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Scam!! Beware
Posted by on
KITTERY, MAINE -- We travel a lot and never have a problem with any hotels we stayed before until now...

We make the reservation online to stay at Days Inn, Kittery Maine and after we read the reviews we decided to cancel the reservation. shouldn't be complicated, right? WE call the night before the reservation date and told them that we would like to cancel the reservation and they told us they can't cancel our reservation since they don't have our information..then told us to call the customer service number to cancel it (( The policy stated that if we want to cancel we must do so by 4pm the day of the reservation )).

We called and be able to cancel the reservation (the operator gave us the cancellation number and told us we are all set).

2 days later, We check our credit card statement and found out that we got charged by Days Inn Kittery so we called the hotel to ask what's the's what we have so far:

#1(the first time we call)- The staff woman told us they don't have our information, don't have our credit card number (yeah, right!) and when we asked to speak to the manager, the woman told us that SHE's not in and told us that she will call back. (They never called back once)

#2 The next day, we called the hotel again..the different woman this time..we told her our problem and she did look into the hotel computer and find our reservation and cancellation are all legit (so why the first woman we spoke to tell us that she doesn't have our info!!??? ) anyway, she still insist that she can't refund our credit card but she will speak to the hotel manager and tell him ( again..we still not be able to get a hold with their manager)...

We wait 1 day and called them again to hear the progress.

#3 this time the India woman pick up..she told us that she couldn't find our information !!!??? so we told her that the last time we called one of the staff can be able to pull out our info include our credit card ...after talking in circle for while she, then, told us that she found our reservation but it was on the different date and policy...We told her that we have all the reservation and cancellation info printed in our hand and asked her if she want us to faxed her that...anyway, after after catching her lies after lies..we asked to speak to the non-exist manager again. First, she told us the manager was not in here today(again) then 5 minutes later she told us that the manager was in India and there was no way to contact him ( what if the hotel burn down..what are they going to do??!!)

We are so fed up with their lies so we told her that we will get our money back one way or another. She hung up!!??

anyone have any suggestion? what should we do next?
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dan gordon on 07/29/2009:
dispute it with your cc company. Since you have a cancellation number it should be pretty easy to contest.
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/29/2009:
Dan is right - contest the charge with your credit card issuer. Do it all in writing and obviously keep copies of everything. It looks like you have all your information in hand, so it should be pretty straightforward.

Apple Mac on 07/29/2009:
The Patel family, who owns many of these dives, thinks that they can get away with scamming the public. Dispute the charge with the credit card company - these crooks should not be allowed to rip you off!
old fart on 07/29/2009:
I always wondered if the Patel" family was an alias.
It seems that the "Patel" family owns every fleabag motel on earth.
Maybe the word Patel is hindi for "roach"...
old fart on 07/29/2009:
Hey just the faxx... change your mind...? LOL
PepperElf on 07/29/2009:
I've noticed that most of the posts that only read "..." are by faxx

