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Disgusting Room And Absent Employees
By -

MOREHEAD, KENTUCKY -- First of all I must say that I would've never stayed at this hotel if a Hampton Inn was around and if the Quality Inn wasn't booked! Now, that being said, I had a horrible stay here at the Days Inn Morehead, KY. The only "good" part to my stay was when I first checked in. The lady at the front desk was so nice and friendly.

I get up to my room and when I walk in I notice some napkins lying on the floor and an ashtray that is completely full of cigarette butts sitting on the bed. I'm thinking not a problem, housekeeping could have overlooked this. I used to be a manager for Hampton Inn in Gulfport, MS and I know how much work goes into cleaning a room with little time to clean it. So, I sit my son down and we start to eat our dinner before its bath time.

After we eat I go into the bathroom to run is bath and notice a huge amount of pubic hairs all in the bathtub and on the floor. Honestly, it was like someone had, how do I put this nicely, put one leg in the tub and one out and "trimmed"!! Also, hanging on the shower curtain rod was a used, dirty wash cloth. I immediately go to the phone to inform the front desk that I want to move rooms, but no one answered.

I tried for 30 minutes and still...NO ANSWER! So, I go back into the bathroom and clean the tub up myself and throw a hand towel over the rest in the floor. As I sit on the side of the tub I look on the floor beside the toilet and there is, well I'm not sure what it was but it was very nasty and I still keep telling myself that it's not someone's vomit. I am so disgusted by this point that I finish giving my son a bath and return to the phone. STILL NO ANSWER!!

I tried for over an hour this time. I am so tired by this point I just want to leave a wake up call, but I can't get anyone on the phone, so I set the alarm clock in the room. I needed to be up by 4:40 am so that I could leave by 5 am. I woke up at 8:10 am because the alarm clock in the room was broken. I should have checked before I trusted it. I was 3 hours late! So I rush to get my son and myself ready. I am running up and down the stairs to load up the car and finally make it to the lobby to check out. I stand there waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting and NO ONE COMES TO CHECK ME OUT!!

I can hear ladies back in the back just talking away. I say, "Hello?".. Nothing... I say it a little bit louder...NOTHING... I am so furious by this point that I yell HELLO!!! And still no one comes to check me out!! I leave the keys on the desk and run out of the lobby. As I go to buckle my seat belt I see the lady come walking up front talking on the phone. So I call her on my cell to let her know that I am checking out and she said "yea, I saw your cards laying on the desk. I was in the back talking to housekeeping."

No apologies...Nothing...I ask to talk to management and of course no one is there. This is at 9 am and NO MANAGEMENT IS THERE??? So I hang up and I'll deal with this after I get home. Well I called back just a few minutes ago to speak with management and guess what...No Management is there again.

I asked her for corporates' number and she had no clue what it was. I asked her when management would be back and she said, "Um. I don't know, maybe later on." I am so sick of this company already!! What kind of company runs a business without management? The Days Inn does and that's why you see all these complaints. Oh how I wish I had stayed at a Hampton Inn! NEVER AGAIN WILL I STAY AT A DAYS INN. ANYWHERE!!!

Stayed Less Than 5 minutes... Website Misleading
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I made reservations 2 months in advance for a work trip to Tucson. I booked a queen suite using a promotional code for $49; the pictures of the queen suite online looked great, and I figured I was getting a good rate because I booked in advance.

I went to the hotel and checked in earlier today. The clerk was unable to run my corporate card, so she called Tech Support, who she said, "Are pretty good... They usually answer the phones." They said they were going to check if the charge went through but they didn't call her back right away, so she called them again and ran my card again while she was on hold, and this time it went through.

She asked me, "Your card went through, should I hang up on them." I told her I wanted to make sure I wasn't billed twice, and she assured me I wouldn't be. While she was on hold with Tech Support, a young-ish man came in and asked for a room, then proceeded to tell me he liked to come into town and get "drizz-unk" and stay in a hotel room. Thanks, because I asked you???

I went to my room, and the keys didn't work, so I went back to the desk and she re-keyed my cards and was finally able to enter the room. The living room part of the suite was very small and very dim with no working lamps. The bedroom part was tiny, with no headboard on the bed. I couldn't find a light switch in the bedroom. When I moved the pillows, there were pieces of bent metal screwed into the walls (brackets for headboard?). Where there is normally a dresser with a TV in the bedroom, there was a bathroom sink. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if there was a dresser in the room.

