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Horrible Service In Three Locations
By -

My “adventure” started on my first visit to the store. After filling out paperwork and talking to a generally unpleasant and unknowledgeable girl, she took my selections to a dressing room. I tried on the dresses, without much enthusiasm or input from the girl. My biggest surprise was when I selected a dress with a corset top and she only laced it part of the way up, excusing it by saying “it would just take too long”.

As this was my first time ever trying on dresses, I figured this was standard practice. I will let you know the location I purchased my wedding dress from took the time to completely lace me up and tell me what their opinion was of every dress. So it may behoove them to take up the practice of investing a little more time and interest in their customers and they may retain some.

Second visit to the store, I came back in, asked for the girl I had last time, and was told she no longer worked there. As well, they lost my paperwork, and I had to go through all the paperwork again and there was no record of me being there. Third trip, again, paperwork lost, along with the notes of the dresses I liked on the previous visit. I will say I liked the girl I got that time (again a different girl). Although when I went back in for my fourth visit, she was gone.

I had called ahead on a Saturday and was told that I would have a woman set aside to work with my 2 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. That didn't happen. I understand Saturday's approaching prom season will be hectic, but I should not have been told I would receive personal attention if it wasn't realistic.

That day I ordered 2 bridesmaid dresses. Around this time my bridesmaid in California ordered a dress, and my bridesmaid in Georgia ordered a dress. A couple of weeks later my bridesmaid in California called to tell me they ordered her dress in the wrong color. This encouraged me to go confirm my other bridesmaid dresses. I came in to the Chattanooga store around 6:00 and spoke to one of the managers who looked up my order. I will note that although the problem did not occur in her store, an apology at this stage would have been nice. I would have done a lot to cool me down for the last few visits.

I did not have all the information she needed at that time to track down the problem. I returned the following day with the information she needed, and asked about the status of the dresses I ordered in that store, and when they should be in. It was at this time that she went to the back and produced my two bridesmaid dresses that had been ordered. I asked her how long they had been there, she told me ten days.

When I asked why I wasn't informed she told me they had typed the email address in wrong. I asked what phone number they had for me, it was the correct number and when I asked why I wasn't informed by phone, she said “well, that girl has been really busy”. What a terrible excuse, and rude. Again, at this point no apology.

Last visit I came in to pick out a flower girl dress. Again a different girl, after looking around I set aside two flower girl dresses, one was paid for, the other was being held for one day for my other flower girl to come try on. When her father came in to have her try it on, they at first could not find any record of the dresses in the system. So while one girl fumbles her way through the computer system, another woman comes up to help. They inform him that the dress I want is not in stock in her size, but a similar dress is in that she could try on.

I returned that night; spoke to the manager who informed me that the dress was indeed on hold, in the size and color I wanted. For whatever reason, the women he spoke to two hours earlier didn't know where the hold shelf was. As well at this time I wanted to confirm they still had the dress I had purchased and was waiting on alterations. At this time she tells me she can't find any record of the dress being purchased. Eventually she did find it in the back, again, no apology.

The location in Georgia on Barrett Parkway, allowed my final bridesmaid to order in a dress in a size 2 after she told them she was a size 0. They even saw her in it, knowing it was huge, without letting her know alterations would exceed the price of the dress. Or communicating that we were about to pay 180 dollars for alterations on a 120 dress. They should have suggested another opportunity. They have communicated well on when the dress arrived, but to not even give a heads up on the astronomical price, is deceiving and makes me wary about future purchases.

I have since contacted David's Bridal corporate who is working with me to come to a resolution on this horrendous service I have received. I would like to point out, if at any point I had received an apology, or at least a sympathetic look, I would not be this irritated. All I have gotten from the Chattanooga location is impatience and attitude. I have already told many people, and future brides, about my terrible service at David's Bridal, as well as the wonderful service I received at Monica's, the location I purchased my wedding dress from. I suggest the employees at David's Bridal Chattanooga take a field trip down town to Monica's and see how a bridal shop should be run.

