective form of advertising is word of mouth. If you’re just starting up, the next best thing is the web.

Create or pay someone else to create a professional looking website and optimize it for major search engines. Brides today are very tech savvy and will turn to the internet at some point when looking for vendors. You need to reach them when they’re actually looking for you, not a few weeks before their reception when they’re stressed out at David’s Bridal figuring out their dress!

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Posted by DJ on 2013-09-25:
I second every single word of this! It's all true. Too bad it took me a few years to figure it all out and finally make the move away from David's Bridal. Follow all of this advice.
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Horrible Experience at David's Bridal in Bakersfield, CA - Possibly Racism
Posted by Girlinshowbiz on 02/08/2008
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- It was my worst shopping experience in years, while this was supposed to be one of the most important things in my life: finding my wedding dress.

I went to the David's Bridal store in Bakersfield, CA, after work. I walked in and stood there for 2 minutes until someone approached me. The employee was not friendly or helpful at all. Without any greeting, she had an attitude like “what are you doing here?” She barely talked to me although I tried to express my need in a friendly manner. She threw me a catalog, asked me to fill out a form, and had another girl help me. That girl was more friendly with a smile one her face, but she was impatient to listen to my description of dresses that I would consider. She only heard the first criteria and ignored the rest. Of course, she could not be very helpful to find me “the dress.” She found me 3 dresses that were very similar, while I’d like more variety to choose. She took me and the 3 dresses to the fitting room, asked me to try on, and said she would come back and check on me soon. The dresses did not fit and took me a while to try on each of them. There was not any mirror in the fitting room so I had to walk out of the room to see what it’s like in the mirror. I spent 20 minutes trying on, coming in and out of the fitting room, but she was never back. During that time, I really needed help, but where was my help? When the dresses didn’t fit, I really didn’t feel comfortable walking all over the store to find that girl with my bra showing.

I was extremely frustrated w/ their service so I finally changed and left. When I left the store, no one even approached and asked me how I was doing or if I found anything I liked. Since I entered the fitting room, the girl or any other kind of help just seemed to disappear, and I was left alone. For the whole time, I felt like I was not welcome there.

How did that happen? I kept wondering after I got home. I have been very disturbed. The employees seemed pretty friendly and helpful to other customers. They only had an attitude to ME, so it must be something about me, not their general personality or service. Was it because I didn’t make an appointment and just walked in? I don’t think that it could justify their bad service and attitude. They could have had told me that they were occupied by scheduled customers at that time, explained to me professionally, and helped me schedule an appointment, as any decent business would handle it. There was no need to give an attitude. If that wasn’t the reason, what is? Because I went there alone? Why would it be an issue as long as I have money to spend? I dressed better than many customers at the store, so I’m sure that they treated me like that not because they thought I could not afford their stuff.