It looked absolutely nothing like the photos on the website, which showed a bright, sunny, clean and nice-looking room. The floors were dirty and I could see that there was a closet, but it was so dark (and I couldn't find the light switches) that all I could see was a dark area. There was an exterior door in the bedroom also, but the deadbolt didn't work. I couldn't imagine staying in this room for 5 nights.

I went immediately back to the front desk and gave the clerk my keys and told her I wasn't going to stay in that room, and I wanted to cancel my reservation. She told me that I was unable to cancel it, but she could move me into another room which was identical to that room. I told her that I wasn't going to stay at the hotel and that I just checked in 5 minutes ago so she decided to cancel my reservation. She printed out a copy of my reservation, wrote a cancellation number on it, and then on my insistence, wrote on it that I wouldn't be charged. As I was leaving I realized that there were no other cars in the parking lot; the only thing there was a discarded hot tub.

I am really not a drama queen; I am a trainer and I travel for work 2-3 weeks a month, and I usually stay at Days Inns. I have *never* checked into a hotel and was so disgusted by it that I had to leave. I know I should have realized that such a good deal couldn't be true; I have learned my lesson. This was only a few hours ago, so we will see if they actually don't charge my card.

Disgusted and Then Insulted...
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Service Issues: Carpet by the front door was soaking wet, Bathroom light was not functioning, the tub in the bathroom was not clean, bed was not made fully and was dirty, garbage and personal products on the floor (women's used hair tie), candy wrappers on the floor, phone inside room barely functional, very very loud noises from pool area until well after 11 pm (pool closes at 10 per posted signs).

Loud party from room below us well after 11 pm (open drinking, music and general disorderly conduct), front desk staff was extremely rude and unhelpful, the keys for the doors did not work when you exited the room (I noticed about 10 people who also had the same issues with their keys). I have pictures and video to show all of this information.

Advertising Issues: The pictures online showing the rooms, front lobby and other areas are less than similar than the real product. The building did not look to be in shape at all, not to mention the less than secure parking lot with people who were not guests of the hotel coming through the parking lot and through the common area. My fiancee planned this hotel stay as a part of my birthday weekend. When we arrived at the hotel and we entered the room there was garbage and advertising papers everywhere on the floor. When we began to look at the room we noticed the rooms, "less than clean" appearance.

I immediately took pictures and called the front desk to inform them of the room's appearance. My conversation centered around the room's appearance and with the noise level (also noted above). I was assured that security would promptly remove everyone from the pool area, the "prompt" removal took about 45 minutes and even that did not stop the party downstairs.

We checked out after being at the hotel for approximately one hour and about twenty minutes or so. When I checked out I asked for a refund on the room because of the circumstances and I was informed I would have to call back on Sunday to speak to **, the assistant manager because no one on staff at that time could secure another room based on the hotel's occupancy level or give us a refund.

I called back on Sunday and I spoke to **. Our conversation was less than pleasant or professional as she argued with me back and forth on what happened and mentioned they had sent someone to our room to take care of the room's "problems". I asked ** to provide me with the time, specific problems the maintenance person went to service and his/her name- she could not provide me with a record of any of the above (I have since spoken to the General Manager and he could not provide this information either.) ** explained that if I wanted a refund I would need to call back on Monday.

Today (Monday, July 28) I spoke to Mr. ** (I may not have the correct spelling of his last name). Our first conversation was very pleasant and he expressed his concern over what had happened and asked to call me back so that he could conduct an investigation. When I spoke to Mr. ** approximately 2 hours later he said that the only amount he could offer me was $20. He explained that this was the most he could do. I advised him that I was not asking for even a complete refund based on the fact that we were in the room for one hour plus but for a prorated amount.

I figure at least a prorated amount based on the time we occupied the room would be more around $50 based on the check in time of 3 pm and the check out time of 11 am. We checked into our room at 9:37 pm and I checked us out of our room at 10:48 pm. I feel that asking for $50 back is fair business practice especially since we had to drive to Davenport (Hwy 27 - Quality Inn) and did not find another hotel until 1 am.

I will never stay at another Days Inn or any Wyndham owned hotel again! Seriously, in today's competitive market can you afford to lose one customer, much less have that customer tell his circle of influence (which mine happens to be a lot) about his experience? Over $50!

