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Posted by on
SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I went with my sister and tried on 2 dresses. Neither was marked in my favorites, but that happens. I fell in love with the dress and ordered it. The lady gave me no time to think and told me "If you don't by your shoes here, the we will not be able to alter your dress and how will you know how it fits?" I'm thinking what ever, so she brings me shoes and they hurt, and I mean hurt. When I try to tell her this she explains again if we don't get them there, they can not give the lady an est. on how much to take off. At this point I just wanted my wedding over dreading the day I ever had to put them shoes on. The other sales lady said bring them back maybe we can exchange them. They both have quit by the time my alterations are due and the lady took way more than I asked off the bottom. Not to mention I am a size 18, they gave me a size 22 slip saying I could buy a new one. Not at 54 bucks. so now I have a slip that is so huge and to long(the alteration lady said its a waste to fix) my dress looks crappy.

Now for the bridesmaids. The ladies were so pushy one bridesmaid left crying because they had her in the dressing room yelling at her to buy it now our she'd ruin my day. My sister backed out with 2 flower girls on how they treated them! I have tried to say something and when in the store they raise their noses. I suggest using David's Bridal. I had been excited to get married until I walked into that store and went through that. On the website, there is nowhere to complain, and like I said, in the store, they refuse to give me a card or any number of someone hire up than them.
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Venice09 on 08/12/2010:
Why on earth would you buy anything from them? I wouldn't have taken the stuff for free if it meant being treated so badly. And no one could make me wear shoes that hurt! Certainly you could have found a dress somewhere else. Was David's Bridal your only option?
clutzycook on 08/13/2010:
They were blowing smoke up your bridal bouquet. I bought my dress at David's, I had it altered there, but I did not buy my shoes there ( I actually borrowed shoes from my {now ex} SIL). No one said "boo" about it.

About the service: when my sister got married (89 days after me), they treated her bridesmaids similarly to yours and my sister, being a born bridezilla, marched in there and raised Cain about it. They gave her a free dress preservation kit. Who did you speak to? If you haven't spoken to a manager, please do so. If that hasn't worked, just keep going up the chain of command. I know there's likely a district manager. Go all the way to corporate if you need to! Best of luck to you in your future marriage :).
Anonymous on 08/13/2010:
You are not only supposed to wear shoes on the day of the wedding. You are supposed to wear your shoes around the house for a couple of weeks before so they are properly broken in.
Anonymous on 08/13/2010:
Wearing shoes that hurt like hell for weeks? I couldn't imagine doing that. You end up being charged out the WING WANG for just abou everything for a wedding, I would expect it to at least EXCEED my expectations. Paying probably hundreds of dollars for shoes, should not have to hurt like hell when I put them on. Seems like they were just feeding off your emotions to get the extra commission on the shoes.
Anonymous on 08/13/2010:
I suspect "hurt like hell" is a hyperbole. If they were that bad, she would have asked for a larger pair. But in any event, yes, bridal consultants will usually tell their clients to wear their shoes in advance to avoid the discomfort that comes with wearing a never-worn pair of shoes for the first time on a day when one probably least wants to deal with that.
Ytropious on 08/13/2010:
I wouldn't have bought shoes that hurt me no matter how much they harp on me. I think the only logic behind what they said is the heel height maybe? Then they know where the dress needs to sit. I wouldn't to David's anyway but you're talking to someone who got married in the sand in flip flops.

SMALL beach weddings > BIG church weddings any day.
Venice09 on 08/13/2010:
Yt, my daughter got married in the mountains and her groom was barefoot!
Anonymous on 08/13/2010:
At least he wasn't bigfoot. lol
Venice09 on 08/13/2010:
No, TA, but I think I saw Bigfoot hiding behind a tree!
Anonymous on 08/13/2010:
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Don't Rule Out David's Bridal
Posted by on
MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK -- I visited David's Bridal with my daughter around a year ago. It was the first time either of us had ever shopped for a wedding dress, so we weren't sure what to expect. We were aware of the complaints and negative reviews, but we decided to make an appointment and see for ourselves. My daughter had no intention of buying a dress the first time out and basically just wanted to see what it was all about.

When we entered the store, we were asked to sit at the reception desk where a friendly and knowledgeable employee handed us catalogs and then proceeded to obtain the required information from my daughter to get the ball rolling. As she answered questions, I browsed through the catalogs trying to become familiar with the different styles. So far, everything was going well.

When we were finished at the reception desk, we were assigned a consultant and taken to the dressing room area. My daughter showed the consultant the dresses that she wanted to try on and made it clear that she was not going to buy a dress that day. The consultant understood and couldn't have been nicer about it. Knowing she wasn't going to make a sale did not stop her from catering to my daughter in every way possible. She was cordial, helpful, patient and professional at all times, never once making us feel like we were taking up her time.

After trying on about a dozen dresses, critiquing each one and taking pictures, we were exhausted. The consultant, on the other hand, was fresh as a daisy and still running around trying to accommodate us. Despite the consultant's enthusiasm, our heads were spinning, and we were ready to leave. When my daughter told the consultant that we had to go home and process it all, she began trying to persuade my daughter to buy a dress by offering limited time discounts and various other incentives. We only had to remind her once that we weren't ready to buy a dress, and she completely understood and immediately ended the sales pitch. She thanked us and gave us her card, making us feel a twinge of guilt for not committing to a dress. Either it was a clever exercise in reverse psychology, or the consultant truly understood that we were not going to buy a dress but never let that influence her level of customer service and professionalism in any way.