Terrible First-Time Shopping Experience at David's Bridal
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was at a bridal show about a month ago and talked with the ladies at the David's Bridal booth. They were friendly and very eager to sign me up for an appointment. This past week I was finally ready to start dress shopping, and so I thought of them first. I called the store to make an appointment, but was told be the girl on the phone that I could just come in and would be helped. She didn't offer to take down my name and seemed in a hurry. I arrived at the store about 20 minutes later and had to stand and wait for a few minutes while the girl at the front desk finished a personal conversation with a consultant. Finally they had me sit down and I filled out some paperwork.

The girl at the desk then yelled across the store to a consult, "Would you take this Bride?" The consultant replied that she was in charge of the floor at the time. "So you can't take the bride?" "NO!" I was feeling a little weird by this time almost as though I was intruding. I sat there a bit longer while the girl found someone to help me. She told me to go look at shoes while I waited for the consultant. I waited for about 10 minutes and finally someone was calling my name across the dressing room. She was a nice lady but seemed to be in a huge rush and took about 30 seconds to flip through their catalog so I could show her the dresses I wanted to try on.

I tried to explain my wedding and what I wanted but she didn't listen and just wanted me to point at pictures. She brought me three dresses to try on and then left. I tried one on and waited and waited and waited some more. I was about to take it off when she finally came back. She made me get up on the pedestal by the mirrors and then left again. I got the idea the poor lady was helping 3 other brides besides me.

I finally just went back in the fitting room and got dressed. I was not interested in trying on anymore. The store was dirty as well and the dresses were expensive! I said what I had to to get out of the store. I have been getting calls from them all day but I will never go back. I felt so saddened and discouraged by the whole ordeal! I was so excited to start dress shopping, but that almost ruined it for me. The attitude, the surroundings and the waiting!

I called my Mom crying to tell her how turned off to the whole thing I was, and she has promised to help me again in a few months. I can tell you one thing: no matter how many calls and e-mails I get from them I will never again set foot in their store. The dress I tried on was beautiful but I will never purchase a gown from David's Bridal.

Customer Service Issues
By -

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I had a terrible experience with David's Bridal from start to finish! I am a bridesmaid this month. Since we are all scattered across the country the bride thought it best to use David's because of the convenience. I really wish she had chosen Ann Taylor instead (they have beautiful wedding attire and amazing service). My fiasco started when I initially went to try on the dress the bride had chosen. She emailed us the style numbers-- all of us to have the same skirt with 3 or 4 tops to choose from. First off, the sales associate seemed very unwelcoming.

I gave her the style numbers, tried them on and decided to wait a week before ordering. Good thing!!! Because when I went back to the store I discovered she had me trying on the wrong dress! Crisis averted! I ordered the correct one in a size 4. Dress came in-- SIZE 8! By this time it was too late to re-order. Fast forward about 3 weeks and I find out I'm preggers. Very excited and actually relieved they ordered a dress that was too big because I'm starting to have a baby bump.

Here I am now 1 week out of the wedding date and the top is tight. I called and asked if I could exchange it for a size larger if they happen to have a floor model in the color and size I need. They said it would not be a problem and to come on down. The "greeters" are super friendly until you actually need help. I go in and they refuse the exchange because the item had been altered! What?!

I assured them that it was sold to me in this condition and the saleswoman in a round-about way called me a liar. She was rude, unwilling to make any kind of effort to help and quite frankly making me VERY upset. I kept telling her that I did not touch the top in any way and she went on the say in a snide tone that it appeared to have been let out and made larger-- so now I'm a liar and fat!

Who speaks to a customer this way? I agreed that may be was tailored by a previous customer, but that I surely did not do it and they sold me a tampered item! I could feel my blood boiling and as I started to raise my voice I just gave up and said that I would attempt to have it "let out" again and she said "Yeah, AGAIN!" as if to call me a liar one more time! I could not believe the treatment I got from this lady. I sent a certified letter to their Corporate office and copied the store manager and intend on pursuing this matter until I am satisfied!!!

Do not shop at Kennesaw David's Bridal. They will ruin your event! And lastly, they have no customer service info available-- I wouldn't either if I ran an operation like theirs. I had to dig around on sites like this to finally have the pleasure of leaving a VM that will never get returned.

Bridesmaids Dress
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Rating: 4/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Visited the Millcreek Mall store 3 times and on 2 visits did not feel comfortable with the stylist. They did not seem to me to feel I had money like everyone else did. Today stylist Chandler ** was such bright relief. Thank you for making me feel my business mattered.