Horrible Experience With Days Inn in Lima, OH
By -

LIMA, OHIO -- We stayed in the Days Inn in Lima, OH for one night. We were there to go to our daughter's graduation from college. There was a monster truck meeting in town. Many of these truckers stayed at the same Days Inn...unfortunately for us...we were not aware of this until we were in the hotel.

That night there was loud partying, shouting, beating on doors (including ours). There were open containers of alcohol all over the place during the night. This lasted until at least 5:00 A.M. I was going to ask the front desk to do something about the noise but our room phone did not work when we tried it. The commode quit working during the night...but no phone to call the front desk.

On check-out my husband told the desk clerk we would like a discount because we got no sleep, the phone and toilet didn't work. The clerk said he could not reduce the price. He said it was not their fault that the place was so noisy and loud that night. My husband told him that yes he is responsible because it is the private property of Days Inn. The clerk said, "No, we cannot do anything about stuff like that." He then said, "We called the police for you last night." My husband told him it was not for us. My husband told him that he wanted to talk to the manager. They reply, "He is out of the county."

This clerk was in no way helpful or apologetic. My husband told him that if he wasn't willing to help us, we would take care of it in other ways. So we are listing this on the reviews, contacting AAA (yes they are a AAA hotel) and some other contacting we will do. The computer that was provided in the lobby with "high-speed internet" was one of the slowest I have ever seen. When it was time to log off it seemed it was not going to work and it took forever to get logged out.

At breakfast we found out that our relatives in another room had called the front desk that night and complained about the noise. On their third call to the front desk they told the clerk to call and get the sheriff out there or they were going to make the call. They said the clerk said, "No, no...we will call the sheriff." When the police arrived they went to my relatives' room, knocked on their door and when they answered the door...the cops wanted to know what they wanted. The cops had to walk right through all the loud partying and open alcohol. The cops really were NO help.

When my relatives checked out of their room another customer was in front of them in line and complaining about the same thing. The clerk gave them a business card of whom to contact and make their complaints. When he did this, my brother-in-law said "You might as well go ahead and give us one too."

The cops told my relatives that "It is like this every year." Well, they should have told me when I called them that there was going to be all these people who would be allowed to party and drink in the parking lots all night. I would have never made reservations. The rooms were not even close to nice. The bed was so worn out I would guess it wore out 10 years before. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE STAY AT THIS MOTEL.

Cancelled Group reservation with Days Inn Lancaster PA
By -

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is a copy of a letter I wrote to our bank disputing a charge from this hotel. I called and wrote the hotel manager and he has NEVER responded and to this day has not refunded my $$. I called the hotel NUMEROUS times and left messages and NEVER received a call back from him. I am a professional Travel Agent and have not ever experienced such POOR management in ANY form! Please BEWARE as I found the staff to be totally incompetent and rude.

We are writing in dispute of a charge that posted to our company credit card on July 3, 2007. The charge originated from The Lancaster Days Inn located in Lancaster PA. The person we had been working with is Bibi, the Assistant Manager.

On Monday morning, July 2, Michele ** (an agent in our office) contacted the Days Inn to request an extension on our Group Deposit. Bibi told her that she would hold the group until Thursday if she faxed over a copy of the Group contract and the credit card information we would be using and that she would not charge anything until Thursday, July 5. Michele faxed over the information that morning. Early that afternoon the group cancelled their plans. Michele proceeded to call the hotel and spoke with Solomon who advised her that Bibi had left for the day and that she did not have voicemail to leave a message.

On Tuesday morning, July 3, Michele called once again and was told that Bibi was on the property but unable to come to the phone to please call back. When Michele called back she was told that Bibi had left for the day and would not be returning until Thursday. At that time Michele asked that Solomon take a message that it was URGENT that Bibi contact her and that the group reservation needed to be cancelled immediately to avoid charges on the credit card. Solomon told Michele that he could not touch group reservations but he would be sure that Bibi got the message.

On Thursday morning, July 5, still having NO word from The Days Inn, Michele once again called the hotel and spoke with Bibi. She told Michele she had received the message to cancel the group and had done so. At that time, she did not say anything about credit card charges. Later that afternoon, Connie ** (owner) noted that a charge of $800.90 had posted to our credit card on July 3. This was Not what Bibi had agreed to and immediately Michele phoned the property and was told Bibi had left for the day. She left a message for either Bibi to return her call.