I understand big women sometimes are discriminated, but I am a size 4 so it is not a problem. Plus, people who know me always say that I am the kind of customer that every business (especially fashion) would love to have. Then the only thing I could think of was my ethnicity. I am Asian, and I was the only Asian at the store. I am not sure how much experience they had in serving Asians. Anyway, racism, which is the last thing I’d like to believe, was the only believable guess I could come up with after ruling out many other possibilities. I will never recommend this store to any of my friends, and I would like to warn the potential customers of David's Bridal.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-08:
I really doubt this had anything to do with race. My opinion is that David's Bridal is the fast food of dress shops. They deal with volume and do not give the customers the individual attention that can be found in smaller, personally-owned dress shops. When shopping with my neice and my sister-in-law, we encountered the same kind of 'ignored' service, and at 2 different stores. If you want more personalized attention, which you should have for picking your wedding dress - find a smaller, privately owned shop.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2008-02-08:
I went in without an appointment, and was given an attitude as well. You should leave this out of your letter "I understand big women sometimes are discriminated, but I am a size 4 so it is not a problem." It doesn't add anything to the letter and makes you look like the discriminatory one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-08:
Hey Admin, Sarahnkrystal should have a star or two!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-08:
I don't think this was racist at all. It has nothing to do with the fact that you apparently dressed better than anyone in the store. David's Bridal is like the Wal*Mart of bridal stores. Most of the reviews posted on here, even from people with appointments always say that there is something wrong with the dresses or the employees were rude. And these people are of all different races, body styles, and creeds. Do I believe you were treated badly, absolutely. Honestly your remark about big women and saying that you were dressed nicer than anyone in the store almost makes you look like the bad guy, it makes you look like you should be treated better than others because you look better and are skinnier. You were treated awful. Do I believe it was racially motivated, no. I would find a local bridal boutique and get my dress from there. You will almost certainly get better more personal service from there than you ever would at this chain.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-02-08:
you were in a discount dress store without an appointment. You want to be treated well first you need to make an appointment no matter where you go and second, deal with a speciality bridal dress shop. I totally agree with SnK above about your "big women" comment.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-02-08:
apparently, with the attitude you had, you would have trouble getting service in an Asian boutique.
Posted by moneybags on 2008-02-08:
I used to work in one of those smaller,local stores. We treasured our customers, with or without appointments. Then Davids came to town. First thing was they offered me a job - wanted me for management. I talked to them. When I got the offer in writing, it was a joke - I would be in sales! Now I have sold, managed and bought for stores and they were offering me a $7.50 per hour sales position! Turned them down flat.

Now my daughter is getting married. She went to Davids where she lives. I let her know in no uncertain terms that her gown would come from the smmall, local shop. David really is the sewer of "bridal shops."

Posted by TLC29 on 2008-02-08:
you should take a bridesmaid with you to help you with your dress. sales associates aren't there only for you, they can't take all of their time in your dressing room zipping your dress. and if you can find a dress that fits without altering, you're very lucky. it sounds like you went in with an attitude. i can't stand it when people claim racism, that's ridiculous.
Posted by LovelyDaye on 2008-10-21:
I'm so sorry for your terrible experience! But I can tell you I had almost the same terrible experience at a David's Bridal in Orlando, FL so feel better, it wasn't racism. I too felt deeply disturbed by how awful the whole experience was. I expected trying on a wedding dress for the first time would be a happy, meaningful moment, but like you, the consultant diassappeared and the people in the front were horribly mean to me! They even argued over who would have to help me while I sat there! Instead of being excited about the whole thing i ended up holding back tears til I reached my car. So just know it is not you, it is the company's complete lack of customer service and training, as well as a lack of caring and pride among the people who work there!
Posted by Jess on 2011-07-24:
I agree that this store does not provide brides with proper service. I went in and I DID make an appointment. It made no difference at all! The girl did not even check any appointment book and could care less when I told I was there for an appointment. I was also handed a catalog to look at and shoved over to the dress racks and she walked away! She returned later and finally started helping me. A simple explanation letting me know that she would be right with me as she helped another bride would have done the trick. When I picked up my brand new dress... it was dirty!!!!!!!!! Again, they could care less and had no sympathy or compassion at all! My advice- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
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Warning! Davids Bridal Treats People Different Depending On Who You Are
Posted by Denise_iga on 10/13/2013
TOLEDO, OHIO -- On Wednesday 10/8/13 my daughter Aaron came to me in tears. Her Fiancé had called off the wedding and is breaking up with her. The following day I called David's bridal to inquire about her dress. I had made the final payment on 9/28/13 and wasn't even sure if the dress was there. They gave me a delivery date for early November. The lady I spoke with on 10/9/13 was very pleasant. She told me the dress was there. I explained to her what happened and she said as long as the dress has not been picked up that I would receive a full refund. She also said If I do pick up the dress David's' bridal will always allow me to exchange it. I asked her if a wait about a week would that be ok. I was still hoping they would reconcile. She said sure just don't leave it there over a month. I said ok, We ended the call.