wonder if it's his computer or something
Fatty G on 07/30/2009:
just an update... got a phone call today from the hotel. First they said we reserve the reservation on a date that was a week before our vacation and no one call to cancel so we got charged for that. We told him(customer relation person..he called himself that) that we never made the reservation directly with the hotel, we always book online and all the people we've doubt when he was the reasonable one. He told us that we will get the full refund on our cc in a few days but still he told us if we don't see it in a couple days ..we should go ahead and file a dispute with our cc. so we'll let you guys know if we get the refund.
Former Patel Employee on 08/12/2009:
I've worked for the Patel family (also included is the Prema's) and the only thing they care about is money. They will lie til they die and try to keep your money. They scream and yell at their employees if there is any refund, lower rate or a room not sold. They don't care about their property, they will let it go downhill and then charge you out the whazoo for it! And as a former employee, if we don't charge it they will make your life a living stinking hell. My advice, if there's an Indian involved in the motel/hotel - GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE!
old fart on 08/12/2009:
I've tried to sell pest control services to these people in different states and the only time they ever bought was when the health department threatened to close them.
They invariably would go bad debt and NEVER pay their bill...!
As a rule they are thieves and liars..
Fatty G on 08/13/2009:
another update...last week we called the hotel again because there is no refund returning to our credit card like the guy name Brett who call himself the customer relation promised us (we kind of know from the get go anyway) The same Indian woman pick up and told us the guy Brett is on vacation so is the manager. At this point, we just don't care anymore because we already filed dispute with our credit card. we did called the wyndham reward customer service again to let them know how bad this hotel is and We did get to talk to the supervisor, she seem nice and said they will look into it. Then, she called us back and told us that the wyndham reward will issue the refund check and we will receive it within 2-3 weeks. It's been 1 week so we will let you guys know if we will receive the check.
Now..anyone have any idea how to teach these patel people a lesson?
BokiBean on 08/13/2009:
Fatty, its good you are finally hearing from someone about it. Keep us updated, I'd like to hear if you actually get the check.
Fatty G on 08/17/2009:
update!! we finally get the check from Wyndham reward.!! but lesson learned..never again with Days Inn esp.# these indian people!
BokiBean on 08/17/2009:
Cool. Everything but the part about the "indian people"..not cool.
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Posted by on
ATLANTA,, GEORGIA -- My grandson and I stayed two nights at the Hotel Days Inn in northwest Atlanta located at 1701 Northside Drive this week.

There are not sufficient words to state how appalled I was at several facets of the motel, service, employees, etc.

The attendant at the front desk acted as though we were truly doing him a favor by being there. There were no smiles, no gestures of hospitality, no friendliness.

The motel was evidently an older structure, which is o. k., but even the older ones can be cleaned and updated to an extent. The room had a horrendous odor. There was chair-molding on some walls. It had not been dusted in some time. The bathroom floor had not been mopped. There were no plastic liners in the wastebaskets. I chased and kills four insects, one of which was up on the vanity where we placed our ice bucket and brushed our teeth.

The first morning we arose, I discovered that the cold water did not work at all. I ran some hot water into the tub and waited for it to cool. The maintenance man was the only "pleasant experience" we had while we were there. He expediently came to our room when we phoned the front desk and offered to make the appropriate repair while we were out, which he did. He came the next morning and inquired as to whether the repair had pleased me. He also gave us much needed directions @ town. KUDOS to him. He was a bright light in an otherwise dismal stay!!!!!

Let me begin, please @ the adjoining Waffle House. It, also, was not clean. My grandson asked where there health department grade sheet was!!! We sat in a booth. There was some sort of long pink thread or string on the seat behind him. No one had noticed or removed it. A loud, boisterous group of young people arrived (customers), composed of a man and four or five women. The women would come and go. They yelled at each other and did all the "jiving" singing type of music that so many people can do these days. The noise and commotion went un-noticed by the WH employees. It did not stop until two "adult, older male customers" walked in. That seemed to squelch the noise.

The silverware was laid down for us. A spoon had dried food on it and I mentioned it. I DID receive another spoon, but was told by the waitress that the steam machine just makes them look like that. It was not dirty.

The waitress stood over us, asking, "Are you ready to order?" She did not leave until we had placed our order.

There were at least two flies gliding and fluttering around inside the restaurant. No one made an attempt to grab a fly swatter or put forth any effort to kill them.

The tea was "brown sugar water." I have never tasted a beverage so sweet. There were no offers to refill our glasses.

I would not attempt to rate this entire business with the exception of the maintenance man. It would rate below a "1." He would receive a top rating. Whoever he is, Days Inn should give him a raise and request that he "run the place."

