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Horrible Customer Service at Bowie David's Bridal
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BOWIE, MARYLAND -- I went to David's Bridal to find a wedding dress for my wedding in June. I found a dress that I absolutely loved, and told the salesperson that I wanted to order it. She said that David's Bridal only sells the dresses off the rack and that I couldn't order another one. I didn't like that idea because it had been tried on so many times, but I agreed. Luckily, my mom inspected the dress as I was taking it off and changing back into my clothes and saw that there were makeup stains all over it. When we pointed it out, the salesperson seemed irritated at us and said that she would see if they could get the stains out.

She took it to the back of the store, and then returned saying that the stains wouldn't come out so they would order me another one. We did that, and they gave us a delivery date. So a week after the delivery date had passed, I called and they told me that my dress had arrived. I went in the afternoon after work to pick it up. There was only one customer besides myself in the store, but I stood at the counter for a full five minutes while the sales associates talked and finally someone asked me if I needed anything. They went to the back to get my dress, and put it in a garment bag, offering me a glimpse as they zipped it up so I could verify it was the right dress.

I should have asked to try it on, but I saw how slow they all were and I wanted to get out of there, so, stupidly, I took it -- after waiting another ten minutes for someone to come over and ring me up. I ran it to my mom's house because she has a cedar closet where I knew I could hang it without worrying about bugs or anything. I had to run back to my house since I live kind of far away and had to be at work in the morning. So that Saturday, four days from when I picked it up, I went to my mom's house to try on the dress and show my sister. I laid out a sheet so I wouldn't get it dirty, and my mom brought the dress down.

She laid it on the bed and unzipped it for the first time since we left the store, and there was a black mark all along the bottom like someone had worn it and walked across a dirty floor. I couldn't believe it, and we decided we would have to take it back to have them fix it. But I wanted to try it on to show my sister, so I did. The dress would not zip up by about four inches. The dress I had tried on in the store fit perfectly, it was not going to have to be altered at all. I immediately called the store, where the salesperson listened to my story and put me on hold. She got back on and said, "The manager said that once you took the dress out of the store, we can't do anything."

I asked her about the sizing issue, since that obviously was a mistake. I explained that I was the exact same size, and even said that I would come into the store and try on the dress I tried on before to show that I had not just gotten fatter, which is what she implied. I asked to speak to the manager, and was told she was really busy and couldn't talk to me (no offer to call me back). I said I would wait for her, and she she sighed and told me it would be a while. It was, but I waited. The manager was extremely rude right from the beginning.

I said that I completely understood that they couldn't do anything about the stain since there is no way for them to know what I did once I left the store, but that the sizing issue was something I really felt the store should take responsibility for. I tried very hard to be polite, but she basically told me I was lying, and was very short and rude about the whole thing. So basically I'm out five hundred dollars and have to start looking for a new dress. I was stoked to get a dress for so cheap, but I guess it's true that you get what you pay for. I'd rather spend more money to get what I asked for and not be disrespected. Stay away from David's Bridal!

By -

SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I went with my sister and tried on 2 dresses. Neither was marked in my favorites, but that happens. I fell in love with the dress and ordered it. The lady gave me no time to think and told me "If you don't buy your shoes here, then we will not be able to alter your dress and how will you know how it fits?" I'm thinking whatever, so she brings me shoes and they hurt, and I mean hurt. When I try to tell her this she explains again if we don't get them there, they cannot give the lady an est. on how much to take off. At this point I just wanted my wedding over dreading the day I ever had to put them shoes on.

The other sales lady said "bring them back maybe we can exchange them." They both have quit by the time my alterations are due and the lady took way more than I asked off the bottom. Not to mention I am a size 18, they gave me a size 22 slip saying I could buy a new one. Not at 54 bucks. So now I have a slip that is so huge and too long. (the alteration lady said it's a waste to fix) My dress looks crappy.

Now for the bridesmaids. The ladies were so pushy. One bridesmaid left crying because they had her in the dressing room yelling at her to buy it now or she'd ruin my day. My sister backed out with 2 flower girls on how they treated them! I have tried to say something and when in the store they raise their noses. I suggest using David's Bridal. I had been excited to get married until I walked into that store and went through that. On the website, there is nowhere to complain, and like I said, in the store, they refuse to give me a card or any number of someone higher up than them.