We left the store and spent the rest of the night talking about the dresses and looking at the pictures. We were completely satisfied with every aspect of our David's Bridal experience. Everyone we encountered that day was professional, helpful and friendly. The whole time I was sitting in the waiting area while my daughter was trying on the dresses, I noticed that all the consultants exhibited the same caliber of professionalism as ours, and all the brides-to-be seemed just as pleased as we were.

If you are hesitating to visit David's Bridal based on the complaints you read on the internet, I encourage you to at least give them a chance. While I cannot attest to the quality of the service provided after a purchase is made, I do know that my daughter and I were treated like royalty for the several hours we were in the store. If she had decided to buy a dress that day, I would have felt confident that she wasn't going to be disappointed in the end.

As with all chain stores, some locations are better than others, depending on the employees. Some stores may be disappointing, but if you receive the level of service and professionalism that we did, I think the chances are good that it will continue through the entire process.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
Good review. I had a bad experience at David's Bridal. However, I agree that certain locations are better than others when it comes to a chain store.
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
Sounds like a very good salesperson and very disciplined customers. Always a recipe for success. Excellent lessons for would-be customers. Excellent review!
Venice09 on 03/15/2010:
Thanks. My daughter decided not to go with a traditional wedding gown since the wedding is anything but traditional, and she went with something else not from David's Bridal. I wrote this because I know that more people are inclined to complain than compliment a business, and I just wanted everyone to know that David's is not always how the complaints describe it. I almost wish she had bought a dress there so we could have had a start to finish experience.

Yaya, my daughter is having an outdoor wedding with a BBQ at a bed and breakfast type resort in the mountains. There's a bonfire the night before and then ends with a party in the barn. Sounds like something you might like!
PepperElf on 03/15/2010:
oh yeah come to think of it when I needed a bridesmaid dress (3 of us actually needed them) ... we didn't go to one of those over priced stores to get fluffy horrible things. ended up going to a nice dress store and picked up something nice that we could re-use. ended up lasting me a few years actually.
Venice09 on 03/15/2010:
Pepper, I think more woman are doing that now. But some gals just really want a traditional wedding, which includes the overpriced fluffy dresses, and the bridesmaids sometimes don't have a choice if the bride is calling the shots. My daughter asked her bridesmaid NOT to wear a bridesmaid gown, and her two male attendants (males of honor?) are wearing casual suits, I think. I was never into weddings and didn't have one myself, so I 'm so happy she's going this route.
PepperElf on 03/15/2010:
I know.
I think it's partly to blame on the market. they want women to think the only way to have a proper wedding is to buy the dress & sink a ton of money into it, whether or not they can afford to.

cos if women stop buying wedding gowns those stores lose business. so perpetuating the myth that it's not a good wedding unless you buy the gown is in their best interest
Venice09 on 03/15/2010:
I agree. In fact, as I was watching my daughter and all the other woman trying on dresses that day, that's exactly what I was thinking. I think she just wanted to know what it felt like to try on wedding gowns. But once she got it out of her system, reality set in.

We had a great time together at David's, and it's something I'll always remember, but I was so relieved to find out she wasn't sucked in by the hype. And that I don't have to wear a dress!
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
That does sound like my kind of wedding. I just cringe at the idea of spending all day in a huge dress that I will never wear again eating fancy shmancy food. That's not me. I just want a big party and good bbq and beer. But, I have bad luck with relationships so I may bot even have to worry about a wedding someday
Venice09 on 03/15/2010:
Never say never, yaya. My daughter's luck hadn't been so good either, and I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever see this day. I think sometimes you have to keep getting it wrong in order to get it right. The more you get it wrong, the more you learn. And that's good.
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
That is true. Could you please explain that to my mother so she will stop pressuring me? My brother is getting married next weeknd and I am now the ony unmarried one out of 8 kids
Venice09 on 03/15/2010:
Look at it this way. When it finally happens to you, it will be the event of the century. Everyone will be so happy for you.

I wouldn't pressure my daughter into getting married. I just wanted to see her happy and somewhat settled. Well, that, and I want some grandchildren. I think she's finally thinking along those lines now. I know how your mom feels though. It's good to know your kids are settled.
tanya lori on 04/11/2010:
I think you have a lot of nerve giving them a good review, had you spent all your money there, only to have your wedding day ruined, you would be singing a differanr tune
raven2010 on 04/11/2010:
Tanya, what do you mean "a lot of nerve"---that phrase is not usually used to comment on someone compliments....I am confused.
PepperElf on 04/11/2010:
and tanya's reply makes no sense.
with ANY company if you got a bad deal you'd be unhappy

but that does NOT prevent someone from being happy for getting what they wanted.

Venice09 on 04/11/2010:
Tanya, I'm sorry if David's Bridal ruined your wedding, and you're right in saying that I'd be singing a different tune if that happened to my daughter. But that's not what happened. And I'm not saying for certain that it wouldn't have happened if she bought her dress there.

The point of my review was that people shouldn't judge all stores in a chain by one location. The employees can make or break an individual store depending on their attitude and level of customer service. I know it seems like there are nothing but complaints about David's Bridal, but I have heard of good experiences too. The problem is that people are quicker to complain than to acknowledge anything good.