By Saturday 10/12/13 it was painfully obvious that they were not going to reconcile. I called David's Bridal on Monroe St. Toledo, OH at about 12 noon. The Lady who answered the phone this time was very rude. I asked to speak to the store manager she said she was a manager. I began explaining to her what happened and that I spoke to a lady from their store on 10/9/13. I didn't even finish what I was saying when she interrupted me and inquired in a very nasty tone "who did you speak with?" I replied I am not sure. She said "if you don't know who you spoke with I can't help you all sales are final!" I then became very angry and asked her what her name was she replied "Stephanie". I asked to speak with her boss and asked her name. She replied she wasn't at the store and her name is "Cindy". I asked for her bosses phone #. She became even more nasty and said. "I am not giving you her personal phone #." I replied I didn't ask you for her personal #. (assuming she may be at another store) She said "she's the store manager and she isn't working today." I then said wait a minute you told me you were the store manager. She said I'm one of the managers but she is the store Manager. I then attempted to go over the entire thing again. She was very rude and kept repeating to me that I needed the name for who I spoke with. I asked her if I had the name would that make any difference.

She emphatically replied "Yes, we always honor what our associates promise and we have honored it for others" I said but you won't honor it for me. She again said only if I remembered the name. She also said "I needed to read my receipt better". I became irate at this point and told her that is "F" up. I know that wasn't nice but I had it with her at this point. I felt like I was being robbed of $500. I ended the call.

I checked with my attorney and he advised me to file a claim against David's Bridal in small claims court. He said in order for their to be a sale I need to receive either goods or services in exchange for the currency. I have not only have not received the dress I have not received a receipt for the payment made on 9/28/13. I have nothing to return or exchange.

This is also causing me extreme stress. After my daughter being crushed and now this. I have fibromyalgia (verifiable by my physician). When I have stress it adds to my bodies pain and can make me bed ridden for days. Today I couldn't even move when I woke up. It has taken me to 3pm in the afternoon to even type this letter. As far as remembering the ladies name my fibromyalgia can and does cause me to forget many things names and numbers especially. I have to write everything down or I forget them. When I called on 10/9/13 and spoke to the Lady, I trusted fully what she told me. I didn't have any reason to ask her name. I'm sure she said it when she answered the phone but I didn't remember it 3 days later.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-10-15:
You could very well not have an illness and still not remember the person's name a number of days later. It's happened to all of us unless we write it down and document the date and time. Then it's an I said you said situation. Who needs it?

I believe I'd take the attorney's advice if your money is not refunded. This, of course, would be if alterations had not been done at that time.
Posted by Terry on 2013-10-19:
David's Bridal I's the Walmart of bridal venues.
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Rip Off
Posted by Yamahagirl1985 on 07/24/2013
KEIZER, OREGON -- I went in and purchased my wedding dress from David's bridal in March and could not find anything in the store like I wanted for my bridesmaids. I ended up going to a thrift store nearby and found a David's bridal dress that was perfect and called the store to find out about it because I never saw it. They told me it was clearance and that they could order from an outside store because the website didn't have the right sizes. I ordered the dresses from all over the country in April and was told by the store not to open them until I could get my girls together to come in and open and try on at the store (if something was wrong and I opened them at home it would be my fault).

I took the dresses in to David's Bridal in Keizer, Oregon and when the manager opened the boxes, two of them were the wrong size, one was two sizes larger and one was a size two small. The manager searched and searched and told me they did not have any of the size I needed and that they could alter the bigger one but the other one would need to be changed to a lace back in order to make it work. Two dresses one way and one different? Screw that I wanted the dresses they promised me. When I asked the manager what happened and why the wrong sizes were shipped when I was assured they found them from different stores across the country, she told me that they must have been mistaken at that store and they shipped the closest thing. NOT ACCEPTABLE! A month and a half before my wedding and I don't have enough dresses and they wouldn't refund my money.