Ripped off by David's Bridal
By -

Bought my wedding dress here in a size 4 because the "specialist" said I needed a size four. The actually dress available to try on was a size 8 and she was sure I needed a size 4. When I received the dress, it was too big and I had to have it altered. I could've fit a size 2 perfect without any alterations but ** (the assistant manager) said it'd be too small. Plus, I didn't have a lot of time to wait for the order to try to see. (I know I would've fit a size 2 perfect because I also bought a red gown there in a size 2 and it fit like a glove. I'm sure the wedding gown in a size 2 would've fit without any alterations).

So, I decided to let them alter it. I had several alterations done, including 10 french bustles, the hem, taking in of the neckline, and taking in of the bodice. Long story short, took my dress to NY to be wed and 2 days before the wedding day, I realized the bodice was too big. I wore the dress for pre-wedding photos and it kept falling off. I took it to a tailor who said the bodice was never altered. I had two tailors confirm that work was never done to the bodice at all.

In a hurry to have it fit me for my big day, I had them alter it for $100 overnight. And I called David's Bridal immediately, who gave me a run around by passing me off to several people. I spoke with a girl named ** who was going to have her alterations manager call me. She never called. I called again and spoke with another sales associate who said I needed to talk to the alterations manager but she wasn't there that day.

I call a third time and finally get to speak with the alterations manager. She wants me to bring the dress in. I don't see why but she insists. I bring the dress in, speak with her, she gets ** (the stores' assistant manager) and he tells me I have to talk to **. ** investigates and we call back and forth.

Final conclusion: I signed the receipt when I picked up the dress so they are not liable. I paid $85 for alterations they never did. If they did the work and it was still big on me, I understand. At least they did the work. However, they did not and ripped me off $85. I will NEVER buy anything else from them ever. And I will make sure to tell any new bride-to-be's or anyone even thinking of shopping there, to stay away.

I read a lot of bad reviews about David's Bridal. I should've been wary. If you must shop there, please BE VERY CAREFUL and DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE THE STORE.

Dirty Wrinkled Wedding Dress
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My daughter-in-law to be recently purchased her wedding gown at David's Bridal. She placed it on layaway for about one month. We went to pick it up yesterday and she tried it on again to make sure everything fit correctly. I couldn't believe my eyes!

It looked as though it had been worn already. Although it was the same style and color, it looked like a different dress than the one she tried on the first time. This dress had two very obvious dirty spots. One front middle spot looked like someone smudged it with dirt and makeup. The other spot was on the back and seemed to be black ink or grease, small but very noticeable on pure white. Besides the spots the dress was sooooo wrinkled.

We spoke to a sales associate about the condition of the dress while the future bride was still modeling it. She went off to speak to someone. Upon returning she said we will give one free steam cleaning before your wedding. It will take a couple of weeks. Well the wedding was sooner than that. She was off again. This time she said "if you leave it now, you can pick it up tomorrow." That sounded awesome, we were pleased.

So the bride to be changed returned the dress to its hanger and bag and followed the sales associate into the back room of the store. In a few minutes they were back, dress in hand. Turns out the person in back said they only steam clean a dress if you pay to have alterations done. Well, just a few moments before, we were feeling lucky that the dress fit so beautifully and needed no alterations. This girl paid a LOT of hard-earned money for a brand new wedding dress. She came home with a dress that looked as though it had been worn the day before. It was in their care the entire time! How can they not be responsible for the condition of it.

I have been unable to find any contact info for anyone outside this store! Needless to say, I won't be buying the bridesmaids' dresses from this company. In fact I would never use this company again or recommend any one else to.

Beware Of David's Bridal!! Run Away!! Bad Customer Service!!
By -

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- I am in the wedding of my husband's friend and his fiance. They are getting married in July of 2011. We went to try on dresses at the David's Bridal in Fairview Heights, IL. The service was horrible. The attendant was more focused on talking our bride into ordering "right away" than she was in getting dresses for us and the bride. She had this poor girl convinced that dresses had to be order NOW in case they didn't come in next season's catalog. March 2010.

So I ordered my dress, paid in full! Stopped into the store in August to see if there was some problem because I never received a call to pick up. They had given my dress to the bride. I am not really friends with this girl. She has already kicked one girl out of her wedding. They have cats in their home (I am allergic to cats) and they smoke. I was upset that they had not called me when the dress came in as I had PAID for it. I am the customer!!

