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Watch Out For These Scam Artists, The Whole Thing is Fake
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This is a warning to everyone that has received a letter from De-Lotto North American Sweepstakes Lottery On Shoppers.

A letter that was mailed to me claimed I won $125,000 in a sweepstakes lottery. It included a check for $4,875 that I would deposit and then requires that I wire $2,875 to a "tax collector" to receive the rest of my winnings.

First of all, I have never entered a contest with this company and it is pretty obvious that it was fake.

The envelope had with no return address with a stamp from Canada and the letter itself had an address based in Ontario, Canada. The letter was typed unprofessionally with many typos and errors. An authentic company would be able to deduct taxes from winnings without intervention by the user. In addition, when I looked into the light, I could tell that the check is actually a PICTURE of a check on printer paper.

I went to my bank to inform them about the scam and found out that hundreds of people in the area got the same thing.

If you search "De-Lotto North American Sweepstakes Lottery On Shoppers" on search engines, you will see a whole lot of pages that show that this is not a legitimate company, but a SCAM aimed at stealing your hard earned money. BE WARNED.
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Starlord on 12/31/2008:
Any time you receive a letter tha contains a check that is supposedly your 'winnings' in a contest, and they ask for any amount of money to pay taxes or any such bunkum, shred it. the check is a fake, and they will pocket your good faith money and that is the last you will hear. If it were legitimate, then they would have taken any funds necessary from your winnings before they sent your winnings. These people are just cheap crooks. In soaring's case, the money they asked was not that big an amount, but imagine them getting that amount from ten thousand victims. A tidy sum indeed. Then, when the check proves to be fake, the bank comes after you for the entire amount. Thank you, soaring, for the info.
old fart on 12/31/2008:
Hey if I took a check like that to a bank and they cashed it, maybe I wouldn't send the "lotto company their tax money, HA... that would fix 'em....!
Starlord on 12/31/2008:
LOL, OF. Happy New Year.
old fart on 12/31/2008:
Happy Noo year Starlord and many more...
Soaring Consumer on 12/31/2008:
Great post Starlord.

Old Fart, then the check would be bounced and you could be convicted of check fraud. If you fall for it, it is a loss-lose situation for you.

Happy New Year everyone.
old fart on 12/31/2008:
Awww... you just spoiled all the fun Consumer....
Not that crazy on 08/03/2013:
August 3rd 2013 got one in Houston, Texas.
Gastonia NC on 08/06/2013:
got one on August 5, 2013. forget it and shred it. did not call and there will be no scam but they need to be stopped NOW!
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