I think when brides-to-be go into David's Bridal, they are excited and enthusiastic and might tend to ignore or overlook the warning signs that the experience might not meet their expectations. But as the mom, I was looking very closely at everything and everyone and walked away with a good feeling. I know that's no guarantee, but if my daughter had decided to buy a dress, I would have trusted my instincts. And at this location, my instincts told me to give them a chance. Still no guarantee, but nothing in life is a sure thing.
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Great Price...No customer Service
Posted by on
DURHAM,, NORTH CAROLINA -- Before I even went into David's Bridal in Durham, NC I went to their main web site and wrote down the codes of the dresses I wanted to see. I thought it would make it easier for the sales people and for me.
I went into David's Bridal with an expectation that because weddings are such an important day, they would have enough people and support staff to walk you through the process. I felt utterly lost. I did have someone greet me and they did have a few of the style numbers I wrote down from their website, but not a lot of them. I thought I decided on a dress I liked because they told me it would probably be out of stock or they would not carry that style in a year when my wedding was planned, so I felt that I had to get the dress quickly and my dad applied for their 12 month interest free credit card to pay for the dress. However, after thinking about what a rush decision I made, I brought a friend back with me to get a second opinion and we decided on a more expensive dress. At first this David's Bridal franchise did not have a problem with that because I was giving them more money, but when the shoes that I originally picked out did not match the more expensive dress that I switched it for, they told me that I had to pick another pair of shoes that were the same price or greater. Now mind you the first pair of shoes that I ordered had not even arrived at the store yet and the selection that they had available was scarce. I asked if I could have store credit to use on the web or get a refund for the shoes since they didn't even have the original pair I ordered in the store anyway, and they said no. I guess because all of David's Bridals are owned by Franchise owners, they will not call other David's Bridals stores to ship in another dress or look up an item their store does not have. They will order it from the warehouse from PA, but it takes at least 3 to 4 weeks to get it in the actual store.

I suggest if you do go to David's Bridal because they have cheaper prices, go on line first to pick the style of the dress you want, write down the codes, and call of the David's Bridal stores in your area to make sure they have it in stock first.
If I had known that once you pick something there you are stuck with it, even if you haven't received it yet, I would have been more careful and went to payless where they have dyable shoes that you can return if you do not like the way they fit. I felt the management was snoody and the couple of times after I ordered my dress to get help with other accessories I literally had to wave my arms in the air to have someone come and help me.

All of my brides maids had similar experiences with lack of customer service.

Good prices, but don't expect customer service or ever getting a refund.
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 09/03/2009:
I know everyone thinks that David's prices are fantastic but they really aren't any better than a lot of local bridal shops and you get much better service with the local people. I have been in more than a few weddings and the one time we went to David's was the only problem we ever encountered.
i_am_canadian on 09/03/2009:
I've often wondered why anyone would spend thousands of dollars on a gown, only to wear it for less than one day and then have it stuffed in a box on a closet shelf for decades afterward.
Anonymous on 09/03/2009:
I wonder that too canadian. I don't plan on getting married (unless I meet a really rich man), but if I do, I'm eloping and wearing jeans
Skye on 09/03/2009:
Davids is the ghetto of bridal shops. The best place to use, if you have a location, is Pricillas of Boston. Exceptional service. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They went above and beyond to make my wedding day special. The way they treated my family and myself was outstanding. It's not only the brides that get special treatment from them, it's the entire wedding party.
i_am_canadian on 09/03/2009:
And if you really love each other, you shouldn't have to spend five figures to show it.
I remember when my cousin got married in 2004. Nobody knew the exact tab for the wedding, but with the church, wedding party, Banquet hall, meal and booze we estimated it to be over 75,000 dollars. Why?
Anonymous on 09/03/2009:
I-Am, a lot of times those are the ones that want a "wedding" but not a "marriage".
i_am_canadian on 09/03/2009:
Don't get me wrong, I love the two of them to pieces and they still seem really happy together. But ever lasting love isn't something to be measured in money or material items. I just couldn't get my head around it.
Anonymous on 09/03/2009:
A man doesn't need to marry me to prove he loves me. Jewelry, cars, and vacations is proof enough
moneybags on 09/03/2009:
Before I worked in Real Estate, I was a bridal consultant. David's came to town and offered me a job which I turned down. Why work for the Wal Mart of bridal shops. They may still be a division of the May Co. - not franchised. May also owns a tuxedo chain. I really do not like them or their attitudes. I choose WHERE I spend my money. I wanted my daughter pampered and made to feel special and she was ..... at Minton's (now out of business)
Ytropious on 09/04/2009:
Canadian I agree, my wedding cost, get ready for this...500 dollars. No fooling! AND That included the beach gazeebo rental and food for 20 guests. Not cheap food either, steaks. I didn't even dress up, I wore a very cute, I don't know what you'd call it, it's like a shirt that looks like a dress but not long enough to wear by itself, so I wore it with a skirt. It cost me 20 bucks and I still wear it for nice occasions. Expensive weddings are overrated, it's about love not showing off and flashing the cash.