The David's Bridal representative, assistant manager, manager, and ** (the person in charge of customer complaints) all kept telling me that it was their policy to give the bride anything connected to her wedding, no matter who paid. I said that my receipt was a contract between their company and myself, not some third party. After a lot of complaining, the bride has returned the dress to the store.

It stinks!! Of course, the cost of cleaning is not their responsibility!! What is their responsibility?? Beware. I have been in 7 weddings, this is the 3rd with David's Bridal. All with major problems. This is MY first problem with them, the others were the brides' wedding gowns with alterations not done on time.

Avoid Going Here
By -

My finacee bought a dress at David's Bridal 4 days after we got engaged and has regretted the decision ever since. Each dress she purchased was ordered in the wrong size. Sales women and alterations women repeatedly ordered incorrect sizes. Every incorrect order became a fight to exchange the dress for another size.

After the 4th dress was incorrectly ordered, she had enough. She bought a dress elsewhere and I promised I would return the dress to David's Bridal and get her money back for it... Little did I know, David's Bridal is some kind of scheme to suck people in and kick them while they are down (right before their weddings no less). They double their credit card signatures as mini contracts which say ALL SALES FINAL. Of course, I never would have signed that, but my fiancee and mother-in-law didn't think twice about it.

So after an exhaustive battle with many of the 200 managers that work at every David's Bridal store (none of which seems to manage much of anything), we finally received a corporate customer service number with a live person! However, they take about 48 hours to return a call, and simply regurgitate the company's ridiculous return policy. When coupled with what can be called the world's worst customer service, David's Bridal adds up to a consumer's nightmare.

DO NOT GO THERE EVER! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THEY GIVE YOU! You will be treated like an annoyance from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out with your credit card/contract to forgo all your traditional rights as a consumer in hand.

There are hundreds of dress shops that manage to order correct sizes and are not overrun by hundreds of brides looking for bargains. They will not end up as bargains in the end, I can promise you that. By the time you return your dress five times, argue with 12 managers and have your dress horrifically altered at outrageous prices you will regret choosing the David's Bridal Experience.

They get You w alterations after they order too big a dress
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Once I got engaged I went to David's Bridal and although I have gotten better attention in a reg clothing store, I finally found a dress I liked although way too small in the bust, she had clipped the bust in the back with some sort of plastic clip. The length was correct. She assured me it would be fine in a larger size, the dress came in about 2 months later, way too late to reorder and of course, I had already paid for it. The dress was huge and about 9 inches too long.

What happened next was unbelievable. This in Las Vegas in August, my wedding is Sep 6, it is 115 degrees outside. I had to endure, 2 3 hour alteration appointments to somehow make this dress fit, keep in mind, I'm 5 ft 4 inches 111 lbs and a size 34 c bust. Pretty average. There was no air conditioner on both apps, and you had to wear the heels standing on top of two pedestals, like box pedestals for 3 solid hours not moving with nothing to lean on and no rail to hold on to.

Also I was in this small room with 3 other brides. They only had a fan. I was so hot I kept thinking I would pass out. I was so dizzy and they did not even have water when I asked for something to drink. When all was said and done and they charged me almost 600 for the alterations, the dress looked horrible, too loose in the bust and just wrong. The dress was only 500 hundred to start with. Now I had a 1,100 dress that looked awful. Truth be told, too late to get another dress, I cancelled my wedding. That is the honest to God truth. If you are on a budget, get the dress, try it on immediately and get it altered elsewhere.

Worst service ever
By -

SIOUX CITY IOWA -- This is the worst place for a bride to be to get her gown for her perfect day. The help was just awful and rude. They tell you one thing on the phone and another at the store. They kept trying to add more and more charges for stuff, like a small swatch of material to match the men's tuxes. Then they said the bridesmaids could do lay-a-way and when they got to the store they said they couldn't. Now the worst part, when my daughter went to get her dress last night it looked like a crumpled up newspaper. Then it was 4 inches too long. They said they all come that length and we alter them, then it was only half sewn in spots and they had earlier given her the wrong slip.

