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Service Contract, Extended Warranty Rip-Offs, Read This First
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This review is based on 1 fact. Yes, there are many other reasons to base the review on. But here is one more you may want to know... "of like kind and quality". Don't know what exactly that means? Well, your warranty company and your mechanic do. IT MEANS "USED". Try LKQ part. Yes, they will replace your failing parts with parts that have not yet failed. The same as going to the junkyard and getting a salvaged part. Although, in the same sentence they state that the replacement parts may be "new, remanufactured".

There is no way you are going to get a new part and there is no way that you will get a remanufactured part even if that part is only a little more money. Not going to happen. This all means they will leave you holding the bag when the "used" part once again fails. Out of warranty now, OH WELL.

More... They will send out an adjuster which may take 2 days, then you and the mechanic still need an OK from the main office. So now 3 or 4 days. Read the fine print and you will see this qualifies you for only 1 day of car rental not 5 as stated in your book. Read it! Any more days require proof that the part was waited for in which case you will get one more day. Still not 5 days huh. So if you are like me and for some odd reason the transmission repair takes 2 weeks and your repair people do not work weekends... Expect to pay for 12 days of rental car out of your own pocket.

Why would it take so long? Well, the mechanic shop has the parts in hand for the repair but the warranty people will not let them do it because it will cost more money than the LKQ used parts. And you are left holding the bag again. This is the first repair that they OK'd out of my two dealings with them. So, do you feel like you got your 3 thousand dollars worth from the warranty contract? Or just more problems and more money spent? Do yourself a favor - if you have recently signed on for coverage from one of these companies.

IAP Integrity Automotive Protection, Dealer Services, Mepco, Protective Administrative Services, Advantage Warranty Corporation, Western Diversified Services, Lyndon Property Insurance Company, Royal Administration Services, Florida Service Agreement Company.

GET OUT OF THE CONTRACT before it's too late. Talk with your dealer or mechanic shop and see first who they would use for extended warranty coverage. Avoid the empty promises and pain that dealing with the above companies will inflict on you.

Unlicensed Lender Gets Exemption For Usury
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- The California Department of Corporations, after giving Dealer Services Corporation a lender's license on May 27, 2009, come right back with an administrative warning on 4 weeks after DSC obtained their license. The Dept. of Corporations states:

"This Agreement is made with reference to the following facts: A. Discover is a corporation in good standing, duly formed and existing pursuant to the laws of the State of Delaware, and authorized to conduct business in California. Discover has its principal place of business located at 1320 City Center Drive, Suite 100, Carmel, IN 46032." How can dealer services corporation be in good standing when they were loan-sharking?

"B. After Discover's decision to submit an application to obtain a lenders license under the California Finance Lenders Law at Financial Code sections 22000 et seq. (“CFLL”), it came to the attention of the Commissioner that Discover has engaged in commercial lending in California prior to the issuance of a Finance Lenders License to Discover." CAME TO HIS ATTENTION?!?! How? By the millions of dollars in usurious interest collected by DSC?

"C. It is the intention and desire of the Parties to resolve this matter without the necessity of a hearing and/or other litigation." NO HEARING?? Of course there was a hearing. It was between the DSC attorneys paying money to doc attorneys.

NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, and the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Parties agree as follows: "Dispute Regarding Lending Activity. The Commissioner contends that Discover's lending activities to California borrowers were in violation of the licensing requirements of the CFLL. Discover contends that Discover and its officers, directors, shareholders and employees did not willfully or knowingly engage in business as a finance lender without a license in violation of the CFLL.

Discover has not heretofore and is not now making any admission to any violation of the CFLL or any other wrongdoing. Discover intends by the settlement and compromise described herein merely to avoid further dispute with the Commissioner. The fact that Discover entered into this Agreement shall not be binding or admissible against Discover in any action(s) brought against Discover by third parties. Settlement: Discover further agrees that it shall pay a settlement of Sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) to the California Department of Corporations (“Department”)."

Dealer Services Corporation Grissom appointed to Head Class Action in California
By -

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Dealer Services Corporation (DSC/“Discover DSC”) is being investigated by The California Department of Corporation. Dealer Services Corporation provides commercial inventory financing for car dealers across the nation. Apparently, since 2005 DSC has been loaning money to thousands of California auto dealers without procuring a California Lenders License. This is a direct violation of the California Financial Code.

It seems that DSC is a Delaware Corporation conducting business nationwide. They operate in the State of California with 6 regional offices located in San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, Riverside, Norwalk, and Glendale. ** unfair business practice could cost DSC investors Million of dollars in fines, fees, and future loss in revenue.

Company Response 05/22/2009:


On March 3, 2009, Dealer Services Corporation (“DSC”) successfully eliminated frivolous claims of 189 million dollars and a request for punitive damages filed by failed used car dealer Michael Grissom, who previously did business as American Family Auto. The California Riverside County Superior Court granted DSC's motion to strike Grissom's spurious allegations for punitive and exemplary damages, as well as his claim for 189 million dollars, as improper and without any factual basis.

Plaintiff Michael Grissom borrowed approximately $200,000 from DSC in order to finance his inventory of used cars, but when his partnership with Alfred King failed, Grissom cynically turned against his partner, lenders, suppliers, and their employees, and filed suit in Riverside County Superior Court blaming everyone but himself.

The Court threw out four previous complaints filed by Grissom, as wholly insufficient, including his spurious claims of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of duty of loyalty, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and conspiracy. In his final opportunity, the Court has allowed only claims for breach of contract and negligence, and disallowed his $189 million claim and his request for an award of punitive damages. More particularly, the Court found that there were no facts for Grissom to take to trial for unfair competition and lack of lender's license.

Indicative of his baseless claims, Grissom is on his third set of attorneys and his fifth complaint and now must defend against DSC's cross-complaint seeking recovery of $370,195.83 in treble damages, plus attorney fees and costs.

DSC vigorously responds to claims by fly-by-night dealerships who borrow money, fail at their business, and attempt to blame DSC and others for their own shortcomings. For further information contact Prenovost, Normandin Bergh & Dawe, a Professional Law Corporation, (714) 547-2444.

By -

NATIONWIDE -- There are Companies like Dealer Services, that give our country a bad name! No wonder the world views American corporations as bottom feeding, scum sucking leeches. Big Corporations suck the life out of the small businesses that made Our Country Great! The small car lots that go out of their way to help those of us on limited income get ripped off by these hierarchical wolves, making it virtually impossible for the small businesses to create growth in our communities which in fact brings stability to our nation. This is why we are in a Recession.

The business ethics of larger corporations in this nation have got to change. If this country desires a more stable economy, the integrity of major industry needs to be rethought. CEOs and shareholders alike ought to put emphasizes on the well being of this nation, instead of lucrative action alone.

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