On Friday morning, July 6, Michele called the hotel and spoke with Brigitte who told her Bibi had someone in her office. Michele left an Urgent message for Bibi to phone her back and Brigitte told her it would be about ½ an hour. Michele's call was not returned and she called again about 45 minutes later to find that Bibi had left the property again. Michele left a message then for Bibi to return her call.

Later that morning Bibi called and spoke with Michele. Michele told her that she had not been authorized to charge the card on Monday and that she had promised she would allow us to hold it until Thursday. She told Michele that the charge was not processed and that she was not in charge of credit card charging that was Brigitte's area. Michele reminded her of our agreement and she told her that unfortunately that as long as she had the contract that did not matter. Michele again asked to speak to Jay ** the General Manager and was told he was not in and that there was no way to reach him. Michele left a message for Jay ** to return her call.

In light of all that transpired and the reluctance of the Hotel to honor their word, Connie called Wells Fargo and disputed the charges to the card. On Monday morning, July 9, Michele called once again and left another message for Jay ** to call and has continued to do so every day. To this date, no message has ever been returned. She called Days Inn Corporation and filed a formal complaint against the property with Lauren. The complaint number is **. She was told the hotel has 7 days for upper management to respond.

Days Inn Super Nightmare
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I wish to report an alarming incident that happened at the Days Inn Hotel Circle in Albuquerque, NM. I checked in on November 17, 2007 at 2:14 pm and paid for one night with my VISA. The day clerk listed here was not on duty. I left to spend the day with my daughter. When I returned at about 2:00 am I decided I needed to stay another night. I went into the lobby and asked if the same room was available for another night. When I offered my credit card again, the night clerk asked if it was the same card. Since it was, he assured me he did not need to run it again.

After a nap, I went about my business and returned to my room late that night. I had forgotten to have the card re-keyed, so the night clerk took care of that for me. The next morning at 7:00 am, the day clerk phoned me. He was very irate and stated that my card had been declined and to come to the lobby immediately to take care of it. I went into the lobby and logged onto my credit union. The card showed I owed less than $250. My credit limit is $10,000. There was nothing wrong with my card.

I approached the front desk, identified myself and offered my credit card. He took it and then began yelling that he had run the card four times and it had been declined. Until this moment, he did not access to my card. It was my feeling that he had simply typed the incorrect numbers from yesterday's transaction. He yelled that it was my responsibility to take care of the bill and that because I had not paid for the previous night I had broken the law by breaking in and he would call the police and have me arrested. I was not allowed to speak. Whenever I tried to speak, he would thrust his palm at me. He is significantly taller than me and I was taken by surprise at this attack.

The day clerk repeated the threats and shook his finger at me repeatedly while yelling. I was frightened very badly. I have never had my card declined. There is nothing wrong with my card. He refused to run my card and handed it back. I was extremely frightened by his violent temper and threats. There was no reasoning with him. He said to call my credit card company. I stated that the credit union would not be open until 9:00; it was now 7:10. He yelled that I needed to take care of the bill right now. He kept yelling the threats and yelling “What is your problem?” Several times he approached me in a threatening manner and shook his finger in my face. I was frightened very badly and only wanted to escape to a safe place.

I left the lobby and tried to get back to my room, 102. The door had not closed completely, so I ran in and locked it. He banged on the door, threatening to call the police because I had broken into the room. I called my daughter. My hands were shaking so badly, I had to dial the number three times before I input the correct number. I heard him pacing back and forth outside the room. He tore off the window screen, probably trying to get in. I heard him on the phone calling the police, still yelling at me that I was going to be arrested.

When I completed the call to my daughter, I opened the door. He grabbed all of my luggage and my purse and ran out, yelling that they were going to the dumpster. One of the maintenance people helped me gather the rest of my belongings and I went to the lobby. The day clerk kept yelling that the police were on their way and that I would be arrested for breaking into the room. It was very embarrassing to sit in the lobby in my pajamas. I had not showered because it felt the situation would be resolved immediately. The items that were not taken to the dumpster, such as yesterday's laundry, were piled on the table.

Other guests were getting their breakfast. It struck me that the maintenance man who helped was very calm and knew immediately what he needed to do. Later, when I was at my daughter's house, we conjectured that this might not be the first time he has treated a customer like this. When I stayed in July, he was not the day clerk; I assumed there has been a change in management. I was still shaking very badly when the two police officers arrived. The law regarding the situation was relayed to me. I told a short version of what happened. The officer explained to me that the clerk had no right to remove my belongings and said he would talk to him.