As for Davids, I didn't know they were franchises, but if that's true each one can have its own rules I'd suppose. If it's that locations policy to not do exchanges unless it costs more, then don't shop at that location, it's as simple as that.
ranae on 09/04/2009:
Where are you getting your information that they are "franchised" ownership. They are not. They can call other stores because they are all one...under all the same rules from the front of the store to the back of the store...nationwide. They just didn't WANT to do that. Too bad because they are only hurting themselves.
matwiej2 on 09/06/2009:
I found out that Davis' Bridal was franchised owened by an employee next door who used to work at David's Bridal and didn't like it so she moved to the mens wear house next door where we got the groomsmen tuxedos, Bt the way, The Men's Warehouse had excellent customer service because they are not franchises of Davids Bridal.

The real reason I chose David's bridal was I had brides maids from different states and I thought going through a big chain that had a location in almost every state, would make it easier on my bridesmaids.

I would have paid more for better customer service if I knew it would have been accessible for my bridesmaids and I.
We am in love but I do not want to show up in jeans and a tee shirt or something I would wear on a casual outing. If we were eloping or going to the Justice of the Peace and that was it, I guess I wouldn't care what I was wearing, but both of our family's are attending and we think it would be disrepectful to both family's to dress inapproriatley for such an occasion.
ranae on 09/06/2009:
I am a little confused by matwiej2's comment. Is it the employee that owns the franchise or is it you found out by an employee from David's that it is a franchise? I still don't believe that ANY David's Bridals are offered for franchising. If the owner of a franchised David's would please step forward! If there is a franchised owner that may explain a lot but I don't believe there are any. You say you had good customer service at the Men's Warehouse that is NOT a franchise of David's...no they are not... but they are connected to them in a variety of ways. Plus they do not sell dresses so you are not comparing apples to apples.

I don't quite understand your complaint with David's. You make it sound like they were going to set you up with grub wear and that is not what you wanted....who does for their wedding?

Has anyone seen a connection with the service you get from one place to the next...I don't mean with David's...I mean if you went one place and you had bad service...the next place you go gives you excellent service??? You know why that is...because you go to the 2nd place telling them your bad experience and they don't have to do too much to make it right because they are working off of another's error.

Another thing I have notice is that if someone puts out a compliment about a business.. there are a handful of people that respond with a similar positive experience the same day the post goes up. BUT...when there is a negative comment 50 million (well...not quite but check it out)..posts go up with everybody and their dog having had a bad experience too.

Unfortunately that is how people like to view things...they like the bad to be exposed. How about giving more kudos where they are deserved?? There is not enough of that exposure.
Solaia on 09/08/2009:

I don't know if you have ever worked for David's Bridal or know what a franchise actually is, but a franchise is owned usually by one person who does not want to share profits with another store because they have to pay royalties, ext..

Anyway, I called David's Bridal today and asked if they were all franchised owned and the answer is YES.

On your point of people complaining, I actually do customer service for a living and make follow up calls for my company to ensure customer satisfaction and if you are getting more complaints than compliments, there is definitely something wrong.So the fact that you see so many negative comments about Dvid's Bridal is probably because it holds some validity to it.

ranae on 09/09/2009:

I DO know what a franchise is and yes I HAVE worked for David's Bridal. I was asking for her clarification on who owned the franchise of that certain store. So..Solaia...are they offering to sell any of their locations to individual parties?? My understanding of a franchise is you pay for the name. One person can own several stores and someone else can own some and someone else can own some, etc....but as far as I know, that is not how David's is operated. They have over 300 stores that are owned by one person or company. In the years that I worked for them I have never heard of multiple owners owning a group of stores.

I understand about the complain vs. compliment thing. I was just pointing out that when there is something good people tend to not put it all over the internet...vs. when there is bad they all jump in. That is what I was saying.

I still say not enough kudos is given when it should be.
ranae on 09/09/2009:
Just to back up my comments from before....found this on Wikianswers.com...

Question: How much does it cost to open a David's Bridal franchise?

Answer: David's Bridal is a private owned company owned by the leonard Green partners and is not franchised. The average store is about 10,000 square feet although in recent years they have adopted a smaller format of about 6500 square feet in order to open more outlets rather than large warehouse type stores. They currently have about 300 stores in the chain.

SO...take it for what you want..but I stand behind my previous statement that I didn't think they were offered for franchising, especially after this.
matwiej2 on 09/10/2009:
Not that it matters, but do you think this information may be outdated? If you actually called a store and asked for yourself they would tell you...it is a franchise.
ranae on 09/10/2009:
It's OK...I am done with the topic. Still no one can tell me who and how many different people own what and how many stores, so it doesn't matter. When you look at the history of David's Bridal they only had about 275 stores back in 2005 so for the answer above saying that it "currently" has about 300 would be pretty updated to me.

I am not nit picking...initially was just asking for clarification is all.