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User Replies:
Eloise on 07/17/2009:
Yikes, I would have left after the first night.
Anonymous on 07/17/2009:
".....My grandson asked where there health department grade sheet was!!!"
Shouldn't he be asking where are the coloring books and crayons? What kind of dives are you taking this kid to where he has to worry about the "health department grade sheet?"
Anonymous on 07/17/2009:
Days Inn and Waffle House have never been known for high quality of service. They're both basically budget establishments. Next time you travel, it'd be wise to move a little upscale to places that might meet your standards.
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Not Happy
Posted by on
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- On Monday March 16th, I called Days Inn to reserve a room for this past weekend in Spokane. My daughter and I were going to be there for the Washington State Music Educators Association Junior High School Honor Band performance. I had looked through all the hotels near the high school where they would be playing at. Days Inn City Center was 0.3 miles away. I called and set up the reservation. I told them I would be paying with cash but would reserve the room on my debit card as they requested. Check in time was 2pm on Saturday afternoon. I reiterated that I would be paying with cash, so that I could use my debit card for dinner and fuel. I asked that they put a note on the file so that there would not be a question when I went to check out. The assistant said "no problem." She gave me my key card and room #. I drove down to the room only to find that the room had not been made and pillows in the chair and sheets on the floor. One of the maids came along and asked if everything was OK. I said "this is the room I was checked into however, there seems to be a problem." She looked into the room and then agreed.

She called the front desk and spoke to someone and then sent me back up to the office. When I got to the office I was asked what room (the same assistant that assigned the room) I had been given. She apologized with a half hearted laugh and then rescheduled my room. This one was cleaned as it should be. While in the office another maid came in and asked about the Maid I had first spoke to. "Was she rude? She has a tendency to have a mouth on her and I just want to make sure she wasn't rude to you." I told them the maid was very nice and I had no problems with her.

Fast Forward to Check out Sunday morning. I went in to check out and again said I would be paying by cash. The assistant (different one) said "oh your debit card was charged this morning." I start to hyperventilate. (I am out of work and have been since August. My parents had given me some money for the hotel, food and fuel. My dad had put money into my account for food and fuel and my mom had sent money to cover the hotel by cash.) I had charged dinner to my debit card the night before so there would not be enough $ in the debit card account to cover the Motel costs. Hence the cash option. The assistant didn't really apologize and made a comment to the effect of "oh the night clerk must have put the charges in early this morning. I can credit your account so you can pay by cash but it wouldn't be in the account for a few days." Now call me stupid, but how in the frak was I supposed to drive home with no $.

I asked again about the Note that was supposedly put on when I had called on Monday and then again when I registered the night before that I would be paying by CASH. She said no note existed on the reservation. Needless to say I was ticked off. I have thought several times about posting this "should I or shouldn't I?" I would have liked an honest apology for the room debacle or the debit card issue, but I didn't receive it. At this point I will not be staying there again after this. I will find somewhere else to stay.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/25/2009:
Silver, I can appreciate your predicament, but most hortels have in fine print that using a debit card will result in a hold being put on the account for the funds to cover the stay.
How'd your kid do in the performance? Good Luck
Anonymous on 03/25/2009:
hortels... lmao!

That does suck Silver. Good luck to you in the quest for employment too.
SilverWngs71 on 03/25/2009:
I can understand that however when I made the reservation I was told it was to hold the room only, not be charged the amount, since I specifically stated I would be paying by cash. The rep when I booked the room said that it would be fine to pay cash when I was at the hotel and the front desk clerk had said the same thing when I checked in. However, they never put that note on the acct about paying by cash.