Wedding Dress
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Rating: 2/51

ROBINSON TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- They botched my dress. One side was shorter than another. They were supposed to alter the upper section of the seemed bigger than when they started. All they did was add in Breast pads. My daughter was returning an online order. Could NEVER reach customer service to even get the return address. I DEFINITELY do not recommend ever dealing with this store.

By -

SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I went with my sister and tried on 2 dresses. Neither was marked in my favorites, but that happens. I fell in love with the dress and ordered it. The lady gave me no time to think and told me "If you don't buy your shoes here, then we will not be able to alter your dress and how will you know how it fits?" I'm thinking whatever, so she brings me shoes and they hurt, and I mean hurt. When I try to tell her this she explains again if we don't get them there, they cannot give the lady an est. on how much to take off. At this point I just wanted my wedding over dreading the day I ever had to put them shoes on.

The other sales lady said "bring them back maybe we can exchange them." They both have quit by the time my alterations are due and the lady took way more than I asked off the bottom. Not to mention I am a size 18, they gave me a size 22 slip saying I could buy a new one. Not at 54 bucks. So now I have a slip that is so huge and too long. (the alteration lady said it's a waste to fix) My dress looks crappy.

Now for the bridesmaids. The ladies were so pushy. One bridesmaid left crying because they had her in the dressing room yelling at her to buy it now or she'd ruin my day. My sister backed out with 2 flower girls on how they treated them! I have tried to say something and when in the store they raise their noses. I suggest using David's Bridal. I had been excited to get married until I walked into that store and went through that. On the website, there is nowhere to complain, and like I said, in the store, they refuse to give me a card or any number of someone higher up than them.

Ripped off by David's Bridal
By -

Bought my wedding dress here in a size 4 because the "specialist" said I needed a size four. The actually dress available to try on was a size 8 and she was sure I needed a size 4. When I received the dress, it was too big and I had to have it altered. I could've fit a size 2 perfect without any alterations but ** (the assistant manager) said it'd be too small. Plus, I didn't have a lot of time to wait for the order to try to see. (I know I would've fit a size 2 perfect because I also bought a red gown there in a size 2 and it fit like a glove. I'm sure the wedding gown in a size 2 would've fit without any alterations).

So, I decided to let them alter it. I had several alterations done, including 10 french bustles, the hem, taking in of the neckline, and taking in of the bodice. Long story short, took my dress to NY to be wed and 2 days before the wedding day, I realized the bodice was too big. I wore the dress for pre-wedding photos and it kept falling off. I took it to a tailor who said the bodice was never altered. I had two tailors confirm that work was never done to the bodice at all.

In a hurry to have it fit me for my big day, I had them alter it for $100 overnight. And I called David's Bridal immediately, who gave me a run around by passing me off to several people. I spoke with a girl named ** who was going to have her alterations manager call me. She never called. I called again and spoke with another sales associate who said I needed to talk to the alterations manager but she wasn't there that day.

I call a third time and finally get to speak with the alterations manager. She wants me to bring the dress in. I don't see why but she insists. I bring the dress in, speak with her, she gets ** (the stores' assistant manager) and he tells me I have to talk to **. ** investigates and we call back and forth.

Final conclusion: I signed the receipt when I picked up the dress so they are not liable. I paid $85 for alterations they never did. If they did the work and it was still big on me, I understand. At least they did the work. However, they did not and ripped me off $85. I will NEVER buy anything else from them ever. And I will make sure to tell any new bride-to-be's or anyone even thinking of shopping there, to stay away.

I read a lot of bad reviews about David's Bridal. I should've been wary. If you must shop there, please BE VERY CAREFUL and DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE THE STORE.

Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

KEIZER, OREGON -- I went in and purchased my wedding dress from David's bridal in March and could not find anything in the store like I wanted for my bridesmaids. I ended up going to a thrift store nearby and found a David's bridal dress that was perfect and called the store to find out about it because I never saw it. They told me it was clearance and that they could order from an outside store because the website didn't have the right sizes. I ordered the dresses from all over the country in April and was told by the store not to open them until I could get my girls together to come in and open and try on at the store (if something was wrong and I opened them at home it would be my fault).