After enough fighting and arguing they agreed to refund the money for the one dress that was too small and I figured I would plead my mother to make the third dress. When my other bridesmaid went in to have the larger dress sized down, I was told that they were going to charge me over $100 for the alterations, NOT ACCEPTABLE! I had ordered the right sizes and it wasn't my fault they shipped the wrong ones and didn't say anything. David's bridal completely ruined my wedding experience as a bride. Being a bride is all about having a good time and enjoying the planning process. This store and company ruined this for me and now all I can do is hope that it's all over soon. Funny thing that I spend over $2000 in dresses and accessories from this store yet didn't give a rat's a** about me or my wedding.One things for sure, I do not love David's Bridal and I will never refer anyone to this God-forsaken place.

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Paid for a dress that no longer exists!
Posted by Slsbrandon_052006 on 07/14/2012
HURST, TEXAS -- We went to look for my bridesmaids dresses for my sister-in-laws wedding that is in October 2012. We found a really cute affordable one that everyone liked. We opened a credit account specifically for the dresses and placed our order. We were told it would take 6 weeks and we ordered in May. July gets here and still no dresses so the bride calls and apparently the dresses are no longer being made and the consultant put her wedding date in for December 2015, so our dresses had not been made yet. We had already made several payments on the credit card and the balance owed was not the amount that needed to be refunded. We asked for a split tender refund, where they put the amount owed on the card back on the card and the remaining balance back in cash. But they said that cannot be done the credit card company would have to send a refund check. Now that doesn't seem fair, we paid for the dresses the day we ordered them and they made a mistake shouldn't we get our cash back the same day? Needless to say we went to a different company, paid double for our new dress and had to put a rush on it since the wedding in now 2 months away. So...only go to David's Bridal if you want to pay for dresses that do not exist!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-14:
I hope you get your money back. I hate David's Bridal. They screwed up my bridesmaid's dress too.

On a side note; they put the wedding date in for December 2015? Who in their right mind would take 3 and a half years to plan a wedding? They are really incompetent there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-14:
If the credit card wasn't financed through David's Bridal, then yes you would need to get your refund from the credit card company. And you didn't pay cash, you used credit. So I don't agree that you should receive cash back the same day.
Posted by yoke on 2012-07-14:
What they should have done was credited the card back the balance owed and then given the cash back for what was paid on the card. It was their screw up and the bridal party was out money that they now needed to order dresses from someone else. No reason they should have to wait for the credit card company to issue a refund. That could take months.
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Disgusted With Customer Service
Posted by Katiejcrawford on 06/05/2012
NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- My name is Katie and I shopped at the Davids Bridal in North Attleboro. I have never been so disgusted with customer service in my life. My very first bridal gown appointment was made with them simply because they are a big name and I was sure to be happy with them. I made an appointment over the phone with one of the managers and was excited to go in. Once I got there with a couple of my family members I was instantly disappointed.

They hadn't put me in for an appointment and so they stuck me with a consultant who was already very busy. Not only was she in a rush but she was more of the "pushy car salesman" type rather than the helpful and nice person I was expecting. I was so overwhelmed that I left that day without a dress but had two in mind that I was very fond of and seemed to be in my budget. I went ahead and shopped at a couple of other bridal shops and had MUCH better experiences, however, I kept thinking about the two dresses I loved at DB so I made a second appointment to decide between the two.

I chose my dress that day with both my bridal consultant and the alterations women had reassured me for the SECOND time that alterations would be around $100, knowing my concern for the costs of alteration and having a strict budget. So once my dress had been ordered I went in to try it on once again (paid in full already) and to get my alterations done. To my surprise the alterations cost was more than DOUBLE what they had quoted me, So I had a manager speak with me and not only was she not understanding, she had accused me of being wrong and had told me that they have a strict price that they stand by no matter how little or how much a dress needed to be taken in.