The performance went great. The director came over from Montana, he said that the junior high band did better than some of the high school bands he had worked with. They did one piece called "Mazama" and he said when he was driving over he thought about changing it to another b/c of the difficulty it presented. He said that after they played it a few times he is glad he had them play it as they did a tremendous job and he was thrilled at how well they had practiced and performed.
jktshff1 on 03/25/2009:
Glad the performance went great, sorry 'bout the other stuff.
It does suck but stuff happens. Maybe try to be a little more careful in the future. You can't depend upon what the rep's say. Sad ain't it?
SilverWngs71 on 03/25/2009:
It is. Learned the lesson and what was so funny was what I was thinking when I went there. "What would the M3C crew think of this?" That's why I was indecisive about posting the complaint lol.
Anonymous on 03/25/2009:
It is too bad that people can't just do what we ask. Sounds like a simple enough request. Most importantly, glad that you enjoyed the reason you were there.
Anonymous on 03/26/2009:
Didn't you still have the cash you were intending on using to pay the room bill with? How could you have been without money?
It has been my experience that when paying cash for a room, you usually have to pay before they even give you a key card to the room (my guess is so they don't get stiffed).
jktshff1 on 03/26/2009:
Robf...2nd page.."I can credit your account so you can pay by cash but it wouldn't be in the account for a few days." Now call me stupid, but how in the frak was I supposed to drive home with no $." He kept his cash to go home, but the debit card was still screwed up.
SilverWngs71 on 03/26/2009:
HE? Jkts you should know by now that I am not a He.....
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Don't Ever Use Travelocity Or Book In Days Inn!!!!!
Posted by on
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I Booked two vacation packages for a sudden death of a family member, These reservations were for 4 nights 5 days. One reservation for my Two adult children and my 23 Month old granddaughter. The other for myself and my husband. We all got to NC. dumped our luggage in the adjoining rooms and went to see family. We did not return until about 11 PM. Upon returning to the room we found the door ajar. I know for a fact I personally checked that the doors was locked. Thankfully nothing was missing. We put my granddaughter to bed and we sat in the other room talking. When my daughter went in to join my granddaughter to sleep, she found a roach crawling above my granddaughters head. Needless to say, that door was closed and we all slept in one room. The next morning my daughter observed pubic hairs in the bath top (which was painted with white wall paint) and we found that the rooms were really disgusting. Cigarette burns in the sheets and blankets, Torn blankets & filthy rugs. I called Travelocity at about 9 AM on Thursday to say that the accommodations were not what we were expecting. I was put on hold for about 20 minutes and was told by Travelocity that I must speak to the manager of the Days Inn Beltline (Roger). My husband and I went down and spoke to Roger, we explained why we were not satisfied. He offered us other rooms to look at. They were not much cleaner and were not adjoining. We told him that the hotel was not able to accommodate what we needed. (A clean room and adjoining rooms)

I again called back Travelocity and told them that we did in fact speak to Roger and that we would be checking out and trying to find a clean place to stay. We found a Holiday Inn. I called Travelocity back and they said at this point there is no refund so I would have to book a new vacation package. I just booked the rooms myself. On Friday I was on the phone with Travelocity for about 2 hours. The outcome was that I was being charged 432.00 for the two rooms for one night, and my refund would be 250.00 for the remaining three nights for both reservations. (My reply!) What kind of math do you do! How am I am getting charged 432.00 for one Night!!!!! I have to say at this point after many many hours I just hung up. I returned home and contacted the credit card company and stated I did not receive the service I was expecting and feel I should not have to pay even for the one night. When you book hotel you expect it to be clean and habitable. THIS WAS NOT!!!!

The response from Visa we can not go against the DAYS INN cancellation policy. Which is to charge $50 and fees and taxes even if you don't use the room. So I had to Pay 432.00 to stay in that pig sty with no other means to get my money back! I cancelled that Barcley Visa for sure!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 02/13/2009:
a vacation pkg generally includes airfare, car rental and hotel. Your complaint is a little confusing as a pkg doesn't' break out each component generally.
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Don't Even Think About Booking Days Inn!
Posted by on
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- We recently decided to book a room at the Days Inn North, West Palm Beach Florida. We booked through

When I originally made the booking, I requested a non-smoking room. I was given a smoking room. Once I called Travelocity, they called the Days Inn, requesting it be changed. I was told that they could NOT change the reservation, as they would have to book a whole new room and reservation, therefore charging me again. This is not acceptable, as I am traveling with a 5 month old baby. I was told they would 'put a note on the reservation' and IF it was available, we would get a smoking room.

I attempted to call Days Inn myself, to see if I could get a change. A woman answered the phone, and I said, "I'd like to change my reservation." The woman promptly hung up on me. I called back. I said, "Hi this is the woman you just hung up on" and she hung up on me AGAIN! I called a third time, and got a little farther with her. I asked several times to speak to a manager, and the third time I asked she said, "Well, I AM the manager", then hung up on me AGAIN.

By this time I was furious. I attempted to work with Travelocity on this issue, and was told by them that only Days Inn could cancel my reservation. By this time, there was NO way I would stay in this hotel with this woman. Travelocity informed me that only Days Inn could authorize a refund. I called Days Inn customer service, and was informed by "Beth" there that only Travelocity could issue the refund. I called Travelocity AGAIN, and was again told it was only Days Inn who could issue the refund.