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I Guess I'm Just Too Needy?
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to Davids Bridal anticipating buying a wedding dress. Well, I ended up buying my dress, now upset that I did at this location in the first place. When I went into Davids Bridal, everyone was nice and friendly, however.....I couldn't find a dress that I liked within my budget, which was $700. After trying on 8 different dresses, I was getting very discouraged. I drove over 2 hours just to get to the store and couldn't find a thing within my budget. Well, after looking over the entire store, I finally found one that I liked. It was $1100, but they were having a sell for $300 off this particular dress. After putting it on, I fell in love. Only to find out I had to fight with the women to sell it to me bc it was a designer dress, and was the last one in that size. They claimed they had to order it instead of me taking it home. I didn't have the time for it to be ordered bc of the date of the wedding. It took over an hour of arguing with them about me buying the dress. You can buy any of the other ones from the rack, why not this one? Well, they said they would try to steam clean it to make it just like new, and only then would they sell it to me, if all the dinginess came out. I just kept asking them if they could throw in a pair of shoes or under garment to compensate for the difference of the steaming (which I had to buy THERE at the store AT THEIR PRICE) Not allowed the manager said. AHHHHHH!!!

What the hell happened to this stores customer service? Its like they didn't want to earn my business. Long story short. I finally got the dress, ended up paying over $150 more than I wanted to and had to basically beg for them to sell me the dress. On top of all this crap, two days later when I was home, I wanted to try my dress on to show one of my friends....well when I did, the freaking garment bag ripped permanently down the side and I had no way of zipping the bag back up. You've got to be kidding me?????? I hope whoever shops at this store does not have the same luck as me, bc I'll tell you, I feel like I had a new one ripped for me (if you know what I mean). This was almost like a bad omen, bc everything else after this point has been wrong, all of it, just PLAIN WRONG. Bridesmaids dresses the wrong color after ordering them (with no returns allowed), my preacher walking out on me one month beforehand, the engraving on our bridal party items, our bachelorette/bachelor party being cancelled...........marriage is a true test. A test that I'll NEVER take again.

This whole scenario has almost broken me and has definitely put a dent into my spirits. OH AND ONE MORE THING>>>>>>>>>>>DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CELL # OR EMAIL ADDRESS< unless you want to be contacted for everything under the sun
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 07/10/2009:
Sounds like time was tight, but you should have walked out the second they started giving you a hassle for wanting to give them your money.
inforbuddy on 01/26/2012:
I agree with skelly39, it doesn't make sense that they won't sell a dress from floor, and I have doubts that they would do that. these girls make no money without a sale, getting you and a dress out the door is the only way they can make money. maybe there is more to the story.
CARA on 02/09/2012:
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Ripped off by David's Bridal
Posted by on
Bought my wedding dress here in a size 4 because the "specialist" said I needed a size four. The actually dress available to try on was a size 8 and she was sure I needed a size 4. When I received the dress, it was too big and I had to have it altered. I could've fit a size 2 perfect without any alterations but Sal (the assistant manager) said it'd be too small. Plus, I didn't have a lot of time to wait for the order to try to see. (I know I would've fit a size 2 perfect because I also bought a red gown there in a size 2 and it fit like a glove. I'm sure the wedding gown in a size 2 would've fit without any alterations).
So, I decided to let them alter it.
I had several alterations done, including 10 french bustles, the hem, taking in of the neckline, and taking in of the bodice.
Long story short, took my dress to NY to be wed and 2 days before the wedding day, I realized the bodice was too big. I wore the dress for pre-wedding photos and it kept falling off.
I took it to a taIlor who said the bodice was never altered. I had two tailors confirm that work was never done to the bodice at all.
In a hurry to have it fit me for my big day, I had them alter it for $100 overnight. And I called David's Bridal immediately, who gave me a run around by passing me off to several people.
I spoke with a girl named Sandra who was going to have her alterations manager call me. She never called. I called again and spoke with another sales associate who said I needed to talk to the alterations manager but she wasn't there that day. I call a third time and finally get to speak with the alterations manager. She wants me to bring the dress in. I don't see why but she insists. I bring the dress in, speak with her, she gets Sal (the stores' assistant manager) and he tells me I have to talk to Linda. Linda investigates and we call back and forth.
Final conclusion: I signed the receipt when I picked up the dress so they are not liable.
I paid $85 for alterations they never did.
If they did the work and it was still big on me, I understand. At least they did the work.
However, they did not and ripped me off $85.
I will NEVER buy anything else from them ever. And I will make sure to tell any new bride-to-be's or anyone even thinking of shopping there, to stay away.
I read a lot of bad reviews about David's Bridal. I should've been wary.
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skelly39 on 07/09/2009:
You probably paid more for the alterations than you did for the dress. I hope your marriage works out so you never have to shop there again. Sounds like a nightmare.
moneybags on 07/09/2009:
You went to the Wal Mart of bridal shops! Why? And why on earth didn't you try it on before you took it and signed for it as being OK? That is the unwritten rule in the bridal industry. Once you signed and took the gown, the store had no obligation to you. Bad for you but SHAME ON THEM!
ranae on 08/29/2009:
OK....why oh why did you NOT try on your dress? So the place gets blamed for your not giving it one more try on. Anytime you have something like this done very seldom can you "assume" that it is going to be OK...refer to another post about retaining water. Things change...people have been known to change the type of undergarment from fitting to fitting and that can make a HUGE difference. I can't believe people wouldn't try something like this on...especially when you have bodice alterations. Hem..I can see. Some seamstresses are so good you can't tell that something was adjusted. I can see why the lady would want to see it...if you don't bring it to her she will assume you are making the story up. If indeed it was not done then you have a case. Could be someone did the hem...someone else was going to do the sides...got on the "done" line before its time...WALA..there you go. Stuff like this happens. TRY ON...TRY ON...TRY ON....ASK questions.
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Davids Bridal in Phoenix Sucks
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The first time I went to Davids Bridal with my friend for her wedding, the sales women were extremely rude, not helpful at all and the dresses lacked style. We were not allowed to take the dresses off the racks, we could not get anyone to assist us, and we were told that Saturdays are their busiest days so there were no appts open without pre-scheduling. We left and went to Tri-City Bridal in Casa Grande, where Virginia was wonderful.