The manager went on to say that the alterations women has worked there for years and that she would not have quoted me a wrong price. The manager tried pushing me to take the dress home with me (knowing that it would be non refundable if I did not take it with me). The manager and staff let me walk out of there that day with tears in my eyes, with no apologies or worries about fixing this situation. I finally had to turn to corporate for help, just to find that they were just as unhelpful as the managers at the store location. The women in charge of their customer service issues (I'm sure there are TONS) was yelling at me and eventually I started yelling back and she assured me that she would call me back that following Monday after speaking to the district manager (why someone at corporate would have to speak with someone below their abilities I'm not sure).

Monday came and gone and I never got a call. So I called her back today (Tuesday) and she not only said that they were not able to help me, she also told me that they would no longer make any alterations to my dress at all for me! All of the sudden they are unable to touch the dress! She went on to advise me to return the dress and start my dress search all over again. Now here I am, a couple months before my wedding, left with nothing but a horrible experience and no wedding dress. I have worked in sales for over 8 years and I am so disgusted with the customer service that I would recommend for any bride to be to go elsewhere to get the great customer service they deserve while finding their special dress!
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Posted by Suzy on 2012-06-06:
If you love the dress, maybe you could take it and find someone else to do the alterations at a more reasonable rate. From the reviews I have read here on David's Bridal it would be my last consideration for doing any shopping for a wedding. This is common practice for them apparently.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-06:
Obviously this isn't a place you want to shop. They gave you a price that was less than half of what you were later told is a strictly quoted flat rate price. They either don't know what they are doing or they lie to people.

Good luck and congrats on your wedding. Just because a company has a big name doesn't mean you will have a great experience. There are too many examples to list.
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Horrible Service
Posted by Hmmingbrd2 on 04/02/2012
OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- David's Bridal proclaims to be a cheaper alternative to bridal wear. Their customer service was so bad that it would have been better to pay the additional price of another place but we had already ordered a wedding dress. Before we purchased a cress, it was tried on twice making sure that it could be altered in such a way that would be acceptable. We waited until the appointment as directed to open the bad in which the gown was wrinkled and stuffed. They wouldn't alter it the way that we wanted, and were not friendly or helpful. At that point, not one person offered to help. Get this... even after paying for a wedding dress, they charged us $10.00 for a paper garment bag to take it home in. I can't believe it. I would advise other people not to use David's bridal. We were put in an unfortunate situation because we were told that an alteration was possible when I guess it was not. We didn't have any recourse... we were left with a gown and an unfortunate day that should have been an exciting event.
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Return Policy and Scamming Customers on the Alterations
Posted by Rymanager5 on 08/07/2011
My daughter went to David's Bridal in Danvers, MA and purchased a bridesmaid dress in July of 2011. When she tried the dress on in the store it was a perfect fit (size 2 - she tried and another size 2 that fit also)so she order it. The salesperson took her measurements and then placed the order. When we went to the store to pick up the dress, surprise - the size 2 doesn't fit! It needs to be altered in the bust area (which she is small, but the dress was even smaller) and the abdomen and waist area which were to big. This is NOT how the sample size 2 dresses in the store fit and why take measurements, if the dress is not going to fit correctly. That's where they make additional money off these cheaply made dresses - the alterations! Not only do you pay for the dress, but you can double your cost with the alterations. The dress should have only needed to be hemmed when it came in, but it needed to be completely redone.

When the rude and ignorant Store Manager came over to hear our complaint, she really didn't care because their store policy was NO REFUNDS! So in other words we have your money and your stuck with our crap! They only offer to get you another size dress (which would have had to be altered even more) or give you a store credit if your lucky!

Don't waste your time or money at this store - they do not care about customer service or the product that they sell. Once they have your money, they don't care whether your satisfied or not!

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Posted by Skye on 2011-08-07:
Contact corporate and tell them your story.