I called Days Inn CS AGAIN, and this time spoke with "Roxanne". She was one of the nastiest customer service people I have spoken with to date. She rudely informed me that only Travelocity could issue the refund AND hung up on me.

By this time I was so furious I couldn't even speak on the phone anymore. I asked my husband to try to deal with this further.

He called Travelocity, and after much time, spoke to a manager there. He attempted to call the manager at Days Inn himself, and was told he was not in, to call back in an hour. So, we called Travelocity back an hour later, and went through the same thing. Called back another hour later, and finally got a man named "David" on the phone. He 'claimed' he was the manager.

After much time going round and round with him, we find out that 'David' is indeed NOT the manager. He tells us that there is nothing he can do and we need to speak to the manager, which is what we were TOLD David was.

We were then directed to a voice mail (brushed off AGAIN), and left a message. This is where we currently stand with this. I have already booked another room with a different hotel, because I refuse to stay at such a place.

We at no point were ever rude with anyone at Days Inn. This company needs to be put out of business. I know for sure I will do my part to tell EVERYONE I know to never, ever stay at a Days Inn.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/17/2009:
Book direct with hotels, that way there is no he said/she said.
Anonymous on 01/17/2009:
It makes absolutely no sense that Days Inn couldn't change your reservation without having to do a new reservation and charging you again. I've never heard of such a thing in my life.
Have you tried disputing the charge with your credit card company?
jktshff1 on 01/17/2009:
It doesn't make any sense at all, but when booking through a 3rd party ie, travel agent, on line etc, you are pretty much at their mercy.
Ben There on 01/17/2009:
Don't stay at Day's Inn. They are ghetto across the country. Another hotel is worth the extra cash.
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Disgusting Room And Absent Employees
Posted by on
MOREHEAD, KENTUCKY -- First of all I must say that I would've never stayed at this hotel if a Hampton Inn was around and if the Quality Inn wasn't booked! Now, that being said, I had a horrible stay here at the Days Inn Morehead, KY. The only "good" part to my stay was when I first checked in. The lady at the front desk was so nice and friendly.

I get up to my room and when I walk in I notice some napkins lying on the floor and an ashtray that is completely full of cigarette butts sitting on the bed. I'm thinking not a problem, housekeeping could have overlooked this. I used to be a manager for Hampton Inn in Gulfport, MS and I know how much work goes into cleaning a room with little time to clean it. So, I sit my son down and we start to eat our dinner before its bath time.

After we eat I go into the bathroom to run is bath and notice a huge amount of pubic hairs all in the bathtub and on the floor. Honestly, it was like someone had, how do I put this nicely, put one leg in the tub and one out and "trimmed"!! Also, hanging on the shower curtain rod was a used, dirty wash cloth. I immediately go to the phone to inform the front desk that I want to move rooms, but no one answered.

I tried for 30 minutes and still....NO ANSWER! So, I go back into the bathroom and clean the tub up myself and throw a hand towel over the rest in the floor. As I sit on the side of the tub I look on the floor beside the toilet and there is, well I'm not sure what it was but it was very nasty and I still keep telling myself that it's not someone's vomit. I am so disgusted by this point that I finish giving my son a bath and return to the phone. STILL NO ANSWER!!

I tried for over an hour this time. I am so tired by this point I just want to leave a wake up call, but I can't get anyone on the phone, so I set the alarm clock in the room. I needed to be up by 4:40am so that I could leave by 5am. I woke up at 8:10am because the alarm clock in the room was broken. I should have checked before I trusted it. I was 3 hours late! So I rush to get my son and myself ready. I am running up and down the stairs to load up the car and finally make it to the lobby to check out. I stand there waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting and NO ONE COMES TO CHECK ME OUT!!