My daughter showed up a few minutes later and put the second day's stay on her credit card. My luggage and purse were retrieved from the back room and returned to me. The police officer suggested I check to make sure the contents were intact. Since I had my wallet in my pajamas pocket, there was nothing of real value left in the purse; I checked my purse. Nothing was missing. My daughter and I left; the police officers remained in the lobby. The check out is listed as November 19, 2007, 7:48 am. The police did not create an incident report.

At 9:00 am, I called my credit union. They checked the hits against my card from Days Inn. The approval and charge for the first day were there. There was no hit for the second day on their system. The VISA network was checked. There were no hits for the second day. If there was a declination, it would have shown up as a request for approval and a decline. I called my credit union Wednesday morning from my home in Phoenix. There were two requests for approval and two denials. ** at my credit union explained that the two denials were because the system was down for routine maintenance.

This entire incident would have been avoided if he had run my credit card Tuesday morning. I am contacting my lawyer about filing a civil suit for harassment and threatening behavior, as well as for unlawfully confiscating my belongings. I expect you will be conducting an internal investigation. Do not use my name as I fear retaliation. I do expect to be contacted about this incident within 7 days. I no longer wish to be a trips rewards member if this reflects the caliber of personnel you employ. I also intend to share my experience.

Ashland Virginia-Felt Like I Was On An Episode Of Cops
By -

ASHLAND, VIRGINIA -- I am writing to you in regards to the hotel stay that prompted me to choose your establishment on the dates of July 26th through July 29th of this year. My stay at the "Days Inn Ashland" was anything but relaxing and enjoyable. When I saw the form next to the TV that said, "So, what do you think?" my first reaction was to write to you.

I do not even know where to start because my whole experience was horrifying. For starters, I think that you should update your photos on the website as they do not remotely resemble the actual place. The outside picture of the hotel does not show the shopping carts, homeless people and trash that greeted me as I stepped out of my car. Then when I went inside the lobby to check in, they did not even have my reservation. My sister booked the room a few months back, one room for me and one for her and her husband. When I went to check in, they had me under Mr. Sarah Eaton.

For starters, Julie is a female, and her last name is **. When she went to check in the next night, they told her that they did not have anyone by that name, but said that they had a **, but he has already checked in. Then they said, "Would you like an additional key to that room?" Not even knowing these people, they could have been looking to rob or kill me. It is nice to know that they just willy nilly hand out information like that. Well the list goes on and on. In fact I am not going to bore you with paragraph explanations, so I think that I will just bullet the most important facts:

Upon arrival to my room, the door was left ajar without my knowing if anyone was already in there.
The doorjamb ended up being broken, so you would literally have to slam the door closed.
Homeless people were filling up bags of ice from the ice maker in the hall.
People were smoking "pot" in the hallways.
Large groups of people congregated in the parking lot well after midnight yelling and drinking.
Vomit from a person over the balcony and down the stairwell when I arrived the day of and remained there until I checked out.
Ice maker was not working or was empty and had to go to the lower level top get ice. Homeless probably cleaned it out of ice.
The snack machine was broken with nothing to purchase.
The rugs in the balconies were dirty and stained. There were cigarette butts and empty beer cans everyplace.
When housekeeping came around, they asked if the room needed to be cleaned in a language I could not translate. I said I have no idea what they meant, and needless to say, my room did not get cleaned.
The "Daybreak Morning Breakfast" was anything but breakfast. They had a guard at the door so that you could not leave with any food. Not to mention, the cream cheese was over its due date and the place was filthy.

Rude and Disappointing
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I am writing to you to share my most recent and my last experience with Days Inn. I went online to trip rewards as I usually do to book. I booked six rooms at the AARP rate. I went to submit and accidentally hit the prepay button. I admit that is not what I wanted to do, as my family was each going to pay for their own room. I immediately called the hotel; Days Inn at 20tha and Market in Chattanooga, TN, and was informed that I could pay cash for each room upon check in. However I was bound to all six rooms and if I did not use them they would be billed to my American Express card, of which I said was fine.