Contact Information

David's Bridal, Inc.
1001 Washington St.
Conshohocken, PA 19428

PA Tel. 610-943-5000

Toll Free 888-480-2743

Fax 610-943-5048

Posted by Venice09 on 2011-08-07:
I agree that the dress should have fit. It does sound like a strategic way to make money on alterations. My daughter and I had a wonderful experience at David's Bridal, but we didn't buy anything, so I can't comment on that. She was, however, in a wedding where the dresses came from David's, and all went well. I think it depends on the location of the store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-07:
They screwed up my bridesmaid dress too, probably for the same reason
Posted by olie on 2011-08-07:
As I suggested on another site, is it possible that your daughter lost weight or inches between the try-on and the pick-up date? That would account for the size discrepancy.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-08-08:
I always let the place that I am buying the items know upfront that I have someplace that I go to that does any alterations for me.

For some reason, when I do this, the item I tried on is almost always the item that I get, size wize.

After I get the item, I can always then decied if I wish the place that I bought it to do the alterations or not.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-08-08:
There are some bridal/prom places locally that now will suggest the customer deal with their recommended alteration places directly and they will provide contact information if requested. These were the same alteration places they once sub contracted out. Yes, they made some extra money but had to deal with complaints and obviously didn’t know how to properly measure to begin with or the clothing would have easily fit after a few alterations. I guess they finally decided the few extra dollars they were getting was not worth it.

If their clothing was true to size initially it would only require minor alterations. I don't blame people for being aggravated when something has been ordered specifically and doesn't even come close to fitting. Give me a break.
Posted by rymanager on 2011-08-08:
I've tried calling their corporate office and the women I need to speak to is out on a "medical leave" and the customer service hotline only takes a recorded message - does not give me a good feeling. My daughter has not lost or put on any weight in the 3-4 weeks that it took for the dress to come in - so it definately was not made correctly. I'm sure if she put on the sample dress again in the store it would fit her correctly again - unlike the garbage that they sent her!
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-08:
You may have offered the best solution yourself. You indicate that she hasn't tried on the "sample dress" again, so maybe she should. It will either fit or it won't.

In either case, you can then find someone else to alter the dress if you don't want David's to do it.
Posted by kichycoo on 2012-07-29:
Having worked for David's Bridal..I can tell you they have a big scam running on alterations..I was hired to manage an alterations shop for David's...but the store manager had never sold clothing before...what a nightmare..!!.Wrong sizes were ordered,,fabric was terrible..still is..I refuse to take David's clothing in my shop any longer...I cannot press out the wrinkle with my commercial equipment...Cheap asian crap fabric..!!
Posted by kichycoo on 2012-07-29:
I have done alterations for over 40 yrs..and I no longer accept David's Bridal clothing in my shop due to poor workmanship..and shoddy fabrics..I have commercial irons and steamers..and I cannot get rid of the wrinkles in the cheap cloth...Stay away from them..!!..Dollar General for Bridal wear...!!
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As if Planning a Wedding isn't Stressful Enough.....
Posted by Euphonasia on 03/19/2011
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I am not one of those people for whom the wedding is the most important event of my entire life (but I don't blame those who are, because it is quite a big deal). I didn't spend endless hours obsessing over minute details of the ceremony, but David's Bridal in Chattanooga, TN treated me and my wedding party with such a lack of professionalism and courtesy, I feel that it is important to warn others of the quality of their service.

About four months before my wedding, I walked into David's Bridal on a whim with my mother and sister. We didn't have a consultation scheduled (more about that later) and were simply perusing the gowns on the racks. I found one that I absolutely loved and was allowed to try it on. It fit perfectly and did not have to be altered in the least (once again, more about that later). I immediately put that dress on layaway as well as a veil that I had selected. I was having an issue deciding between two veils and they had told me that if I wanted to change them later, it wouldn't be a problem. Like an idiot, I took them at their word.