I can hear ladies back in the back just talking away. I say, "Hello?".. Nothing... I say it a little bit louder... NOTHING... I am so furious by this point that I yell HELLO!!!! and still no one comes to check me out!! I leave the keys on the desk and run out of the lobby. As I go to buckle my seat belt I see the lady come walking up front talking on the phone. So I call her on my cell to let her know that I am checking out and she said "yea, I saw your cards laying on the desk. I was in the back talking to housekeeping." No apologies...Nothing... I ask to talk to management and of course no one is there. This is at 9 am and NO MANAGEMENT IS THERE??? So I hang up and I'll deal with this after I get home. Well I called back just a few minutes ago to speak with management and guess what... No Management is there again. I asked her for corporates' number and she had no clue what it was. I asked her when management would be back and she said. "um. I don't know, maybe later on." I am so sick of this company all ready!! What kind of company runs a business without management? The Days Inn does and that's why you see all these complaints. Oh how I wish I had stayed at a Hampton Inn! NEVER AGAIN WILL I STAY AT A DAYS INN..ANYWHERE!!!
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User Replies:
keyjockey on 11/01/2008:
When you couldn't get an answer did you stop to think maybe they were robbed and the clerk was harmed? Yes that wasn't the case here but you should have called the cops first to make sure the staff as well as yourself were safe. Maybe involving the police would have been the wake up the staff needed for better service.
missing hampton inn on 11/19/2008:
Well to comment on "keyjockey" 's comment my answer would be no considering how other people were sitting around eating their little muffins and didn't have fear all over their faces. Like I said before in my review, I could hear the ladies in the back just laughing and talking away. Now I don't know about you, keyjockey, but I wouldn't be sitting around eating my muffin or laughing it up with my co-workers if I was in the process of being robbed. Have a little common sense! Here is a little update on this situation. I have called back two more times and both times the management wasn't there. What this hotel needs is new management and staff, not a wake up call! I have given up on contacting this place. All I will do now is mark it up to a horrible hotel. And I will never grace this place with my presence ever again. Hopefully this review will detour other people so that they may never receive the service that was bestowed upon me! BEWARE OF THIS HOTEL!!!!
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Stayed less than 5 misleading
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I made reservations 2 months in advance for a work trip to Tucson. I booked a queen suite using a promotional code for $49; the pictures of the queen suite online looked great, and I figured I was getting a good rate because I booked in advance.

I went to the hotel and checked in earlier today. The clerk was unable to run my corporate card, so she called Tech Support, who she said, "Are pretty good...they usually answer the phones." They said they were going to check if the charge went through, but they didn't call her back right away, so she called them again and ran my card again while she was on hold, and this time it went through. She asked me, "Your card went through, should I hang up on them." I told her I wanted to make sure I wasn't billed twice, and she assured me I wouldn't be.

While she was on hold with tech support, a young-ish man came in and asked for a room, then proceeded to tell me he liked to come into town and get "drizz-unk" and stay in a hotel room. Thanks, because I asked you???

I went to my room, and the keys didn't work, so I went back to the desk and she re-keyed my cards and was finally able to enter the room. The living room part of the suite was very small and very dim with no working lamps. The bedroom part was tiny, with no headboard on the bed. I couldn't find a light switch in the bedroom. When I moved the pillows, there were pieces of bent metal screwed into the walls (brackets for headboard?). Where there is normally a dresser with a TV in the bedroom, there was a bathroom sink. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if there was a dresser in the room. It looked absolutely nothing like the photos on the website, which showed a bright, sunny, clean and nice-looking room. The floors were dirty and I could see that there was a closet, but it was so dark (and I couldn't find the light switches) that all I could see was a dark area. There was an exterior door in the bedroom also, but the deadbolt didn't work. I couldn't imagine staying in this room for 5 nights. I went immediately back to the front desk and gave the clerk my keys and told her I wasn't going to stay in that room, and I wanted to cancel my reservation. She told me that I was unable to cancel it, but she could move me into another room which was identical to that room. I told her that I wasn't going to stay at the hotel and that I just checked in 5 minutes ago so she decided to cancel my reservation. She printed out a copy of my reservation, wrote a cancellation number on it, and then on my insistence, wrote on it that I wouldn't be charged.

As I was leaving I realized that there were no other cars in the parking lot; the only thing there was a discarded hot tub.

