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Rubber Checks
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ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA -- I have one posting on here about this same man. Actually he is not even a man. I bought a Chihuahua from him back in Feb. He was supposed to send this dog in mid April. Instead he resells it for more money. I never got the dog. I asked for a refund. After fighting him for for 7 months he sends a check that BOUNCES. So please be advised even if he does sen you the refund if it a personal check do not trust it. I have learned that I'm not the only person that is fighting him. Anyone looking for a Chihuahua do not go to him. E-mail me and I will save you heart ache. Including money. luwanah@yahoo.com Please be sure to put Wade Davis in the subject box. I delete mail I do not know. ayount1973@yahoo.com This person whoever it is never e-mailed for the proof so they do not know what they are talking about. If you want the proof I'm just an e-mail away. To see more information on this go to http://davishallchihuahuas.blogspot.com/
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