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Too Bad I have to Hide this Horsehide
By -

AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK -- After checking out copies of the NRA's American Rifleman "Mag-Rag" and "Googling" ‎for leather holsters - I was impressed with "stuff" I saw advertised by De Santis Holster ‎& Leather Goods, Amityville, New York - (WHAT ?). ‎

I bought the De Santis "Check-Mate Security Holster. This is my take on the purchase:‎
The apparent beauty and sturdiness of the De Santis Check-Mate Security Holster - with ‎its ‎unique ‘Redi-Lok' feature – persuaded me to purchase it as ‘shelter' for my ‎‎9/19 mm ‎Glock 26 ‘semi.' I received delivery of the holster at “mach-speed” - two days ‎after ‎placing my order. The holster did not disappoint – it is a superb specimen of skilled ‎‎craftsmanship - “a steal" at less than 100 bucks. The holster is comfortable to ‘pack' and ‎holds my ‎‎“Baby Glock,” with extended magazine grip, snugly to my “cross-draw” side ‎for optimum concealed-carry.‎

I had purchased other holster brands for my “long- time-side-kick” Military 1911 ‎Remington-Rand ‎‎.45, S&W 9 mm semi Sigma (“Swock”) and Charter Arms Undercover ‎‎.38 Special Revolver. Those ‎holsters are “small-potatoes” compared to De Santis. Too, ‎bad these “ruggedly handsome bad-‎boys" have to be concealed.‎
‎ ‎
Check-out De Santis - for a fine piece of skillfully crafted leather if you demand the ‎‎“'very best' for 'beauty for the beast.'" ‎‎

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De Santis Holster
431 Bayview Ave
Amityville, NY 11701
800-424-1236 (ph)
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