I am really not a drama queen; I am a trainer and I travel for work 2-3 weeks a month, and I usually stay at Days Inns. I have *never* checked into a hotel and was so disgusted by it that I had to leave. I know I should have realized that such a good deal couldn't be true; I have learned my lesson. This was only a few hours ago, so we will see if they actually don't charge my card.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/28/2008:
When you were in the lobby did it have an aroma in there that smelled something like a goat simmering in toxic waste?
Those kind of places do an excellent job of using photos of things on their websites that do not exist.
Erin1975 on 09/28/2008:
I *think* I know what you are getting at, but at risk of sounding hateful, I can't confirm. I did not smell goat, or anything else. Just fresh, dusty Tucson air.
nanomarket on 09/28/2008:
Erin I hate to be cynical, but for 49.00 / night, you are not going to get the Taj Mahal. I have paid more than that just to park my RV.
Erin1975 on 09/28/2008:
Nano, I totally agree. I thought it was a combination of three things: location (knew nothing about Tucson), promotional code, and booking 2 months in advance. But honestly, if the room had looked like the website pictures, I would have gladly paid twice my rate.
Squeaky Wheel on 09/29/2008:
If you are charged, contact your card company and get it removed.
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Disgusted And Then Insulted...
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Service Issues:

Carpet by the front door was soaking wet, Bathroom light was not functioning, the tub in the bathroom was not clean, bed was not made fully and was dirty, garbage and personal products on the floor (womens used hair tie), candy wrappers on the floor, phone inside room barely functional, very very loud noises from pool area until well after 11pm (pool closes at 10 per posted signs), loud party from room below us well after 11pm (open drinking, music and general disorderly conduct), front desk staff was extremely rude and unhelpful, the keys for the doors did not work when you exited the room (I noticed about 10 people who also had the same issues with their keys). I have pictures and video to show all of this information.

Advertising Issues:
The pictures online showing the rooms, front lobby and other areas are less than similar than the real product. The building did not look to be in shape at all, not too mention the less than secure parking lot with people who were not guests of the hotel coming through the parking lot and through the common area.

My fiancee planned this hotel stay as a part of my birthday weekend. When we arrived at the hotel and we entered the room there was garbage and advertising papers everywhere on the floor. When we began to look at the room we noticed the rooms, "less than clean" appearance. I immediately took pictures and called the front desk to inform them of the rooms appearance. My conversation centered around the rooms appearance and with the noise level (also noted above). I was assured that security would promptly remove everyone from the pool area, the "prompt" removal took about 45 minutes and even that did not stop the party downstairs. We checked out after being at the hotel for approximately one hour and about twenty minutes or so. When I checked out I asked for a refund on the room because of the circumstances and I was informed I would have to call back on Sunday to speak to XXXX, the assistant manager because no one on staff at that time could secure another room based on the hotels occupancy level or give us a refund.

I called back on Sunday and I spoke to XXXX. Our conversation was less than pleasant or professional as she argued with me back and forth on what happened and mentioned they had sent someone to out room to take care of the rooms "problems". I asked XXXX to provide me with the time, specific problems the maintenance person went to service and his/her name- she could not provide me with a record of any of the above (I have since spoken to the General Manager and he could not provide this information either.) XXXX explained that if I wanted a refund I would need to call back on Monday.

Today (Monday, July 28) I spoke to Mr. XXX (I may not have the correct spelling of his last name). Our first conversation was very pleasant and he expressed his concern over what had happened and asked to cal me back so that he could conduct an investigation. When I spoke to Mr. XXX approximately 2 hours later he said that the only amount he could offer me was $20. He explained that this was the most he could do. I advised him that I was not asking for even a complete refund based on the fact that we were in the room for one hour plus but for a pro rated amount.

I figure at least a pro rated amount based on the time we occupied the room would be more around $50 based on the check in time of 3pm and the check out time of 11am. We checked into our room at 9:37 pm and I checked us out of our room at 10:48 pm. I feel that asking for $50 back is fair business practice especially since we had to drive to Davenport (Hwy 27 - Quality Inn) and did not find another hotel until 1am.