The dress also had an ink spot on it and the salesperson said "oh it's just an ink spot." OMG! just an ink spot. OK then they told her she could pick a dress off the rack. If she wanted a dress off the rack she would have gotten one in the first place. So now she won't be able to get it to the person that was going to add the buttons for the train tie up. So another lady came by and said "did you tell her what it was going to cost to fix it?"

Oh hell no we are not paying for their mistakes. We have to go back tomorrow and discuss the problem. What a nightmare this has been. My daughter cried all last night, it should have been a lovely time getting her dress and taking it home, but instead she ended up sick to her stomach all night. Wow what a way to attract customers and run a business.

Worst Place Ever
By -

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- My wedding was originally out of the country but due to some family issues I had to make it in Chicago and plan it in 3 months. I went into David's Bridal in Schaumburg, IL, and worked with Judy. She was fabulous and she helped me find the perfect dress, cost $1,150. She also helped me find the bridesmaid dresses $150. Everything was going great, the dresses had arrived way before they said it would (2 weeks after I ordered it). I went into get my dress altered and tried it on for the first time (the one that I had already tried on in the store, and they ordered for me). The dress didn't fit, it was 3inches to little.

I was so aggravated stressed, there was no way that I had gained any weight. I weighed the same and it had only been 2 weeks. The manager was making me feel like it was my fault and then after they said they'll measure me and compare the measurements that they had written down 2 weeks ago...surprise, surprise my measurements didn't change. They were then offering to order me another size but they couldn't tell me if it would come in on time, and then the alterations department said they could let it out and that if I order the other size they would have to take in around different areas and then it would cost me more.

So after I heard it could be fixed I felt a little relieved. I made an appointment for 3 days later when the head of alterations would be there. When I went back and put on the dress Anna (head of alterations) said that it was impossible that they should have ordered the dress, they can't let the dress out... She got the manager and finally said "Oh yes we can and alterations on my dress are being done." I paid $280 for alterations. They didn't discount a penny and they were the ones that messed up.

I go in with my bridesmaid, the dress is too small again. OMG this is a nightmare again. They're not giving solutions. I am 6 weeks from my wedding. Her measurements once again haven't changed. They don't know if they can order the dress. It takes 6 weeks and it wouldn't be in on time. They have to see if customer service can ship the dress in the right size from another store. We are responsible for any alterations and the maid of honor's dress doesn't fit either.

What a horror story. Do yourself a favor. Don't get a dress from David's bridal. It will cost you so much just to fix their errors. It will be so stressful to you and it definitely doesn't make you feel like it's the most wonderful day of your life.

Too Old to Have a Wedding Dress?
By -

I was not pleased with my two visits to David's Bridal recently. I had an appointment to choose and try on bridal gowns. When I arrived, the staff was helpful enough until I started to try on gowns. The lady that was helping me had another customer in the next dressing room and spent most of the time helping her. She would tell me to go in there and take the dress off but I could not reach the fasteners and had to wait on her to come back from serving the other customer.

Also, you had to exit the dressing room and go into a common area which was open to the public where the mirrors were located and view your gown. There were men and older boys out there and it was very uncomfortable to have them there looking at you while you were going in and out and dressing, etc.

My chief complaint (on this day) was a comment made by someone (I think it was another customer). I am an older bride and I'm sure older that all who were there. I heard someone say "Does that come with hot flashes?" I'm sure the comment was directed toward me and it was said very loudly. Well, after that, I would not go to view my dress in the main "mirrored stage" area, but chose to look in the mirrors located to the side and around the corner out of sight. I felt awful -- like I was in the wrong place.

I left there feeling badly, but I did not blame anyone at David's Bridal for the comment I'd heard. I was upset that I had made an appointment but the attendant appeared to have not much time for me. I did buy a dress and scheduled a day to come back for alterations fitting.

When I went back for the alterations fitting, the attendant who helped me was very nice. However, as I was in the dressing room getting dressed to leave, I overheard a lady say "Oh -- we had a lady in here trying on dresses - she was about 50 years old! She started trying on short dresses and I thought Oh no... I didn't really hear the rest of the conversation but I understood the tone to mean she was disgusted at the older lady being there trying on dresses.

I am pleased with my dress, but my experience at David's Bridal has not been a happy one, partly due to a customer and then due to an apparent employee's remarks. It seems that there are more and more older brides these days and of course, they have to have dresses too. David's Bridal should caution their staff to not make such remarks about their older customers.

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