Fast forward to three months before the wedding. I called and scheduled a consult with their bridal "consultants" for my bridesmaids and to check on my dress. My bridesmaids were sized, the specific dress was selected, and measurements were taken. I was somewhat shocked to see the consultant "eyeballing" as she called it, the measurements by putting a dress three sizes too large on one of my bridesmaids and simply taking four inches of it by hand saying that it would do. I was aghast. I stated that it would not fit her properly. My bridesmaid stated the same and told the lady that based on the measurements that we had taken on our own, she should be wearing a different size than the consultant suggested. The consultant wrote down the size that my friend suggested. She fitted another of my bridesmaids by placing a dress that was in no way comparable to the one that I had selected (mine was a halter, this one was a strapless with boning in it) and was WAY too small (by like five sizes) on her. From that, she made up her mind what the correct size was, despite our protestations. After we had asked her to order the dress two sizes larger just in case, she rolled her eyes and said "Why come to the consultation if you already know everything." The irony of all of this was that I sew, my mother sews, and one of my bridesmaids is a seamstress. We had one bridesmaid who couldn't make it, so we had taken her measurements specifically and given them to the consultant who looked somewhat irritated about having to work with only measurements, but she took them down. I had a total of five bridesmaids. Four of them had been sized and I felt somewhat relieved.

After this infuriating process, we left, not wanting to spend any more time in the store than we had to, which was a mistake. I should have asked to see my dress, but I didn't. We were told that the bridesmaids dresses would be finished and received by one month before my wedding. That was plenty of time, I reasoned, with just a bit of wiggle room in the middle in case something happened.

Two months pass. No bridesmaid dresses. I was fairly calm, and kept getting very polite but obviously BS excuses. Another week passed. Then another. And then another! Almost a month late and one week before my wedding! By now, I was freaking out and almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I was fairly anxious about the fact that there may need to be some alterations to the dresses that the girls had ordered. Thankfully, my mother is a very calm and rational person. She had a talk with the elderly manager and the dresses were delivered.

My bridesmaids and I went to the store in order to retrieve our dresses. We picked them up and I had my girls try them on just in case. Out of the four bridesmaids that had been sized, NOT A SINGLE DRESS FIT. I was furious! The only one whose dress DID fit was my bridesmaid who had not come to the fitting. I asked to see the sizing charts, as I had watched the consultant write down the sizes. The dresses did not match the sizes that we had requested. The consultant had erased the sizes that we had requested and as a result, not a single dress fit! We could see the eraser marks! One bridesmaid had a dress that was literally two sizes too small, the rest of them were too large by at least two sizes. I demanded to know how they were going to fix it. The elderly manager was obviously angry with me for questioning her consultant and stated that we would just have to pay to get the dresses altered to the correct sizes ourselves. They wanted to let out the dress that was too small (there is NO WAY that it could be let out two sizes and since it was a satin dress, the original seam line would be seen regardless of wha tthey did, making the dress look cheap and cheesy.) and take in the dresses that were too small, distorting the way that they looked. I told them that there was no way that MY bridesmaids were going to be penalized for their consultant's poor work. She suggested having the girls in the dresses that were too large purchase a bust-enhancing bra for $80.00 that only they carried. One of my friends who was not involved in the wedding paraded through the store with fake boobs that did the trick (that were five dollars, might I add) for two of them (resulting in one of the more comedic moments of our drama). We DEMANDED that they order a new dress for the bridesmaid whose dress was too small and they grudgingly agreed to do so without charging her extra and having it rush-ordered.

We went to the front to finish purchasing our items and I asked them to bring out my dress since it had been in layaway and I had finished paying it off a week previously (they had said that they were going to clean it). It came out and was FILTHY. It had makeup stains all over it, was picked up, and had a black line that pretty much went from the top of the dress to the bottom. That was not the shape I had put it away in layaway in. I was nearing an apopoleptic fit by this time. Did they really expect me to get married in that filthy dress? Thankfully, my mother came to the rescue once again. She kindly, but firmly insisted that the dress was to be cleaned. They stated that it had been. Then she lost her temper as well and told them that they were going to clean it again if that was the case. Oh, and remember the veil that I was told I could exchange for another one later if I wished? I attempted to do so. The elderly manager refused to allow me to do so, despite the fact that I had paid it off already and the one that I had selected was identical in price. We argued about it for another five minutes and I was allowed to exchange the veil as they said I would be. The staff (especially the elderly manager), my consultant, and the woman who performed the alterations were not only unhelpful, but downright rude and ineffecient.