I took the dresses into David's Bridal in Keizer, Oregon and when the manager opened the boxes, two of them were the wrong size, one was two sizes larger and one was a size two small. The manager searched and searched and told me they did not have any of the size I needed and that they could alter the bigger one but the other one would need to be changed to a lace back in order to make it work. Two dresses one way and one different? Screw that I wanted the dresses they promised me.

When I asked the manager what happened and why the wrong sizes were shipped when I was assured they found them from different stores across the country, she told me that they must have been mistaken at that store and they shipped the closest thing. NOT ACCEPTABLE! A month and a half before my wedding and I don't have enough dresses and they wouldn't refund my money.

After enough fighting and arguing they agreed to refund the money for the one dress that was too small and I figured I would plead my mother to make the third dress. When my other bridesmaid went in to have the larger dress sized down, I was told that they were going to charge me over $100 for the alterations, NOT ACCEPTABLE! I had ordered the right sizes and it wasn't my fault they shipped the wrong ones and didn't say anything.

David's bridal completely ruined my wedding experience as a bride. Being a bride is all about having a good time and enjoying the planning process. This store and company ruined this for me and now all I can do is hope that it's all over soon. Funny thing that I spend over $2000 in dresses and accessories from this store yet didn't give a rat's ** about me or my wedding. One thing's for sure, I do not love David's Bridal and I will never refer anyone to this God-forsaken place.

Beware Of David's Bridal!! Run Away!! Bad Customer Service!!
By -

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- I am in the wedding of my husband's friend and his fiance. They are getting married in July of 2011. We went to try on dresses at the David's Bridal in Fairview Heights, IL. The service was horrible. The attendant was more focused on talking our bride into ordering "right away" than she was in getting dresses for us and the bride. She had this poor girl convinced that dresses had to be order NOW in case they didn't come in next season's catalog. March 2010.

So I ordered my dress, paid in full! Stopped into the store in August to see if there was some problem because I never received a call to pick up. They had given my dress to the bride. I am not really friends with this girl. She has already kicked one girl out of her wedding. They have cats in their home (I am allergic to cats) and they smoke. I was upset that they had not called me when the dress came in as I had PAID for it. I am the customer!!

The David's Bridal representative, assistant manager, manager, and ** (the person in charge of customer complaints) all kept telling me that it was their policy to give the bride anything connected to her wedding, no matter who paid. I said that my receipt was a contract between their company and myself, not some third party. After a lot of complaining, the bride has returned the dress to the store.

It stinks!! Of course, the cost of cleaning is not their responsibility!! What is their responsibility?? Beware. I have been in 7 weddings, this is the 3rd with David's Bridal. All with major problems. This is MY first problem with them, the others were the brides' wedding gowns with alterations not done on time.

Avoid Going Here
By -

My finacee bought a dress at David's Bridal 4 days after we got engaged and has regretted the decision ever since. Each dress she purchased was ordered in the wrong size. Sales women and alterations women repeatedly ordered incorrect sizes. Every incorrect order became a fight to exchange the dress for another size.

After the 4th dress was incorrectly ordered, she had enough. She bought a dress elsewhere and I promised I would return the dress to David's Bridal and get her money back for it... Little did I know, David's Bridal is some kind of scheme to suck people in and kick them while they are down (right before their weddings no less). They double their credit card signatures as mini contracts which say ALL SALES FINAL. Of course, I never would have signed that, but my fiancee and mother-in-law didn't think twice about it.

So after an exhaustive battle with many of the 200 managers that work at every David's Bridal store (none of which seems to manage much of anything), we finally received a corporate customer service number with a live person! However, they take about 48 hours to return a call, and simply regurgitate the company's ridiculous return policy. When coupled with what can be called the world's worst customer service, David's Bridal adds up to a consumer's nightmare.

DO NOT GO THERE EVER! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THEY GIVE YOU! You will be treated like an annoyance from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out with your credit card/contract to forgo all your traditional rights as a consumer in hand.

There are hundreds of dress shops that manage to order correct sizes and are not overrun by hundreds of brides looking for bargains. They will not end up as bargains in the end, I can promise you that. By the time you return your dress five times, argue with 12 managers and have your dress horrifically altered at outrageous prices you will regret choosing the David's Bridal Experience.

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