Upon arrival to the hotel, we were greeted by a very unprofessional and unfriendly desk agent. After several times of being interrupted by the phone, we went to check in. She informed me that the rooms were already prepaid to my credit card. I tried to explain to her that I was told we could pay cash for the rooms and that there were no charges on my card. She again and again and again referred to the agreement of when I booked the rooms. I tried again to explain to her that I was told we could pay cash for the rooms and that my card had not been charged. I have always paid cash and could not understand why she would not take cash.

I then explained to her that I would call Days Inn customer service and American Express. American Express said there were no charges or authorizations. I talked to a Days Inn representative at customer service. He contacted the hotel and then came back on the line to tell me that I had been rude to the agent and stormed out of the hotel. I was with my family and they can vouch that was not true. I was made to feel the victim by your Days Inn representative who told me to cool down and perhaps have a family member get our rooms. We went to lunch and then returned to the hotel.

The same agent said that she had checked us out of the rooms and that she would have to see if there were any. She then said that she would prefer that we leave and go elsewhere. I told her that event thought the hotel was disgusting in look and no pool open, we wanted out rooms. She once again said NO, go somewhere else. Upon calling Carrie at the president's office, she took the complaint and expressed that there was little she could do. I talked to the general manager at the hotel as well as the owner and to be frank, they didn'€™t give a damn.

We lost money for the catering we had for the next day, as all my family had to drive back home, as the rooms in Chattanooga were all booked in other hotels. This is the worst experience I have ever had at any hotel brand. I intend to post this message story everywhere I can on the internet to warn people to stay away from Days Inn hotels. Had this been a Hilton property, I can assure you this would never have happened like this. As far as I am concerned as well as well over 100 people that I have talked to so far, we would rather sleep in a park than ever stay at another Days Inn again.

By -

COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA -- My husband and I recently stayed at the Days Inn Atlanta-Airport West in College Park, GA. I made the reservation in advance and informed them we would be arriving around 9 PM. When we arrived, there were no signs directing us to the motel... the restaurant that was mentioned in the booklet was closed so there were no landmarks. Okay, I can understand that...but when we went to check in, the night receptionist informed me that I would have to remain outside the small window as she was alone and was afraid to let anyone in. Finally, because the window was partially blocked, she asked me to come to an adjoining room for admittance. She then informed me that, because there were still so many refugees from Katrina PLUS the fact that it was a full moon, she was in fear and had to be selective as to whom she admitted. We asked for a room that was hanidcapped accessible. When we arrived at the room (after having to roam the premises to find the room, which was on a level overlooking the pool with no access other than walking to either end of the long corridor) we found the room to be absent of a remote for the tv. We called the front desk to ask for one and were told there were non available- that apparently it had been stolen by the previous tenants. I then asked if we could be given another room and was told there were none available (even though there were only ours and two other vehicles in the parking area). Okay, so we would have to live without a remote. then... we checked the room. There was no light in the bathroom. The towel rack was gone. There were no washcloths or toilet tissue. The heating unit did not work and it was cold! The room itself was smelled like dog pee. Spots all over the carpet plus the bedding. I had to go to the car to get a blanket to lie on. It was, by then, 11 PM so we had no choice but to spend the night (if you have ever arrived in Atlanta area at night, you will understand why) When we arrived home, I called the corporate office to let them know the condition of this motel. They, in turn, sent a letter to let me know the matter had been reported to the general manager (OF THE SAME MOTEL!) I received a form letter from this lady who apologized for our experience and sent a $25 gift certificate towards our next stay at any Days Inn. She also left her number if I would like to speak with her. I called the number and she was not available so I left my number. She did not return my call. I called back on two different occasions and never heard from her. What I wanted to tell her was that I appreciated the gift but that my main concern was that something be done about the condition of her motel. This was like leaving one of their surveys at the front desk... if you have a complaint, it is put in file thirteen....OR like putting the wolf in charge of the sheep! To begin with, if she was any kind of a manager, this motel would NEVER have gotten in this condition! Now, I've stayed in some pretty rough places out of neccessity in my life but this was, without a doubt, the MOST horrible experience I have ever had!! We have had wonderful experiences at other Days Inn motels (which I have also reported as such) but if this is any indication of how Days Inn Corporate Office handles complaints, I promise to take my business elsewhere- ANYWHERE except for Days Inn!!

Excellent Overnight Stay. Polite, Friendly Staff, Clean Rooms and a Good Breakfast at a Fair Rate.
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

DARIEN, GEORGIA -- An excellent place to stay, older but well-kept.

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