Fast forward three years. My sister finds a dress at the store that she loves. It was dirty and all picked up, though. She was told that it was no issue, that another one could be ordered and delivered. When she went to the front to pay, she was told that there was no way that they could order the new dress. My mother (bless her) told the same elderly manager that there was no way that she was going to pay full price for a dirty and damaged dress if another one could be ordered instead. The manager relented and the dress was purchased and ordered.

She hasn't had any more run-ins with this company, but I am really hoping that she decides to go somewhere else for her bridesmaids dresses. I for one know that this company will NEVER get any of my business again and I believe that it is my duty to warn other brides that this company's total lack of respect will leave a bit of a sour taste in their mouths on their special day.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2011-03-19:
Why do you constantly refer to the manager as "elderly?" What does age have to do with anything? It makes you sound ageist and adds no credibility to your story. However, I will agree that DB is the Walmart of the bridal industry. Like everything in life, experiences vary. Both my sister and I used DB. My experience was fine while her's was less so (although she was a bit of a bridezilla).
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-19:
I fail to understand why the same warning you are giving others didn't have the desired effect on your sister.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-03-19:
Good point, trm!
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-19:
Why, oh why, would your sister go to a place that treated you so horribly? Sorry, but I don't understand that. Are there no other bridal shops in your area?

I agree that this was a terrible experience. Enough that I would never go back. I hope your sister has better luck, but if things go wrong, she can't say she wasn't warned. Your mom may have to save the day again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-20:
Wow, sounds like an awful time! Why oh why would you let your sister go there!!!
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No Stock Dresses!
Posted by Bride2be on 10/14/2010
CONNECTICUT -- I was very excited to go shopping for wedding dresses for the first time. I went on to David's Bridal website and checked all my favorite styles and wrote down the code. I ended up picking over 21 dresses from the website (literally), and they were ALL dresses from their actual collections. all of them were in my budget except for 4 of them, which I specifically wrote "expensive" or "out of my budget" next to the dress code. I called for an appointment and me and my 4 bride maids rode for an hour and a half to our closest store. after being assigned to a very serious lady, I gave her my paper with the codes. SURPRISINGLY non of my chosen dresses were in the store except for the 4 that specifically said "out of my budget". seriously??? also my sash color (watermelon, which is one of their current style colors) wasn't there. I asked if they could get in touch with another store, but surprisingly no one could mail me a sash in time (over 8 weeks until my wedding).

it was fun going with my bridemaids, but it was totally pointless since I couldn't afford any of the dresses I tried, and I couldn't try any of the dresses I could afford.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-14:
I think it sometimes depends on the David's Bridal store in question. This one definitely sounds like they don't restock very well. I agree, too, that people who work in a bridal store should at least be pleasant.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-10-14:
The thing is, I don't think it's a conspiracy against you to make you look at the expensive ones or anything. I think most brides think just like you and go for the cheaper dresses, leaving the hugely expensive, unaffordable ones plentiful. So of course they're only going to have the expensive ones because no one can afford them!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-14:
It definitely depends on the location. I wrote a review about my daughter's wonderful experience at David's Bridal. She too went in with a list of dresses, all moderately priced. Every one was in stock, and not once did the attendant try to sell her anything else. The attendant also gave us her undivided attention and couldn't have been more pleasant even though we made it perfectly clear that we would not be buying a dress that day.

As it turned out, my daughter didn't buy her dress at David's so I can't comment on the entire process, but our initial contact with the store and the employees was superior.
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