I really didn't want to go a second time, but my MOM said we should just stop in and see. We were immediately barked at about an appt. I said that I would be happy to sign up for an appt and look while I waited for something to open up. The twit at the door did not seem happy about that. We looked around for a good 45 min and no one once asked if they could assist. The twit at the front seemed perturbed that I was checking if any appts opened up. My MOH and I just said to hell with it, they're not paying attention, and tried the dresses on ourselves. Finally a manager came over to find out what we were doing and she began assisting us. The manager at the RayRoad store was very helpful, but her underlings are twits without home training, etiquette, and if they weren't zipping up dresses would probably live in a box behind Taco Bell for all the couth and intelligence they have. And the dresses were horrendous! Imagine acting so snobby about their low-quality dresses that were filthy.

Finally, I decided on a dress that I found on their website. Looked beautiful online, but no way to tell since its only available ONLINE. Everyone at the store on on their customer service number assured me that it would arrive promptly and if there were any problems, I could return it without hassles. What a lie--I didn't realize that I ordered Ivory instead of White. The receipt for the online purchase did not arrive until 14 hours later. I immediately sent an email saying that the color was incorrect and could they please ship white. A day later a guys says no, since its already gone for shipping (another lie, it didn't ship until 2 days later). They said that it would arrive but I could just refuse the package. It came while I was gone to work. Tried it on, but didn't know if I just needed a different size or what, sent it back priority mail with instructions to exchange for white.

Checked the USPS website and they had received it 3 days before, but no one bothered to inform me. I emailed them and they said they didn't have online exchanges or store credits for online returns, and a manual check would be sent in approx 3-6 weeks. Screw Davids Bridal and their low quality, dirty items and poor poor customer service
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User Replies:
katie kaboom on 04/29/2009:
You're right, David's Bridal is the worst. I'm getting married in June and, against my will, my mother drug me in there to look at bridesmaids dresses. The employees are pushy and rude and I too was scolded for taking the dresses off the racks to look at them. So you can damn well believe I took my business elsewhere. Avoid David's Bridal AT ALL COSTS!
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Horrible Service In Three Locations
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My “adventure” started on my first visit to the store. After filling out paperwork and talking to a generally unpleasant and unknowledgeable girl, she took my selections to a dressing room. I tried on the dresses, without much enthusiasm or input from the girl. My biggest surprise was when I selected a dress with a corset top and she only laced it part of the way up, excusing it by saying “it would just take too long”. As this was my first time ever trying on dresses, I figured this was standard practice. I will let you know the location I purchased my wedding dress from took the time to completely lace me up and tell me what their opinion was of every dress. So it may behoove them to take up the practice of investing a little more time and interest in their customers and they may retain some.

Second visit to the store, I came back in, asked for the girl I had last time, and was told she no longer worked there. As well, they lost my paperwork, and I had to go through all the paperwork again and there was no record of me being there.

Third trip, again, paperwork lost, along with the notes of the dresses I liked on the previous visit. I will say I liked the girl I got that time (again a different girl). Although when I went back in for my fourth visit, she was gone.

I had called ahead on a Saturday and was told that I would have a woman set aside to work with my 2 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. That didn’t happen. I understand Saturday’s approaching prom season will be hectic, but I should not have been told I would receive personal attention if it wasn’t realistic.

That day I ordered 2 bridesmaid dresses. Around this time my bridesmaid in California ordered a dress, and my bridesmaid in Georgia ordered a dress. A couple of weeks later my bridesmaid in California called to tell me they ordered her dress in the wrong color. This encouraged me to go confirm my other bridesmaid dresses. I came in to the Chattanooga store around 6:00 and spoke to one of the managers who looked up my order. I will note that although the problem did not occur in her store, an apology at this stage would have been nice. I would have done a lot to cool me down for the last few visits. I did not have all the information she needed at that time to track down the problem. I returned the following day with the information she needed, and asked about the status of the dresses I ordered in that store, and when they should be in. It was at this time that she went to the back and produced my two bridesmaid dresses that had been ordered. I asked her how long they had been there, she told me ten days. When I asked why I wasn’t informed she told me they had typed the email address in wrong. I asked what phone number they had for me, it was the correct number and when I asked why I wasn’t informed by phone, she said “well, that girl has been really busy”. What a terrible excuse, and rude. Again, at this point no apology.

Last visit I came in to pick out a flower girl dress. Again a different girl, after looking around I set aside two flower girl dresses, one was paid for, the other was being held for one day for my other flower girl to come try on. When her father came in to have her try it on, they at first could not find any record of the dresses in the system. So while one girl fumbles her way through the computer system, another woman comes up to help. They inform him that the dress I want is not in stock in her size, but a similar dress is in that she could try on.