I will never stay at another Days Inn or any Wyndym owned hotel again! Seriously, in today's competitive market can you afford to lose one customer, much less have that customer tell his circle of influence (which mine happens to be a lot) about his experience? Over $50!
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Anonymous on 07/28/2008:
I got burned by an online Days Inn photo which bore no resemblance to the actual property where I reserved a room. I've stayed at a Days Inn three times and all three experiences were less than satisfactory. The rooms stink, they have scary employees and the complimentary breakfast looked more like a mouth dare than food. I would never as long as I live voluntarily book another room with Days Inn.
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Horrible experience with Days Inn in Lima, OH
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LIMA, OHIO -- We stayed in the Days Inn in Lima, OH for one night. We were there to go to our daughter's graduation from college. There was a monster truck meeting in town. Many of these truckers stayed at the same Days Inn.. unfortunately for us...we were not aware of this until we were in the hotel.

That night there was loud partying, shouting, beating on doors (including ours). There were open containers of alcohol all over the place during the night. This lasted until at least 5:00 A.M. I was going to ask the front desk to do something about the noise but our room phone did not work when we tried it. The commode quit working during the night...but no phone to call the front desk.

On check-out my husband told the desk clerk we would like a discount because we got no sleep, the phone and toilet didn't work. The clerk said he could not reduce the price. He said it was not their fault that the place was so noisy and loud that night. My husband told him that yes he is responsible because it is the private property of Days Inn. The clerk said, "No, we can not do anything about stuff like that." He then said, "we called the police for you last night." My husband told him it was not for us. My husband told him that he wanted to talk to the manager. They reply, "He is out of the county."
This clerk was in no way helpful or apologetic. My husband told him that if he wasn't willing to help us, we would take care of it in other ways. So we are listing this on the reviews, contacting AAA (yes they are a AAA hotel and some other contacting we will do.

The computer that was provided in the lobby with "high speed internet" was one of the slowest I have ever seen. When it was time to log off it seemed it was not going to work and it took forever to get logged out.

At breakfast we found out that our relatives in another room had called the front desk that night and complained about the noise. On their third call to the front desk they told the clerk to call and get the sheriff out there or they were going to make the call. They said the clerk said, "No no..we will call the sheriff." When the police arrived they went to my relatives room, knocked on their door and when they answered the door..the cops wanted to know what they wanted. The cops had to walk right through all the loud partying and open alcohol. The cops really were NO help.

When my relatives checked out of their room another customer was in front of them in line and complaining about the same thing. The clerk gave them a business card of whom to contact and make their complaints. When he did this, my brother-in-law said you might as well go ahead and give us one too.

The cops told my relatives that it "is like this every year". Well, they should have told me when I called them that there was going to be all these people who would be allowed to party and drink in the parking lots all night. I would have never made reservations.

The rooms were not even close to nice. The bed was so worn out I would guess it wore out 10 years before.

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Anonymous on 05/19/2008:
The place sounds awful. I would have visited the night clerk in person. The phone didn't work. How were you supposed to summon help if you needed it...smoke signals. Thanks for the warning about this place.
Anonymous on 05/19/2008:
A good rule of thumb is to avoid all Days Inns. I've been burned by this brand several times mostly when the pictures posted of the selected property wasn't of the said property. That's just dirty pool mister...well actually their pools are usually dirty and another thing... why is it most the Days Inns I've experienced smell like boiled cabbage or locker room feet. There is something so wrong with this franchise.
Ponie on 05/19/2008:
Lois, what are you doing hanging around locker rooms smelling feet? :)
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Absolutely Worst Days Inn in America
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Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Upon are arrival we were told not to go outside at night period. The next day there were children carrying cereal and milk out of the lobby in the ice buckets. When I asked later that evening, I was told that the city of DC had contracted 147 out of the 190 rooms for "displaced families". Noise all night long. When we tried to locate other hotels in the area, we found out that all were booked because of spring break and the nearest using Expedia or other search sites found nothing under $400 a night within 20 miles of the capital. Maybe if the president would stay there he would used his famous PEN and write an executive order to close the place. Terrible this goes on in the Capital.
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