I returned that night; spoke to the manager who informed me that the dress was indeed on hold, in the size and color I wanted. For whatever reason, the women he spoke to two hours earlier didn’t know where the hold shelf was. As well at this time I wanted to confirm they still had the dress I had purchased and was waiting on alterations. At this time she tells me she can’t find any record of the dress being purchased. Eventually she did find it in the back, again, no apology.

The location in Georgia on Barrett Parkway, allowed my final bridesmaid to order in a dress in a size 2 after she told them she was a size 0. They even saw her in it, knowing it was huge, without letting her know alterations would exceed the price of the dress. Or communicating that we were about to pay 180 dollars for alterations on a 120 dress. They should have suggested another opportunity. They have communicated well on when the dress arrived, but to not even give a heads up on the astronomical price, is deceiving and makes me wary about future purchases.

I have since contacted David's Bridal corporate who is working with me to come to a resolution on this horrendous service I have received.

I would like to point out, if at any point I had received an apology, or at least a sympathetic look, I would not be this irritated. All I have gotten from the Chattanooga location is impatience and attitude.

I have already told many people, and future brides, about my terrible service at David's Bridal, as well as the wonderful service I received at Monica’s, the location I purchased my wedding dress from. I suggest the employees at David's Bridal Chattanooga take a field trip down town to Monica’s and see how a bridal shop should be run.
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ejack053824 on 03/11/2009:
I went there to get lace on my underwear and the girl told me to get out otherwise she was calling the cops. How rude to treat a paying customer!! I feel for this poster.
katie kaboom on 03/11/2009:
David's Bridal is the worst. Do NOT waste your time shopping for a dress there. The one time I set foot in a David's Bridal to look at bridesmaid dresses was awful. I tried to look at a few wedding dresses first and was scolded for taking them off the rack to get a closer look. I hadn't been planning on buying my wedding dress at David's Bridal anyway, but after my experience there I would have gotten married in a trash bag before I would have bought my dress from them. As soon as I walked in the door they started pestering me to fill out paperwork. I told them no, because I knew I personally was not going to be doing business with them. And even if I had been, I didn't appreciate them jumping down my throat the minute I walked through the door. I got my wedding dress at a Jessica McClintock store and they were very polite and helpful. David's Bridal could take a lesson in customer service from them.
spiderman2 on 03/11/2009:
Here is what gets me -- and it just isn't the OP, I see this in a lot of letters -- a business treats their customers poorly, yet people keep going back. David's isn't the only place in the world that sells wedding stuff. Kind of like walMart isn't the only place to buy your groceries. SPeak with your feet and your wallet when someone treats you poorly -- go somewhere else!
ranae on 08/31/2009:
I agree with spiderman2.....people keep going back to a place that gives them poor service. What it is with David's is the cheaper price on the dress. People will continue to go there for the price....don't complain then. Especially when you have had bad luck and things are not resolved. If you had a very good experience with Monica's why didn't you get your BM dresses there? Here Monica's gets kudos for their service to you as a bride but is not deserving enough to get your BM business?? What is up with that? There is really no excuse for not giving her the follow-up business. Did David's not tell you that no BM dresses come in a size 0 so you would have to purchase the size 2 and have it altered? Yes...some times the price of alterations excedes the price of the garment. I am a seamstress and someone bought a leather skirt at a garage sale for .50 cents because it needed a new zipper. She was upset that it cost what it did when she only paid .50 cents for it...HUH?? My fee would have been the same if it has cost her $100! The price of alterations is NOT based on the price of the garment...it is based on the tasks needing to be done. The price should have been discussed up front...always....so you know. Why don't people ask???? I don't get it. They complain and complain but I see where they don't do enough either. Not defending DB but please people.
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Terrible First-Time Shopping Experience at David's Bridal
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was at a bridal show about a month ago and talked with the ladies at the David's Bridal booth. They were friendly and very eager to sign me up for an appointment. This past week I was finally ready to start dress shopping, and so I thought of them first. I called the store to make an appointment, but was told be the girl on the phone that I could just come in and would be helped; she didn't offer to take down my name and seemed in a hurry. I arrived at the store about 20 minutes later and had to stand and wait for a few minutes while the girl at the front desk finished a personal conversation with a consultant. Finally they had me sit down and I filled out some paperwork.

The girl at the desk then yelled across the store to a consult, "Would you take this Bride?" The consultant replied that she was in charge of the floor at the time. "So you can't take the bride?" "NO!" I was feeling a little weird by this time almost as though I was intruding. I sat there a bit longer while the girl found someone to help me. She told me to go look at shoes while I waited for the consultant. I waited for about 10 minutes and finally someone was calling my name across the dressing room. She was a nice lady but seemed to be in a huge rush and took about 30 seconds to flip through their catalog so I could show her the dresses I wanted to try on.

I tried to explain my wedding and what I wanted but she didn't listen and just wanted me to point at pictures. She brought me three dresses to try on and then left. I tried one on and waited and waited and waited some more. I was about to take it off when she finally came back. She made me get up on the pedestal by the mirrors and then left again. I got the idea the poor lady was helping 3 other brides besides me. I finally just went back in the fitting room and got dressed; I was not interested in trying on anymore. The store was dirty as well and the dresses were expensive! I said what I had to to get out of the store; I have been getting calls from them all day but I will never go back. I felt so saddened and discouraged by the whole ordeal! I was so excited to start dress shopping, but that almost ruined it for me; the attitude, the surroundings and the waiting!

I called my Mom crying to tell her how turned off to the whole thing I was, and she has promised to help me again in a few months. I can tell you one thing: no matter how many calls and e-mails I get from them I will never again set foot in their store; the dress I tried on was beautiful but I will never purchase a gown from David's Bridal.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/21/2008:
If they email you, write them back, no more than four sentences, why you will be buying your dress someplace else.
Stomping away and vowing never to shop there again doesn't solve anything.
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/22/2008:
They are the Wal-Mart of bridal gowns. If you want full service and pampering, expect to pay for it.
yoke on 10/22/2008:
David's looks inexpensive until you add in all the extra's that "real" bridal shops do inclusive to the price.
LovelyDaye on 01/29/2009:
It may be the Walmart of bridal gowns, but for the quality offered it was expensive! I was able to purchase a designer dress for half the price of the dress I tried on at David's Bridal, and received excellent customer service from the staff at the dress shop!
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Customer Service Issues
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KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I had a terrible experience with David's Bridal from start to finish!

I am a bridesmaid this month. Since we are all scattered across the country the bride thought it best to use David's because of the convenience. I really wish she had chosen Ann Taylor instead (they have beautiful wedding attire and amazing service!)

My fiasco started when I initially wen to try on the dress the bride had chosen. She emailed us the style numbers--all of us to have the same skirt with 3 or 4 tops to choose from. First off, the sales associate seemed very unwelcoming. I gave her the style numbers, tried them on and decided to wait a week before ordering. Good thing!!! Because when I went back to the store I discovered she had me trying on the wrong dress!!!! Crisis averted! I ordered the correct one in a size 4. Dress came in---SIZE 8! By this time it was too late to re-order. Fast forward about 3 weeks and I find out I'm preggers. Very excited and actually relieved they ordered a dress that was too big because I'm starting to have a baby bump.

Here I am now 1 week out of the wedding date and the top is tight. I called and asked if I could exchange it for a size larger if they happen to have a floor model in the color and size I need. They said it would not be a problem and to come on down. The "greeters" are super friendly until you actually need help. I go in and they refuse the exchange because the item had been altered! What?!?! I assured them that it was sold to me in this condition and the saleswoman in a round-about way called me a liar. She was rude, unwilling to make any kind of effort to help and quite frankly making me VERY upset. I kept telling her that I did not touch the top in any way and she went on the say in a snide tone that it appeared to have been let out and made larger---so now I'm a liar and fat!

Who speaks to a customer this way?!? I agreed that may be was tailored by a previous customer, but that I surely did not do it and they sold me a tampered item! I could feel my blood boiling and as I started to raise my voice I just gave up and said that I would attempt to have it "let out" again and she said "yeah, AGAIN!" as if to call me a liar one more time! I could not believe the treatment I got from this lady. I sent a certified letter to their Corporate office and copied the store manager and intend on pursuing this matter until I am satisfied!!!!!

Do not shop at Kennesaw Davids Bridal. They will ruin your event!!! And lastly, they have no customer service info available--I wouldn't either if I ran an operation like theirs. I had to dig around on sites like this to finally have the pleasure of leaving a VM that will never get returned.
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cherpep on 06/19/2008:
David's Bridal is the McDonald's of bridal shops - focus is on volume business, not customer service. There is no excuse for the way they handled your situation. Sounds like the associate you were dealing with needs to learn a few things about simple manners.
Simbabe54 on 06/19/2008:
I got married 4 years ago and against better judgment I used David's for my bridesmaid dresses.Surprisingly,I had no problems...but to this day I suspect I got very lucky.
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Paid for a dress that no longer exists!
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Rating: 1/51
HURST, TEXAS -- We went to look for my bridesmaids dresses for my sister-in-laws wedding that is in October 2012. We found a really cute affordable one that everyone liked. We opened a credit account specifically for the dresses and placed our order. We were told it would take 6 weeks and we ordered in May. July gets here and still no dresses so the bride calls and apparently the dresses are no longer being made and the consultant put her wedding date in for December 2015, so our dresses had not been made yet. We had already made several payments on the credit card and the balance owed was not the amount that needed to be refunded. We asked for a split tender refund, where they put the amount owed on the card back on the card and the remaining balance back in cash. But they said that cannot be done the credit card company would have to send a refund check. Now that doesn't seem fair, we paid for the dresses the day we ordered them and they made a mistake shouldn't we get our cash back the same day? Needless to say we went to a different company, paid double for our new dress and had to put a rush on it since the wedding in now 2 months away. So...only go to David's Bridal if you want to pay for dresses that do not exist!
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Anonymous on 07/14/2012:
I hope you get your money back. I hate David's Bridal. They screwed up my bridesmaid's dress too.

On a side note; they put the wedding date in for December 2015? Who in their right mind would take 3 and a half years to plan a wedding? They are really incompetent there.
Anonymous on 07/14/2012:
If the credit card wasn't financed through David's Bridal, then yes you would need to get your refund from the credit card company. And you didn't pay cash, you used credit. So I don't agree that you should receive cash back the same day.
yoke on 07/14/2012:
What they should have done was credited the card back the balance owed and then given the cash back for what was paid on the card. It was their screw up and the bridal party was out money that they now needed to order dresses from someone else. No reason they should have to wait for the credit card company to issue a refund. That could take months.
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